Giving the BBC to the High Roller’s wife in


Giving the BBC to the High Roller’s wife inIf you are new to my stories, they are all real events that I participated in. A few details have been changed to protect the guilty. The purpose of all the stories is to document how I changed from a shy virgin to a dominant Bull.Now that I knew that I could find couples on Craigslist, I was hooked. I knew I was going to Vegas the next weekend so I posted an ad. A got a response from a woman who said she was part of a couple. Her and her boyfriend were going to be in Vegas for the weekend and she wanted some “quality chocolate”. We exchanged a few e-mails and pictures. She was very pretty with nice breasts and appeared to be in her early 40’s. Once I was satisfied with our discussions, I gave her my number and told her to call me when she was ready to discuss things further. The weekend came and I made my way to Vegas on Friday night. On Saturday afternoon, I received a call from a number I didn’t recognize. I answered and I was greeted with a sweet Southern accent. “Hello Mike, this is Kim from Craigslist. How are you hun?” “I’m great, what are you up to?” She told me that she was sitting at a topless pool getting some sun. After a few minutes of small talk she asked, “Are you looking to have some adult fun with me?” “Of course”, I replied. We made plans to meet for drinks later that night. We agreed to meet at a bar in the Wynn casino. When I arrived, I instantly recognized her. Her boyfriend was also with her. He appeared to kadıköy escort be in his mid 50’s. They welcomed me and then had the waitress come over to bring me a drink. We stayed and had a few drinks while getting to know each other better. “I like this place and they have food as well. Can we buy you dinner?”, the boyfriend asked. “Sure”, I said. We stayed for dinner and a few more drinks. After we were done eating, the boyfriend said, “I’ve got some money burning a hole in my pocket. Let’s gamble”. We all got up and went over to a nearby craps table. I wasn’t paying much attention to him while he played craps because I was taking the time to get to know his girlfriend better. I did however notice that he was playing $100 dollar chips. After a while he seemed bored with craps. “Let’s go to the blackjack tables. Kim, you know the way. I’ll follow you two”. She took my hand and then led me across the casino to a special high limit room. We held hands as we walked. I assume he got off watching his girlfriend hold hands in public with another man. I know it made my cock hard. There weren’t many people in the high limit area. The dealers seemed to recognize him. At the black jack table he was now better $1000 hands. It didn’t seem to phase him. He was down about $10,000 after a few minutes. Over the next 20 minutes, he worked his way back to $7000 down. The whole time I had my hand on his girlfriend’s ass. Suddenly he said, beylikdüzü escort “Let’s get out of here”. He collected his remaining chips and put them in his pocket. “Michael, come back to our hotel with us. We are staying at Mandalay Bay. We will meet you in the lobby”. When I arrived at Mandalay Bay, they were waiting for me in the lobby. We all got in the elevator and headed up to their suite. Once in the suite, they offered me a drink. They had a nice collection of Kentucky Bourbons in the room. They were both impressed that I knew the difference between Bourbon and Whiskey. We were all having a good time drinking together. After a while, he said, “Its time to get you naked”. He walked over to his girlfriend and partially unzipped the front of her designer jogging suit. I walked over to her and unzipped it the rest of the way. She was just wearing a black lacy bra underneath the suit. I grabbed her by the hand and led her into the bedroom. The husband took his watching place in a chair in the corner. I undressed her down to her bra and panties. I also stripped down nude and laid on the bed. She immediately got on the bed and before I knew it, she had her mouth on my cock. While she sucked, I reached over and unhooked her bra. I gently caressed her breasts while she continued to give me a sloppy blow job. After a few minutes, I stopped her. I knew if she kept going, I would cum before I was ready. I laid her down on the bed taksim escort and removed her panties. I went direct to fingering her and eating her out. She had an extremely sensitive clit. She jumped every time my tongue teased it. As I kept going, her moans got stronger and stronger. I could tell she was close to cumming. I didn’t want her to cum yet so I stopped and told her to ride me. She hopped on and rode my cock like a true pro. After a few minutes, I could tell she was close to coming again. I pushed her off of me and then had her get on all fours. I tried to take her from behind but after a few thrusts, I could tell that I was penetrating to deep for her. I don’t find fucking fun if I have to control how deep I go. So, I needed a new plan. I rolled her over and did her missionary. Just as I was starting I looked over and saw her hubby stroking his tiny cock in the corner of the room. I had totally forgot he was even there!I fucked her with deep strokes and after a few minutes I could tell she was gonna cum. We both were sweating all over each other. I gave her a big deep kiss and this threw her over the edge. She came with a deep groan. A few seconds later I came in my condom while my cock was deep inside of her. I rolled off of her and caught my breath. She was also out of breath. She rolled over and gave me another kiss and thanked me for making her cum. I got off and collected my clothes. Her cuck boyfriend was now fast asleep. I looked over and laughed. “Just like a normal night”, she said. “He drinks, then cums quick and falls asleep”. “Call me next time you are in Vegas”, I said. “I will sweetie”, she said. I left and headed back to my hotel for a much needed shower. Luckily, it was still early enough in the night for me to go back out to search for someone else to fuck.

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