Gloryhole First Timer Pt. 01


I want to start by saying that all of my stories are purely fictional and in no way should be taken for more than erotic fantasy. Having said that I will say that the characters I write about are real people in my life that I use for inspiration only. Their names and personal details have been altered to protect their true identities.

If you like my stories please feel free to leave comments. If you like certain aspects tell me and maybe I can utilize those thoughts in future writings. If you don’t like what I write well just close it and don’t continue to read. I don’t mean to offend anyone I just like to share my kinky thoughts.

This story is about divorced man discovering a love for cock and cum, if that bothers you please stop reading now and jump to your next story of interest. There are so many to choose from on here that surely you can find something that turns you on.


My name is Matt. I am a 50 year old divorced man who recently discovered adult book stores. More importantly I discovered porn movie booths and gloryholes. This story is about my first visit and how I became a cock loving cum craving slut.

I am employed in a job that allows me to enjoy ample time off and still make a decent living for myself. Recently I decided to take a drive around parts of Texas that I haven’t seen yet. It was on this trip that I discovered an out of the way adult porn arcade.

Let me back up a bit before we get into the exploits of that visit.

I have been divorced for quite some time. All my children are grown and out on their own building their lives. I will say there have been several women since my divorce but I was always too busy working and raising my kids to build anything that lasted.

It is because of that and a strong libido along with a blazing fast internet connection that I spent many hours watching porn. I would watch porn and jack my hard cock off several times a day. Sometimes I would jack off two or three times back to back.

I watched so much porn that I started to search and search for more hardcore and different types of porn than the standard man and woman and occasional threesome videos. At some point I found myself becoming more and more interested in the hard cocks in the videos. I especially love the big ones that shoot huge loads of hot nasty cum.

In the videos there was no shortage of hard cocks wanting to be sucked off by the hot sluts in them. Of course in my searching there were also videos on men sucking other men’s cocks as well! At first I breezed on past those videos thinking there is no way there were that many men that wanted other men to suck their cocks. But then I saw videos of gloryholes. Anonymous cock sucking. I was hooked and watched video after video of men getting their big hard cocks sucked through the holes in the wall. They were getting sucked off by hot sexy women and men too.

It took hardly any time at all watching gloryhole cock sucking videos until I was completely infatuated by the idea. I found myself fantasizing about getting sucked off by a complete stranger through a hole in the wall while watching porn. What really got to me, was when I realized I was also fantasizing about being the one on their knees doing the cock sucking.

One day I was home from work watching gloryhole porn and stroking my hard cock. Precum was leaking all over my hand. Instead of using the hand towel I had handy as normal to wipe my hand something overcame me and suddenly I was licking my hand clean. The taste of the mildly salty elixir was captivating. I stroked and stroked squeezing out as much of the precious nectar as I could. I sucked my fingers clean and licked every single drop from my hand.

It didn’t take long before I was ready to explode my hot sticky goo. I decided then and there that today was the day I eat cum for the first time. After all I had already sucked down a rather large amount of precum. Could actual cum be any worse?

As I felt my nuts start to tighten I knew my orgasm was imminent. I stroked a little faster and cupped my free hand in front of my aching throbbing dick. I must have came more than ever before. My palm filled up to overflowing. I quickly lifted my hand to my waiting mouth before I lost anymore than I already had. I quickly licked every last trace of that hot slightly bitter cock juice from my sticky palm. I fell back in my desk chair with the after taste of cum still in my mouth.

I knew there would be many more loads of hot juicy cum in my future. I also knew that even though I didn’t know when or how, I would be sucking cock for another man’s cum to swallow too. After that day I started eating my own cum almost every time I jacked off. I was becoming a jism junkie and I liked it.

So that is how I came to love hot nasty man cum and ultimately what lead me to be a bisexual gloryhole cock whore.

