Girlfriend’s Daughter Makes a Move


By rutger5 (An Original Story-Copyright 2013)

It was a dark and stormy night when there was a small fire in the apartment above mine. Unfortunately by the time it was put out my place sustained significant water damage which made it temporarily unlivable until repaired. The landlord hemmed and hawed about paying for relocating me, because until the insurance check came in he said he couldn’t afford it. He informed me he was going to use all of his available funds to quickly repair the damage but had nothing left for relocation until he received the settlement.

Therefore I had to vacate the apartment so the work could be done expeditiously. In the condition it was in it wasn’t like I could live there anyway. I was at my wit’s end about where to go as I’m cheap and didn’t wish to pay to stay in a hotel for the next few weeks minimum. That’s when my girlfriend Annette came up with what at the time seemed to be the perfect solution.

I could move in with her for the duration and once my place was ready I’d go back home. Now she and I had been dating for around eight months and I thought we had a good thing going. For our own reasons neither of us was looking to get really serious in our relationship. In my case I was just the modern guy who enjoyed never fully growing up and because of this Annette was perfect for me.

Her story was she was a divorcee who lived in her own house along with her college student daughter. Because her marriage ended badly when Annette caught her husband messing around with her best friend she had no intention of going through that again.

So since her divorce five years earlier she seldom dated but she had accepted when I asked her out. Since I was twelve years younger than her Annette was flattered when I hit on her and my good looks didn’t hurt. Truthfully I’d been unaware of the age gap as she looked younger than her age, not that I cared how old she was. I’d seen her at the mall and was struck by how attractive she was so I decided to make a move. Normally I didn’t do things like that on the spur of the moment but that day something compelled me to.

We hit it off right away and on our second date she came back with me to my apartment for a ‘nightcap’. It had been quite some time since she’d gotten any so she’d let her hair down, and then some! Annette is quite reserved and conservative in many ways but that night she lost all inhibitions. We alternated between making love and rutting like beasts until we finally collapsed due to exhaustion early the next morning.

Things never quite reached that crazy height again but we had a lot of good times. We’d have sex at least three nights a week and it would often be more. It was almost always at my place and even when it was at Annette’s I never spent the whole night there. She felt uncomfortable about me staying she said with her teenage daughter living at home. Truthfully I suspected it was because she didn’t want to get too close but it didn’t bother me as I was happy with the arrangement the way it was. That way it allowed me to hang with my buds a few nights a week while still getting steady action.

We’d often go to the movies or dinner and whenever needed be the other’s escort to whatever event they had to attend. Usually it was one of her many business functions except in one case of a slacker buddy of mine finally biting the bullet and marrying his baby mama. Either way was cool with me, as generally Annette would be wearing some sexy, little black dress and we’d have sex later in the evening.

So I saw no pitfalls in her suggestion and welcomed it with open arms. I hoped I might get a little more nookie staying at her house though she informed me I’d be staying in the guest room for appearances sake. Either way I’d be saving money which certainly was a good thing.

Let me add that I got along with her daughter Vanessa swimmingly. We’d met soon after her mother and I started to date and we had a lot in common. Since I was actually closer in age to Vanessa than her mother we liked a lot of the same music and pop cultural things. In fact one night during the first week I stayed there she and I had a great time playing one of her video games for hours.

Annette actually felt a little left out and envious about it all. Of course we asked if she wanted to join in but she didn’t want to waste her time on such ‘childish’ things. Still she managed to get me to quit by whispering in my ear to meet her in the bedroom for a different kind of game. That was the only night I was there that such a thing happened. Other times she would slip into the guest room late at night but only after Vanessa had turned in for the evening or when her daughter was out. Either way once we were finished she would leave soon after.

So for the first week everything worked out well and I even went out one night with my friends. There was only one thing out of the ordinary that happened and it was a little embarrassing. Though the house had two bathrooms only one was a full Ankara travesti bath with a shower and tub. So in the morning we all had to scramble to get ready without impeding anyone else. Since I was the guest I felt I should do my best to minimize impacting Annette or Vanessa. So I’d get up extra early and use the bathroom first; freeing it up so they could follow their regular schedule.

