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Subject: Gunther’s Gift Andy kept staring despite his friends being nearby. Usually he’d glance and look away pretending not to notice another guy. But Gunther was different. “Hey dude, you’re starring at a guy” Mickie nudged him. “nice looking guy but shit man guys will know” Andy looked at his friend Mickie. He had told him things he wouldn’t tell his parents let alone anyone else. “Man what would you think if I told you I thought I was bi” he whispered one night in the darkness of the bedroom. Mickie was in a sleeping bag on the floor having decided to stayover. “Guys who think they’re gay say that” Andy said “Beside, no biggie. Just don’t tell anyone else”. Mickie was a real friend and Andy knew it. “Thanks” Andy said and returned to the conversation but out of the corner of his eye, he kept track of where Gunther was standing, sitting, what he was doing. As the noise increased Andy whispered in Mickie’s ear, “Shit that guys hung like a horse” The guys had dressed and most left the locker room. Andy stayed behind taking his time dressing and putting his wrestling practice clothes away. It was the weekend so he’d take them home to wash. “You gonna hang out here all day or what?” Mickie asked then seeing that Gunther was still in the locker room added “oh I see, I’ll wait outside for a few minutes. If you dont’ come kızkalesi escort out, I’ll split. I’ll call you tonight…that is if you’re home” he laughed and flipped his towel at Andy. Gunther was indeed still there…in fact he was naked except for the wet towel that was wrapped around his waist. The nice thing about wet towels is they let you see the bulge of what is underneath. Andy stood and stretched feeling his erect nipples as he slid his hands over his smooth torso. He bent over and pulled his jeans over his naked buttocks having decided not to put on the underwear he wore earlier. He hoped Gunther would notice. Andy had never been with a guy, unless you count the times he had lay naked beside Mickie as they jacked off. Each time was different and the boys let their naked bodies press against each other and even their legs overlap. Their sperm splattered over each other and they would comment on the amount or strength or other feelings. “Man that was huge” Andy said to Mickie. “Yea guess I just hadn’t jacked off enough this week” Mickie said as he walked naked to the bathroom and returned with a towel they both used to wipe sperm off. “Hey what about if we jack each other off next time?” Mickie asked. Andy blushed. That was a fantasy he had had for some time. ‘Oh yea sure tarsus escort I guess” he muttered trying not to seem that interested. The last thing he wanted was to loose Mickie as a friend just because he was gay. “Hey” the voice was smooth, almost velvety. Andy looked up and saw Gunther standing close by. He was still shirtless but had his jeans on and carried his gym bag. “Oh Hi” Andy said trying to look casual. He pulled up his jeans and zipped up pushing his cock and balls inside them as he did so. He saw Gunther’s eyes look down at his crotch and then back up. “You wrestle good” Gunther said. “I know we’re not in the same weight class, but maybe we can get togehter and practice over the weekend sometime. I need it” Gunther smiled. “And I think you’d be a good partner”. Andy felt his cheeks blush. He pulled on his te shirt slowly to hide it. “Uh yea sure. I can use the practice too.” By the time he pulled the shirt on Gunther was holding his hand out. A slip of paper extended from his fingers. Andy looked down. His eyes focused on Gunther’s unbuttoned fly and the tip of his penis visable there. “My number” Gunther said. Andy’s refocused on the paper and took it. “Uh thanks, I’ll give you a call” Gunther nodded and turned away. “Hey, Gunther,” Andy called out and the boy turned. anamur escort “You might want to button up” Andy said. Gunther stood there smiling for an instant. Then without taking his eyes off Andy, he moved his hands to his fly. “Didn’t know if you noticed or not” he said. Andy’s cock was rock hard as he walked from the school just in time to catch Mickie before he walked away. “So?” Mickie asked. “He gave me his number” Andy said “wants to practice this weekend he said” “I know” Mickie said. Andy looked at his best friend. “How did you know?” “I told him you’d want to” Mickie said. The two boys walked in silence for awhile. “Wait a minute, you told him? So he knows that I?” Andy didn’t know whether to be mad or what. “Shit, at the rate you’re going you’ll end up an old fat queer and alone” Mickie said ‘Someone has to get you laid”. Andy didn’t know what to say. “There’s only one catch..well two actually” Mickie said. “OK” Andy responded, “guess I owe you” “Yep you do, first of all you come to my house. The folks are gone and I want you to blow me, you need practice, so do I. So I figure you and I can spend this afternoon and tonight getting you ready for Gunther”. “And number two?” Andy said tyring to ignore the pain he felt in his stretched too tight penis. “When you and Gunther get together, I’ll be there. I want to watch.” Andy didn’t know what to say. “Well first things first. Let’s see how tonight goes” Andy said smiling. One of his fantasies was about to come true. And on the weekend, fantasies he hadn’t even thought of were going to come true. Mickie patted Andy’s butt and said “finally”.

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