Guiding Hand of Fate Ch. 1


It was on March 15, 1932, little Anna was born to Lord and Lady Edgmont. Lord Edgmont was little pained to know that he had had a daughter. The Edgmonts’ were one of the oldest families in the history of the Monarchy, serving the empire in the East. Lord Edgmont, knowing that his wife had only one chance at motherhood, would have preferred a son to continue the Edgmont lineage.

Alas, the curse was coming true. He had to pay for his brutal ways. A local mystic had cursed his family. He had “willed” that the Edgmont lineage would end with him and that his daughter would shroud his family in shame for all eternity.

Lord Edgmont looked at his dainty daughter. Was she not the embodiment of what an angel would look like? How could she shame the family? Golden hair, blue eyes and every single delicate feature of beauty had been bestowed on her. The golden stork had indeed brought a beautiful message to their home.

Why him, Lord Edgmont pondered? He had only done what was required of him as a duty. Every practical soul within his social circle admired his guts and conviction. There were some that thought that his ways were “crass.” You could not be effective without breeding fear. The lesser souls of the world had to be treated that way. They were created to serve and to obey.

Little Anna grew up in the company of a native nanny and a private English tutor. Apart from the three Rs’, she learnt ballet, tennis, and sword fighting. Unlike her father, she showed a clear propensity for art. Politics and other affairs of the state bored her. She could sketch very well on her own. Literature interested her. She loved music too, music of all sorts. She shocked her parents by insisting on going to native concert recitals. To her, native tunes had a sense of intrigue and mystery, as compared to the western tunes that seemed to come from the heart.

She had very little free time, as her days were programmed heavily. During the little break after tea, she would walk down the lush but untamed greens at the back of the Edgmont House, singing tunes spotting birds and generally communing with nature. The little village (where their house was located) had more rainy days than sunny ones, resulting in lush greenery. There was a huge leafy tree in the middle of the woods. A brook (technically a tributary), part of a larger river, flowed by the tree a good 50 miles into the sea. She loved swinging on the vines of the tree or just lazing under it, talking to herself. She was allowed two hours of his.

She grew up a lonely and quite girl. Anna’s father was a non-entity to her, by his own doing. He ignored her. He always came late, spent his time with strange women, shouted and barked at everyone. No one liked him. In a way Anna’s mother was the same. She was always very sick, and never came out of her room.

It was during one of these outings that she had met Guran. Guran was a strapping young manservant, who did odd jobs at her father’s jute fields. He had been with the family for short time. He always bore an expressionless face. It creased into a smile only when he saw Anna. He grew to like the girl genuinely and would often entertain her by telling her stories, imitating animals, making crude toys, or just playing hide and seek.

Over a period of time, Anna and Guran became good friends and even though Guran’s English was a little crude and broken (he had a tendency to translate his thoughts into English rather than think in English and sounded quite funny). Anna could understand what he had to say. Both Anna and Guran began to enjoy these afternoons. To Guran, Anna represented freshness and innocence. To Anna, Guran was a great friend, and at a subliminal level, a Man whom she could trust. He submitted to her every whim, breaking the rules of the game whenever Anna deemed it fit.

The other servants and locals liked the fresh white lily that Anna was. Her popularity came at two levels, one at the physical level and the second, her friendly nature. Here is little Lady they thought. Only Guran got to see the naughty and playful side that she otherwise concealed so well. Their afternoons by the leafy tree were a private affair. Guran never talked about it and neither did Anna. Not that anyone significant would have cared!


Anna’s sexual awakening came in an unrefined way. Sex education was not a part of the three Rs’. Her tutor was way too prudish and formal to impart anything as beautiful as that. Even her coming of age had been treated as if it were one more call of nature that had to be answered.

It was her father. Anna had caught her father lustily mounting her nanny. It was not just once or twice. It had happened several times. Of course, her young mind could not comprehend fully. The first time he had seen them, she had come running out. The second time, she had viewed the concert in lust for a little longer. Over repeated encounters, she was able to tell that it brought them both immense pleasures.

