Halloween Delight Ch. 02


It was Friday night, the night before Halloween. Mischief Night. An apt name for what We had in mind. Needless to say, I couldn’t find a cow costume I was fond of, so I decided the thing to do was to improvise. There are simply glorious things you can get on the internet, I took full advantage of that, and ordered a package. I’ll come back to that later, but suffice to say, the same night I made her surrender to whatever I wanted her to wear.. I’d placed my order.

It took a few day’s to arrive, this of course was an exquisite torture. For both of us really.. she was dying to know when we’d go costume shopping, and I was struggling every time to keep from telling her, we wouldn’t. But back to the hear and now.. It was the day.. well, the night before Halloween really, and we had a party to attend. Some neighbors down the block. I think I might have met them once or twice. If I asked Fucktoy first, I might even be able to tell you their names, Suffice to say, I barely knew them. She on the other hand, was a much more sociable creature than I, and spent fifteen minutes that morning helping train me in who our neighbors were, who had kids, what their names were(kids and adults both), as well as facts I knew I’d never remember and thought irrelevant(Who was in what grade, what age, things of that nature). None the less I strove to learn them, and retain them as such no heroic feat, and likely to make her happy.

Regardless, It was closing on six, we’d just finished dinner, complete with pumpkin pie(I think she sprinkled some cinnamon in it too), Hot chocolate. And nourishment for every appetite except the one that was on my mind. It was her fault really, I only mentioned the chocolate was a bit too hot, and next thing I knew she was adding milk. Had she not snatched the mug up to do such, I strongly suspect I would have been adding drool. She knew exactly what she was doing to me, the little slut. After topping it off with milk, she lifted it a touch higher, just enough to dip her nipple into it, which made her bite her lower lip a moment before purring out “Mmm, just right.”

Such an unbridled slut. God I loved it. That much is plain already, but I really must say that I find her show-woman-ship of her sexuality to be among the traits I find most unique to her. This may have come about because of my training, and shaping her, but rather like a snowball down hill, there comes a point where you reach that critical point of no return, and the truth is, she found that point on her own. Her independence, while still remaining firmly and fully mine, was another of those things about her that simply could not be replaced. I can’t even explain how she pulled it off, but I can state firmly that I damned well liked it, and beamed every time it came to mind.

Back to the matter at hand, Costumes. I decided to play with her.. We went out costume shopping. True to form, I found myself saddled with a chicken suit. It was in a word: Horrid. That I suspect was her goal, but I had to give her something for playing my game, and after all, I had already made other arrangements anyway. As we visited place after place in the search for a detestable chicken suit of epic proportions, I could see her getting more and more nervous as I failed to even suggest anything for her.

Well, that’s not entirely true, I pointed out a great many things as we went through, and I confess, kept a list in my head. However, what set her off balance was the fact that everything I picked up… well I’d stand behind her, hold a piece up in front of her, and we’d both eye her in the mirror. Every time this happened, I whispered that I’d be back, November first, to to pick this out so I could tuck it away for quiet winter nights. After all, there is something to be said for hibernating through the winter, or at least remaining in the cave, keeping occupied with heat producing endeavors. But I digress again…

The chicken suit, was as I have said, simply atrocious. But this did not keep me from making the best of the situation. Getting into the car for(what only I knew) was the last time, I leaned over towards Fucktoy, and told her how much fun I had imagining ripping costumes off her as we were shopping. I had to have her, I told her as much while my hand balçova escort found its way up to her neck. I won’t describe what occurred in over much detail, I will simply say that while I was large, with her mouth where it was(and me driving) I was far from in charge.

Her mouth was wet and wonderful in the way only a dedicated, enthused partner can be. Her form could best be described in one word: sloppy. She knew I was going to change later, and since I’d already gotten a chicken suit(ugh) she was playing one of her devious cards, trying to ensure I wouldn’t go into the next shop to help her(Or rather tell her) what costume she wanted. Well, if your going to fail its best to fail spectacularly. Thankfully it was only her plan that failed, that left the spectacular part, and I’d use that word to describe the way she bobbed her head up and down, making a mess all over my pants, except the word spectacular fails to do it justice.

She was skilled, use to my length and girth, eager to deep throat, and just beginning to master the art of gagging on cue. Not that I was cuing her, but she knew the blatantly ego flattery, to say nothing of the feeling of her gagging on me, was liable to gain her the desired result in short order. While sloppy might have described how we got to that point, once I began to surge into her throat, it seemed as if a switch was flipped. At the slightest taste of my fluid, she went from drooling in anticipation, to trying to inhale my shaft.

