Going Up…


This story could be the first of a few episodes, it depends on the reactions I receive for this story. I could tell how we met and got together and so on. Enjoy! This story is my imagination, any semblance to any person is purely a coincidence. I would like to thank Dawn Johnson for taking the time and effort to edit this story.

Going up…

I had been dating Roxann for a couple of weeks now and we were past the ‘awkward’ phase of getting to know each other and not believing that our feelings were mutual. We had now progressed to the 24/7/365 turned-on phase, wanting to make love every time we saw each other, and ending up in bed with each other almost every time. You know what I mean, that great time before the novelty of her naked body wears off.

Anyway, I had arranged a surprise for her: a romantic weekend at a hotel in the capital. I spilt the beans the day before we were leaving, to give her time to pack some … ‘appropriate’ items, shall we say.

So on the day of our weekend together, I drove over to her apartment building to pick her up. I parked the car and walked over to her front door, rang the bell and waited for her to open up. After a few moments I heard heels clicking over the wooden floor in her apartment towards the front door. To be honest, I was hoping for her to wear heels of some kind, she had great legs. But what I saw when she opened the door just blew me away.

Roxann was a petite woman, between 5’4” and 5’6” I’d guess. She had dark, burgundy red, curly hair till just above her shoulders and piercing blue eyes, eyes that could smoulder with lust or be as cold as ice. She had cute freckles that lined her nose, and when she laughed her nose wrinkled up in a cute way as well. The freckles showed very clearly on her otherwise ivory skin. She was an all-natural girl, did not like wearing too much make-up, and did not need it either. Since she was an active girl, she had a toned body, not too muscular but lean and supple. She had small, firm breasts, about a size B, and the nipples were small and pink with tiny areolas. Her nipples were like little pebbles sitting on her breasts when she was turned on and very sensitive. Despite being petite, she had long, toned legs and nice tight buttocks.

Not only did Roxann have great looks and a great body, but she dressed herself a lot better than I was used to with other women. Since she worked at a law firm, she had to be dressed the part for the office. But outside the office she did the same as well. What would you expect for Roxann to be wearing on a normal day off? Jeans and a sweatshirt? Nope, this lady put on a midlength skirt, kitten heels and a thin jersey, all top-quality and chosen with care, to emphasize her natural beauty. The skirt’s hemline would sit at just the right height; the jersey would follow the contour of her upper body just so, everything was well thought out and coordinated to show herself off in a classy, sophisticated, elegant and still very sexy way. So, for this weekend I was looking forward to seeing more of her tasteful choices in clothing. But nothing had prepared me for when she opened the door.

She opened the door a bit, looked around it and then opened the door fully for me, but concealed her body behind the door. I walked in as she closed the door behind me.

“What do you think?”

I turned around and saw Roxann beaming, proud of what she had chosen and fully knowing that I very much appreciated her tastes. She took a step away from the front door she was leaning against and did a little slow twirl to show herself off. Either she was a mind-reader or she started to understand what I liked to see her wear: smooth, soft, shiny fabrics like silk and satin, made into dresses, skirts and tops which are elegant and sexy. She really amazed me this time.

She was wearing a summery green wrap dress, with tight short sleeves stopping just below her elbow. The dress was made of natural silk, with a hemline which was just an inch or two above her knee, making it elegant instead of racy. A sash knotted around her waist kept the dress closed; as she twirled around the hem of the dress lifted a bit, showing off more of her legs, with a flash of her thighs. The top of the dress had a V-neck, both in front and back, deep enough to hint at the swell of her breasts which continued under the fabric, giving her modest breasts a bit of cleavage. Thanks to the V-neck at the back, it was not possible to wear a bra under that dress, making it even more seductive to me. The silky fabric was clinging to her body in the right places around her legs, butt and breasts, but again just enough to make it sexy and elegant instead of racy. It left enough to the imagination of what her body would look like under that dress. Roxann had completed her look with high-heeled boots, combined with skin-coloured pantyhose that had a slight sheen. The boots were something new for me, but I instantly liked them, very much… Roxann had decided to wear black boots, from Jimmy Choo. They were nearly knee high, and fitted her legs like a glove, with the shaft of the boot forming itself around her ankle and seamlessly ataşehir escort bayan encasing her calves. They had a high, stiletto heel, about four inches high. The boots were smooth, no crease or seam was visible. They gave her a very sexy and powerful look, not what I was used to with happy-go-lucky Roxann. She was so seductive now, so calculatedly sexy. I felt a stirring in my groin, as my brain had started to understand what it was seeing.

