Gina’s Gym


As Brand entered the gym, all eyes were on him. This was the day, the day of the big fight. He was at the point of no return, this was it. Everyone was silent, they all just kinda of stared at him. The crowd parted as he made his way to the ring.

All eyes were on him as assumed his position. He stood nervously in the right corner as he awaited his opponent. Suddenly, cheers and applause commenced as his opponent finally joined him in the ring.

She removed her robe and struck a pose. Yes, it was a ‘she’ that he was fighting.

He gulped nervously. The truth was, he was intimidated by her, very intimidated. In the past few months since she had started coming to his gym, he’d made various attempts to try to get her to go out with him: she always turned him down.

Gina was tall, very tall. Taller than he was. She had an incredible body because she always worked out. She was bronzed and toned in all the right places. Today, her brown hair was tied back in a pony tail. She wore short-shorts, very short shorts and a tiny tank top.

Don’t get the wrong idea, Gina wasn’t some kind of muscle-bound woman, on the contrary, she was just in fantastic shape. Her upper body in particular was toned, her arms were not too thick, but thin enough to see a muscular form. Her stomach was flat and particularly muscular, she sported a fancy diamond belly button ring.

As she turned to acknowledge her adoring audience, Brad noticed a lower back tattoo which he had not seen before.

In hindsight, Brad wasn’t a small man. He too was quite muscular and had had his fair share of fights….. so why was he so uneasy about this particular fight?

He looked out onto the crowd. All of them were women. All of them came here to see him loose, all of them wanted to see him emasculated in the most humiliating way known to man.

So how did he get himself in this position? It was his own damn fault and on account of his stupidity. Given the fact that Brad knew he was handsome, he always acted as though he was gods gift to the world. He was always bragging about his exploits, his victories and of course, his sexual encounters.

What many of his ‘macho-musclebound-meathead-friends’ didn’t know, was that he was full of shit. And Gina saw right through him.

The truth was, Brad wasn’t that much of a ladies man. He clearly overcompensated for something…. Big build, constant bragging, BMW. Yep, Gina saw right through him. Brad knew he wasn’t a ‘big’ man below the belt, he always avoided the showers and places of public nudity.

As for his sexual exploits….. well, he’s only ever been with one woman, and that was his high school sweetheart, almost 10 years ago. She left him for another man. Brad always suspected it was because of his lack of manhood; after all, she did leave him for a black guy. After that, Brad decided to give girls a rest and focused on boxing and becoming stronger and bigger than any other guy in his neighborhood.

At the local gym, he was somewhat of a hero. All his buddies looked up to him, and often some of the female boxers would stop and gawk at him. His ego was about as big as his lies.

His reputation preceded him.

It wasn’t until a few months ago when someone new started coming to the gym….. Gina. Instantly, he was smitten by her. Far too shy to approach her, he decided to work out harder than ever before in hopes to catch her attention. It didn’t work, he then resorted to challenging his friends to fights (which he always won), and she still didn’t notice him.

Then, eventually he decided to just come out and just ask her if she wanted to join him for dinner.

“Gina is it?” He asked.

He erzincan escort caught her in the middle of her workout. She just frowned at him and nodded.

“Listen, I think you and I should go out. I think we really might hit it off.”

Gina stopped in her tracks. Looked him up and down and said, “No, I’m good” and then resumed her workout.

Brad looked over his shoulder, some of his friends and some female boxers saw this. They snickered amongst themselves. Embarrassed, Brad quickly made his way out of there, “Fucking bitch! No one makes a fool of me!”

The next few weeks, Brad did everything in his power to make her life a living hell. Although it was childish, his ego blocked his sense of reasoning. He resorted to childish pranks, such as public name calling, humiliation and singling out. He was just plain mean.

In one instance, he changed the lock on her locker while she was in the shower, causing her to leave the gym in nothing but a towel. He was doing a good job at pissing her off. All of his friends of course, praised him and continued to praise him. All the girls however, began to see him for what he truly was. Soon, none of the girls gawked at him; none of the girls paid any interest in him…. Why? Because he was an arrogant asshole.

As the weeks passed, Brad started to notice a different atmosphere at the gym. More hostility towards him and….. oddly enough, more girls.

Still, in spite of everything that was happening, he still desperately wanted Gina. Finally he decided to confront her.

