Glenda’s first time out!!!


Glenda’s first time out!!!I guess it’s safe to say that I am a bit of a freak, or more specifically a pervert. My various fantasies were created over a span of five decades and over the years, no matter how hard I tried to hide this fact from my partners, eventually I was found out, oftentimes with devastating results.Until recently I had never found anyone with whom I felt comfortable enough to share my innermost secrets, however I was able to subtlety steer some of my previous lovers into some wilder unabashed moments and although these interludes were viewed enjoyable at that moment, they were either laughed off, or dismissed as too perverse to be repeated again. So here I was not only a pervert, but an unsatisfied one at that.As I said that was until recently, when I met my fiance who thankfully is probably as horny and seemingly as perverted as me. Bless her heart for she has released my devils and allowed them to play. Of the many kinks I enjoy, perhaps one of the most arousing is to watch my lover expose herself and masturbate, some of which has been captured in pictures and videos. My fiance Glenda is a beautiful lady of 38, possessing a body to die for. Even after repeated attempts to tell her how beautiful I think she is, her basic insecurities have made her uneasy with such praise. So in order to allow the formulation of your own opinions, I would like to briefly describe her to you. Glenda is about 5’4″, with brunet hair cascading half way down her back, framing deep brown eyes and a sexy mouth, all on a slim olive tanned frame. Her breasts, although not overly large (36B), are a very nice handful, with extremely large sensitive areolas that harden into large eraser like nipples. In addition, she has the most gorgeous pussy I have ever had the pleasure of both tasting and being in which is surrounded by a soft hairy bush covering a tiny little nubbin of a clit. In my opinion, she is a wet dream come true.Her beauty and sexiness has over our time together been a draw to men and women alike and which has both made me proud and excited at the same time. It is this allure that has prompted me to write this story. On the evening in question, we decided to go out for a bit of fun. Glenda had brushed her mane and applied the right amount of make up to further enhance her beauty. At my request, her outfit consisted of a pair of black crotch less pantyhose, a tight black leather miniskirt, a transparent white silk blouse without a bra and her black leather jacket. On her feet she wore high heeled stiletto shoes, since she knew she won’t be on them much. What a sight! We drove to a small dimly light night club on the other end of town and since Glenda is shy, she decided to leave her jacket zipped up about midway. Close examination would have only revealed a beautiful foxy well dressed woman entering the premises. We were shown to a raised table, which was slightly offset to the main room in one of the more secluded areas and candles provided the lighting, adding to the exotic atmosphere in the club. After the waitress had delivered our first round of drinks, I suggested to Glenda that she might be more comfortable unzipping her jacket a bit more, especially since the lighting was so low. Although hesitant she complied saying it was warm and was now sitting with her jacket three quarters open. At this point, only people in the immediate vicinity and only gaziantep escort after a close look would have been able to see that Glenda was braless underneath her see through blouse. Our waitress, who upon delivering a second round of drinks wanted to linger and struck up a conversation with us, all the while eye balling Glenda, who seemed totally unaware of the vision she was offering this woman, whom I estimated to be around thirty. As Glenda seeped her drink, she started to become more relaxed. Our waitress commented on how hot she looked. Glenda mentioned it was warm and proceeded to undo the zipper completely. A small low sigh escaped our waitress as she now had an unobstructed view of Glenda’s tits and in the fleeting moment that our eyes made contact I could see her desire and answered it with a smile and a nod, totally unbeknownst to Glenda. With my seeming acceptance our waitress concentrated all her attentions on Glenda, who was now feeling the effects of her drinks. Let me state, Glenda is an easy drunk and after a third drink was becoming more relaxed. After a little coaxing from the waitress, Glenda removed her jacket and spun sideways in her chair to talk with her. In her movements, Glenda’s leather miniskirt had crept up a bit and since our seating was slightly elevated, the waitress was now presented with a view that left her speechless. Unknowingly, Glenda was flashing this woman her pussy. She stood there transfixed feasting her eyes on the sight of Glenda’s hairy mound. As our waitress stared, I put my hand on one of Glenda’s legs and started rubbing her thigh, all the while pulling them open ever so slightly to her admiring viewer and raising the hem a little higher. Soon Glenda was sitting there almost totally exposed to this woman, who kept acting as if nothing were happening, thereby not alerting Glenda to the compromised position she was now in. During one of the waitress’s trips to service other clients, I mentioned to Glenda that it appeared the woman was attracted to her, to which she remarked that the woman was just being friendly. Soon enough our waitress was back and I guess with the seeds I had planted, Glenda asked the girl outright if she liked women, to which an affirmative was answered. Perhaps it was the booze and the atmosphere because the answer didn’t seem to upset Glenda much, in fact she even commented that she had fantasized about making love to another woman before, but had never acted on her desires. With that the waitress leaned over and told Glenda that if she ever wanted to act on her fantasy she would be happy to accommodate her and with that said, left to serve some clients.I noticed that Glenda’s nipples were hard and that she was squirming a bit in her chair. I asked Glenda what she was thinking, as I continued rubbing her thigh. She whispered the idea was exciting and it appealed to her, she was becoming aroused and that she was afraid to act on it. Needless to say, I was erect and decided to see if I could help make this a reality. Ever so slowly I slid my hand higher up her thigh until I could feel her dampened pussy hair. Although light headed, Glenda was now aware of my moving hand and spread her legs more to allow me access to her hot pussy, but only after looking around to see if anyone was paying any attention to us. Slowly I wormed a finger into her wet pussy and started a sawing motion which caused her to close her eyes and moan. While her eyes were closed, I quietly told