“Eh…”, that was it, I just didn’t know what to say.

“That good, huh?” she said while she looked me straight in the eye, gauging my reaction to her appearance.

I only nodded in approval. She laughed and took a step in my direction, raising her arms to embrace me. I took her in my arms and inhaled the lovely smell of her washed hair, combined with her lovely perfume. Feeling her warm body pressed against mine, I felt my crotch stir again, a bit stronger now. I cannot try to describe how wonderful the dress felt as well, the cool silk over sliding over her naked, warm skin, with a very soft swishing sound – a promise of the heated night to come? As we kissed, my right hand started to slide down her back over the fabric, heading down to her behind. At the same time I opened my mouth as I kissed her, wanting to let my tongue slip into her mouth. I now definitely was starting to get an erection and began to hope for something more than a kiss before we left, just to keep me going for the trip. Roxann then surprised me by resolutely taking my right hand away and took a step back, breaking off our kiss. She then crossed her arms, looking at me. I felt a bit awkward, standing there with my arms still up in an embrace, and a semi-erection in my trousers.

“What, what did I do?” I asked, surprised and a bit startled.

“Well, we are going to do things differently today,” she said as she put her hands on her hips, looking defiant and inviting at the same time. “You will do as I say, keep your hands to yourself, and I will promise you a weekend of utter bliss and filthy sex. But,” she raised a finger at me, “step out of line, touch me when I don’t give you my okay, look at me without me letting you, anything like that, you can take me home and forget the weekend!”

“But, Roxann, what did I do?” I pleaded.

What had happened? I thought she was very easy-going and would jump in bed with me at the slightest possibility. This stern attitude was totally unexpected!

“You are going to have to control yourself. I promise you, you are not going to regret it, but you have to follow the rules I lay down.”

“But,” I took a step forward, but she backed up and raised her finger again.

“Just stop there. Step back and you will have a weekend of bliss, step forward and you can keep walking through that door.”

Man, she was serious! I backed up, raised my hands, “OK. I give, what do you want me to do?”

“What do you think? Get driving, of course, time’s a wastin’! ” Incredibly, she winked at me, the tease. “Get that suitcase, would you?” she gestured and turned around, opened the door and walked out.

I felt like her personal slave now and a bit miffed as well. What was she thinking? Anyway, a promise is a promise and I intended to keep her to that promise, I’ll play by her rules, for now. I grunted and picked up her case and followed her, closing the door behind me. As I got outside, Roxann was already standing by the car, sunglasses on, enjoying the spring sunshine. I popped the boot and put her case in there, as she got in the car, sitting sideways and letting her legs still sit in the sunshine, feet on the pavement. I closed the boot and walked over to her side to close the door. Roxann had seen me coming obviously, because as I reached for the door I looked in at Roxann and she slowly pulled up her left leg first and followed it by her right leg, letting her dress ride up and showing off her lovely thighs. I gaped at her legs, she smiled and slowly covered her legs again, agonizingly slow, even. She laughed as I just stood there, then reached over to grab the door, blew me a kiss, and closed the door.

I just walked over to my side of the car, not knowing what to do with the situation, other than go with it, and see what happens. I got in, and put my key in the ignition. I looked over at Roxann and she ignored me, arm propped on the windowsill, hand under her chin, staring off into the distance. I shrugged my shoulders and started the car, looked to see when there was no traffic and drove off. Roxann turned the radio on, found a station she liked and turned the volume up a bit.

Still wondering about what the day was turning out to be like, I headed for the highway. At the last stop before getting on the highway, Roxann turned the radio down, took off her shades and said as I looked aside.

“Don’t worry, I still love you, whatever happens. But think of this as … a little game. Play along and enjoy.”

“Ok, I will, but you had me worried for a moment though.”

“I could tell, that is why I said that just now,” she acknowledged, with a loving smile this time. The light turned escort kadıköy green, she sat back, turned the volume back up, put on her shades and relaxed. I drove onto the highway and prepared myself for the hour-long drive. A nice quiet one, I thought. Boy, was I wrong.

