Gift of the Magi

Family Love

Fred and Peggy had just moved into their new home and things would be a little tight in the gift department this year with a lack of spendable income. Fred wanted her to have a beautiful diamond necklace she had admired earlier in the year, and Peggy wanted him to have the plasma tv for his new den. Neither one could afford it on what they had though.

For weeks Fred scanned the newspaper ads for a part time job he could handle without causing too much suspicion, he wanted to make enough before the holiday to suprise Peggy with the necklace. Finally he found what looked like a perfect gig. The ad said “Wanted: Male between 30-60 to pose for art class. Evenings only 6-8 pm.”

The next day Fred went to meet with the instructor at the downtown art school listed in the ad. He was suprised to find himself talking with a very attractive woman about his own age.

“Have you ever done any posing before?” she asked him, looking over his application.

“Never in front of more than one person” he answered, he thought humorously.

She smiled back at him, “Well at least you have a sense of humor about it. You’ll be in front of about 20 men and women, and you’ll be completely nude. Do you have a problem with that?”

He thought about it for a second, “No, I can do this, how much does it pay?”

He did the math in his head and figured that after a month he’d have enough for the gift. He’d tell Peggy he had to work late for year-end reports a few nights a week.

Peggy really wanted to get Fred the plasma tv, he’d been great this past year when it came to saving money so they could put the down payment on the house. She wanted to make up for all his sacrifices in a big way. Everyday she looked at the ads for a job she thought she might be able to handle without raising his suspicions.

And then, there it was “Female wanted for modeling shots. Must be in good shape, between 30-60 yrs. of age.” Peggy ripped the ad out and took it with her to work the next day. She’d stop on her lunch hour and apply.

The studio in the ad was just a block away from her office, she walked in and told the receptionist she was there about the job. She waited for a few minutes before a very good looking man with cameras around his neck came out and asked her to step in the studio.

The walls were covered with black and white photos of women in various stages of dress. They were very good photos, what most people refer to as fine art. Some shots were nudes, all tastefully done.

His voice got her attention “Do you like them?, do you think you would be comfortable posing like that?”

Something in his manner calmed her nervousness, “I believe I could, I’d like to try.”

“I pay $100 a session, and each session lasts an hour. Sometimes you will be clothed, and sometimes not. Are you interested?”

Peggy did the math in her head, a few sessions and she’d have enough for the gift, and an exciting adventure to boot. “Yes, “I’m interested.”

“I’d like to take a couple of test shots if you don’t mind right now,” he suprised her.

“Uh, sure, I guess. I’m on lunch so I don’t have much time,” she stammered.

While he walked around setting up the lighting he spoke to her in a soft, calming baritone “Please sit on the stool there, and unbutton your blouse all the way, don’t let it fall open all the way, just enough to see your cleavage.”

Peggy did as he asked. The room had a slight chill to it and she could feel that her nipples were already hard and pushing against the silk of her bra. She undid the buttons and opened her blouse just a little. The curves of her 36-D breasts could be seen barely covered in the pink cups. She was just a little turned on.

Ray, the photographer, went about his business…then turned to look at her through the lens of one of his cameras.

“Beautiful” he said in a whisper.

She wasn’t sure if he meant her, or the composition of the photo. No matter, a strange man was taking pictures of her, and she could feel her heart pounding in her chest.

“Now open the blouse a little more, let it fall off your shoulders, reach up and undo the clasp in front, uncover just your right breast” his voice was mezmerizing, kaynarca escort and Peggy followed each of his requests.

She was lost in her own thoughts and didn’t realize he had stopped shooting until his hand touched her arm.

“We are done for today. You can put your blouse back on. I’ll show you the pictures.”

She didn’t even realize she had taken her blouse and bra completely off!!! She stood next to him and looked at the photos as he downloaded them on his pc. She was suprised a little. She looked beautiful and innocent in each one, the soft lighting caressed her curves and she had a peaceful look on her face.

“You did very well, I hope you are pleased. If you return tomorrow at five we will begin our real work.”

She left and went back to work, but couldn’t get the thought of the session out of her mind. That night she fucked Fred the moment he walked in, he seemed a little more passionate too she thought.

“I have to work a few nights this week, and for the next couple of weeks Peg. End of year and all that you know,” he figured if he didn’t actually say he was working on reports it wasn’t really a lie.

“Okay honey, I’ll see you when you get in.”

She didn’t mention her own after work project since he wouldn’t be home to notice her not here anyway.

That evening Fred showed up at the school early to get a look around. Miss Stiener, the art instructor, showed him the studio, and explained what he should expect.