It involved the use of what her nanny had called “private parts.” It involved Anadolu Yakası Yabancı Escort a lot of spanking, pinching, and biting. It made her weak in the legs and tight in the stomach. She had even sweat sometimes, trying to comprehend the medley of emotions. There were also the final movements that reminded her of an orchestra reaching the crest of a performance build up. Owing to the fact that it reminded her of music, she associated the act with something that was good and highly pleasurable.

Then came the question of where she fit in. She was girl wasn’t she? She was told that he would grow up to be a lady. Was that different from being a nanny? Would she have to do the things her nanny did? Did ladies do different things? She pondered.

Guran noticed a difference in the girl. A girl, who usually skipped her way to the leafy tree, singing and holding her frock wide to allow free movement of her legs, had started walking with a serious expression on her face. Anna looked at Guran differently. She had seen him naked an innumerable number of times before. But these days, her eyes swung downward to observe his sex. The dark brown, limp, shaft dangled between his thighs and swayed from side to side as he walked toward her, akin to an elephant’s trunk. An alien emotion crept into her and hit very badly between the legs. She had seen it before of course and couldn’t quite tell why she had not absorbed its presence.

Her life being highly programmed, she had always gone down to the leafy tree by the brook when Guran was either starting or finishing his bath. At times he would be completely dressed. At times, he would just be stepping into the brook. Nowadays it was different and she couldn’t tell why it had not impacted her before.

One fine day, Anna decided to ask him. Guran had just emerged from the brook and was walking toward the tree, upon whose trunk, his clothes where hanging. He picked his clothes and was about to wear them, when Anna said “Stop. What is this?”

“This is my tool, fair one,” he said smiling and wondering what caused her to ask such a question, now. Anna had never been told about tools, she had only heard something pedantic about “private parts.”

“Why don’t I have it,” she asked, with the most innocent look on her face.

“You are a girl. Girls have their own tool.”

“What do you mean,” she asked, her eyebrows knitting in curiosity and irritation? “I think you should ask your nanny” he said in a mysterious voice, avoiding eye contact.

Over the next one hour, Guran tried his best to steer clear of the subject. But the girl was stubborn. She asked him. She threw a fit. She was then down on her knees begging. He dismissed it off saying that he would tell her later. He regretted standing in front of her naked. When he first met her, he had been naked. It had just been by chance. After that he had not bothered, understanding that she was innocent in such matters. But now she waking up to the fact that he was man and she a woman. He swore to himself that he would never appear naked before her.

The subject became an infatuation for Anna. She couldn’t bring herself to ask anybody else. She preyed heavily on Guran, so much so, that Guran started to avoid her. There was no way that he would discuss sex with this girl. She was his good friend and sex always spoilt everything, he felt. This irritated Anna more. She threw tantrums and refused to eat. Everyone in house noticed the difference, even her indifferent father. Finally, Guran was called into the house.

Guran was a little uncomfortable. But not for a moment did he think of running away. He would face the music. It had been his indiscretion that had caused this. He cursed himself.

To his surprise, it turned out very differently.

“Guran, I understand that my daughter likes playing with you very much.”

“Yes My Lord?”

“Yes my man. You have cast a spell over her. Why, she refuses to eat when you are not around.” Guran was surprised. He instantly realized that Anna had fallen in love with him. “It looks like you understand children well.” Anna was no child, Guran thought to himself, at least not anymore, not in body or mind. “From now on, you will work in the house. You will play with Anne. I will ask the butler to find you a suitable place in the servant’s quarters.”

“But My Lord…” Lord Edgmont interrupted him rudely and told him to shut up and do what he was told to do. Guran sighed to himself and looked at the night sky. He saw darkness and clouds. It was going to pour on the hungry earth. It was a cloud with a silver lining.


Born of a local warrior clan, Guran was the first child of a large family. He had been named after a local army chieftain. His mother had died of the sheer exhaustion of delivering babies almost every other year. Almost immediately after her death, Guran’s father had brought in another woman. She was their new mother he would say. There was no formal wedding and it was a know fact that she was Anadolu Yakası Yeni Escort of “loose character” (by the definition of her society).