After about five minutes on the highway, I sneaked a peak at Roxann, just to enjoy the view. Sunlight fell through her passenger window, on her legs. Her pantyhose shimmered softly in the light. In a turn, Roxann shifted a bit in her seat, I swear I could almost hear her pantyhosed legs rubbing together, the nylon whispering, beckoning me to touch it. I thought Roxann did not seem to be noticing me. But she suddenly spoke up:

“Enjoying the view, aren’t you?”

Caught, my cheeks turned red and I riveted my eyes to the road:

“Me? Naa, just driving.”

“You could have fooled me, handsome,” she said, then took my right hand off the steering wheel and laid it on her knee, “here, don’t you like that feeling? The nylon caressing my skin? I bet you do…” I dared not move my hand, not wanting to spoil my chances, but Roxann took care of that as well. “Wait, you’ll feel it better this way, ” and guided my hand, letting it slide over the top of her left knee, not much more than that. But that feeling, that slick, gliding sensation of my hand going over that fabric, felt wonderful to me. I was just hoping to feel more later. I kept my eyes riveted to the road, but Roxann was watching me, gauging me. Seeing that I liked that feeling, I think she decided to take it a bit further. She leaned back a bit in her seat and spread her legs, just a bit. “Keep your eyes in front,” she ordered, and at the same time let my right hand slide from the top of her left knee, to between her knees, just below her left thigh, and let my hand caress her lower thigh, just beyond the hem of her dress. Her thigh was warm, silky smooth and firm and I was loving the feeling, of having my hand there, like it was the first time I had ever touched her there. She gave a soft sigh as she guided my hand up and down over her thigh, and I felt a familiar stirring in my trousers. I shifted a bit in my seat, to get it more comfortable. “Mmm… so you like that as well, I see?”

“Eh, yes…yes, I do, very much.”

“Let’s see how you handle a bit more then…”

Roxann then took my hand further up her leg, where I felt my fingers barely brush her crotch, not more than that, as she rubbed my hand over her inner thigh, using my fingers to knead her flesh. Roxann leaned her head back against the headrest and relaxed under my hand, as I tried to concentrate on steering the car. A quick glance to the side, and I saw that Roxann was now getting aroused; her mouth was slightly open, eyes closed, and her nipples were hard, straining against the silk of her dress. I could see the bulge of my hand under her dress, between her legs, with her hand on top of mine, moving it, letting my fingers caress her nylon-clad legs. I started getting really turned on myself, with a noticeable bulge growing in my trousers, which made it difficult to sit comfortably. Roxann opened her eyes, and saw me straining to get comfortable with that bulge. To my disappointment, she took my hand from under her skirt and put it back on the wheel.

I looked over to her, only to be put back in my place: “Who said you could look over at me? Keep your eyes on the road!” I did as I was told, as Roxann shifted in her seat. She then startled me, by whispering in my ear. She was so close that her breath tickled my ear, and it smelt sweet and summery.

“Someone is in a good mood,” she whispered appreciatively as I felt her hand on my right leg, near the bulge.

“Maybe I should check if he is OK,” and I felt her finger starting to trace the outline of my bulge, then glide over my erection, letting her nail scratch the course fabric of my jeans, creating a wonderful vibration for my manhood, which made me even more desperate. I couldn’t help it; a small whimper escaped my mouth as she teased me.

“Oh, don’t you like that?” she teased me and did it again and again, tracing the bulge, rubbing it, kneading it, teasing me for all she was worth.

I had a full blown erection now, throbbing and frustrated, getting teased but not being able to do anything about it. Thankfully I saw that we were approaching the off-ramp to our final destination. Roxann must have noticed it as well, as she stopped, pecked me on the cheek and settled back in her seat, leaving me with a painful bulge, frustrated, and as turned-on as I had never been, hoping to make it to the room without any major embarrassment.

We reached the hotel, parked the car in front, and I gingerly got out of the car. Roxann got out at the same time and I saw a familiar twinkle in her eye, the twinkle that said she was enjoying herself, was hot and ready to go. This twinkle was always a turn-on for me as well, because we always ended up in bed shortly after I saw it in her eye.

The valet looked suspiciously at me as I groaned when I straightened up, my erection straining against the fabric, then walked a bit bostancı escort bow-legged to the boot to get it open. “Sports injury, ” I half-joked to the valet, who clearly did not believe me and handed the suitcase to the bellboy before driving off with the car as I followed the bellboy inside.