“Listen here, I don’t like what you’re doing to my gym!” he shouted at her.

Again, she was in the middle of her workout. His tone of voice caught the attention of most of the girls, soon a circle formed around them.

“Your gym? Look around asshole, its my gym” she said.

Brad looked around and couldn’t see any of his friends, they were all her friends. What the hell happened?

“You and your girlies aren’t welcome here. This is Brads gym, for men!” Brad shouted.

“Oh my, you certainly have a massive ego don’t you?” she sarcastically said. This caused all the girls to giggle at his expense. It took a second or two for that comment to sink in.

“You fucking hoar!” he shouted back at her.

“If I were you, I’d be careful what you say around me.” she said.

“Why, what are you gonna do? You’re just a weak, little girl!” he shouted, literally shouted.

“I bet, I could kick your ass in the ring…. I see right through you, I know you’re nothing but talk, and I know you got nothing but hot air in those pants.” Her remark caused the entire gym to erupt in laughter.

“No, fuck you! Fuck all of you! Little bitches! I bet I could kick your ass outta here!”

“That sounds like a challenge!” she said.

“Yes, it is. If I win, I want you and all your new friends to take a hike and leave my gym once and for all!!” He was clearly worked up, as he practically shouted his terms.

“Okay, you got a deal.” She extended her arm and they shook hands, “Here, tomorrow at 7:00pm.”

“But, you didn’t hear my terms yet.” She said calmly.

“yeah?” he asked.

“If I win, you have to drop your panties in front of everyone here and give us a little show.” She said grinning from ear to ear.


“Exhibitionism! You, completely naked, jerkin it!” she said.

If he had just apologized, he wouldn’t be in this position…. So what did he do? What do you think? He accepted her terms and agreed to fight her…..

So here he was, his dukes up, ready to fight….. only he didn’t anticipate that she would look sooo good, or that she would have so many erzurum escort goddamn supporters.

The bell rang! This was it.

She came at him like a lion, WHACK! Punching him square in the jaw! He retaliated, missing, WHACK! She got him again! The crowd cheered and began chanting Gina’s name.

This was not looking good, already his head was spinning. He swung, missing. WHACK! Another jab smacking him in the face. He tumbled over, falling flat on his ass just as the bell rang; it was the end of the first round.

“Looks like I won the first round. Just quit now and I’ll save you the humiliation!” she teased.

“Fuck you bitch! This is my gym!” The bell rang again.

This time, he tried harder, he actually tried. But it was no use. She was so damn good, her reflexes were fast, she moved like a leopard, dancing, mocking him as she literally beat the shit out of him. The crowd chanted her name, “Gina! Gina! Gina!”

Oh no, the bell rang again. The end of the second round. “So, that means if I win this next round, you’ll be nekked!” Laughter, the entire gym filled with laughter.

He’d already lost, it was no use. He’d given up and she could see it. He was so utterly humiliated at that moment; he just wanted it all to end. The bell rang again. “On your feet boy! Lets do this” she said as she jumped around, full of energy.

He rose, standing tall putting his dukes up, enough was enough. He swung grazing her left breast. Everyone gasped as she stopped in her tracks. Overcome with immense guilt, “Oh shit, I’m so sorry, are you okay?” he asked.

Stupid mistake.

Gina swung, an uppercut smacking him square in jaw, sending him through the air. He fell (again) flat on his ass. The bell rang. That was it, he’d lost.

All the girls cheered in unison, knowing what to expect next.

As he regained his composure, he looked out into the crowd amazed to see so much hate and hostility directed towards him. Gina towered over him with a devilish smile. “That was a sucker punch! No fair!” He pleaded.

“Now, now. You know the rules….. now get up, a deal’s a deal!” she said.

Brad rose, nervous. Very nervous. There was no way he was going to expose himself to everyone like this. Gina crossed her arms and smiled. “I’m waiting.” She said as several girls joined her in the ring. Brad began to tremble, “Please no, it was just a joke wasn’t it?” They could all see he was scared, petrified. The once brave, strong virile man was now reduced to this.

They all watched with anticipating eyes. “Please, don’t make me do this!”

“What the matter? Afraid you’ll prove my theory?” Gina said.

“Theory??” he squirmed.