On Thursday morning I’d showered and dressed early then gone downstairs to have some coffee before leaving for work. I chilled until it was time to go when I realized I’d forgotten my car keys upstairs. At my apartment I kept them on a hook by the door so I’d just grab them when heading out but here I was unable to follow my normal routine.

So I dashed upstairs to retrieve them when at the same exact time Vanessa happened to be going from her bedroom to the bathroom. Maybe it was because she thought I’d left already or she was just used to it being only her and her mother living there. Whatever the reason was, as I rushed toward the guest room she emerged from her room rubbing the sleep from her eyes while only wearing a bra and panties.

When I saw her like that my eyes must have bugged out of my head and I stopped dead in my tracks. Vanessa also stopped but she had an amused look on her face. It took me a moment before I realized I was staring at her skimpily dressed body so I turned away while mumbling an apology.

“Uhh, sorry about that Vanessa,” I managed to get out with my face turning beet red.

“Think nothing of it Brad,” she replied before slowly sauntering toward the bathroom.

Under the circumstances I should have just hurried to get my keys but I couldn’t. Almost as if against my will I swiveled my head and watched Vanessa pass me by and enter the bathroom. She then turned and stared straight at me while smiling before closing the door. Once it shut my body was able to move again. Grabbing my keys I hurried downstairs and out the door.

My whole drive to work I couldn’t stop thinking about what I’d seen. The sight of all her exposed flesh wasn’t something I could easily forget, if ever, and my erection was proof of that. For though I found Annette to be an attractive, sexy woman and I loved being with her she was very slim with tiny breasts and a small ass while her daughter by contrast was round and voluptuous with an exaggerated hourglass figure.

Vanessa could best be described as being thick or a little chubby or whatever you wanted to call it, but damn what curves she had! Her breasts were round, full, and large and half of them had been spilling out the top of her black brassiere. Her waist was soft and not small but it was in proportion to her even bigger hips and butt which had been encased in leopard print bikini panties. Somehow I was able to make it to work sane and I was determined to not think of what I’d seen but it wasn’t easy.

That night I felt a little bit awkward about earlier but Vanessa didn’t mention it so I relaxed. She acted normally so I was able to as well and we all had a pleasant evening. The only thing I told them about was a temporary change to my work schedule. Sometimes in the case with my job I had to change my shift for the following week. Instead of working from seven in the morning until three in the afternoon like usual I’d be working from three until eleven at night.

That certainly threw a wrench into things as far as my sex life was concerned and for the first half of the week Annette and I were unable to connect. So by Thursday morning I was a little on edge so I decided to take a chance. Knowing that Vanessa had early classes that day I sneaked into Annette’s bedroom around the time she normally got up. When I entered she was already awake but still in bed.

“Yes Brad?” she asked me as she sat up.

After closing the door behind me I gave her, or more accurately showed her, my reply by opening my robe to reveal my erection. Annette gave a big smile when she saw it and beckoned me forward with her finger. Wasting no time I closed the distance between myself and the bed and once there pulled the covers from her body. She was wearing a matching blue camisole and boy shorts and looked good enough to eat. In fact that was what I planned to do so I slipped my fingers under the waistband of her boy shorts and pulled them down and off.

Annette giggled when I did this but then said, “We have to hurry Brad. I need to get ready for work and I can’t be late.”

“No problem babe but you should have time for a quickie,” I replied as I pulled her body to the edge of the mattress so her legs were dangling off.

So I knelt down between them and since we had no time for preliminaries I immediately buried my face by her pussy. Normally I would at the least tease her or go slow to build the fire but not then. My tongue ran the length of her lips, starting at the bottom and working my way up until I reached her clit which was partially obscured by her curly, brown pubic hair.

Annette Konya travesti kept her bush cut short and neatly trimmed but she didn’t shave down there, unlike the younger women I’d dated before her. After a few licks she was already getting wet and when my tongue speared her inner juiciness I could already smell her aroused, musky scent. Moistening my thumb with saliva I used it to gently circle her clit as my tongue probed as deeply as it could reach. I made circular movements with my tongue as it was buried in her, allowing me to lash her tasty inner walls.