“First of all, please call me Marie. You’ll be seated, or standing, depending on the lesson, on this small dais in the center of the room. The students will be around you in a semi circle so they each see approximately the same view. If you feel you need to rest let me know. Otherwise we draw for as long as you can pose.”

“This might sound stupid, but what if I start to uh, you know”

“Get an erection?” she interrupted.

“Yes. Exactly. What do I do?”

“Well Fred, I’m sure it won’t be the first time these students have seen one. Don’t worry, they’re here to draw not to gawk.”

She led him to the changing room and told him he could remove his clothes and hang them there, she would come for him when class was ready.

Fred looked at himself in the full length mirror. He was still in pretty good shape, and his cock was more than average length. So what if he got a hard on! he’d be proud of it.

Marie came for him and he thought for sure he noticed her checking him out, maybe it was just his ego. The class was a blend of men and women, young and not so young, some better looking than others, but all pretty blasé about him walking into the room and taking his place.

Things went smoothly and the class was over before he knew it. The lights had kept him warm so he had no shrinkage problem, which was his only other fear.

“You did very well tonight Fred. I’ll see you Thursday night.” Marie called out as he left.

After work that night Peggy fairly rushed the one block to the photo studio. She wore her most revealing bra and pantie set tonight. Both were sheer and her nipples and cunt hair could be seen through the fabric. She didn’t even know why she did this, the thought of being in front of another man like this made her horny as hell though. And if the sex she had last night was any indication she was going to enjoy this while she could.

The studio was empty except for a black velvet backdrop and floor covering. Ray was busying himself with a number of cameras on his bench.

“Please Peggy, I want you to stand in front of the backdrop, leave your clothes on for now.”

She stood nervously, this was harder to do than stand in front of him naked she thought to herself.

When he was ready he turned and smiled at her, “Tonight I want to you undress slowly. I want to capture the act of a woman revealing herself. Do it as you would at home, only take your time. Feel free to move about, just stay in front of the backdrop.”

Ray hit a button on his Waveradio and soft piano music filled the room, he waited for her.

Peggy began with the top button of her blouse, fumbling just a little from nervousness, trying to remember orhanlı escort to do it slowly. The soft chatter of his cameras mixed with the piano to provide her a sensuous beat.

The only words spoken were Rays’ as she slowly undressed “Beautiful, that’s good, very nice, turn just a little.”

Peggy was on fire. Her blouse lay on the floor and she was about to undo the button that held her skirt closed, in front of a man not her husband. Her nipples were hard little pebbles as her fingers found the button and undid it. She unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the ground at her feet. She was almost sure she heard Ray suck in breath a little. He moved a little closer to her as she reached behind her back to undo the bra clasp.

She pulled the bra away from her breasts and could feel the cold air rush over them it sent a shiver through her. Her skin was covered with goose bumps. And now, the final piece, her panties. She hadn’t been naked in front of anyone but her husband since they married. Not completely naked anyway, she had flashed people at Mardi Gras parties, but all the wives did that. She was about to show her pussy to someone she didn’t really know, and he was going to photograph it.

Peggy hooked her thumbs in the sides and pushed down. The fabric held just a little against her wet nether lips. She bent at the waist and pushed her panties down her legs to her ankles. Then she did what Fred loved best. Balancing on one foot she bent her leg at the knee and tugged off the panties on one side, then repeated the motion to remove them completely. Fred loved this because it gave him a wonderful view of her cunt.

She was naked except for the bar holding her hair in place. ‘What the hell’ she thought, and reached up with both hands behind her head. Her breasts were pushed out at the camera, her nipples aiming at the lens as she let her hair loose and felt it tumble over her shoulders.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks Fred and Peggy continued to work secretly from each other, but the sex each night was fabulous.

One night after class Marie asked Fred to stay for just moment.

“I have an opportunity for you to make a little extra money on a special job.”

He was interested, “How much, and what do I have to do?” he asked her.

“It’s an extra $500, and you will have to have an erection” she looked him right in the eye.

“I’ve been asked to provide drawings for a new sex manual, and one chapter is male masturbation. I can try to find someone else if you’re not comfortable.”

“No, no, I can do it. Might be a little odd at first that’s all” he said with the numbers dancing in his head.

“If you want we can do it tomorrow before you have any second thoughts” Marie offered.

“Sure thing, tomorrow then.” Fred dressed and left.

Peggy’s work had been going wonderfully. Besides the shoot of her undressing, she had done one with lingerie, one in tub full of bubbles, and one wearing nothing but jewelry. She went home after each one ready to fuck Fred’s brains out, and he seemed eager each time to do the same to her.

