Group Interview


Author’s note: In this story, the wildest fantasies of the men invited to a group interview come true. Includes werewolf TF, erectile implants, and hyper cock.


Jordan realized that his shoulders were touching his ears. With effort, he brought them down and, breathing deeply, tilted his head side to side a few times to loosen his muscles.

It’s just a job interview, he told himself. You’ve done this a million times before.

And yet…

Jordan looked nervously around the room. Men stood at tiny tables in groups of three or more and chatted with each other.

All of these men were incredibly, unbelievably hot. He took good care of himself — he made sure to eat right, he did enough pushups to fill out his shirt, and he had a well-toned body from his hobby of rock climbing. Objectively speaking, Jordan was hot. But some of these men were the big, beefy types he would lust after, maybe even “growl” at, in the gay dating app Wolverine.

Which only made sense — this was, after all, an interview to work in the Wolverine offices. Which meant that the men in this room were good looking and smart. Which left Jordan sitting in the corner, feeling self-conscious. It did not help that most of the guys had gotten the memo to dress on the more “casual” side of business casual — while Jordan sweated in polished loafers and slacks and a buttoned-up starched shirt and tie, the men around him were wearing Hawaiian shirts, light-colored polos, Bermuda shorts, boat shoes, and even open-faced sandals.

The sight of so much exposed masculine skin, combined with memories of hookups from the Wolverine app, led Jordan to fantasizing. His cock didn’t grow erect anymore, but it still throbbed with arousal, making his permanent half-erection (from the bendable rods implanted inside the phallus) feel like a full-on erection. Jordan grabbed a nearby cocktail napkin and doodled something, anything, to try and calm his fantasizing.

Just as Jordan realized how phallic the doodled rocket ship was, the door from the beach slid open. A large and heavily muscled man strode through. He was the perfect specimen of health you would expect from this beach metropolis. Clean-shaven, ear-to-ear grin, and muscles that made the clipboard in his hand look tiny.

“Okay folks,” he boomed out. The chatter in the room quieted down. “Thank you, everyone, for coming all this way — sorry I’m late, traffic is a mess at this time of day!”

The audience chuckled.

The man flashed a Colgate smile. “My name is Michael. It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you all. This is the final stage of the interview process. If you are in this room right now, congratulations. You’ve gone through a rigorous interview process, and we at Wolverine have found you to meet our highest standards.”

A pleased murmur went around the room. Pride swelled in Jordan’s chest — no matter what happened next, he had been invited here. How many people could say that?

“Now, I’m going to pass around some paperwork. It’s just a formality — I think you’ll all enjoy this interview.” Michael winked.

By the time the paper came around to Jordan, he was dying of curiosity. He skimmed through it — it was a pretty standard waiver of risk, like what you’d find before getting a day pass to the rock climbing gym. Weird, though, for a job interview. He’d heard of tech companies who made their new hires go through a ropes course — zipline and stuff like that — to do a “team-building” activity. Maybe they would do something like that?

Jordan had no idea how right he would turn out to be.


“Okay, thank you very much, gentlemen.” Michael went around gathering papers. “As many of you have no doubt guessed, this isn’t your typical interview.”

Michael picked up a tray that Jordan hadn’t noticed before — had it always been there? It held a dozen or so champagne flutes. Each contained no more than two or three sips of a neon-blue concoction.

When Michael had finished distributing the drinks, he said, “Before we go any further, Topkapı Escort I’m going to explain the interview process. You can still back out — there is absolutely no obligation to continue with the process to get these positions.”

He paused for effect. The room was completely silent as everyone looked at him. “Listen carefully to me: These drinks will, literally, cause your deepest fantasies to come true.”

A murmur went around the room.

“Deepest fantasies, huh?” a guy called out.

“Yes,” Michael said. “Whatever you spend most of your time fantasizing about, these drinks will materialize.”

A man raised his hand. “So does that mean I’ll be teleported to a quiet beachside hut in Fiji and never have to work again?”

This brought shocked chuckles from the crowd who looked at the man.

“Hmm,” Michael said with a frown that suggested that the Fiji-fantasizer had just failed his interview. “Not exactly. You see, we at Wolverine strive to create a unique customer experience and create a space for our users to engage in hot conversations. We are constantly pushing the envelope to create the best gay ‘chatting’ experience.” He smiled a knowing grin.

“We are always looking for the most creative men who will help us in all aspects of our operation — market penetration, word-of-mouth, and organizational assistance.”

Michael looked around the room when naming each of these three categories, and when he came to ‘organizational assistance,’ he seemed to look straight at Jordan. Jordan flushed. He was just an IT guy!

“When you drink these–” Michael held up his own glass– “Your biggest sexual fantasy will immediately come true.”

All the men in the room murmured to each other. Jordan tried to maintain a straight face, wondering if this was some sort of prank.