Now back to where this story began. I was enjoying a drive around Texas on some pleasurable time off work. I had stopped in a mid sized Bostancı Escort town in north Texas to spend the night at a small hotel. It was early afternoon still but I was tired of driving and decided to stop for the day. I was on my way to an early dinner when I passed an adult bookstore. I had watched so many videos about such a place it was unreal. It was also long past time I figured to stop and check one out in real life. I made a mental note of where the place was and decided to come back after dark.

Dinner was excellent. I really love small town restaurant food. After dinner I took the long way back to my hotel to check out the local scenery and allow my dinner time to settle.

When I arrived back at the hotel it was getting close to 7:00 PM. I decided to grab a shower and get ready to go back to the bookstore to check out the action. I chose loose fitting shorts with a light t-shirt and no underwear along with sneakers for the outing.

I drove into the parking lot of the video store and looked around at the six or seven vehicles that where there. I recall that they were all nice clean fairly new cars and trucks I took that as a good sign of the type of people that were already inside. I parked and stashed my wallet under the seat, after taking out a ten dollar bill. I had looked up the place on Google and knew I would need eight bucks to get into the video area.

As I entered the store I took a quick glance around. There were movies to purchase along one wall. The opposite wall had an assortment of sex toys displayed. In the middle between the two were racks of sexy lingerie and what I recalled as stripper dance wear. In the very back was a doorway under a neon sign that read video previewing booths. To my right was a counter behind which sat an attractive young woman. I guessed her to be mid to late twenties.

The cashier lady appeared short maybe 5’4″ but that was just a guess as she was behind a counter and I really couldn’t see all of her. Her name tag said Cheri. Cheri had shoulder length dirty blonde hair and amazing blue eyes. Her tits were not large but not small either. I thought maybe 34C. I knew they were firm as she was not wearing a bra and they were quite perky. This was evident by her erect nipples poking through the thin white t-shirt she was wearing.

I approached the counter to pay my way into the video viewing area. I couldn’t believe how remarkably calm I was considering this was my first time ever in a place like this. I told Cheri I wanted to view some videos, to which she replied, “The entry fee is eight dollars.” I handed her the ten spot and told her to keep the change. That seemed to surprise her. I guess this mostly likely wasn’t a place for tipping.

Cheri slipped the extra two dollars in her pocket and smiled with a thank you. As I turned to head to the back she called out, “It is a little early yet.” She told me in about an hour the place would be a lot busier. I smiled at Cheri as I checked my watch. It was a little before 9:00 PM. “Have fun,” giggled Cheri as I walked through the door into the dark video area.

As the door closed behind me shutting out the light from the store area it became very dark. I stood there for a minute or two allowing my eyes to adjust to the darkness. Once I could see my way around again I found myself in a hallway entry.

To my left was a dimly lit wall that led all the way back to a doorway that had a restroom sign above the door. To my right was two take off hallways. Along each of the outer walls were doorways into the private booths. Along the middle there were double booths with the doorways facing the outer wall booth doors. At the other end was simply a u-turn to come back up the adjacent hallway.

I decided to walk around for a few minutes and get the lay of the land so to speak. Even now with the sounds of fucking and sucking coming from all the booths I was amazed at how relaxed I was. I noticed some of the doors were closed. I knew those booths had men in them, most assuredly already stroking their nice hard cocks. My mouth watered involuntarily.

As I walked I glanced inside some of the booths. As I was hoping, there were gloryholes in some but not all of the booths. The videos varied from straight regular porn to interracial to group sex and out and out gang bang porn.

I noticed one of the booths in the middle was playing videos of nothing but cock sucking. I stepped inside and pulled the door closed behind me. I turned the lock in the knob and turned to look around the booth. It was small maybe three feet deep and three feet wide. The video screen was on the wall that the door was on. There was a simple wooden bench to sit on. The bench was not attached to the floor so it could be moved around if desired. What really got my attention was three gloryholes. Each end and the back wall all had a hole about ten inches in diameter about three and a half feet from the floor.

I sat down on the bench and started watching the video. Ümraniye Escort A cute red headed slut was busy face fucking herself on a very large black cock. The owner of that nice fat cock was not showing the whore any mercy. He had her hair in both hands and was doing his best to shove the entirety of his big meat stick down her little throat.

