Golden Birthday Ch. 01


I look in the mirror and stare at my sorry state. Sam Winthrop, what the hell is wrong with you? I have been miserable since she left me and it shows. I haven’t let myself go completely, or anything along those lines. I still work out at the gym every chance I get. My face is clean shaven and my brown hair is kept neatly trimmed. It’s my brown eyes where my misery shows and they are mocking me again.

I look at the clock and know I have barely enough time for what has become my favorite kind of porn, but don’t know if I really want to do this so close to having to leave. I am going over to my daughter’s house and joining the party at her insistence. Turning twenty-one is a special day and I was surprised she had not only invited me, but was adamant that I be there. She is the only one of our kids that my wife hasn’t turned against me with those damned lies and I cannot refuse her invitation.

I know I didn’t want my parents anywhere near me when I reached that magical age of legality, since I didn’t want them to see me get completely blitzed. Friends are far better to be around with that much drinking and the idea of my mother or father looking at me in that condition is not something I had any interest in happening. There are just certain events in life that should not be witnessed by parents and celebrating this age is one of those times.

I decide against watching any porn, since I don’t want anything like that on my mind when I’m around her and her friends. My daughter is the youngest of our five children and my only daughter. My sons have all moved to different states and they are starting families of their own. My daughter is not following their path, which is fine with me. As far as I know, she doesn’t even have a boyfriend and hasn’t kept any one around for long. It’s kind of surprising, since she has always been quite beautiful and womanhood definitely agrees with her.

Having time to myself gives me a chance to think about things I would rather not think about, whish is the main reason I lose myself in the porn. My wife leaving me is still very bitter and it doesn’t matter that over a year has passed since the divorce was finalized. I still love her deeply and wish I had a little more control over my urgings. I never cheated on her and she never cheated on me. The problem is the overwhelming urge I have to try something she never had any interest in trying. That is what cost me my marriage, but she is doing her best to claim it is a whole host of other things every chance she gets with our kids.

I came across one of my greatest desires years ago and it was really quite by accident. I was watching some random porn that caught my eye and clicked a link to watch another that was supposed to be similar. The video was less than two minutes and I almost went back as a result of not liking the shorter ones, but couldn’t stop myself from watching as things quickly got interesting. A man had his dick pointed at a woman’s face and he started to cover her face in a golden stream. Seeing her face slowly coated like that was one of the hottest thing I had ever witnessed and I was hooked.

Since that moment, I have seen far better piss related porn and love it when I find one that includes a couple pissing on each other. Those are far rarer than they should be and it’s a damn shame, because that is some of the hottest shit out there and I can’t get enough. It didn’t take long before I was pestering my ex-wife to try it with me and she was sickened by the mere suggestion of something that she found to be completely revolting.

Now that she’s gone, all I have is the same ability to watch that I had before and as desperate as ever, but not there is no woman to be with at all. I am completely alone and cannot bring myself to search out any woman to warm my bed. I know longer hold out hope she will return to me, since I have finally come to the realization that she is gone for good. So here I am, all alone and hate myself for my lack of control. I’d give anything to go back and stop myself from pestering her the way I did. All I needed to do was take things very slow with my wife and maybe she would have come around to trying it just once.

The only advantage to being alone is I no longer have to hide my other great desire, since there is no one in the house to hide it from. It was a link clicked on by accident and there was no piss involved at all. I was on the verge of going back when the actress, Ava Taylor, caught me completely off guard. I could not believe how much she looked like my daughter and the only difference was not having Becky’s pale features. It was oddly exciting to see her act out the role of a daughter and I was hooked on something completely out of bounds.

I never tried to get my wife to wear a brown wig and pretend to be Becky when we were in bed. I never called out her name by accident while moaning out my wife’s name. I figured it would be far easier to convince her to start golden showers, then to explain why I wanted her to pretend to be our daughter. At least ataşehir escort being alone means I can watch Ava Taylor and pretend it is Becky without fear of discovery.

