Goa Memory


We departed the bus in Hyderabad. We mean my friends and me. We all started our boozing pre-journey only. On the bus, we were completely out of our minds. Our motors were not in our control.

It was a 2+1 full-sleeper bus. All 6 seats were booked on one side, and only one ticket was in the front. I took that seat and slept. I used my mobile phone for an hour, and the charge drained. I do not know where the hell my bag is. It was with my friends, and they were on high snore.

So I thought to ask my neighbor fellows. I saw beside me, and it was a couple of seats. I held the curtain and slowly slid it aside. I slid to an ant size space and was shocked to see what was going on there.

A beautiful woman was on top of a man. They both were kissing very passionately. The woman, on top, put her saliva in the man’s mouth. And he happily took it all in. He put his left hand in the woman’s pants and squeezed her ass cheeks.

The girl had medium-length hair and looked very dominating. She looked very beautiful in a black t-shirt and blue jeans. The man went near her shoulder, and with his left hand, he pulled her red bra strip out and let it loose. It sounded like ‘thip,’ and the woman slowly moaned.

Then he put her hair in his mouth and sucked her hair. Her mangalsutra fell in his mouth as she rose on her hands. He sucked the mangalsutra clean and spat it aside. It went aside and hit his cheeks once at high speed. I can only see her beautiful cleavage only a bit from an ant size hole at the edge.

But it looked beautiful. The bus stopped suddenly, and his phone got rang. It was written ‘Ex’ on his mobile. I saw it from that small space where I see them now. He took the phone and went out. His wife was not at all happy with this.

As soon as he went out, I saw the woman in a black t-shirt having the perfect amount of cup size of a middle-aged MILF. She looked beautiful with big pink lips and less fat under her breast and around her waist. As soon as the man left, I turned toward her and asked.

Me: Excuse me, can I borrow your phone charger for some time?

She: Just hold on a minute. (she searched in her bag and gave) here it is.

Me: Thank you.

She: You are welcome.

After five minutes, I saw her, and she felt alone. So I started the conversation.

Me: Hi, my name is Sunny.

She: Hello, myself, Smriti.

Me: Nice to meet you.

Smriti: Same here. Where are you from?

Me: The place where you can find the best biryani. (I chuckled). Sorry, I am from Hyderabad. And you?

Smriti: (she chuckled) I am from where you can find most pollution.

Me: Delhi?

Smriti: Yes.

Me: Does the pollution in Delhi not affect the woman in Delhi?

Smriti: It does. Why so?

Me: You look gorgeous. So that is the reason I was asking.

Smriti: (she smiled a lot) Oh, thank you.

And here, our conversation stopped as her husband came in between. She looked tensed and not happy at all. They must be having some fight between them. I slept thinking of her.

When I woke up in the morning, they took the charger and went without me knowing. It had been three days since I did not see her. For a moment, I forgot her completely. But now, at Baga beach, I saw her doing water sports.

She wore a short black skirt and a pink bra over the top of them. A semi-transparent pure white t-shirt covered her upper body and thighs. Everyone on the beach saw her lustfully. I looked for her husband, and he was nowhere. I went near her and spoke

Me: Hey, Smriti. (she turned towards me). Are you alone here?

Smriti: Oh my god. You scared me. Hello. Yeah, at present, I am alone. My husband went just now somewhere. He had some other work, it seems.

Me: In that case, can I join you?

Smriti: By any chance, are you following me?

Me: What? I live at (told my address and room number). If by any chance you come there, don’t blame me for following you again. Goodbye.

And I went from there. After 3 hours, I went out and did some shopping. şahinbey escort I thought of taking a bag for my family. To my left, I saw some shopkeepers abusing someone vulgarly. I looked at them and was surprised to see it was non-other than Smriti. I went near them and asked.

Me (to shopkeeper): Bhai! Kya hua?

Shopkeeper (to Smriti): Is he your husband?

Before I could understand, he slapped me hard on my left cheek. I turned again and, ‘chap,’ one more slap on my cheek.

Smriti (to shopkeeper): Nahi bhai, he is not my husband.

The shopkeeper saw me and was not feeling any guilt. That is it. At that time, my ego got hurt, and I kicked him in the chest with my right foot. He fell apart, hitting the clothes beside him. At that moment whole, Baga shopkeepers united and came towards us.

Smriti (she held my hand): Let’s go!

We came far from them and stopped. I took a cigarette from my pocket and lit it. I was smoking angrily, and one could sense it from my breath. I spat the cigarette out and took one more.

Smriti (touched my cheek): I am sorry. This happened because of me.

I was angry and pushed her away by the shoulders. And I came to my room. I was very angry because no one had touched me since my childhood. I drank a half bottle of whisky on the rocks thinking of it. My friends went after they saw no progress that I was not getting out of the room.

