Growing Anticipation Ch. 01


It was the beginning of summer. Time for sun and fun was here. Mom and myself had just arrived at a secluded cabin that my uncle owned by the lake. It was just going to be the two of us for a month. With as stressful as school was for me and work for her, it was a much needed vacation. The car pulled to a stop and we got out. I went to the trunk and pulled out the luggage and took it inside. Mom only took in a couple bags. She was the small type, only 5’2″. Long wavy brown hair with deep brown soulful eyes. She was honestly one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen. She just had one of those perfect faces you simply couldn’t take your eyes off. Sometimes I’d catch myself looking at her just a little too long. She also had a knockout body. She had a tiny waist and probably around DD cup breasts. She always dressed pretty conservatively though. Baggy shirts and jeans, nothing ever form fitting.

A couple weeks prior I had gotten some pills that would help me grow. They promised not only to make me longer and have more girth, but increase my libido. I wasn’t small, but I figured a few more inches wouldn’t hurt. They were already starting to work and I saw no reason to stop. I could tell that I had already grown from 3 inches limp to 4. I looked in the mirror, lifted it up under my palm and let it drop back down again. I figured I might as well give it a test run. But before I even started to stimulate it, just looking at it, it was starting to grow. At this point it was sort of a snow ball effect and kept pulsing and rising. It was definitely bigger than it had ever been. I brought out the tape measure and sure enough, it was 8 inches. I smiled to myself and gave it a few strokes. I just remembered that we weren’t done unpacking. I wanted to finish myself off but I couldn’t leave the bags out there, a storm was coming. I put it back in my pants pointing up and zipped it back up. There was a problem. The button was really tight now. I couldn’t very well push it down, that would hurt too much. If I buttoned it now as hard as I was, I might risk losing it right in front of my mother. I decided to leave it undone, unpack the bags and then finish it later.

I went back downstairs to help. My shirt was a little on the short side. It only went down to just my waist line on my jeans. Hopefully that would be enough. When I came back down I was a little shocked though. Mom had already gotten into the spirit of summer and taken off her shirt. She had on a white tank top and a bikini on underneath. If I didn’t know any better I would have said her breasts were bigger than I remembered. It even looked like they were spilling out of the bottom of the bikini. She stumbled a little bit and dropped her purse. Out fell a bottle from the same company I had bought my pills from. Could she have gotten something similar to what I had gotten?

“Wow mom you look great, but somehow different.”

“Really?” She stopped slouching for a bit. She was a really shy woman. She was sexy as could be but always unassuming. No matter what she did or how sexy she did it, she was clearly not aware of what she could do to men, especially me. She turned around and I got an eyeful. Her waist and hips were nearly like a Barbie dolls. Her wide curvaceous hips setoff by an unbelievably narrow waist. Some women wearing a corset would be uncomfortable if they had it tight enough to make them look like my mother. And her tank top was small enough that it hugged her body skin-tight. The ribbing around her breasts was stretched wide. For once in her life she had stuck her chest out. They were at least an E cup. My eyes drank in the beautiful sight of her cleavage. I could feel it pulsing in my pants and I knew I couldn’t stay like this much longer. I could feel the zipper starting to strain. “I thought getting some new tops would be in order. We are going to be out here for awhile.” She laughed playfully, making her chest jiggle a bit. I could feel the zipper fall down a notch. I rushed inside as quick as I could. I dropped the luggage and ran straight to my room.

