good uncle


good unclethe first week out of the closet , having told mom after moving outmy uncle started coming to my appart and fuck mehe just knock around midnight at my door, i was in my pijama watching netflix”uncke what you doing here”him getting inside closing the door”coming to see my sexy boy””ive been so hard since your mom told the wife you like cock”he pushed me down his fucking big man 8 cock out and i slide in my mouth in a split second , both his hands on my head helping me savour how big he is”oh yes boy i always wanted to see my cock in your pretty mouth”my uncle getting horny pumping inside my wet warm mouth he pull out and i was help doggy his belt on me neck”gonna be a good fag boy and walk to that couch so i can try your pussy ”i just did , looking at him hard and big, so big over me walking like a dog on the couch ass up my pijama pulled off my cunt exposedhis fat cock sliding over my ass kaçak iddaa making me feel how big he is”uncle gonna claim your pussy now, you will txt me and beg for this cock all the time ”i had been fucked by boys before , this was so different, he owned my asspumping in and out then in making me moan he was big”my boy love big cock i knew it, perfect lil ass”slamming in me all he wantedholding me by his belt like a pet ass smacking back on him pulling me, fucking me up ”yeah good lil faggot just starting to understand””that hole is mine you understand what is happening right boy”i could only squeal moan and say yes , getting stretch into a ”nice parking lot for cocks”and he stop carried me to my bed , legs up watching him tell me iam just a slut”good lil slut boy who need his daddy big cock i his tight pussy”he dump in me and never stop fucking , i lost it and started to be so ope full of his cum kaçak bahis , mu hole was his to fuckhe told me it was going to be like thatpounding just the right way now , again and again he stopped just to see me ask him to continue”please please dont stop ”cock back in its righfull place, such a big cock , right in me , poking me around on my bed like a wet fuck holeau laught at me knoing i was now broken”you are such a cock slut””you like that dont lie you little fuck hole love getting fuck”he owned me until i was dripping cum ass up lost in my owned bed like a fuck doll , him dressing up saying hell be back to teach me moremy ass never closed since this night the next morning he went to put me in panty and buttplug after fucking me before schooli spent the day trying not to get caught my uncle txting me he is waiting outside to pick me upi obey not wanting no one to knowhim calling me his sissy slut illegal bahis all the way home to get fucki felt weak and his property to fuck all he want now i was in my aunt panty sucking her usband big cocklearning she dont like him like sissy slut does”you little slut never complain and love my big cock better than she ebver was”him in my mouth telling me how i suck better made me feel proudin her panty sucking her man cock instead of herthat he wanted me more he pull the panty to the side and unpluged me”do like she would ever do and offer me your cunt infront of that mirror i want to make you see how cute you are my fat cock in you”and i saw me owned and fuck down into submissive girly boyhis fat , way bigger cock in me , pumping easy all of its lenght in my gaping pussy hole”you see that hole, its my pussy isnt it now””so open ad easy to put my fat cock in””wearing panty because you have a pussy now dont you”sit on him infront of the mirror in her panty taking his cock like a slut the next day i was dress like a bimbo and fuck like one all night againlearning my place , learning how i love to be the girl

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