I completed the whole bottle and smoking cigarettes. At night 9’o clock, I heard a doorbell ring. I went and opened the door and saw a woman whom I saw three days back on the bus and who was the reason for my slaps today. Smriti.

I went in and opened another bottle, and started mixing one more peg.

Smriti: how many bottles will you drink?

Me: How do you know?

Smriti: I met your friends downstairs. They told me.

Me: why do you care?

Smriti: I do not know. I want to see you.

Me: You saw me, right? Now get out of my room.

She sat diagonal to me while I was drinking one more bottle. I looked at her. She wore a yellow sheath dress with her edge falling at her ankle in the back. Her thick hair held loose to her back and some to her right over her boobs. She looked beautiful. She had her make-up on and looked like an angel.

Smriti: Why are you looking at me like a monster?

Me: Then get lost from this monster.

Smriti: I can’t. I want to thank you for saving me today. And I need your apology.

Me: Apology accepted! Get out now.

Smriti: Seriously!

Me: Yeah.

Smriti (while coming near me): I have wanted to try whisky for a long time.

She came beside me and started pouring the whisky into the glass. While pouring the whisky, she bent down to my left and started mixing water in the glass. She was ten inches closer to me, and I was damm horny looking at her. She spoke first

Smriti: If you were my husband, what would you do to me?

Me: (went a little closer to her lips) I am not a person who tells. I will do it instead.

Smriti: Then I am ready. Do whatever you want.

Without a single thought, I grabbed her by the hair, yanked her head back, and took her in my lap. I was looking at her like a lustful monkey. She looked at me like a woman in love. I want her. I bloody want her.

Smriti: The shopkeeper slapped you for thinking of my husband. But you can slap me as much as you want. You took the slaps instead of my drunken husband, bastard. I want to repay my debt.

Me: I won’t fuck anyone this way. If you come for any other reason, you will be pleading with me to leave you as I will fuck you in all holes. Now, please do not waste my time and go.

I pulled her aside. She went forward and stopped. She turned back and wept.

Smriti: I am 33 years old. I saw many people like you. You are very different from others. I like you. I do not see any reason now. But I want you for no reason.

She went near the door and tried to unbolt it. I changed my mind şahinbey escort bayan in one second and

Me: Stop!

I stood up and went near her. I went slowly near her. She stood in front of me. I put my hand on her cheeks and wiped her tears. I hold her with both my hands. I slowly took both my hands in her hair on the neck. I pulled her towards me.

Me: Just be here and look what I am going to do to you.

Smriti: Do whatever you want. But do not forget to slap me.

With that, I pulled her onto me and kissed her on her beautiful lips. I felt like I am in heaven. Her lipstick got stuck to my mustache. Who cares? Her entire lipstick came into my mouth. I sent the lipstick-mixed saliva back into her mouth. She happily took it in.

I loved her head in my hands. Drunk and having sex make people hornier. I was damm horny, and my manhood rose to its fullest. My dick from my pants throbbed her dress from out. I turned her and hugged her from the back. I kept one hand on her boob and placed the other hand on her forehead.

I pulled the bitch and squeezed her right boob very hard with my left hand. I draped her hair with my right hand and pushed her head toward my lips. I kissed her on the neck and sucked her ears. Then I kissed her upper head on her hair, then kissed her on the forehead, then bit her nose and lastly, stopped at her lips.

I stood like that. She still stood in the same position with her back towards me. She bent a little forward as she faced me. I took her upper lip and yanked it aside. She moaned, “Aah.”

Me: let me enjoy every inch of your body. Today you are mine. Completely mine. (‘thu,’ I spat in her mouth).

Then I took her lower lip and kissed it with both my lips. Then I kept my tongue in her mouth. She happily kissed and sucked my tongue with both her lips. She kept her hands on my thighs as she could not stay in that position long. I mercilessly squeezed her right boob over her dress.

I pinched her right cheek with my right hand. I decreased the AC to its lowest and threw the remote away. I took her in front of AC and turned her towards me, keeping my right hand in her hair on her neck. I pulled her onto me, keeping my left hand on her back.

She was completely in my grip. The ac air directly fell on her head, making her hair move. She looked gorgeous. I kissed her hard and told

Me: Delhi is famous for Smriti. It is famous for you.

Smriti: Oh? Then will you meet me if you come?

Me: No man would miss the chance. You bloody middle-aged MILF!

Smriti: What is your age, Mr.?

Me: 22, bitch.

Smriti: 22 years old guy fucking a married 33 years old woman. What a wonder!

Me: The wonder is not started yet. Get ready to scream!

I pushed her and tore her clothes apart. The sheath dress is just a piece of clothing. It got torn with a half force only.

Me: You need to go naked from here while going.

Smriti: I am ready for it. Please slap me.