Day 3

The only way I could maintain myself was through meditation. My mom’s breasts were clearly growing as well. All of her tops were exceedingly tight. In only a few days, even my limp length grew considerably. I was now at a solid 6 inches limp. I didn’t want to tempt fate and get myself erect like the other day. I was curious as to how much it would grow when erect, but the risk just wasn’t worth it. I couldn’t possibly risk being erect in front of my mom now. If I did there was no telling what would happen. As big as I was there would surely be no concealing the fact that I was hard. I made sure to bring some boxers and boxer briefs. I figured today would be a good day for boxer briefs considering how pent up I was. As long as I stayed calm, I’d have no problem. I put on my briefs and looked in the mirror. The humongous tube that was my cock was clearly outlined even sucked tight against the head. Even though I knew I suadiye escort shouldn’t I decided to test my self control. I looked at it and let it grow a little. It engorged a bit. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. In a matter of seconds it was back to normal again. I looked at it and let it grow, this time to about half length. I closed my eyes, and again I was back to normal swiftly. I cupped my hand over it and let it grow to full length. I knew I was asking for trouble but I decided to do it anyways. It came well out of the bottom of my shorts. The skin tight and veins protruding, pulsing like it couldn’t breathe. I got the tape measure and it was 10 inches. I was trying to get it to go back down but it was much more difficult this time. Now I was turned on and in heat. It took about a full minute for it to even start to go back down. But once it did I came back in control quickly.

I put on some jeans and went downstairs. When I saw mom I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was wearing just some shorts and a vest. Her breasts were clearly larger than a few days ago. She had been wearing baggy clothing ever since. This was the first thing she wore that had shown any of her breasts. It had 6 buttons. There was a little cleavage showing at the top but not much. What made my jaw drop was that nearly more than half of her side breast was showing. I could immediately feel my heart start to race. When our eyes met she just smiled and came over to hug me. I wanted to let it grow but I knew I couldn’t let that happen. I closed my eyes, breathed deep and embraced her. Her chest was pushing into mine. This was unbearable. She relaxed her hug a little bit and looked up at me sheepishly. In the process of hugging me, one of her buttons had popped off. She was still quite decent but that was not what I needed at the time.

She walked back over to the table where she had several of her outfits and was making adjustments to them. “I found a way to finally get myself a raise at work. I saw an ad for some pills that enhance breast size. What I didn’t know was how big they would make me. I’m already several sizes bigger. “, she said.

“I thought you looked a little different.”

She laughed and replied “Oh thank you baby. It’s good to know that they’re noticeable. But before I start making adjustments to my clothes, I need to take a few measurements. Could you help me?”

“Sure, what do you need me to do?”

“I need you to help me measure them first so I know how big I am. But before we do that I need to take this top off.” She undid one of her buttons and kept talking. My breathing was increasing and so was my nervousness. Another button came undone, and another. She just kept talking nonchalantly like she was completely oblivious to what she was doing. I was now visibly hard in my pants. The shaft was a good 8 inches and tingling with excitement. I saw her eyes glance down at my crotch and knew she had to have seen it. I figured I had better say something before she did.

“Mom, I’m so sorry.” I looked down. I heard a giggle so I looked up.

“About what honey?” I gulped and couldn’t speak. “What’s the matter?” She looked down at my erection again. I was continuing to grow because she was looking at it. I was beating inside my jeans and was completely cornered. I had been caught red handed with an erection in front of my mom when I clearly had a reason to be hard. I decided it would be best to just confess to what I had done to myself. The pills and everything. I started to speak but she cut me off. “That?” She closed her eyes and laughed again. “Oh baby don’t worry about that. I know boys get erections when they’re not turned on all the time. In fact I’d be worried that something was wrong if you didn’t get them from time to time.” I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. She really didn’t have any clue that what she was wearing was making me grow.

“I thought you might think….”

“Think what?” She undid the second to last button. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was growing more nervous by the second.

“That…uhhh”. I couldn’t help it. We were looking eye to eye. I looked to the side and around a bit, thinking of how I was going to get out of this, but couldn’t think of anything. My eyes wandered to her chest and went back to her eyes. She blinked and smiled.

