Glory Hole Favors Ch. 03

Alex Tanner

This new stranger, that now stood so quietly behind me, had just locked my door. This ensured his complete uninterrupted privacy with me, as my cock and balls hung helplessly into the wall’s glory hole. Pressed tight against the wall and strapped in by my wide spread ankles, my wrists strapped above by head, a large very tight strap around my waist and a strap around my neck, I just stood there panicking. While waiting for the guy behind me to make his move, in the next booth someone began sucking my tender cock.

Even though I had just come twice, my sore cock was responding to his soft oral manipulations. I could feel my captive 10 inch cock start to fill with blood, even though the sides and especially the tip were very tender. I’m sure, that as tight as my cock and balls were pressed into the hole, that he must have thought I was begging for a blow job.

The guy behind stood completely motionless, not speaking a word, but I could feel his stare bore onto my exposed nude body and wide open just fucked ass. I finally felt both his hands touch my waist as they slid up my torso towards my underarms. At first it felt kind of good, but once he had reached my armpits, he grabbed the underarm hair of both armpits in each of his hands and pulled it hard in his fists. The immediate pain caused my hips to lurch forward into the hole, mistakeingly signaling my new cock sucker that I wanted him to swallow some more dick. He took this cue as I expected and started gobbling up a good 5 or 6 inches of my now completely swollen cock.

The guy behind me finally said, “So faggot, you like it rough huh?”

As he tugged roughly on my under arm hairs, the pain caused my hips to thrust all the way forward into the hole, jabbing another inch or two into the cock sucker’s mouth. I could hear him gag aloud from the oral assault I was making into his throat.

“I can tell by the bite marks on your neck and back that you really like it rough. Well if that’s your thing, it’s your lucky day, cause I like it rough too. I’m gonna give you just what you’re advertising for and more. I don’t know how you managed to strap yourself to that wall, but I’ll test those straps to the limit for you,” he hissed at me.

With my mouth gagged, and full of God knows whose underwear, I couldn’t even mumble a single word. My face had been turned to the right and was pressed so tight to the wall from the strap around my neck, that I couldn’t even see his face. I struggled to shake my head “no” from left to right, but the strap around my neck wouldn’t budge an inch. I was just praying now that this guy wasn’t some kind of a sadist pervert that really thought I liked pain.

Just then I felt a hard swat across my bare ass with the flat of his palm. It was loud and it stung like a hornet. I’m sure anybody outside the booth could hear the loud pop it made on my ass. The noise didn’t seem to bother him at all. As I flinched and squirmed from the first blow, he seemed happily encouraged, I guess he misinterpreted my struggling as pleasure.

“Oh yea, that’s my little faggot. You like that ass spanked hard huh?” he spoke sounding pleased.

With that comment, he started raining down swats on my tender bottom. He alternated on my cheeks, slowly taking his time in the semi dark room to ensure each blow landed squarely and made perfect contact. He would softly lay his hand on a cheek, kind of rub it around for a few seconds to position it or feel the texture of my skin with his palm, then draw his hand back quickly and swat me firmly.

He went from one cheek to the other, maybe giving a dozen blows to each. As my ass stung more and more after each swat, I’m sure it Eskort Bayan was glowing a bright red by now. Tears were forming in my eyes and I finally fell into a full uncontrolled sobbing cry behind the underwear in my mouth.

The only part of my body that could move even an inch away from his assault was my hips and ass, so I’m sure the cock sucker on the other side thought I was loving his blow job. When he would draw back to swat my ass, I would tighten my cheeks as hard as I could and jam my pelvis deeper into the hole, trying to escape or delay the inevitable pain to my ass cheeks. Even though my cock was rock hard, it was also getting kind of numb and I was getting the feeling that I wouldn’t be able to cum again no matter how good it got sucked on. The pain to my butt cheeks was incredibly distracting.

Pleased with his spanking performance, and my misinterpreted reactions, he finally relented and with both of his hands started pinching my cheeks as hard as he could. Over and over he took his index fingers and thumbs while squeezing as hard as he could, moving to new spots every couple of seconds. Now the tears really started to flow as he took hunks of my cheek’s flesh and twisted the meat brutally. The more I shook and convulsed, the more he presumed I liked it hard.

