Grocery Shopping


Grocery ShoppingParris Morton walked up to the grocery store while chatting away with some lady from Tenders ‘n’ More who was taking the to-go order. Upon glancing to the left, Parris noticed a decently handsome, dark-skinned man wearing an oversized yellow polo, navy blue fitted baseball cap, and baggy jeans. Parris was somewhat attracted, but the guy was also on the phone. Parris picked up a basket and proceeded cautiously down a natural foods aisle – just to study the thug looking dude.Luckily for Parris, the man with the sexy swagger of a walk, headed down the same aisle. The look on his face was almost as lost as was Parris’.The thirty-one-year-old smiled at the stranger.“Can I ask you a question,” inquired the confused man.“Sure,” Parris replied.“I need some bacon, some shredded lettuce, and some cheese. Can you help me?”“Umm, I don’t have any money to buy you food.”“Nawl. I got da money. I just don’t know where nothin’ is in dis sto’. Can you help me find it?”“Okay! Sure! The shredded lettuce will be this way. Follow me.”Parris led the gentleman to the produce section and selected the store brand of shredded lettuce. The guy look bewildered.Parris checked, “What’s wrong?”“Dis da kinda lettuce you use fah salad,” he asked.“Not really. You want a salad mix?”“Uh, yeah!”“Oh oaky. Those are right over here,” the five-foot-four-inch mentor said tossing the leafy vegetable back and then grabbing an iceberg salad mix.The stranger nodded with approval and added, “I need some bacon to go in it now.”“You mean like bacon bits?”“Yeah!”Parris walked down the aisle and selected a pack of real bacon pieces. This, too, pleased the man. It was now time to get the cheese and other fixings. As they headed over to get those items, Parris heard the gentleman from behind talking on his cell phone.He was saying, “Yeah, mane. So waddup doe…Dat lady in pain again…Yeah…I know…I’m sayin’ I got like 20 Percocets…Yeah…Aight…I’ma hit you up when I leave da sto’.”Parris was not shocked at all. The guy even appeared to be a little high himself. It was of no consequence as they would be parting ways soon. The man was happy with the cubed ham. “I need da bes’ cheese.”“Okay, big money grip,” smirked Parris.“Damn. You pretty!”“Thank you, sweetie!”Parris grabbed some mild cheddar while the guy was on the phone again. This time he had walked away from his guide. When he returned, he said, “Dey say we need a mixture. Like some romaine. And some cucumber.Parris headed back towards produce to get the hearts of romaine. Handing him a cucumber, he grinned, “You think you can take dat?”“I know I can,” Parris answered matter-of-factly.“Oh, fah real?!? I wanna put mah dick in you.”“Well give me your number.”Parris güvenilir bahis dialed the number and placed a call so it would ring him. He opened his flip phone and closed it back promptly. Then he instructed, “Call me when you leave so I can come over.”“What time you wanna come over?”“In about a hour. But call when you leave.”“Okay. What’s your name?”“Tank.”“I’m Parris.”“Call me.”Parris now had the time to pick up the items needed at home. After checking out and driving the metallic gray 2014 Toyota RAV4 home, the registered nurse sat down the bags and called Tank.“Hello,” the man answered.“May I speak to Tank,” Parris asked.“Who? You got da wrong number?”“I just met you at the grocery store and you said to call.”“Oh. My bad. Yeah. Waddup?”“I was just hitting you back. I’m at home now.”There was a pause and some laughter in the background.“Hey I got a question,” Tank started. “Is you a man or a woman?”“Well, I was born a boy.”“What?”“I said I was born a boy.”“Huh? I cain’t hear you.”“I’m a faggot femboi,” Parris said loudly.“Oh shit. You a boy?!?!? I don’t get down like dat.”With that, Tank ended the call. Parris went back about his business of putting away the groceries and beginning to eat the chicken tenders he had purchased. While the caramel-skinned effeminate man caught up on a couple of TV shows via his streaming video service, he decided that he indeed wanted some dick on this Friday night. He had been super hopeful about his newfound friend from earlier, but now it seemed like a bust. He got up to go douche before searching out one his regulars to fulfill his needs. He surmised this was an easy venture since he worked at the V.A. hospital and always had a slew of current and former military men hitting on him and slipping him their numbers.Fully satisfied with how clean he was, he took a quick shower. Parris lathered up the loofa sponge with sweet honeysuckle and orange peel scented body wash. He hurriedly, but methodically, scrubbed himself. He started with his puffy nipples and worked the sponge all over his smooth chest. He bent down and focused on his feet and then his supple, silken legs – he had shaved them that morning. He washed his arms with care. Then he spent some time scrubbing his ass crack. This made him tingle. Finally, he soaped up his full, round, bubble booty cheeks. Now, he rinsed off. Instead of drying off with a towel, Parris grabbed the bottle of moisture-rich bath oil and began rubbing it all over his dripping, sleek body. In the end, he was glistening. He applied some deodorant and wafted pink vanilla scented body spray into the air so he could twirl through it. He dressed simply in a XXXL T-shirt. In the mirror, he admired how plump his türkçe bahis ass had gotten over the past three months. He smiled as he thought of how eating three peanut butter cup ice cream bars a day had made his thighs and butt thicker. They had also added some flesh to his small titties. Not only did he love it, but so did his bulls.Parris opened the medicine cabinet and extracted some ibuprofen. He poured out four tablets in his hand then marched into the kitchen. He pulled out a bottle of gin and some lemonade. He fixed a drink and then took the pain reliever. This cocktail would make him nice and relaxed for the inevitable pounding he was due to receive.He began looking at porn. The first video he selected was a Black man with a deep voice butt-fucking a Latina transsexual. His six-inch clitty was standing at attention. Then, his phone rang. It was Tank from the grocery store. “Hello,” Parris said apprehensively.