My eyes turn back to the monitor and it is calling to me to watch just a little. I am close to answering when I pull myself back from the brink. Get a grip on yourself, you stupid son of a bitch. My face moves towards the clock and I figure it is close enough to the time I have to leave by. There’s nothing wrong with being a little early for any party and I can easily leave if things start to get uncomfortable. That should give me some extra points with Becky, since she is the only one still talking to me. My wife has done a damned good job turning my kids against me, but Becky has not been swayed and I can never thank her enough.

I reach into the refrigerator and grab the twelve pack I promised, which was the only thing she wanted from me on this special day. I was expecting wine, which is her mother’s favorite, but she was very clear about wanting beer. Between paying my mortgage and hers, it doesn’t leave much and I’m glad she doesn’t want me to spend a lot on a birthday present. She is very aware of my financial situation after the divorce and has not asked for one dollar from me to help with any other bills.

I am driving down the highway towards her house and know there are many miles left before I arrive at the location I happen to love. My wife has always loved living in the city and convinced me to buy the house, but my daughter is far more like me in what she wants to see out her windows. She was never happier than when we were on vacation in the middle of nowhere, which my wife absolutely hated. The house Becky fell in love with may not be in the middle of nowhere, but it is in the same zip code.

I pull into her secluded driveway and see only her car sitting in front of the house. I know I’m early to arrive, but I’m not all that early. There should be at least a few other cars here by now. Getting out of the car fills my nostrils with the pleasant scent of nature, which I take as a great relief from the unpleasantness the city brings to my nostrils. Her house is completely surrounded by trees and there is no neighbor within ten miles of this wonderfully secluded place. The only sounds to fill my ears is that of nature and I am very envious of my daughter.

I grab the beer that is still cold and head to the door with the slow pace this area calls for. The city carries with it a sense of urgency and I always feel rushed no matter what I am doing. Out here, it is perfectly natural to relax and enjoy a slow stroll. Even if it is a very short walk from my car to her front door. I don’t really notice the weight of the beer, since I am used to lifting things far heavier than this.

My knuckles make contact with the door and I can here her the sound of her feet in response. In the city, hearing anything like this is impossible, since there are far too many sounds of man all hours of the day and I appreciate not hearing a single horn. Her steps sound oddly hurried and I get little concerned that something is wrong.

She opens the door wide and reveals her white dress, which clings to her body and I do my best to ignore the urge to stare at anything I shouldn’t. “Hi, dad.”

I smile at her beaming face under her brown bangs. “Hi, Becky. Happy birthday. Guess I’m a little early.”

Her brown eyes, so much like mine, are starting to twinkly with excitement of the party that will soon be starting. “Thanks, dad. Your just a little early, but it gives us a chance to talk. Come on in.”

I step through the door and brush against her body as she closes it behind me. There is no need for her to tell me where the kitchen is, since I have been through every room in this house many times before. I set the beer in the refrigerator after opening it and take two bottles out. I open both and hand her a cold bottle, which is still cold and I’m glad I won’t have to wait to enjoy. Her pale hands brush my fingers as she takes the bottle into her hand.

Her arms move over my body quickly and she is hugging me tightly, which causes me to have to be very careful with the bottle. I do my best to ignore her hard nipples pressing against me, but it is not easy and my mind starts racing through things that I do not find erotic in the least. She releases her embrace and our brown eyes find each other. I can’t quite place the look in her eyes and write if off to the excitement of reaching the age of legal drinking.

Her brown eyes are sparkling in the light. “What do you think of my dress, dad?”

She steps back and my eyes move down the white fabric. It is clinging to her body tightly and part of her toned thighs are showing. I do my best to ignore her nipples pressing teasingly through and glad she is starting to turn. My eyes move to her slender back and look down to see the white cling perfectly to her round cheeks. I pull my head up and stop myself from looking at anything else I shouldn’t be seeing. ataşehir escort Those non-erotic thoughts continue to do the job and I stave off the bulge that would be impossible to hide.

She finishes her slow turn and I have to tell her part of the truth. “It looks really good on you, Becky. I’m going to run to the bathroom real quick.”