“Damn bitch, you really are a freak. I never met anybody that liked it as rough as you do. Don’t worry though, I got something special in mind for that ass,” he taunted me.

All I could think was, “Couldn’t he tell I don’t like this at all, how dumb was he?”

That noise that the doctor makes when he pulls on those latex gloves, that stretching, that popping and that snapping noise he makes while adjusting the fit, well that’s what I heard next. I had no idea why he thought he was going to need a pair of gloves for, as I was just glad the spanking and pinching had stopped.

“Yea, I got something real special for you faggot. Have you ever been fisted?” he whispered.

“Surely he couldn’t mean he was going to try to put his hand in my ass,” I thought.

Next what felt what was like ice cold lotion, probably because my ass was so red and hot from the spanking, was being poured into the crack of my ass. I then felt him start to smear it around the insides of my ass cheeks and right onto my tender puckered ass hole.

“You’re going to love this sissy boy. I’m going to abuse that ass the way you always prayed a man would abuse it. You’re tight little hole is going to be so full of my fist, that you’re going to cum as hard as you ever have cum in your life for me,” he tormented me.

I completely panicked now, squirming and thrusting the only part of my body that could move even an inch, as my hips ground my cock deeper into the glory hole. The cock sucker must have taken this as a signal that I needed more action than his mouth could provide me as he momentarily stopped sucking. After I felt him release his lips on my swollen cock it was just seconds later that he was trying to impale his very tight warm lubricated ass hole on it.

He was really struggling to take it. I felt him poke in a couple of inches and then immediately pull off, only to start over again as he tried to get acclimated to my thickness. Again and again, he would try to stuff it up his tight ass only to pull off and gather his courage for another attempt.

After several attempts, he finally got a good 5 inches up his ass and just kind of remained still, adjusting to my 10 inch hard cock halfway in him. I felt him start to move back and forth very slowly, each time gobbling up another half an inch or so. My cock was so numb that I really couldn’t feel much, but it did kind of take my mind off the guy behind me.

Just then I felt the guy behind me insert all four of his fingers and start his ascent up my asshole. At first he just massaged my opening softly almost being a little considerate of my pain, but within a minute I felt him withdraw and reinsert, this time with his thumb too. As he slowly twisted his thumb and fingers in deeper, my ass hole gradually opened up and accepted his invasion.

Believe it or not, it really felt pretty good, as I was totally surprised myself. When he got up to his knuckles I felt a lot of resistance and pressure, but he just kept twisting and grinding that hand, going deeper every second.

“Open up bitch, let me get in there and stuff that hole right. You know you want it,” he taunted me.

The guy in the other booth had made a lot of progress on my cock. By now he had stuffed a solid 8 inches up his smooth hot ass and was wriggling around trying to get the rest in. He seemed happy with what he had ingested in his ass so far and started a steady rhythmic pumping up and down on my desensitized but rock hard cock. I pressed my cock hard into the hole trying to escape the inevitable assault on my ass to no avail.

Behind me, the pressure on my ass hole was becoming incredibly strong. I wondered if this was physically possible or if it would ruin me for life. He just kept twisting his hand around, but it didn’t seem like it would go in.

“Relax faggot, once I get it past the knuckles my fist will taper down to my wrist and you will absolutely love it,” he almost ordered me.

With that, he slapped my ass really hard one time with his other hand and I jerked involuntarily onto his thick fist. As it popped into my ass, my sphincter muscle just clamped down and gobbled up his fist all the way to his wrist. Stars came to my closed eyes as I fought through the initial realization and pain that I had a strangers entire fist up my ass.

Thank God he didn’t move for a few seconds while I tried to adjust and relax on his fist. When he finally started some movement again, it was like a very slow twisting of his entire fist. He would turn it clockwise about an inch or so and then go counterclockwise back to it’s original position. Very slowly and very gently, he just wrenched his fist around the inside walls of my guts. I could feel his large protruding knuckles scrape over the sensitive walls inside my rectum. Every couple of revolutions he would increase the amount his fist turned, allowing me to adjust on his manipulations.