‘chap,’ first hard hit on her right cheek with my right hand. She smiled, ‘chap,’ one more slap on the left cheek with the same hand. She did not restrain herself, instead came forward smiling. ‘chap, chap, chap,’ continuous slaps. Her cheeks turned red. She was smiling with tears in her eyes.

Me: You are a non-give-up bitch! I like you.

She bent down and held my hands. Then she put both my hands on her shoulders. She looked at my shorts and then at me.

Smriti: You do not need to masturbate today.

Then she unbuttoned my shorts. It automatically fell due to gravity. But gravity does not work for my dick. It came up with the jet force and hit Smriti’s nose. I put my hands in her hair and draped it till the end. I pressed her head down, holding her hair in my hands.

With one jerk, I rammed my cock deep into her throat, pinning her head hard toward my dick. I felt her uvula touching my dick through her tonsils, stretching out and meeting the head of my dick into her oropharynx. escort bayan şahinbey That is a pornstar thing, and I loved it.

I fucked her throat for five minutes nonstop, holding her hair and pinning her toward me. She held my thighs and gagged hardly. I did not stop. I kept fucking the bitch’s throat. Women are good at sucking cock’s.

Me: (while ramming her throat hard) You came to Goa to get fucked by me, you bloody wench bitch!

Her entire face turned red, tears flowed down her cheeks, and her eyes watered. I stopped and left her. She immediately took 5 long gasps and inhaled hardly.

Me: Get up and undress me.

She rose and started unbuttoning my shirt. The woman stared directly into my eyes and unbuttoned my shirt. Now we both are naked. Moreover, she is not having her mangalsutra. That means I have complete rights to her.

Me: (‘chap,’ slapping her hard) Are you hungry, bitch?

Smriti: Yes, I am. And I want your cum.

Me: Suck my armpits first.

Then I pinned her head toward my left armpit and moved her head, holding her hair. After sucking and cleaning my armpit, I made her lick my other armpit also. ‘chap,’ slapped her again. I took the bitch to the bedroom and threw her on the bed. I jumped on her and kissed her lips, squeezing her fluffy soft boobs.

Then in the missionary position, I slowly inserted my dick into her wet pussy. It easily went inside. Then with a high force, I tore her pussy apart, for which she moaned.

Me: (fucking her mercilessly in missionary position) Die giving me pleasure, you bloody bimbo-looking MILF bitch.

Smriti: (I kept my hands back on her head and pulled her towards my lips) Yes, I will. I want to die while you fuck me. Please fuck me like this.

Smriti: your dick is so good. Harder. Kill me, you bloody piece of shit.

Me:(‘thu,’ I spat in her mouth) I will.

‘Chap,’ I slapped her on the left cheek while fucking the bitch in missionary.

Me: (while ramming her pussy in missionary) Your mom is a bitch. That is why you are also a bitch.

Smriti: (while digging holes in my back) My mom surely wants to be a bitch if she meets you. Even my grandmother and all my family will become bitches for you.

Me: (‘chap,’ slapped her on the tit) I will slap your mom, your sister, your grandmother (she moaned), and they will moan like you.

Smriti: (she started crying), Please finish it. I can not bear it any longer. Please, Sunny.

Me: (hugging her tight) Oh my god, your boobs are so good. Bear the pain, bitch.

I bit her on the neck very hard while I squeezed her ass cheeks hard over which her soft boobs touched my hard chest.

Me: (kissing her on the nose) Your pain is my pleasure, bitch.

Smriti: (weeping heavily) Please. I love your cock, but I can’t hold it. Please.

I licked her tears and spat back in her mouth. I kept on increasing my pace and tearing her pussy apart. Her pussy walls are throwing my dick out. With all force, I kicked the walls of pussy and rammed them with a hard black cock.

Me: (spitting on her forehead) I love you bitch. I love your body.

With that, I came into her pussy. I was gasping, and she took a deep breath after a loud moan. I took the dick out, and she cleaned it like a slut. I gave her one of my pants and a shirt. I grabbed her by the neck and threw her out of my room. And I went to my room, took a bath and slept.

After two days, I saw her at the airport when I returned to Hyderabad. She saw me and came near me.

Smriti: I am going to Delhi.

Me: Me too, heading Hyderabad.

Then we both saw each other. I saw her husband was busy on the phone. Then we both went to the smoking room, and I lit the cigarette. It was night, and only we both were in the smoking room. My flight announcement has come in time.

I saw her and threw the cigarette away. I kissed her hard. ‘chap,’ one last slap. And then I left her, saying.

Me: I will come and meet you in Delhi.

Smriti: I will be waiting for you.

I turned and went near her. I kissed her hard one last time and left.

The end.

I neither know her number nor her address. I know nothing about her. I think this is what it means, no strings attached. I later realized that she had come to my room in Goa, as I told her my address in the second meeting. I will write the second part if I meet her again.

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