Her lips drop a little at the corners. “You don’t have to go that bad, do you?”

I consider the pressure of my bladder. “No, not yet, but I it won’t take long.”

Her lips raise. “That means you can wait, dad. Let’s go to the living room and talk for a bit.”

I can think of no reason to refuse her on this special day and I allow her to lead the way. From the front door to the kitchen, nothing had looked out of the ordinary. As I follow her to the living room, my eyes are pulled to what is all around. Clear plastic covers everything and I wonder if she’s going to have someone paint the wood ceilings. That would be a shame, since the wood adds a great deal to the look of the room, but it is her house and she can do with it as she pleases.

She has me sit on the plastic covered couch and Becky sits across from me. “What’s with all the plastic?”

She grins widely and her eyes are bursting to tell me something. “I’ll tell you later. Drink up, dad.”

Her mouth touches the lip of the bottle and she slowly takes a sip of the bitter liquid. I am obligated to follow suit and enjoy the bitterness of the beer on my tongue. There isn’t much better than cold beer any time of the year and, unlike Becky taking a slow sip, I quickly empty most of the bottle. Becky’s bottle is still very close to full and she is showing no sign of wanting drink up, which tells me she plans to pace herself on her special day. That’s something I wish I would have done, since maybe that day wouldn’t be such a blur in my memory.

My bladder is starting to get painfully uncomfortable. “I’m sorry, Becky, but I really need to go.”

Her brown eyes stare into mine and I can see some internal fight she is having. “Wait, dad. I need to tell you something before you get up.”

I am a little concerned. “What is it, Becky?”

There is a little fear on her face as she takes a deep breath and follows with a sip of beer. “Just hear me out and please don’t interrupt. Do you promise, dad?”

My concern surpasses my need to relieve myself. “I promise. What is it? You know you can tell me anything.”

Another sip of her beer and another deep breath. “This is so hard to tell you. I know about the porn you like to watch. I like to watch the same things and I mean all of it. I know you tried to convince mom to try involving piss and that’s why she left. Not the bullshit she’s been spreading.” Her hands tremble a little as I listen. “I want to do that with you. Not just the piss, dad, but other things.”

She sets her bottle down after taking a much bigger drink and it is about half empty. I am trying to fathom what she is asking and cannot believe I heard her correctly. I feel the plastic crinkle beneath me and I attempt to take a drink from my empty bottle. I must have heard her right and now I understand why the plastic is laid out to cover everything. It must have been really difficult for her to admit those things to me.

I shake my head and look into her pleading brown eyes. “Becky, we can’t do that.”

She has a little anger cross her pale face. “Why! Because you’re my father? I don’t care about that and neither do you. I know the only piss free porn you watch is if Ava Taylor’s in it and there is only one reason you watch her. She looks like me and it makes me happy to know you fantasize about me like that. Hell, dad, it makes more than happy to know we fantasize about being with each other.”

My head is no longer shaking and I am trying to take my mind off the pain my bladder is sending through my body. I cannot deny her words are true and there can be no denying what she is admitting to me. I want to know what it’s like to piss on her and feel her piss on me, since fantasy and porn can never take the place of reality. I want to be with her in a way no father and she clearly wants to be with me. There is no sign she is anything other than sincere and I am very tempted.

The problem is not about what she wants to do, but our privacy will be interrupted before long. “What about your guests, Becky? They are going to be here soon.”

She has a little hope show on her beautiful face. “There’s no one else coming. You’re the only one I invited, so there won’t be any interruptions. What I really want for my birthday, dad, is for us to bring our fantasies to reality. I want piss. I want incest. I want to do all the things you want to do. We’re all alone out here and no one will interrupt anything we do, ever.”

The pain is causing me to lose the ability to think, but I know once a single line is crossed there will be no going back for either of us. I would be more willing to give in to our desires if it were just the shared anadolu yakası escort pissing, but she wants far more than that. Pissing on each other is not quite the same as being with her like that. It may appear to others as not much of a difference at all, since both involve me and my daughter, but there is a big difference between golden showers and incest.