“Whatchu doin’,” the five-foot-eleven-inch man quizzed.“Nothing. Just relaxing.”“I wanna come ovah. Wheah you stay at?”“What,” returned the glossy, hopeful, burnt-sugar complexioned, limp-wristed bottom.“I wanna come through.”“Oh okay. I’m near the grocery store on Old Mill Road.”“I’m right down da street from OMR. What apartments you stay in?”“The Coventry. It’s right next to the CVS at OMR and Roosevelt Boulevard.”“Yeah I know where dats at. I’ma be dere in bout twenty minutes.”“Alrighty then. Just call me when you get here so I can open the gate for you.”“Bet.”Parris refreshed his drink and went into the master bedroom. He shed his clothing and lit a vanilla cupcake candle. He slipped on a black lace bra & panty set along with some hot pink four-inch heels. He headed back in his bathroom to apply more body spritz. He turned on the central air conditioning unit and sprayed clean linen smelling air freshener in front of the intake vent. Parris now felt all was perfect for Tank’s arrival. The phone rang and it was his guest. Parris sent the code for the gate to open and he waited patiently for the man.Tank knocked on the front door. “Damn,” was all he could muster.“Come on in,” Parris gestured. “Do you like what you see?”“Hell yeah!”“Wanna go to my room?”“Yeah!”Tank followed Parris as he studied his juicy ass.“Have a seat,” offered the host.Once Parris joined Tank on the bed, the man grabbed him and kissed him on the lips. “Damn! You so sexy,” Tank confessed.“Thanks, baby,” Parris replied.“You got mah dick on hard,” he revealed removing his pants.Parris leapt to his knees and gripped the eight-inch prick with both of his slender hands. He kissed the head and wrapped his lips around it. He went down the shaft slowly – slobber was dripping onto the floor. Parris güvenilir bahis siteleri bob his from side to side to add to the effect.“You can suck some dick,” Tank approved.Tank’s phone rang. He looked at the incoming number and decided to ignore it. He pushed Parris’ head back and announced, “I wanna put dis dick in you.”Parris turned over on his stomach. Tank knelt down and spat on the warm, tight hole. He massaged the spit with his fingers before mounting Parris. At that moment, Tank got another call. He hopped up with his hard dick swinging between his legs. He snatched up his phone and opened it up. “Yeah,” he glared.“Yo, mane. Wheah you at,” the husky voice asked.“I had tah git some gas. I’ma be dere in ten minutes.”“Aight!”Tank closed the phone and barked, “Git ready, sexy!” He worked his member into Parris’ tense rectum. He nibbled on his neck to relax his muscles. His manhood went inside slowly as Parris whined out in pain. Parris pulled his ass cheeks apart. His breathing was labored. He opened a vial of poppers and inhaled a great deal. The rush went over his head and caused his body to loosen up. Tank felt the booty hole allow him to go balls deep. He pushed his dick in to the hilt and pulled it out halfway. He gave powerful, deliberate strokes for starters.Parris moaned. Tank lifted himself with his arms and increased his rhythm. “Oh my god,” whined Parris.“You like dat dick,” checked Tank.“Hell yeah! You got some good muthafuckin’ dick, nigga!”“Dat pussy feel so good!”“Give it to me, daddy! Fuck me with that big dick.”“Oh shit! You takin’ it too! Git up on yo’ knees.”Parris raised up on all fours.“Look at dat phat ass,” Tank mused as he smacked Parris’ behind.“Ooh, daddy! I love it when you spank me! I’ve been a bad li’l faggot,” the bottom whimpered.“You have? Daddy gon’ spank you fah real!”“Yes, daddy! I love it! Fuck me.”Tank slaughtered Parris’ asspussy before requesting that he get on top to ride it.Parris mounted the thug as Tank gripped the sissy’s deliciously globular butt.“Ride daddy dick,” Tank howled. “Ride dat shit, bitch!” He slapped the firm, yet pliable booty as the limp-wristed sex kitten bounced up and down. “Fuck, baby! Dat shit feel good!”“You like how I ride that big Black dick with my faggot ass,” quizzed Parris.“Yeah, faggot!”Just then Tank’s phone rang. “Got dammit,” he rolled his eyes in exasperation. “I gotta git dis nigga back his whip. I gotta go.” He slapped Parris’ ass once more and lifted the sissy off his member. “I’ma come put dis dick back in you tah-night.”“What time,” Parris inquired.“Round bout one,” Tank promised.“Okay, I can’t wait.”“Good I’ma be back,” the irritated man responded.After Tank dressed, Parris walked him to the front door. Before opening it to leave, Tank pulled Parris close and put his hands on that big donk. He kissed Parris’ lips and then said, “I’ma hit you up. Be ready!”Parris went off to clean up and daydream about Tank’s return.

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