Good Neighbors


Sharon sat on the back porch of her home, sun dress sticking to her body in the moonlight. The heat isn’t what gets you here, though. It’s the humidity. If she had been wearing panties it might have made this worse, but the lack of undergarments offered slight relief as she sipped on a glass of sweetened iced tea.

She also knew she was being watched, and not for the first time. ‘Showtime’ she thought to herself, grinning. The new neighbors had been keeping to themselves for the past week. Maybe it was time to try and lure them out. Lifting the glass to her forehead she wiped away a strand of blonde hair, leaving a trail of condensation along her brow. She sipped out an ice cube, sucking the tea off loudly. She didn’t wonder if it was working yet. She had just gotten started. The Ice cube was plucked from her mouth and she began to slowly draw it across her chest. The low cut yellow dress afforded the luxury running it to just above her nipples.

She began to sigh contentedly, her nipples hardening to gumdrop stature. She pulled out the top of the dress and was just about to start with the nipples when a twig snapped on the other side of the fence. ‘Hooked’ she thought.

“Hello? Is someone there?” she said dropping the cube back into the pitcher. “I can hear you. Don’t make me call the cops” she bluffed.

“Sorry! I’m… Mark.. Your new neighbor.. I was.. Uh.. Looking for bostancı escort my rake…” came a voice, followed by a face over the fence.

“Well, I was wondering when I’d get to meet you!” she exclaimed, southern drawl slinking along the edges enough to let you know it was there. “Would you like some iced tea? Sweet like momma always made it.”

“I should really get back in. My wife..”

“Oh, I insist!” already pouring a glass. “It’s the best thing on a night like this. You don’t sound like you’re from around here, Mark.” Walking the 10 yards to the fence.

“Uh.. No, I’m not. Thank you.” he took the glass nervously.

“Awful dark to find a rake isn’t it? Can’t hardly see a thing without a light.”

“Yeah.. I uh…”

“Well, lookee here. I found a hole in the fence” she across the property line and grabbed his dick. It was more limp than anything, but had been erect recently. She could still feel it’s heat even through his pants.

“Whoa! I’m married, and…”

“Shush. Now Mark. I know what you were doing. You were watching me, weren’t you?” she gently tugged his cock, which slowly stiffened more.

“No! I was looking for my rake!” in a loud whisper. He was excited and scared, but the excitement was winning. It always did.

“And you were playing with this old thing, too. Weren’t you? Tonight and two nights ago when you watched ümraniye escort bayan through my windows while I fucked my husband.” His penis receded slightly in response. She was right, of course. She had seen him peering through a tall hedge.

“…yes.. Don’t tell my wife…”

“It’s okay Mark” she worked the zipper on his shorts with one hand, and reached up her dress with the other to rub her pussy. She got it nice and wet, sliding it inside once for good measure. “I won’t tell her if you do something for me.” She pulled his cock through the hole, jerking him forward, immediately bringing her moistened fingers to his face. “You were probably wondering, so have a taste. Then I’ll get to what I want.”

“What do you want me to do”, he asked. His tongue probed slowly, sliding between her fingers, licking off every bit of her juices, ending with a long suck. He moaned the whole time. She had tasted pussy before and knew hers was quite good. She knelt on her side of the fence, holding his now fully engorged member.

“I want you to cum” she said, swallowing the 7 inches that protruded from the fence and silencing any protests. She took all of him in her mouth she could, forcing groans from the other side of the fence. She took it as deep as she could, speeding up the process of his cumming. She worked his shaft, swirled her tongue, all the tricks she knew.

“Oh kartal escort god!” she heard and readied herself for his load. She stroked him quickly, working him to the edge but keeping him on the cusp of orgasm.

“Does your wife do this, Mark?” she teased.

“No… oh god… sometimes… Can I CUM PLEASE!”

“Not yet. I’m not ready for it. She probably doesn’t swallow, but I do. And I’ve been waiting for this load since I saw you move in.” A few flicks of the tongue. “But you owe me. I’m doing you a favor, you’ll return it. And I can do this, and more, anytime you want. My husband doesn’t care, Mark. He likes to watch other men fuck me. Like when I’m covered in another man’s semen. So do we have a deal?”

“Oh god yes, just let me cum!”

She smiled, working him back up. He came in three big spurts, which were caught in her mouth. She let go of his cock and stood up, showing him his load. Some was oozing from the corner of her mouth, but she lapped it up after swallowing the rest.

“Now, go back to your wife and remember: You owe me. Next time, I get to cum. I hope you can make me squirt, Mark.” His face disappeared, soon followed by the sound of a door closing. Sharon smiled to herself, walking back to the porch, needing some tea to wash down the ejaculate fully. The glass he had was, no doubt, laying by the fence. When he remembered it she’d call in the favor, like she always does.

A knock echoed lightly in the warm night air. She checked her other fences and found a cock dangling through another hole in another fence. Sipping iced tea her smile remained stuck on her face. It was going to be a busy night. It always is.

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