“Now, I can hear most of you doubting this. But it’s true. Look at me.” He flexed all his muscles — the skin-tight white T-shirt was so sheer that everyone could see the ripples of Michael’s abs, his titanic pecs, and his bulging biceps…

Jordan’s cock throbbed more insistently. God, this man was hot.

“Well, gentlemen. Bottoms up.”

Everyone chuckled at the joke.

“I thought we were doing this from the top down,” chimed in a beefy, swarthy man at the table next to Jordan. He looked right at Jordan and winked at him.

Jordan flashed a smile and retorted, “I think we need to be versatile in our approach.”

That made everyone laugh, including Michael. Jordan flushed.

“Cheers, gentlemen,” Michael said, holding up his glass and then taking a sip. All of the interviewees clinked glasses — except for Jordan, who just raised his glass and sipped. The drink tasted how it looked — neon blue — and it had strong kick from something Jordan couldn’t identify. It made Jordan feel warm. He loosened his tie and unbuttoned his top button.

“Hello,” a deep voice growled besides him. It was the top who had nodded at him earlier! He was sitting across the table from Jordan. “Name’s Sean.” He held his hand, a huge, meaty paw.

God, that voice — it made Jordan’s cock throb like nothing else.

Jordan smiled. “Hi, I’m Jordan. Nice to meet ya.” He held out a hand. Sean took it in a big meaty paw and gripped, hard. Oh god. He was so strong and sexy — Jordan couldn’t take his eyes off of Sean’s well-defined forearms that led up to rippling biceps. Jordan’s arousal grew stronger and more insistent — he swore he could feel his cock inflating and starting to point upwards of its own volition — but that was impossible, he usually had to reach down and bend his cock upward, like a goose-neck lamp…

Far away, a mechanical whirr sounded. Jordan looked around and saw that panes of black mesh curtains were rolling over the doors and windows, dimming the light.

Sean chuckled, his large eyes taking in the scene. “Mood lighting, huh?” His teeth, framed by a big curly beard, glinted in the dim light.

Jordan snapped his eyes back up at Sean’s and was knocked breathless Topkapı Escort Bayan — those eyes. They were gorgeous — a peculiar shade of green that Jordan hadn’t seen before, shot through with golden streaks.

Jordan’s cock twitched. This time, there was no denying it — his cock was standing erect! It stuck out from his body and pitched a proud tent in his slacks. A tension Jordan hadn’t even known he was holding had dissipated and he felt relaxed, truly relaxed for the first time in a long time.

Jordan smiled back at Sean. “Looks like our fantasies are about to come true after all.” He raised his glass. “To fantasies.”

Sean grinned and held up his glass. “To fantasies.”

Both men chugged the remnants of the strange blue glowing drink.

“Oh god!” Jordan exclaimed as the drink hit him hard. It seemed to punch him in the chest, then go straight to his cock — ever enlarging, ever throbbing —

All the blood was officially gone from Jordan’s head as his cock insistently throbbed, harder and harder. Jordan vaguely wondered what had happened to the metal erectile prosthetic embedded in his dick, but, before he could complete that thought, Sean was standing in front of him, then pulling at Jordan’s tie and sweeping up Jordan in a wet, sloppy kiss, a kiss full of ravenous hunger…

Jordan’s cock was pointing towards Sean, towards its target, a thought that pushed Jordan to greater heights of arousal. It strained against the fabric of his pants, desperate to be released from its confines. Jordan spread his legs to give the growing cock room. It felt unbelievably hard, harder than any other cock he had encountered before…

Now Sean was standing between Jordan’s legs, his hard muscular arms holding Jordan tightly, Sean’s own rock-hard dick grinding against Jordan’s through their pants. Oh, god, he smelled so good. Sean seemed hairier, too, his arms completely carpeted in hair up to his t-shirt sleeves, his chest hair spilling out of his v-neck shirt and seeming to merge into his beard. And those gigantic, muscular pecs — they were impressive before, but Jordan could swear they were growing, growing bigger and harder and more muscular so that they wrapped up Jordan in pure, powerful masculine comfort… and yet, there was so much chest hair that they pillowed Jordan’s face…

Jordan’s cock twitched, straining against its confines. Then —


Jordan’s giant, titanium-hard cock ripped through his pants!

“What the –!”

Sean’s laugh boomed. “Nice fantasy, sparky.” No question about it — he was bigger than before, and his voice was deeper, too. And — were his eyes yellower than before?

Jordan barely heard Sean past the pounding of blood flowing straight to his dick… with each throb, his cock lengthened, became girthier. Before he could think about it, he reached out and touched it — it was hard, like a literal rod of metal wrapped in skin. As if the metal of the erectile implants had fused into the rest of his cock…

“Oh god,” Jordan moaned. He realized that that was exactly what had happened — The core of his cock was metal. He had a robo-dick now!