“Oh THAT!” she laughed. She threw her head back and playfully placed her hand on my chest, letting it fall to my stomach. I tensed up and clenched my abdomen. She cupped my side a little and surely could feel the ripples of my obliques. “No of course not. That’s ridiculous. I know you wouldn’t get hard because of me. I’m your mother. Honestly, why would you get hard because of me?”. As soon as she finished that sentence she undid the last button. “Look I know you’re hard but just because I’m in the same room with you doesn’t mean it’s because of me. I know I’ve grown a lot in the past few days, but that has nothing to do with you getting hard yakacık escort right now.” She looked down at what was growing inside my pants and raised an eyebrow. She turned around and took off the vest, placing her left arm over herself and covered everything that needed to be covered. “Can you hand me that tape measure?” My hand shaking, I handed it to her. She wrapped it around her and gave the ends to me behind her back. I put them together and measured. She placed it on her breasts and I measured again. She scribbled on some paper to do some math for a second. “Wow I’m already a Double F cup already!”. She put the vest on again and only did the bottom two buttons. It was now open to well below the bottom of her breasts. I was seriously afraid she would pop out. She was jumping up and down in excitement. Her breasts were quite round and not at all saggy. They hung a little, just the right amount, but stuck out amazingly far on her small frame. Amazingly, despite that she was bouncing all over the place, she still wasn’t coming out of her vest.

“Mom ummm, You ….might wanna…be careful jumping around like that.”


“Well you didn’t quite finish …” I continued my point by pointing to the only two buttons done on her vest.

“Are you afraid I might come out of my top?” I nodded, completely red in the face. “Oh don’t worry about that. I couldn’t come out of this if I tried.” She put her hands down at the bottom of her vest and shook them back and forth. “See?” She was right. Despite the fact she was shaking them back and forth, she didn’t come out. I mentioned that that was a little different than when she wasn’t holding it in place. She let go and shook back and forth again. Not even holding back. Mom was still not falling out. Granted there was a lot, A LOT, showing, Ashley was still not indecent in any way. During this whole time she was completely oblivious. Her breasts may as well have been as sexual as her forearm, which is to say “not at all”. Oddly the fact that a woman who was this well endowed and doing what she was doing would normally be perceived as coming on to someone. But anyone trying to convince her that she was doing anything that could turn her son on would be met with utter disbelief. They may as well have tried to convince her that the sky was falling.

Day 6

Things were getting worse by the day. Mom’s breasts were showing no sign of stopping their growth, neither was I for that matter. I couldn’t stop taking the pills. If I was going to do this, I had to do it until I was at the full length it would make me. The directions said that I would naturally stop growing when my body couldn’t make it any bigger. Additionally, if I stopped, then started again, I wouldn’t see any more growth. Even worse, if I ever stopped taking them for more than a week, my libido could go away completely. Although things currently were nearly out of hand, I wasn’t prepared to lose my drive for the rest of my life. I couldn’t have known things would get this out of hand. It wasn’t my fault. I knew I had to tell her what I had done. And I needed to tell her sooner than later. I was walking around with erections far more than when I wasn’t. Even worse, I had a habit of growing right when she would come into the room. A person would think that would be an obvious sign after awhile that she was the one turning me on, and she was. Yet she still honestly had no clue that she was the reason her son was growing. Her outfits were becoming gradually more risqué but only because of how much she was growing. It seemed at the rate she was growing she would inevitably start showing more than would be considered decent.

Despite what was going on, I still managed to hold fast to my dedication. I still hadn’t released since we came to the cabin. How could I? If I did that, given the circumstances, it would mean I was weak. It would be giving in to what I knew was wrong. However turned I got, I knew I couldn’t lose myself. I had to stay centered, focused. Meditating daily was the only thing keeping me sane. Granted, not letting go was also contributing to my arousal, but I had to overcome that. It was a huge obstacle, but one that I knew I could overcome.