The combination of the atmosphere, the video, and the stench of sex in the air was rapidly making my own seven inch dick as hard as granite. The loose shorts I had worn were doing nothing to hold my erection down. I realized I was more horny than I could recall being in a very long time.

I unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts to free my already aching cock. Then thinking fuck it I am over four hundred miles from home, live it up. The odds of being discovered by anyone I knew was infinitesimal. I stood up and stripped completely naked. I folded my shorts and t-shirt and placed them under the bench beneath me. I figured they would be safe and un-noticeable there. I opted to leave my shoes on as the floor was a bit sticky in spots. No doubt from loads of wasted cum.

I sat back down on the bench just as the black man shot what looked like a quart of hot cum all over the tiny red head’s face. Both of my hands went down. One hand went to my raging hard dick and the other hand to my very full balls. I started stroking my shaft and caressing my nut sack waiting for the next scene to start.

The movie was just plain cock sucking no plot and no build up. Each scene went directly to the sex. Up next a gorgeous hispanic woman came on with her mouth already full of a fat white cock. Beside her face was a hispanic man stroking his rigid cock shaft waiting his turn! I love it when a slut sucks two at once. My seven inch hard on was already drooling copious amounts of precum.

I scooped up a long stream of cock drool and was about to lick it off my hand when I saw the video light through the gloryhole to the booth on my right go dim. I looked down and there was a face looking at me. A hispanic man by appearance was watching me. He had seen me scoop up that long strand of precum. I looked him directly in the eyes and brought my hand to my mouth.

I made a very slutty effort to give him a show of me licking my precum. His face left the hole and in mere seconds his cock came through it. His dick was about the same size as mine. Seven inches, somewhat thick, but unlike me he was not circumcised. I could tell he was smooth shaved. I liked that. He stroked his shaft pulling his foreskin back giving me a view of the big round head on the end of his hard cock shaft.

I took his shaft in my hand and started stroking it. It was hard and soft at the same time. I am not sure why I was surprised but it felt much the same as my own dick. This total stranger was offering me his dick, was it truly this easy? Just like in the videos?

I decided now or never. I had promised myself one day I would suck a cock and swallow another man’s cum. Today was that day. So completely naked, I slid off the bench onto my knees in front of another man’s dick. With no hesitation I opened my mouth and took him in.

As his cock slid into my hot wet mouth I heard him moan on the other side of the wall. I tried to swallow his entire cock but I gagged. I pulled back and the gagging caused a lot of drool to coat his shaft. I went down again but again I gagged. By now his meat was super wet from the drool and spit. I licked up and down his shaft, something I love having done to me. After catching my breath I went down again. This time with the wetness of his dick and my determination I took all of his hard cock in my mouth and throat. He groaned loud enough I was sure almost everyone in the place must have heard him.

Now that I was comfortable with his dick in my mouth I started sucking him like a pro. I was fighting back the gagging but I was determined to give him one of the best blowjobs of his life. There were tears running don my face from the throating I was forcing on myself. He was trying to fuck my face through the hole in the wall. It was not quiet and to anyone hearing us there could be no doubt some one was about to cum really hard.

I was enjoying this hard dick in my mouth even more than I had thought I would in my fantasies. The gagging had stopped as my throat grew accustomed to being invaded. I was in heaven and loving every second of sucking that fat hard cock.

I heard a light knocking on the wall. I knew from watching videos that meant he was warning me he was about to cum. I wasn’t ready for him to cum yet. I wanted his cum in my mouth more than anything at that moment, but I was enjoying sucking him so much that I wasn’t ready for it to end. I took him as deep as his dick would go into my throat and felt his shaft start to swell. He pulsed and pulsed as he shot six or seven big shots into my swallowing throat. I pulled up to let the last few shots hit my tongue I wanted to taste his jizz. It was amazing. Anadolu Yakası Escort He tasted even better than me.

I sucked and licked him clean until his cock head became so sensitive that he couldn’t take it anymore. He forcibly took his beautiful dick away from me. I heard a soft “Thank you”, as he zipped up and quickly left the booth.

