Girlfriend’s Roommate


Ashley always felt like a bit of an enigma. She had apparently moved around alot – it was only sophomore year but she had racked up a total of 4 different apartments she had ‘left’, my girlfriend’s being the fifth. I say ‘left’ because, at first, I assumed it was due to personal issues. Whenever Ashley talked to me or my girlfriend Shannon about it, she made it out to be a bunch of sorority sisters that did not see her as part of the group. Now, however, I have different ideas on what led to her leaving.

I often sleep over at Shannon’s place (for obvious reasons) and as such I run into Ashley fairly often. Shannon, being the fantastic student she is, signed up for a heavy class load and 8 AM classes almost every day of the week. Meanwhile, I’m usually free until 12 at the latest. When she leaves, I take my time in the mornings, sleeping in, making myself some waffles, and streaming my favorite shows from her smart TV in the living room.

One such day, as I was making my customary Belgian waffles in the kitchen, Ashley came in. She is also more of a laid back student, and it is fairly common for me to see her in the mornings. Today, however, was quite different. She was wearing only a white tank top and pink pair of panties, her clean shaven legs and bubbly ass for me to see. She bounced as she walked in, her breasts jiggling against the tight fabrics of the tank top, her nipples erect and poking through. I paused in shock as I saw her, a mischievous smile on her face.

“Hey, Ashley. How are you doing?” I asked, trying my best not to get caught staring at her voluptuous breasts.

“Oh, you know,” she responded, leaning against the counter, pressing her chest forward, giving me an even better view. “Your waffles woke me up.”

“Did they?” I asked with a chuckle. “You want to eat them with me?” I kicked myself as soon as the words were out of my mouth – what was I doing inviting a scantily clad sexy women to breakfast? But the words were already out. Ashley nodded her head enthusiastically, her face beaming, so I bit the bullet and gave her half of my food. We sat down next to each other at the small dinner table, munching on our syrup-covered waffles silently.

“Shannon told me you like rock climbing,” Ashley said suddenly.

“Yeah, it’s fun. Good work out too.”

“I wish I could rock star trek strange new worlds izle climb,” Ashley lamented.

“Why don’t you?”

“It just seems boring to go alone.”

“Yeah, it’s more fun with friends, but people go solo pretty often…” I trailed off as I realized where this was going. I knew I should have just stopped talking there, stop any of this from progressing into trouble, but I had never been approached so directly by such a gorgeous girl. Shannon was attractive, sure, but Ashley’s legs, her ass… I was not sure Shannon could ever achieve that level of sexy.

“Why don’t we go some time?” I blurted out before I could stop myself.

“Yeah!” Ashley responded, her mouth half filled with waffle.

“You just have to make sure suck, ’cause then it’ll make me look bad at the gym.”

“What?” Ashley asked in fake shock. “I’m pretty strong,” she said, raising her slender arms and flexing her biceps. They were small, of course, but the muscle was definitely there.

“Can you hold yourself up by just one hand?” I asked, a smile creeping over my face.

“Wait,” Ashley’s eyes went wide. “I thought that was what the harness was for?”

I laughed, and we continued our conversation for the rest of breakfast. The next day, once Shannon was gone, Ashley came down again and we shared breakfast. This went on for some time, becoming a daily occurrence, and I enjoyed our chats. At times, even, it felt like we understood each other better than Shannon and I did. A couple weeks later we went rock climbing together, and I would be lying if I said I did not use the opportunity to check out Ashley’s sizable and pert ass. Some friend’s of mine that were there asked me about her, and about me and Shannon, to which I explained how Ashley and I were just friends. They were not buying it, and I could see why. As time went on, we became closer, more touchy – except when Shannon was around. There was a one day in particular where I began to notice how we changed around each other.