I gathered myself and did my morning control exercise. I scooped it up underneath, my hand supporting it in the middle. The head dangled down and almost touched my thigh. I opened my eyes and gazed at it, my hand relaxed and open, letting go of any resistance that would hold it down. It started to fill just like a fire hose. Every pulse would make it raise. It would fall a little but the next throb would bring it higher. It was a pure pleasure to see what I had done to myself with these pills. A part of me was shocked that I would do this to my body. How could I take what was perfectly normal and make it something this oversized? But then as I watched that part of me grow, and felt how electric it was, I couldn’t deny it. I felt better than I had ever felt in my life. şerifali escort Not just physically, but it was a huge ego boost. I could walk down the street knowing that I had something special. The website said that it would only allow a person’s full potential to be realized. Nothing more, nothing less. They also had a section of the site where customers could take pictures and prove how big they had gotten. There were pictures of some very large guys. There were pictures of 9″ up to 12″ when fully hard. I had them all beat. It felt like a small victory. Scratch that, it was a “huge” victory. I could already tell I was bigger than yesterday. I grabbed the ruler knowing it wouldn’t be long enough. I placed it along the length. I gripped the cool metal against the underside of my length. No, it was definitely time to break out the tape measure. I draped it along the length. I was a solid 12 inches hard. I wanted to give it a squeeze, to stroke it, do –something-, but I didn’t. I had to be strong. I had to be the good son I knew I should be. I put on my boxer briefs and looked at myself in the mirror. I pulled them out a little at the leg, to let it fall. The very tip was peaking out. If I went out in my briefs I would have to be very careful indeed. I pushed it back up so it was completely inside. I let go and let myself grow. It expanded and bent a little in the cramped briefs. I sorely needed some bigger underwear. But as far out as we were, that just wasn’t feasible. It would have to wait until the vacation was over. The fabric was straining. It looked like it was on the verge of tearing. Now I was getting scared. I closed my eyes and made it go back down. It was more important now than ever to keep control of myself. Getting hard was one thing. Having an erection that I couldn’t control around my mom and hard enough to rip my clothes was another thing entirely. I couldn’t risk putting on my jeans now. They were already too tight. I pulled out my shorts. They were down to just above my knees. If I kept growing I would start hanging out the bottom of them. But for now they would have to do until I got new clothes. Or until mom could adjust the ones I had. I put on my button up shirt and went downstairs.

When I came down I knew she would be bigger. I was hoping today some sort of balance would be reached. If she stopped growing, that would be a big step in helping me control myself. But the fact that she kept getting bigger was breaking my will every time. Today was no different. She had on a demi cup bra that perfectly cupped her breasts. Even though she looked like she was about to spill out, she still wasn’t showing anything that would get a warning for public indecency. I decided better tell her while I still had the mental capacity.

“Mom, it’s no secret that I’ve been getting hard around you a lot these past few days. I have an explanation. I swear.” She smiled and her eyes lit up.

“What is it baby? You can tell me anything. You know that right?” Her completely innocent way of saying that, contrasted with how much she was showing was blowing my mind.

“Yes, of course. The thing is, I’ve been taking these pills that have been making me grow. They don’t just make um….-it- (I pointed down to my groin)… bigger, but makes it harder a lot more frequent. That’s why it’s been so hard for me to keep it down.”

“See.”, she said, “I knew you weren’t getting hard because of me. I knew there had to be an explanation. You aren’t trying to keep it down are you?” She had a look of concern on her face.

“Yes, I am.”

“Honey you can’t do that! You’ll end up damaging yourself. If it starts growing you need to let that happen.” Even as she was saying that I could feel my heart start to beat faster. The vein in my neck was beating as my temperature rose. Control was fading fast. “Whenever you feel that coming over you, just let it go ok? It’s just your body awakening.” She walked closer to me and put her hand on my chest. “I’ll help you get through this no matter what. I’ll do whatever I can.” I nodded. “But if you’re trying to keep it under control, I will do my best to help take your mind off of it ok?” Again I nodded. She smiled making it all seem better. I relaxed a little. “But first we need to take my measurements again. I just can’t seem to stop growing.” She placed her hands over the top of her breasts and let them fall over them until they stopped at her stomach. She pulled the straps down and let them fall. Instead of having me do it, she did it. Unsurprisingly, she had grown again. She was now a FF cup. Just hearing her say that made it lurch a little. No longer was it completely soft. She pulled her bra back up. I could see on the table she was working on a piece of crochet. It had a very intricate design. “What do you think?” She held it up. I couldn’t quite tell what it was because it had too many holes in it. “It’s the kind of top I’m going to have to wear when I outgrow my bras.” My lips parted. The crochet was very open. It had what appeared to be circles that would cover her nipples. But only time would tell if it actually would cover them. She held it up over her chest, “Isn’t it pretty?” I nodded as I stared at her chest. My imagination was running wild. It was starting to rise.

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