Roxann led the way, her heels clicking over the marble floor, giving me a nice view of her legs as I followed. I saw some male guests eyeing her, then me, jealous of my luck with her. I approached the desk, Roxann came standing next to me and wrapped her arm around my waist and laid her head on my shoulder, making us look like just another cute couple, innocent enough you would say. But as I checked us in, Roxann surprised me by kissing me on my neck just below my ear, as the receptionist entered my credit card number in the computer and was staring at the screen. Her timing was impeccable; she stopped just as the receptionist looked up again. I tried to look innocent enough, not like someone who was having the hardest erection he ever had and a girlfriend who teased him at every opportunity.

As the receptionist got the key from the other desk and looked away, Roxann gingerly took my earlobe in her mouth, between her teeth and gave it a subtle nibble. She knew all the tricks to get me worked up, and was making full use of them. I was struggling now, really struggling; I was hoping the torture would end soon, one way or the other. Roxann was also struggling I saw, with red cheeks, hard nipples and breathing a bit deeper than usual. I could imagine smelling her arousal now, with a moist patch forming in her panties, waiting and wanting.

Finally, the check-in was done. A bellboy approached to take our luggage to our room. Roxann excused herself and disappeared. I waited for her to return as I saw the bellboy taking the elevator up to our floor, leaving me with our room key.

Just as sudden as she had disappeared, the familiar clicking of Roxann’s boots announced her arrival and I enjoyed another show of hers as she paraded over the lobby floor towards me, hips swaying, breasts gently jiggling in her dress, a seductive smile playing on her mouth and eyes full of fire and mischief as she walked over to me. Then and there, I felt love and lust, all at the same time, running through me.

As she joined me, she wrapped her arm around my waist, pressing her body against mine as the elevator door opened. Roxann looked aside at me as we stepped into the elevator, still with that smile. The door closed behind us, and I pressed the floor we were going to. Still nursing my erection, hoping it would fade soon, I went to the back of the elevator and leaned against the handrail. Roxann lingered at the front of the elevator near the controls. As the elevator got in motion, Roxann’s hand went to the controls. She gave me a wicked grin and pressed the emergency stop button and as the elevator juddered to a halt, stepped up to me, wrapped her arms around me, pressed her body against me and said one word, breathlessly: “Now.”

I wrapped my arms around her waist as our mouths finally found each other, letting my tongue play with hers, as it flitted in my mouth, tasting sweet, as only she can taste. Roxann must have had a tough time as well, controlling herself, as our teeth bumped into each other, she was so eager to finally give in to that feeling of lust. I let my hands wander over her back, again luxuriating in that wonderful feel of cool silk sliding over her skin, as my right hand slid to her buttocks and the other slid forward, delicately cupped her breast, felt the weight in my hand, the warmth radiating through the silk. I gently kneaded it, making her moan in my mouth. As my thumb then gently rubbed her hard nipple, she shuddered with pleasure. Roxann’s hand went down and forwards, finding my belt buckle. My bulging erection was about to be freed by her lovely hands. First the buckle, then the top button, then she undid the fly. A great pressure was lifted, as my erection sprang forward, only covered by my boxers. My trousers slid down my legs. Roxann then went on her knees in front of me, helped me with my shoes, socks, and trousers, quickly getting them out of the way.

She then knelt before me and slowly removed my now moist boxers, gently, caringly. She kept looking up at me as I looked down, down into her eyes and the cleavage of her dress, marvelling at the fact that this was happening. My throbbing, almost painful, erection was freed finally, as she removed the boxer, and it stood proud in front of me, pointing up at Roxann. It felt as if all my sexual energy, all the pent-up frustration of the drive here was concentrated in the purple tip, straining to be released.

Still kneeling in front of me, Roxann placed her hands on my thighs and lightly kissed the tip, as her hands slid up to my balls. She cupped my balls with one hand and let her other hand slide lightly from the base to the tip over the length of my erection. As she reached the end, she planted her lips on the tip and pushed her head forward, letting the tip of my erection force her lips apart. As I laid my hands on her head, my hard member slid into her mouth. Her mouth followed her hand down to the base. She then reversed that motion, sucking as she went back to the tip, letting it pop out of her mouth. She then repeated the same cycle, agonizingly slow and wonderful at the same time.

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