Annette moaned appreciatively from my efforts as her hand ran through my short, dark hair. Usually I’d take my time in guiding her to her first orgasm and it would be just one of many. I confess I love to eat pussy and I have since the first time I’d been blessed with the opportunity to do so when I was a teenager with young Bridget Flynn. But we were in a hurry and I wanted to make sure we had time for my own pleasure as well, so I pulled out all the stops.

After reluctantly removing my tongue from her womanly crevice I slid one of my fingers inside to take its place. This allowed my tongue to again seek out her little nubbin which it did next. Annette let out a throaty moan as my finger frigged her juicy hole rapidly. It made a squishing sound as it sank in her canal before I would pull it back with her muscles reluctantly yielding to my retreat.

Knowing time was of the essence I worked a second finger inside her though she was still tight, then drove it all the way in. Then while continuing to lick her clit I also sucked it between my lips bringing her to the precipice of pleasure. Increasing the speed of my fingers was enough to push her off it as I thrust them to their full length.

Her internal muscles clamped onto my digits and her grip tightened on my hair. For my part I kept licking and sucking her clit though I was no longer able to continue finger fucking her. Still I managed to wriggle them around a bit which certainly increased her pleasure. Annette was biting her lip to prevent from screaming out loud but she was still emitting a number of low, throaty moans.

Once she’d begun to recover I got to my feet and moved between her thighs with my knees bent so I was at the perfect height. Only then did I withdraw my fingers and as I did Annette grasped my cock right below the head. She guided it to her entrance and after first rubbing it a few times against her wetness to lubricate it she positioned it between her lips at the entrance.

Taking it from there I pushed my hips forward a little which was enough to work my mushroom head inside Annette. She groaned with pleasure when I did so and it became louder as I was able to sink deeper. This was aided when I lifted her legs and held them in midair. Using a number of short, rapid thrusts allowed me to keep going until I had my full length buried inside her open gates of paradise.

For the next couple of minutes I drove in and out of her sweet, sticky treasure at a good clip. I reveled in the way she felt on my shaft and how her yoga trained muscles constricted along its length. I could tell by her moans that she was really enjoying herself and believe me so was I. Soon Annette reached out and grabbed my thighs as I slid in and out of her aroused pink pussy.

“Come on Brad; get on the bed. I want to feel your skin against mine,” she pleaded between moans of pleasure.

Though I was enjoying the position we were in and I knew it was the right angle to really rock her world I went along with her suggestion after first delivering a few more hard thrusts. Adjusting her body position slightly I crawled onto the bed while remaining in her and once I had I leaned forward and rested on my elbows. This brought our bodies into close contact the length of our torsos and it also allowed Annette to grab hold of my ass.

Her skin felt hot against mine and our sweaty bodies slid against one another as I continued my thrusting. Now in this position and with Annette’s hands keeping me buried deep I was unable to drive my full length; so instead I ground into her. I was also able to rotate my hips in a circular motion which she eagerly responded to.

“Oh yes Brad, that’s it! Don’t stop baby,” she whispered in my ear to spur me on.

Our lips found each other’s and we kissed. Ever since our first kiss I’d marveled how soft her lips were and how sweet they tasted. One could get drunk on them if one had the time. Unfortunately life intruded that morning when I knew time was in short supply. So I broke our kiss reluctantly. My hips rose and fell like a derrick with her hands assisting them and I could hear her breathing getting short and ragged. I sped up as much as I could and I was rewarded a minute later when she let out a wail.

“Oh yessss!” she cried out as she climaxed and I joined her seconds later.

My organ swelled inside Annette and then I felt my balls release my load. Since it had İzmir travesti been a few days since I’d cum I soaked her pussy with many jets of my white, liquid love. With a satisfied groan my body sank onto hers when no more ejaculate was left. We stayed like that for less than a minute when she prodded me with her finger.

“Sorry Brad; but you need to get off me or I’ll be late,” she told me in a business like tone.