“Peggy, tonight I have something special I would like you to do, but I will understand if you decline” Ray told when she entered the studio.

She noticed a big brass bead with soft down blankets in the middle of the room. A table next to the bed held scented oils and an assortment of gel dildos.

“I’m guessing it has something to do with all that,” she pointed towards the bed and stand.

“Yes. I want to capture your face, I mean a woman’s face when she is alone and pleasuring herself.”

It wouldn’t be the first time Peggy had pleasured herself, and she had done it in front of Fred a number of times, so…..”I’ll do it.”

“Excellent. Take as much time as you like, do whatever you like, forget that I am here,” Ray assured her.

This time Peggy chose the music, a slow rhythmic beat with a thumping bass line. The lights were already low and Ray had candles of every size around the studio and near the bed to provide the lighting effect he wanted. Peggy took her clothes off while standing right next to him, it excited her and made him a tepeören escort little uneasy, which is what she wanted.

She walked to the bed slowly,as her hands moved up and down her sides and over her ass. His camera clicked away. When she got to the bed she sat on the edge and took a bottle of the oil off the night stand. Uncapping it she turned it upside down over her breasts and let the warm liquid drip on the top of her mounds. She felt it run over her curves and across her nipples, then drip on her bare legs. Peggy reached up and cupped her full breasts in each hand and rubbed the oil into her skin.

The candles reflected off her shiny flesh and she was losing herself in the moment. She lay back and more oil was poured on her belly ‘Did she do that or Ray?’ She rubbed it in and moved her hands up and down her trunk from her breasts to her mound. Her fingers found the small tuft of dark hair that marked the beginning of her cunt. She let her fingers play there for a moment then dipped one between her pouting lips.

“Put some oil on me please” she whispered.

She felt it dripping on her hooded clitoris and used her fingers to massage it into her own wet lips. Her hips were moving to the music and her touch, her legs spread wider and she could sense Ray between her legs shooting it all. She put one hand out and Ray placed a gel dildo in it.

Peggy eased it into her pussy and pushed it deep into her while her other hand found her clit and circled it.

The only sound in the room was the shutter of the camera and Peggy’s moaning. She brought herself to a crashing orgasm in front of Ray’s lens, and the last picture he shot was of the beatific smile on her face when she finished.

Fred showed up at Marie’s right after work ready to get this over with. He had masturbated in front of Peggy before but never with anyone else.

“Let’s do this quickly so neither of us is too embarrassed, Marie said as she greeted him at the door. Just take your clothes off over there and come into this room.”

Fred walked into the room buck naked his cock flapping between his legs. “How are you doing to draw me as I pleasure myself?” he wondered.

“Well actually I just want to draw your cock flaccid, then erect, and then with your hand wrapped around it. You won’t actually have to masturbate.” she explained.

“And what do I do to get hard?” dumb question, he realized.

“I have a video I can play for you,” she explained as she hit play on the vcr.

There on the screen two great looking people getting ready to have sex. The woman, a blonde with big tits was on her knees taking the guy’s cock into her mouth. That was all he needed. He felt his cock growing immediately.

“That’s wonderful,” Marie crowed as she furiously drew.

The action on the screen grew hotter with the guy now sucking on the blondes tits and putting his fingers in her cunt.

“Will you grab yourself please now Fred, like you would normally.”

He took his cock in his fist and without thinking began to pump. Marie continued to draw but was watching him jack off too.

The pace on the screen matched Fred’s, both furious. His cock slid between his fingers as Marie finished her drawing. As she put her pencil down and seemed ready to reach out his cock spurted it’s cum out into his hand.

“I’m really sorry, I don’t know what got into me,” he looked embarrassed.

“Don’t worry, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen that, and it will give me nice dreams tonight, I think you better clean up and go now though.”

He did just that and left. With the extra money from tonight he had more than enough for the necklace. He would have to decide if he wanted to continue this after the holidays.

Peggy stopped on the way home from the studio to buy the plasma tv. Her head was filled with images of her last shoot. This might be something she would continue after the holidays.

Christmas morning came bright and snow covered. Fred and Peggy bounded downstairs both excited to see the other’s reaction.

“Merry Christmas!” they said in unison as they exchanged boxes, hers small and compact, his huge and unwieldy.

“Oh my God it’s beautiful.” Peggy began to cry.

“This is awesome!” Fred beamed.

They looked at each other. “How did you ever afford this?” they sounded like twins.

“Have I got a story for you.” Fred said first.

“Wait ’til you hear mine,” chimed in Peggy.

Merry Christmas Everyone

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