Guran was gifted with a large cock. His “stepmother” was quick to see his “talent.” Thus in his late teens, Guran had entered this woman, and had experienced a great orgasm. His body responded to the need and produced semen, copiously through the encounters. The first time his seed had exploded from his cock, it had been into this woman’s mouth. The moment was a wild surprise as she had just been sucking it idly. He had recovered in a matter of minutes and proceeded to flood her cunt too. While his buddies were all masturbating, he was already fucking, fucking his “stepmother.” He then took advanced courses in sex from the women, learning every trick there is in pleasuring a woman.

Three years went by with days and sometimes nights of pleasure. There was a child too, though it was not clear as to who had fathered the child. The “stepmother” had insisted that it was Guran’s child. One fine day the inevitable happened. His father caught him mounting his “stepmother.” He had run after Guran with a sword. Guran had rushed out with his clothes in his hands, spurting long jets of semen on the floor. He ran away, never to return.

After many odd jobs, he was working for one of those old-fashioned bookshops as a cleaner. That’s where he had met Mrs. Morton, wife of a retired forest officer. She had taken an instantaneous liking (more like an infatuation) for Guran. The offer of food, shelter, and money from a beautiful English lady, was too good to be true. He had accepted immediately. Mr. Morton did not like the idea of having an adolescent around the house, considering that he was blinded and crippled. Boys of Guran’s age were thieves, he had opined, best avoided. But his wife had been stubborn.

That night Guran understood the reason for the Lady’s friendliness. What started as a job of helping around the house, resulted in four long years of pleasure for Guran and the Lady. The Lady took pleasure in sucking Guran’s cock right in front of her blind husband. The man did not suspect a thing. Guran enjoyed this too, and together they climbed the heights of depravity. She had turned him into a young sex machine. Considering that she was a barren woman, there was no threat of pregnancy.

One fine day the inevitable happened. Mr. Morton had pulled out a shotgun, just as Guran was going to explode inside Mrs. Morton, and started firing at random. One of the bullets caught Mrs. Morton between the eyes. Guran had rushed out as usual, leaving a trail of sperm behind. He still does not how Mr. Morton had got the wind of it.

Guran came away a very bitter man from that experience. Not that he had any love for Mrs. Morton, somehow his conscience questioned his role in the destruction of that family. He swore to himself that he would never do this again. He seemed to be created for destruction rather than defense.

His life continued with other exploits that included a nubile virgin daughter of a village headman and wife and the virgin daughter of a local tradesman. In each case the women had thrown themselves at him. And everywhere he had been caught red-handed, and needless to say, his semen left indelible marks on their lives, their carpets and bed sheets. His life had a pattern now and he was getting used to it, though he hated it. Women meant a lot of pleasure, but there was trouble too. A dark cloud behind a silver lining….

He had now fucked his way into an employment at Lord Edgmont’s household. It had been the butler’s wife. He swore to himself that he would have to stop fucking around. But…..


Two months had past. Guran was a full time “nanny” now. He did everything from waking Anna up in the morning, to preparing her bath, to making her sleep. He would prepare her bath and wait outside discreetly. He would ignore all her petulant entreaties to join her. The routine became a daily affair. Servants who had watched them closely initially, where now were beginning to loose interest. There were jealousies. But they had slipped from their active conscience, and gone into the depths of the sick minds.

Guran had also complained initially and lost steam over time. He had resigned himself to his fate. He had even given her the lecture on sex, a lecture quite graphic in nature, which could have easily led into a demonstration, worthy of pedagogical envy. It had been quite a humorous experience too, to both of them. He had her resisted her physical advances for a demonstration. It taken every ounce of self control that Guran had, to resist her.

It was long since the girl had come of age and she now looked beautiful. She loved perching her soft bottom on his strong thighs and putting her hands around his neck. She enjoyed running her hands on his hard chest. She gave him painful erections, every time she planted her soft buttocks on his crotch. She had felt his hard tool too. She loved the way it Anadolu Yakası Masaj Salonu rudely caressed her buttocks and the cleft. She had had many orgasms by doing just that. Guran had felt her wet under cloth more than once. She knew that she was tormenting him and she enjoyed it.