I’m fairly certain she would have licked up every little bit of moisture on me were she able(Hard to do with a wet tongue, you just leave a larger moist section). As it was, I was glad we were on a back road, I spend most of a red light, an entire green light, and most of the next red light either trying to make a mess, or enjoying the act of her enthusiastically slurping up all traces of what happened. Needless to say, it was nice that we were the only traffic on the road. Thank god for the red light too. I can’t imagine trying to drive while.. well, never mind.

At any rate, we we’re close to home, and Fucktoy was just registering that, god she looked even sexier with smeared lipstick. Though the nervousness, and surprise might have pulled at me heartstrings too. I glanced over at her, and she began opening her mouth, no doubt to say something silly(such was a habit of her’s when I had a plan and didn’t share). I simply put a finger up to my lips for a long moment, and then reached over to pat her on the thigh after she closed her mouth.

“Good girl.” She’d earned it, Trust in me was always to be praised, all the more so when it went against her instinct. “I have a surprise for you,” I offered after a moment, pausing a heartbeat before I remembered to add, “You’ll see it very shortly. And no, I won’t spoil it.”

We pulled in a few minutes later, and I instructed her to take the chicken suit upstairs before joining me in the shower(She didn’t much care for cold water, and frankly, I needed a few moments to gloat to myself). As Hannibal always told the rest of the A-team, I love it when a plan comes together. Fucktoy was naked when she came down, I pursed my lips, but decided not to say anything. The fact of the matter is, men go out to clubs and pay money to watch women create an elaborate dance out of removing their clothes. Any man will tell you a revealed woman is attractive, in part because of the vulnerability of being unclad. A particularly honest man will admit that the removal of the clothes(as well as the self confidence that allows one to do so for an audience) is also arousing to some degree or another.

I found watching the acts of dressing and stripping quite attention grabbing, But I know why she cheated me of this pleasure, we only had an hour to get ready, and I’d guess her costume would take 30 minutes at least, to apply. Not that I was going to tell her that.. but things go better in order, so I’d better get back on track. The shower was too brief to be fun, although it was pleasant, too short to be soothing, although it was pleasant, and too hurried to be savored. Regardless, it was required, and the company was most welcome. This also produced the side effect, of keeping us very interested bayındır escort in one another, as well as doing nothing to lessen her concern, my desire, or the direction we both wanted our shower to take, but knew we couldn’t.

It was over in, what felt like, a heartbeat. Then the fun truly started. Whilst I was gloating to myself, I picked up a few things I had gotten ready before we left. I’d stashed them in the cabinet in the bathroom, and since I got out and dried off first(A required evil I fear, I’d have taken the path of immediate gratification if I lingered longer), I had time to get things into order before Fucktoy finished with her hair(I may be getting fluffy in that department, but I maintain a High-n-Tight). When she stepped out of the shower, I was standing there, ready for her. In my left hand dangled 4 leather cuffs, individual ones, 2 larger, 2 smaller. My right hand, held a pair of modified swim goggles, I’d taken some care with applying black electrical tape to the inside. This ensured that they made a much smaller, vastly more secure, and suitably sleeker and sexier blindfold.

Her face told her dislike of this immediately. Mine left no room for argument, compromise, debate, or any of the hundred and one things she’d rather do than put these on. None the less, she was mine, and she knew it, even if she wasn’t enjoying it just this moment. I had her put her hair up into a high ponytail first, and then on went the goggles. The cuffs likewise went onto wrist and ankle without much fuss, and I lead her down to the basement, taking the time to assure her that I had everything under control, and that she was a very good girl. I also made a point of mentioning how proud, and pleased I was that she knew not to argue with me when we were on a schedule.

The set of her face told clear enough that she was far from pleased, and I’m sure if I were able to look into her eyes, I’d see what lie dormant(for the moment) there, but alas, I was not going to let this surprise get spoiled. The basement had been a labor of love, and was turned into a mostly featureless black dungeon, complete with a few hanging chains, Large ring tie down points on two out of four walls, and a few similar rings set deep into the floor.

There was a reason for the cuffs. In perhaps all of two minutes, Fucktoy was standing spread eagle, naked, and unable to see. But back to that package now… You could not have sandblasted the smirk off my face as I opened packages, and cans with almost childish glee. You see, I knew there were no sexy cow costumes to be found, so I was going to make one, and Fucktoy was my canvas.

There are simply glorious things you can get on the internet, Liquid Latex being one of them. Latex body paint, was of course on sale, since it was costume season and all, and it was an easy matter convincing myself that a gallon of black would be more than worth its weight, White was a bit harder for me to sell myself on, but they sold three different sizes, and I figured a medium amount would do the job. A package of special rollers, and some detail brushes added the finishing flair, White was the color of the day, and I set to work with the roller, doing mid-thigh all the way up to mid-bicep. The latex clung, and flattered. I took extra special care between those thighs, working the detail brush around her, and in just the slightest bit.