She falls to her knees and looks up into my eyes and I can see the confidence in her face. “I wore this dress just for you, dad. Pee on me.”

I have lost the battle and stand before her in a mild state of shock. Her eyes move from my face to my crotch and her fingers start to work my pants down to my ankles, with my underwear moving down with my pants in one downward motion. My shaft is soft due to the pain I am feeling in my bladder, but she does not seem to mind. She is aiming the tip of my flaccid manhood at her tits and I can no longer keep myself from finding relief for the pain.

A stream of gold hits the white of her dress and she lets out a sigh as the warmth reaches her body. Her fingers work diligently ensure coverage of both of her tits and her flesh is pressing through the white of her dress. Her hard nipples become very visible through the clearing as she ensures her tits are thoroughly soaked through the fabric.

Her hand moves the stream up her neck and into her mouth, which I find to be incredibly erotic. My shaft is starting to harden in her hands as she swallows with delight. The golden stream is starting to die down and she presses her lips around the head, which causes me to fully harden for her. Despite the girth causing her lips to stretch, I feel my daughter’s mouth as it seeks out every drop of gold she can get and I love every moment.

Her hands start to work my shaft and I moan out, since I have not felt anything close to this in a very long time. Becky’s head starts to move back and forth just a little, with the desire to receive something white to go along with the gold. Our brown eyes are locked as she grins around my large shaft and I know I won’t last much longer. My moans are driving her to increase the speed of her hands as her tongue plays with my tip.

She shares all of my features from the neck up and I cannot deny the pleasure of looking down at my daughter’s face. My eyes close against my will and my fists tighten as she works me closer to that wonderful moment. Her hands are sending pleasure as they work up and down my shaft in conjunction with her head moving back and forth. Her tongue is making me feel things I have never felt before and I can hold myself back no longer.

I twitch in her mouth and she does not back off at all, which is so unlike her mother. Her lips are closed tightly as she takes as much of my release into her mouth as she can. I feel a little force itself out as her hands continue to work through every shot I can give her. My body is lifted to new heights of pure pleasure as I groan out for her.

I am able to open my eyes once again and she has the head of my dick between her stretched lips. My shaft is softening in her hands and her eyes stare with hunger deeply into mine. She has waited for this moment to release my head and her mouth closes. I can’t believe I am watching my daughter swallow my cum and know there will never be any going back for either of us. Unlike her mother, she will give me all I desire and I will do the same for her.

I smile as I see my white dripping slowly towards her chin and step out of my pants to free my ankles. I lay on my back to wait for her without one word needing to be spoken between us. Her pale legs straddle my face and my hands reach up to press the bottom of the dress over her ass as she slowly lowers herself for me. Her pink slowly comes into view and my hands press against her firm cheeks as I continue to move her dress up her ass.

She is hovering just over my open mouth and my eyes are locked onto her wet hole in eager anticipation of what she is about to give. My hands caress her firm cheeks and I love the way they feel in my hands. Her body tightens in preparation for the golden release I am about to receive and I am so close to finally having one of my greatest desires fulfilled.

Her golden river floods out of her body with great force as she lets out a sigh of relief. My tongue quickly finds the sensation of the saltiness on my tongue to be quite wonderful. My mouth fill quickly and enjoy the sensation of her hot liquid pressing against everything. I can feel her golden river running down my face and falling onto the plastic beneath my body.

I wait until she starts to drip before lifting my head with closed lips and love the sensation I feel in my throat as I swallow for the first time. I manage to swallow all of it as her dripping reaches my forehead and I let out a sigh of pleasure from the wonderful sensation. It was over far too quickly and she will need to work on a more controlled, which will bring about plenty of practice.

My head tilts back as my tongue finds plenty of her salty remnant, which is searching out for her hard clit. I want to explore everything this wonderful part of her body can offer, but there will be plenty of time for exploration later. I want to repay her for what she has done for me and her moans tell me she is enjoying my work.

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