I sat back up on the bench savoring the taste of his hot cum still on my tongue. I was elated. I had lived my fantasy and even better I had loved it. My cock was raging hard and a stream of precum was hanging all the way to the floor. I looked at the screen as a hot blonde was hanging her head off the bed upside down getting a thorough throat fucking from a big hard white cock.

I decided to get myself off real quick and leave for my hotel. I had sucked a cock and swallowed another man’s cum. It was amazing just as I had hoped it would be. I guess I too, was now a cock sucker just like those sluts in the videos.

Just as I started to stroke my hard cock in earnest I saw a motion at the hole in the back wall. A cock was coming through the hole. This guy was a white guy and his cock was already fully hard. It had to be almost eight inches long. Not extremely thick but not thin by any means. Well fuck, what was I to do? I couldn’t leave this man in such need, especially now with my newly acquired craving for cock and cum.

I leaned in and took him in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head and sucked him deep into my throat. I gagged again but I was now accustomed to it so I didn’t stop. I forced his shaft right down my gulping throat. He gasped and forced himself into the wall pushing his dick as deep in my mouth as possible.

As I pulled up sucking hard on his cock I wiggled my tongue along the underside of his shaft. His cock spasmed as my tongued caressed his hard shaft. I knew he would not last long before filling my starving mouth with hot juicy cock cum. I moved my mouth back down his shaft swirling my tongue along the underside as I sank lower on to his twitching cock.

I started bobbing up and down a little faster keeping my tongue moving around his hardness the entire time. I could taste his precum spilling onto my cum-hungry tongue and I happily swallowed it down. He was apparently long past ready to shoot his wad as in no time at all I felt his firm shaft begin to swell even more in my mouth.

Just as I was certain he was about to reward my cock sucking efforts with his hot man seed I heard the door to my booth jiggle behind me and come open. I must have not locked it securely in my haste to satisfy my eagerness to suck my first cock.

I pulled away from the hard cock in my mouth just before he started to erupt down my throat. I turned to see who had opened my door and try to close it back. My hand however, never stopped stroking the nice hard cock I had just been slobbering all over.

As I turned to the open door I saw a tall black man stepping into the booth with me. Before I could say anything even though I am not sure what I would say he said, “Get back to sucking that cock cocksucker, don’t mind me,” He then pulled the door closed behind him making it apparent he intended to stay in the booth and watch me finish off the cock I was still holding onto through the back wall.

As I was on my knees already, hard cock in hand and he was between me and the booth door there wasn’t much else for me to do. So I did as he instructed and went back to sucking the cock that had moments before been about to erupt in my mouth. The guy on the other side of the wall had obviously heard the exchange between the black man and me. He had started to soften just a bit unsure of what was going on. My hand stroking his cock was most likely the only reason he had not receded through the wall.

He hardened rapidly though as my hot wet mouth returned to his slick shaft. Wanting to show him I still really wanted his man goo I deep throated him several times in succession. The throating had the desired effect. The cock became hard as steel again and the cock owner was trying desperately to get himself as deep into my throat as humanly possible.

From the edge of my vision I saw the big black man drop his pants and step up right beside my face. He was already stroking his cock. It was without a doubt where the term BBC came from. His big black cock had to be at least nine inches and he was not even fully hard yet.

The black guy grabbed a hand full of my hair and rammed my face up and down the white guy’s cock that was invading my mouth and throat. The black guy was uttering terms like, “Cock whore, sissy slut, cum bucket,” to me as he watched me and forced me to give the white cock the best cock sucking he had probably ever had. I don’t know why but those terms were making me crazy with need to suck that cock. I wanted his cum so badly I was gagging myself on every down suck trying to force him to feed me his love juice.

I could see the black guy’s cock now fully erect. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen in real life. Of course I have seen bigger in porn but I didn’t count those. He had to be ten, maybe ten and a half inches long and as thick as my wrist. He was circumcised and the big bulbous head was like a crown sitting on top of that massive black log.

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