By this point, her concerns and objects were gone, or at least in a distant part of her mind. she was wiggling a bit and I told her firmly, “We’ll be late if you can’t hold still.” The typical dairy cow looks as if it was white to start with, and then subjected to a few large splashed of black here and there. I confess, painting her was quite fun once I had her base coat on. I left one nipple white, its twin, and a goodly portion of the breast around it became the first black splotch.

The easiest method unsurprisingly is to outline the area you want to color a time or three(ensuring you have a smooth outside shape), moving inward each time, and then just covering the inside. The splotch over her left breast reached up towards her shoulder, curled around onto her back, and stretched out to perhaps the mid point between her other nipple, bayraklı escort and the center of her chest. The end result was.. Fun.

I went on like this for some while, adding splotches, seven large ones, and three smaller ones, before I got to work on her limbs. Black was fine for these. Not many cows I’ve seen have black legs, but accuracy was not my primary concern. Besides, she liked black, and it’d look lovely with a pair of boots, and maybe some black gloves. But enough of my mind wandering, the end result was quite nice in my opinion.

It fit like a glove, left nothing to the imagination, wasn’t something she could take off, and all the same, I’m sure it felt immensely revealing to her. I do so love it when a plan comes together! I ended up doing her face next, making her tilt her head back so I could go up the neck, and letting it dry before I tilted her face again to better detail. I added a white tongue up from her breast, and painted it around her chin, and around her mouth(I was careful to avoid her lips). Another black patch was started on her forehead, and in a moments.. inspiration, I added a white dot atop it, before tapping the very center of it with just a touch of black. The result was a semi-natural looking “O” which brought about a smile to my face.

I got back to work on her face, although.. not in the usual way. Touching up with the paint a tad, I began to work below her eyes with the black. It wasn’t a domino mask, but the effect was deliberate, and rather close. I was sure she could muster up black eyeshadow, and I knew better than to get the latex anywhere near her hair(There was a reason for that pony tail earlier), or god forbid, her eyebrows. There is a proverb about yielding ground and living to fight another day. If she lost any of her hair, or her eyebrows to her costume, I’d never fight again and I knew it.

While I let the last of that paint dry, to keep her from making trouble, I grabbed her head,(Yes, my fingers were in her hair, yes, I was balling it up and holding it away from her, Yes, I was damned well enjoying it) and held her still while I kissed her deeply. It worked, although she did try to press against me. Height doth have its advantages, and I was able to lean in to kiss without putting myself in a position that was sure to cause trouble(And either painfully early latex removal, or the ruination of my chest hair). Besides, I enjoyed staying out of reach, and making her want what she couldn’t have.

It was a simple enough matter to hold one for the few seconds it took to get her thoroughly engaged, and by that point, she wasn’t alone in her desire for more. I broke off the kiss, I knew I should wait for the latex to dry, but I couldn’t help myself, “I’m going to pull the goggles up and off, I want you to lean back, so they don’t touch anywhere on their way up. Can you do that for me?” Her nod was almost enough to convince me she was as eager for me to start taking her fetters off as I was. Almost. I was pretty eager.

This came rather quickly to her notice as we did both come straight from the shower after all. Her gaze lingered, and I enjoyed it even if it did not last as long as I might have liked, as she was already proceeding to, I encouraged her, “But get a look at you…” trying to seem more in control than I felt at that particular moment. Look, she did, her gaze drifting down to look at what I had wrought with the depths of my mind. At that point Two things happened quickly enough that they were simultaneous, even if they weren’t. Her mouth opened in the sort of haste and speed that is aptly called “Jaw dropping”. It was exactly that, her surprise was so complete that the mostly automatic gesture of holding the mouth closed, was forgotten for a time. I confess, on a personal level, I found that sight quite pleasant.

For a fraction of a second, That being the length of time it took for my mind to process her reaction, and thus start the second thing that happened: My life flashed before my eyes. Thankfully, I was a step ahead of her already, I made no move to release those cuffs and let her down, and I gave her as long as she damned well pleased to regain her composure. This provided me with enough time to try and tilt the odds, no sense throwing away any advantage ‘eh? I lifted both my brows, this being a look people most often see and read as a mixture of surprise, inquisitiveness, and sometimes confusion. In my case it had more than a hint of trepidation, and to emphasize that, I bit my lower lip as well.

The ball as they say was in her court now.

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