The guy on the other side of the wall had just now finally managed to take my entire cock up his ass. He just pressed his ass hard against the wall and ground his cheeks onto the smooth plywood hole, sometimes kind of smashing my balls in the process. Once he tired of the grinding, he started some long deep thrusts up and down my cock.

He was getting the fucking he wanted and I had no say so about it. Every couple of pumps on my cock, he would use his deepest downstroke, and he would squash my balls sending a jolt of pain through my body. Even with the pain in my balls, I knew I was getting ready to cum again.

The guy behind me was adding some depth now to his grinding fist. On every twist of his fist he seemed like he was trying to push it in a little deeper. Since his fist was in palm side up, I felt those hard knuckles rubbing over my prostate and I was getting that itchy feeling in my balls.

“You’re doing real good faggot. It’s a solid inch past my wrist now and your ass is begging for more huh?” he teased me.

Now he stopped the twisting and just started thrusting back and forth an inch or so. He drew his fist back far enough so that it was almost at the point of his knuckles being expelled. He was making me suffer on the thickest part of his fist on purpose. He was using the knuckled part of his hand to stretch my sphincter muscle as wide as he could. No was longer concentrating on the twisting or depth, he just focused on opening my ring as wide as he could. He fucked my ass slowly and methodically, while it seemed almost like he was trying to see how big he could make my hole open.

That’s when I really started to like it. My ass was now relaxed and every time those knuckles stretched my ring open I grunted silently into my underwear stuffed mouth. Short little two to three inch jabs, demonstrating the girth of his fist inside my ring was what I liked. I loved the feeling of being stretched open and accepting his assault. I felt myself trying to push my ass back farther and hoping he would go faster.

“That’s my boy. I got you now. I’m going to make you cum like the little bitch you are,” he growled dominantly at me. “Cum on that fist for your Daddy.”

I heard the guy riding my cock start to moan as he went faster and deeper on my swollen tool. I knew he was cumming on my cock by his jerky movements and his groaning. All the sudden I started to spasm in my ass. Contractions deep inside my bowels were so intense that I couldn’t hold back any longer. As he rammed the widest part of his fist as fast as he could in short steady strokes, I started cumming in my ass and out of my cock at the same time.

My cock blew so hard, and my ass contracted so strong, that I blew at least ten squirts of juice up that ass. After he had cum, he rode my cock slowly til he politely assumed I was finished and then just stood still on it for a moment. As my cock started to soften, I felt him pull off of it and it felt good to be released from that tight ass.

I was now so tender, I didn’t want anyone to touch my aching cock right now. I felt the guy on the other side of the booth take a soft towel or a handkerchief and both lovingly and appreciatively clean my spent tender cock. I’m glad he was finally finished cause my balls were so sore from his banging them into the wall.

The guy behind me had tired from his vigorous fist fucking and now pulled his fist out roughly with a loud plop. Probably twenty minutes had gone by and I think he was exhausted from the hard work. He had made me cum like he said he would and was very proud of himself.

“Told you I knew what that hungry faggot ass needed. You never been fucked like that before have you?” He boasted.

My ass hole felt so wide open, like the muscles in my sphincter weren’t closing up yet. I swear, I could almost feel cool air up inside me. Fearing he was leaving without letting me down, I started squirming against the restraints hoping to signal my desire to be released. He totally misread my attempts at pleading for release from these straps.

“No sissy boy, no more today. I’m going to leave a couple of extra gloves on the seat here with my lotion. Maybe somebody else can take over. I’m tired and I really need to get home. Have fun faggot,” he said.

As I squirmed against the wall fearing he would leave without releasing me he stopped and wrote something else on my back with an ink pen. Under my other message he wrote, “I love to be fist fucked.”

About the same time my fist fucker left, I heard the guy in the other booth unlatch his door and leave. It wasn’t thirty seconds before my door latched shut again and I felt another new stranger standing behind me. As I stood motionless against the wall, every muscle in my body aching especially my ass and cock, I heard the adjoining booth door open and lock close again.

To be continued…

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