One morning, it was particularly hot in our shared apartment and I was preparing breakfast in just my shorts. Ashley came down, her brown messy hair flowing down, in only a shirt that came down to her mid-thigh. We greeted each other, star wars andor izle and I made a joke, causing Ashley to laugh and push up against me. I could feel her nipples through her shirt, and her hands started to press against my abs, exploring my bare chest. I am not jacked, by any means, but I am lean with defined abs and pecs. Ashley took note of this, tracing my muscles with her fingers, looking up at me with that killer smile of hers. I unconsciously put my hand around her waist, reaching down and softly grabbing her ass through her shirt. We paused, both of us holding our breath as we stared at each other, knowing what could happen next, where this was going, what it meant.

I broke away. I turned my back on Ashley and finished preparing my waffles. I saw out of the corner of my eyes she stomped her foot and left with a huff. I did not see her for the rest of the day, but I certainly did not stop thinking about her. She crowded my thoughts, kept me distracted during my classes and when I got home. I decided to go out drinking with some friends to cure myself of these thoughts, and I ended up staying out much later than expected. I managed to stumble back to her apartment (as it was much closer to the bar then mine) and stripped down before falling into bed. Shannon was agitated that I woke her up so late, considering she had early class the next day, but I barely registered her as I passed out moments after hitting the pillow.

I dreamed that night, of the feeling of tits pushed against me, my hand cupping a firm ass, the sight and feeling of Ashley wrapping her mouth around my cock, bobbing back and forth, taking my full length again and again…

I opened my eyes to the sunlight streaming through the window and onto my face. As I blinked, I realized my dream had not been a complete fantasy. As I laid on my back, I looked down to see Ashley leaning over my hard cock, slurping it down with reckless abandon. I was so shocked I froze, admiring her ass stuck in the air and the cleavage she was showing as she came up. Ashley was wearing just a shirt again, and now it had ridden up enough for me to see she had omitted any panties for this outfit.

Ashley looked up, noticing I was awake, and smiled as she continued sucking me off. She gave an incredibly star wars visions izle vocal blowjob, and I knew I was not going to be able to last long. Unconsciously, I began thrusting into her mouth, and we moaned in unison as my dick dove deeper and deeper down her throat. Ashley could tell I was getting close, so she reached back with her hand and brought it down hard on her butt, smacking her ass with enough force to leave a mark. I groaned as I came, my hot cum shooting down Ashley’s throat as she moaned over my dick.

She swallowed every drop, smiling as she snuggled against me. I still had not fully woken up, so I stared in amazement as she ran a finger down my chest, her head resting against mine.

“We should not have done that,” I managed to get out, once my brain had caught up.

“Why not?” Ashley asked, looking up at me, concern written on her face.

“Because- because… you know why,” I stammered.

“You didn’t stop me,” she responded, lightly grazing my skin with her fingertips, giving me goosebumps.

I knew her argument was flawed; that I could argue what she did was not what I wanted. But deep down I knew that would be a lie. I had wanted this for even before we embraced that morning, but I was never able to admit it until the line had already been crossed. I put my arm under her head, leaned down, and kissed her. It was a long, passionate kiss, expressing everything I felt towards Ashley in ways my words never could. During the kiss, I climbed on top of her, and pulled her shirt up to expose her wet pussy, cleanly shaven and waiting for my cock.

“Do it,” she whispered, our faces barely an inch apart, “I want to feel you inside of me.” I smiled and, her legs spread wide, impaled myself in her cunt. She gasped at first, and my breath caught at the tightness of her before I began working myself into a rhythm. As I continued thrusting into her she tried her best to stifle her intense moans, and I turned my attention from her luscious lips to her beautiful tits. They were jiggling under her thin shirt as we fucked, so I pulled her shirt up to around her neck and took a handful, lightly squeezing her nipple. Ashley shrieked in ecstasy at this, and I felt shake as I made her orgasm for the first time. I leaned down, my hand still cupping her breast, and sucked on her other nipple, eliciting a deep moan.

“Oh please cum in me, I want you so bad please cum,” Ashley gasped, her hands pressing my head further against her tits. A minute or so later, I was cumming into her, having thrusted balls deep and feeling my seed fill her up. She purred in enjoyment as we held each other, unsure of the future, but confident we had never been happier in a single moment before.

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