“That you have hot air in your pants. Come-on! Show us how much of a man you are! Why are you so shy all of a sudden?” She said proudly. She’d won the fight, now she was finishing him off once and for all: completely destroying any sense he has of being a man. “Please Gina! Don’t make me do this! I’m sorry, you can stay. Please!!!” he pleaded.

“Are you fucking kidding me? After this, you’ll never want to show your face around here again! Now drop your pants…. or should I say panties?” He actually thought of making a run for it. He began to walk backwards to the edge of the ring. Unfortunately, he didn’t notice the two girls standing behind him. He was too overcome with nerves and fear to take any notice of his surroundings.

Without warning, his shorts were yanked to the ground. Before he could even conjure up what was happening, laughter erupted throughout the entire gymnasium. Half the girls pointed at his privates swaying in the wind, others waved their pinkies at him. esat escort Gina just smiled. She didn’t need to look down, she knew he was small, she always knew. She crossed her arms and struck a pose.

Reaching down, he tried pulling his shorts back up, one of the girls behind him however, was stepping on them. There was no way she was going to let him have any dignity. This was the unmanning of a superstud! Everyone was so enjoying destroying his ego, which was now on show to everyone.

In desperation, he cupped his privates with both hands. “Very funny, Laugh it up, ‘haha’!” he said trying to regain the upper hand. This was simply too much humiliation for one guy to handle. His eyes welled up with tears as he started to cry.

“Oh my god! Are you fucking crying?!? Oh my god! You Are!!! Look girls! He’s crying!!!” More laughter. Some of the girls ran to their lockers in order to get their phones so they could take some pictures. “Stop! Please! No more! Stop!” he pleaded though the tears.

“Not so cocky now are you?” Gina said. After several minutes the laughter finally started to die down. But his humiliation was far from over.

“Okay, you’ve had your fun. Can I go now?” he asked in a submissive way.

“No, I believe the deal was; you play with your dicklet!” She said.

“You cant be serious!!!?!!!” he yelped at her.

She began to giggle. “Oh yes I am, and we aren’t going anywhere till you slap the salami….. or wiener in your situation.”

Brad was crying like a little boy, balling his eyes out. The humiliation was just too much to handle, but Gina wasn’t going to let him off just yet. She wanted to make sure that this little event would scar him for life.

“We’re waiting!! But your hands by your side! DO IT NOW!!!” she shouted.

All was now silent. Perhaps she shouted to instill some fear into him, or to get everyone to shut up; either way it worked. He slowly let his hands fall to his side.

This time she actually did look down, “Nice man pussy.” She said. This remark caused snickering and giggles from the girls.

“I’m waiting! Jerk it! Jerk it like you do at home!” she said.

Brad was way too nervous to get a boner, but he just wanted to get the hell outta there. So he began to massage, pinch, tweak and pull his boyish penis. Gina started laughing aloud. “Fucking pathetic! And to think you actually asked me out! Girls want real men!!! Not fake men! You are a fake! A big phony and now, we can all see you for what you are.”

“I cant get it up.” he pleaded.

“Keep trying.” She said. After several minutes, most of the girls lost interest. After they took their photos and made their comments, many of them started to leave. Soon, it was just Brad and Gina in the ring.

“I cant do this anymore, its starting to hurt!” he said.

Gina just stared, a stare with a smile. She had destroyed him, now she was just taking it too far. “How do you live with such a pathetic small penis? You couldn’t have been born like that! Do you take steroids??”


“Oh boy, someone must have put a curse on your family….. I bet you’re a virgin. Are you a virgin?” she asked.

“Why? Why are you doing this to me!??!” he pleaded.

“Cause I can. I’ve broken you; I just want you to remember it and to never forget what has happened here. You will NEVER EVER get laid. You will NEVER EVER have any respect and you will ALWAYS be the dickless little crybaby.”

“I know, please, stop.”

“You aren’t a man. You don’t deserve to be called a man.”

With that, Gina slowly made her way off the ring. Brad continued to jerk it as he cried. “Pathetic! I’m done with you. I don’t ever want to see you back here again, this is my gym.”

That was the last we ever saw of Brad. The stories continued and all the photos were posted up around the gym for months. It’s sort of become a fable around here, you don’t fuck with Gina, this is her gym.

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