Grace Loves Her Daddy: Part 4

Big Dicks

Daddy: A few days after our pool party we were experiencing a thunderstorm in the area.  I decided to crash for the evening and wandered round the house turning off lights and locking the doors.  I wandered into the kitchen and took a crystal glass from the shelf where we keep our plates and glasses and poured myself a couple of fingers of bourbon.Grace had gone to bed earlier after spending the day with some friends of hers.  She had the usual bounce to her step that only comes with youth and happiness and I must admit I’m a little envious of such lighthearted joy.  She had given me a generous wet kiss on the lips before going to bed where I was able to taste the mix of her lip gloss and tooth paste as she slid her slippery tongue into my mouth, penetrating my lips and allowing me to savor her growing sexuality.  I may have been tired but I still enjoyed watching my baby walk back to her bedroom, those delicious tanned cheeks, thighs and calves wrapped only in a purple silk panty was enough to make me ravenously horny.While sipping my drink in the dark blue light of the TV in my bedroom I felt at peace with house being so quiet and decided that nothing on TV was worth interest so I reached for the remote and turned off TV and rolled over to go to sleep.That very night, late, she had slipped into my bedroom.  She was quiet and since I don’t bother closing Gölbaşı escort my bedroom door she was able to enter my room silently.  I am a light sleeper by nature and detected her presence in the doorway.  Through the darkness I could see Grace lift up her t-shirt and pull it over her head revealing to me her nakedness.  I took her in with my eyes and even with the dim gray light of the night I noticed the little patch of pubic hair, what she called her “Landing Strip” was absent, she must have shaved it.She climbed into the bed of her father, her lover.  Nestling herself under the sheets with me, squirming her tight and tanned little body tightly against me, her small hand sliding down from my chest, then to my stomach to finally rest clutching my cock. Her grip on me had started to transform me from a soft sleepy man to an erect and thoroughly aroused male.  While I was laying on my back she was curled on her right side to the left of my torso, her body connecting and pressing into me with her left leg (which had the chain and lock around her ankle) draped over me while grinding her naked pussy into my hip bone.  Her lips were inches from my left ear as she began to nuzzle me from the base of my neck to sliding a tongue into my ear.  I’m not sure what turns me on more, the sound of a woman breathing heavily into Keçiören escort bayan my ear purring with desire or her wet and slippery tongue?  “Daddy do you know how hot you are?  Jen wants to suck your cock and balls and tells me that she fantasizes about you jacking off for her.   Ummm  Uhhhhh  She dreams of you standing over her and telling her to open her mouth to drink your cum.”I leaned back and groaned as Grace’s  girlish little hand began to slide up and down my hardened extended shaft.  I noticed the crimson red of her fingertips couldn’t meet her palm as she tried to wrap her hand around my cock.  Her delicate fingers were too small and to me accentuated how vulnerable she could be.I sensed that my hot hardness had excited her more than she expected as her cunt forced itself on my hipbone at an ever increasing pace while she no longer spoke except for uttering primal emissions from her throat.______Grace:  I was thrilled to have Daddy’s cock in my hand, to feel its warmth, to feel its pulse and to  see the wetness that seeped from the little hole at the tip.  Despite what you’ve read, I’m not that experienced and haven’t been with that many boys but I’ve learned that I like men better than boys.  I knew it wasn’t water or piss at the tip of his cock, except that it was warm and slippery to my touch Escort Kızılay and had a unique smell.  With my other hand I took a drop on the pad of my fingertip and brought it to my mouth.  It was so warm, a bit salty but thats what a man tastes like, right?I reached down with my hand and placed my palm over my pussy and then with my wetness took the head of my Daddy’s cock into my palm.  His cock head was now deep red and I smeared his wetness and my juice together, what a hot mix!  He grunted while his hips moved with my fists, fists that held him as tightly as my asshole did the other day.  Now I was really getting hot and sat up and pulled back the sheets from my moaning Daddy.  I could barely see him but I instinctively knew to take his heavy balls into my left hand and his cock in my right and jacked him off with a firm tight grip.My Daddy is so good to me, he deserves this.   When Jen was over here last Saturday we made a huge mess by the pool and he didn’t complain at all.   In fact he gave me a silver chain and lock which is now wrapped around my ankle, so now I mean so much more to him I’m not just his daughter I’m his lover.I kept of the pace with my hands and really wanted to fuck him, to feel his manliness inside of me but I was still sore from the last time.  I kept watching his face as my eyes locked onto his and I told him:”Cum for me Daddy, will you come for me?”Daddy came came in great gushes of hot creamy juice that erupted up from the head of his cock, so high some of it splashed against my face and tits.  I was so happy and giggled with pleasure and pounded on his cock even more, milking him for every drop of cum he could make for me.

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