Guran blamed her stupid, indiscreet father. He was definitely not a eunuch, and it was eunuchs who did the jobs that he was doing. The stupid man had put Guran into a carnal quandary, without thinking. He couldn’t bring himself to run away. Somewhere in the corner of his mind the devil was turning his affection for Anna into lust. Everyone else, however, was quite unconcerned now. The nanny was now behaving like lady of the house and couldn’t care two hoots for Anna. The town knew that Lord Edgmont was fucking her full time. Even Lady Edgmont came to know about it, but was too weak to do anything.

Guran’s resolve was breaking very fast. Every time, the sexy youngster had rubbed herself against Guran, he was rewarded with deep pain in his crotch.

To make matters worse, Guran had once allowed himself a peek when the youngster was soaping herself. He observed her as she blew cute little bubbles with the soapy water, singing a childish tune and talking to her doll. She had got soap into her eyes and had stood up shouting. That was the first time Guran had seen her naked. Ignoring her calls, he admired her sexy body. Dainty shoulders lead a chest bearing apple-sized breasts. Her taut tummy was punctured by medium sized navel. Her mons-veneris was a triangle under golden hirsute protection. Strong alabaster thighs that disappeared into the water supported her body. He quickly went inside to get a jug of water. He planned to splash her face with it, when the girl turned. Her buttocks were now facing him. He paused again for a moment to admire them. The two full firm moons were well developed for her age and deeply cleaved.

She was what other women dreamed of being. He felt like he was in dream too. Guran slapped himself into reality. He handed the jug of water to her and rushed out before his urge to impale her could overtake him. Guran’s resistance was indeed breaking…


There were two more highly disturbed souls on the planet after this incident. Guran had trouble sleeping. Since he didn’t ever have the need to jack off and didn’t believe in it, he had trouble sleeping. He was desperate for a release. Fucking the butler’s wife was becoming tough. Before he lived in a shed in the woods and there was plenty of privacy. But now living right under the butler’s nose in the servant’s quarters made it tougher. What had been hours of lust had turned into exciting but infrequent quickies.

Anna was the other one. She couldn’t believe that Guran had refused her so many times. She knew of course that he wanted her. She had to tell him that she was now a big girl and that she was ready for it.


Fate paved the way for the two lovers. There was to be a grand ball at Edgmont House. The viceroy of the Empire was coming down. Discussions and negotiations with opinion leaders of the land were slated for the next full month. Lord Edgmont had agreed to host the reception dinner. There was to be dancing, music, wine, food, and fireworks. They had discussed what dresses she would wear on night of the reception. They selected pretty dark green gown. It had been Guran’s choice. In his mind, he had decided that it would be the best day to deflower Anna. Everyone would be too busy to notice.

The day arrived. Anna was programmed for the event. She received the viceroy and presented him with a bouquet of flowers. She was allowed one dance with the viceroy and one with her father and then told to go up. Guran came to fetch her from behind the curtains. He told her to go up to her room and await him. Anna knew from the look in his eyes that it would be the night. Guran joined the other servants and watched the doings of the privileged crowd. When no one was watching, he quietly slipped away.

He walked through the deserted corridors and went up the staircase to Anna’s room. He was already erect in anticipation. He opened the door to Anna’s room to find it in complete darkness. He stepped by the side of four poster bed upon which his princess lay in eager anticipation, and still clothed in her gown. He opened the curtains on window by the bed and let the full moon flood the room with its soft effulgence. He turned toward Anna and removed his turban and tossed it carelessly on the floor. He then slowly proceeded unbutton his shirt and pants and dropped them on the floor. He stood there with folded hands, clad only in his loincloth, admiring the beauty.

Anna lay on bed with her hands by her side. She was a little tense. But looking at his hard body silhouetted against the moonlight stirred her lust. She could see a dark stranger smiling gently at her. Guran could see an eager young beauty, begging him to take her.

He walked slowly toward bed. Reaching the edge, he lay down on his side with his hands under his head. He looked into her eyes, now that Anna had also turned. The tight gown that she was wearing displayed her cleavage and held her breasts. He admired the white marble mounds for a minute. He couldn’t believe that this was happening. Anna was thinking the same. Finally, she was to be taken. He could tell that she was nervous.

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