her how sexy she looked and that it was no wonder the waitress was so attracted to her and her sexy body. I also mentioned Glenda’s most private fantasies, which caused her to moan and soon we were joined by our waitress friend, who had approached us unheard. She stood riveted to a spot in front of Glenda watching me fingering her wet pussy and ever so slowly began to touch herself, not even worried that someone else may be watching her.As if sensing her presence, Glenda’s eye opened and another moan escaped her lips as she noticed that our new friend was as turned on as she was. I slowly removed my finger from Glenda’s pussy and offered it to our waitress, who upon sniffing it, sunk it deeply into her mouth. This generated another moan from Glenda, who enjoys having her pussy licked and at the same time our friend asked me for a fresh finger full of Glenda’s warm snatch syrup. As I continued to finger Glenda with one hand in front of our new friend, my other hand slowly unbuttoned her blouse until her tits were fully exposed. Without a word, the waitress brought her head forward and started sucking one of Glenda’s nipples, while her hand tentatively reached out to touch Glenda’s now soaked pussy. Sensing that I was on the verge of realizing my own dirty fantasy, I moved my fingers aside to allow the waitress access to Glenda’s pussy.Almost immediately Glenda moaned, tensed and came on her hand. Our waitress brought her head forward again and French kissed Glenda deeply on the mouth. As I sat transfixed watching this awesome display, our waitress spoke to Glenda telling her how much she loved the taste of her pussy and how much more she would like to do to her, if Glenda was willing. At this time Glenda was totally exposed and without concern to the rest of the club patrons. To my surprise I watched as Glenda reached out and fondled the waitress’ tits and told her she was so turned on that she wanted to experience something wild. The waitress told Glenda to give her a minute, saying that she would be right back and almost wraith-like she reappeared and told us that since it was quiet, her boss said she could leave early. Standing slowly, Glenda grabbed her jacket, but instead of putting it on, d****d it over her shoulder and walked out of the club with her blouse open, much to the enjoyment of anyone watching the three of us leaving.If I thought the action in the club was hot, it went into overdrive as soon as we got into our minivan. Before the doors were even closed, both women were entwined in each others arms, kissing passionately and groping anything that they could get their hands on. After quick directions to her home, we were off and as I adjusted the rear-view mirror, I was treated to a sight that I will go to my grave with. Kneeling on the floor, our waitress Donna was face first into Glenda’s pussy and from the slurping sounds, I knew she was getting a mouthful of her pussy cream. Glenda was busy also and had pulled Donna’s sweater off and was playing with her erected nipples. Donna rose from the floor and in a crouched position lowered her pants and panties all in one movement. Donna was now totally naked in the back of the minivan and she proceeded to disrobe Glenda until she too was naked. All too soon we reached Donna’s house. She asked me to go open the locked door, which I did. I was surprised when my normally shy girlfriend exited the minivan along with Donna still nude and walked slowly hand in hand until they were inside and the door was closed. We were taken to Donna’s bedroom were the girls stripped my clothes off and we all feel on the big bed were they resumed their passions for each other. As they rubbed their bodies together, I saw Glenda stick her finger into Donna’s wet pussy and start to finger fuck her to a mind blowing orgasm. Slowly Glenda stuck the finger she had removed from Donna’s pussy into her mouth and licked it clean. After coming Donna spun around and dove on Glenda, quickly fastening her mouth on Glenda’s clit. As Glenda was being sucked, Donna lowered her pussy and although tentative at first, Glenda was soon sliding her tongue all over Donna’s pussy sucking on her for dear life. Both girls were hunching frantically into each others mouths and soon climaxed together. After they calmed down, they rolled apart and turned until they were facing each other and started passionately kissing their combined comes off the others face. All the action had me in a state of total rigidity and as I sat watching, slowly stroking my cock to the sight that was presented to me; both women started on yet another session. Glenda had told me in the aftermath of one of our sexual escapades that she would not want to watch me fucking another woman, but that she would be thrilled to see me getting sucked off. As if reading Glenda’s thoughts, Donna reached out and grabbed my stiff cock with one hand, slowly pumping it, while driving a finger from her other hand in and out of Glenda’s tight pussy. As Donna was pleasing us both, she asked if it would be okay to have a mouthful of cock to which Glenda agreed. Slowly Donna started to focus on me, pulling my cock and rubbing it all over her face. As Glenda watched intently, Donna opened her mouth and lowered it onto my very erect cock. A moan escaped her as she savored my pre cum, which seemed to spur her on to trying to deep throat my cock as deeply as she could. As Glenda watched, she encouraged Donna by talking naughty, telling her to suck me harder, all the while pistoning two fingers deeply into her hot wet pussy and as I tensed, Glenda reached out and pinched my nipples, something she knows drives me wild, which in turn sent me over the edge and Donna was forced to start swallowing or gag on my cum. It seems that Donna was intent to drain every last drop I had for her, as she continued to suck me well after the last spurt had shoot from my now sensitive cock.Donna immediately went to Glenda and before she could react, Donna lowered her lips to Glenda and gave her a taste of my cum which is something Glenda would not do under normal circumstances. It seems that Glenda had gotten so turned on watching me cum in Donna’s mouth that she couldn’t stop herself and was busy fingering herself, as they each savored my cum together. Glenda came at that moment and upon pulling her fingers from her pussy, presented them to Donna to lick clean.After a short breather, Glenda and I bid goodnight to Donna, but not before promising another go-around whenever each ones schedule could accommodate the other persons. If I know my sweet Glenda, she will see that their schedules are very accommodating, as she now has found out how much she likes the taste of pussy and the feel of another woman’s body on her own.More to come from Glenda’s wild adventures……..

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