“Sean…” he gasped, “Feel this…”

This realization drove all thought out of his mind — As if his hips had a mind of their own, he began to grind his naked dick against Sean’s shorts, feeling a thrill at the vulnerability of his exposed cock contrasted with Sean’s clothed-ness…

As if drawn into its magnetism, Sean reached down and groped Jordan’s cock, felt how it was drooling.

“Holy crap,” Sean said, “Is that precum?”

Jordan was lost in his own fantasy-world, completely driven out of his mind with pleasure, but, answering from afar, he grunted an assent.

Sean grinned deviously. “I’m gonna suck the cum out of your cock, now.”

He knelt down in front of Jordan, who was still seated on the chair at his table, and ever-so-gently pulled Jordan’s cock towards him. He squeezed Jordan’s turgid tool.

“Holy crap,” Sean said, Escort Topkapı “This is hard.”

Jordan laughed. “You’re telling me.”

Sean licked Jordan’s cockhead like an ice cream cone. Jordan gasped, then moaned.

Sean’s mouth was enveloping Jordan’s cock, now — and his head was moving up and down the shaft, Jordan’s cockhead bumping against his throat — Sean was sloppily gulping Jordan down, his noises of pleasure and slopping wet sounds —

Jordan was gonna cum any second now!!

Just then —


Sean burst out of his shirt! He withdrew his mouth from Jordan’s cock, which throbbed with an almost-release as it pointed towards Sean, as if it were trying to entice the other man back.

A second later, Sean’s shorts tore to tatters — but, like the Hulk, his purple boxer briefs somehow stayed on and managed to contain Sean’s huge throbbing bulge, the underwear’s white piping framing the bulge very nicely.

Sean grinned. His canids were huge now, and his entire face was covered with hair, from beard to head, contrasting with his eyes — which were completely yellow now.

“Oh my god,” Jordan gasped and stroked the fur on Sean’s face. It felt soft and sprung back when touched, like a well-cared-for beard. “Werewolf fantasy?”

Sean nodded. Then he licked his lips — Jordan realized that his face had elongated, so gradually that he did not notice at first. He now had a snout!

Jordan smiled and stroked Sean’s muzzle. Sean murrred, a soft sound that was quite incongruous with the rest of his now-ferocious appearance, his huge build (nearly 1 ¼ of Jordan’s height, and significantly more muscular and thicker-built), his gleaming teeth, the animalistic fur that now covered every square inch of his body.

Jordan was tempted to chuckle at the incongruity, but he became aware of the man’s breath, hot in his face, moistening his glasses with the sheer passion of it, the pheremones within Sean’s breath taking ahold of something deep in Jordan’s mind, some unbridled expression of pure lust overtaking all his reason…

Sean’s gigantic, throbbing cock stuck out, pulsing in Jordan’s face, the veins in bas-relief begging Jordan to take the cock in his mouth, to suck it…

Now Sean was grunting and growling, in a deep rough bass that matched the rest of his ferocious appearance… his claws grasped both sides of Jordan’s head, then guided Jordan up and down his cockshaft, bucking his hips and driving the cock in, out, in, out of Jordan’s mouth, using his face like a second (or third) man-pussy…

Jordan began to gasp with near-orgasmic pleasure, his breath coming faster and faster…

That drove Sean to the brink, and he pumped volume after volume of hot cum into Jordan’s belly, filling him up, inflating him…

Panting, the two men made their ways over to a nearby sofa, supporting each other as they went, their deflating gigantic cocks pointing the way in front of them like water divining sticks leading them to rest and bliss…

A short time later, they awoke, finding themselves in each other’s arms, covered with sticky acres of bodily fluid and tattered remnants of clothing.

Jordan cracked an eye open and saw that Michael — the interviewer — was towering over him, along with a bunch of other guys — a hot bear, a lanky twink who had a look that said “I’m fucking hung,” an otter with close-cut hair and a small belly pooch, a smoldering hot tan and dark-haired type, a round-faced man sporting a curly beard and large, curly flops…

“Sean,” Jordan whispered, gently nudging the werewolf.

“Hnngh?” Sean murmured. Pulling himself out of sleep, he gradually came to. When he saw who was standing in front of them, his eyes went wide.

“H-hello!” Sean chuckled nervously. “Fancy seeing you here.”

Michael burst out laughing. “Dude,” he said. “Buddy, I cannot even begin to tell you. That was quite the performance, both of you.” He winked at Jordan, who blushed.

The bear thrust out his hand. “Name’s Lambert. I’m the CEO of Wolverine. We’re all pleased to meet you.” One by one, the other men waved softly. “You guys are hired!”

A grin spread across Sean’s face, slowly warming up the room with a dazzling radiance.. Jordan sighed — he really liked this guy. He couldn’t wait to work with him.

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