Somehow I managed to push myself up and roll off her at which point she scrambled off the bed and rushed out the room and to the bathroom. For a few minutes I lay there and enjoyed the post coital buzz but since I felt sleepy I knew I had to leave. No doubt if she found me still in bed, and worse me being asleep, then she’d ask me to leave so I saved her the trouble.

Pulling on my robe I went back to the guest room and climbed under the covers for some shuteye. When I woke up a few hours later it was just past eleven in the morning. Though there was still some time before I had to get ready for work I decided to hop in the shower. Fifteen minutes later with a towel wrapped around my waist I was shaving when I heard the bathroom door open. Turning I was surprised to see Vanessa just inside the room wearing a thigh length red, silk robe.

“Oh, I’m sorry Brad. I didn’t realize you were in here,” she said with an enigmatic smile on her face.

While I wasn’t going to accuse her of lying I found her statement a bit hard to swallow. The door had been closed with the water running and the light on, so even if she hadn’t heard the shower a little bit earlier it didn’t make much sense.

“Umm Vanessa, I thought you had classes today?” I asked.

“Oh I did but I decided to skip them today. Please don’t tell my mom, you know how she gets. It can be our little secret like what happened the other morning,” she said with a wink.

I laughed nervously in response to her statement but I knew what she meant in regards to how Annette can get. Living with her had shown me a different side to her. It’s not that she wasn’t a great lady and I’d known she was reserved but she could also be a little uptight as well; especially about her house and things like that.

She and Vanessa were like oil and water on that subject as Vanessa was very laid back and sloppy. Annette was neat and anal, retentive that is, not sexually. I’d witnessed a couple of minor shouting matches over the state of Vanessa’s messy room and such things including Vanessa not taking college seriously enough. So I understood her not wanting her mother to know she’d decided to take the day off. But it also meant Vanessa had been home earlier when I’d assumed she was at class. She must have been sleeping I thought or she’d have heard us for sure.

“So what are you doing Brad?” she asked as she drew closer.

“Well it should be obvious I’m shaving,” I told her while trying and failing to remain focused on what I was doing.

“Do you mind if I watch? When I was a little girl I’d watch my dad shave sometimes.”

“I guess it’s okay. No harm I can see in it,” I lied.

Vanessa brushed past me and actually perched herself on top of the vanity. To say she was now distracting me was the understatement of the century. There was no way to avoid seeing her as I watched myself shave in the mirror even if she sat quietly; but she didn’t. First she flicked her dyed blond hair about before leaning forward and actually lightly touching my pectoral muscle with her painted fingertips.

“Brad I see staying here hasn’t stopped you from finding time for the gym. You’re in such great shape. Maybe you can help me with some advice. I always intend to exercise more but then something comes up and I don’t follow through. Plus as you can see I love having dessert and it goes right to my hips.”

After she said that Vanessa took her hand off my chest then brought it down to her ample hip while at the same time crossing her legs. Like I was hypnotized my eyes followed her hand as it slid down her body to its new resting place. Along the way I got a great view of her exposed cleavage as her robe had loosened a bit as she moved. Either I was imagining things or Vanessa wasn’t wearing anything underneath her robe because a lot of her pale white breasts were showing and I saw no hint of material.

On top of that I was able to clearly make out the shape of her nipples as they strained against the silk robe. Add to that her robe had ridden up her thigh revealing plenty of her shapely legs. Stifling a choking sound I tore my eyes away from her and again tried to resume shaving. Unfortunately my hand shook a bit and I managed to nick myself with the razor.

“Oh I’m sorry Brad. Here I am distracting you and now you’ve cut yourself,” Vanessa cooed.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry about it,” I replied, my voice sounding hoarse to me.

She slid off the vanity and stood so close I could smell her and I could feel her warm breath on my skin.

“I can’t help worrying about it Brad, especially since that’s not the only effect I’m having on you.”

After she said that I felt her hand on the towel right on top of my growing bulge. I’d been fighting a losing battle in trying to prevent from getting hard and that was the final straw.

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