Subject: Hambre 3 The usual disclaimers apply here. Adhere to them the best as you can. I don’t encourage or condone diddling in the very, very taboo fun with family, yet I know it happens & will continue to do so. I’m an open book with my own experiences & wishing they had gone further. Feel free to send feedback, ideas, thoughts, or any fantasies/desires. Up to talk about experiences, past or present. We’re all horny bastards here, so donate what you can please. I’ve jerked to this site as a teen boy, and I know there are countless men, dads, teens & boys still doing so. So let’s help with what fty/donate.html So, I found and posted pics to help visual the sexiness that is my pa and also the thick sexiness of the cub I used to have(such a sexy fucker). If you know something that’s free and open similar to tumblr, def let me know. Till then, def take a look at the pics I posted to visualize. ———————————————————————- Three fucking entire days..well, almost three days. That’s how long its been since pa came to my gloryhole. Each night, Id check my phone every few mins to see if he messages, or if his message would go to spam by accident. But nothing. And now on the third night, on my day off, I’m here doing the same, struggling to keep myself cool. I haven’t jerked off the past days as usual, and it’s been driving me mad horny. My mind was always lost in thought with what might have happened to what should I do. “Did he have a heart attack? Does he not want fun anymore? Does he know it’s me? Why hasn’t he come? Did he find someone else?!?” That last question got me angry, as I thought “HELL NO, that cock is mine!!” As I paced around in my bedroom, I decided to take a shower to cool myself down. Stripping my clothes off in my room, I marched right into the bathroom and got the water running hot. Once in, it was a bit of relief as my body started to relax and not be so damn tense. “Sigh”..I let out as I stood under the spray of water. Not getting any fun was really messing with me. “I gotta find more fun” I told myself as I started to soap up my hairy plump body. My thoughts also went to chuck, and the fun we had. I was wanting to hit him up so bad, but I didn’t forget the things that happened in previous encounters. Just remembering allowed me to not give in and hit him up. A “one time good” thing couldn’t put to rest all the negatives. It was a damn good start, I’ll be upfront and honest about that, but would need more. Fuck, how I wish I could taste and have him right now too. Of course, my pent up anxious feelings made me start to think negative, of how everyone else gets him and fun with him a lot, and I’m just leftovers. I shook my head and snapped myself out that spiral, as I reminded myself “I don’t want to go down that road anymore.” After finishing up my shower, drying and lotioning myself up, I make myself a good drink of tequila & squirt. I make it strong to make sure my mind lets loose and goes into horny mode. Quickly, I log onto Craigslist and find some posts I had before, and repost them. Right as I gulp down my drink so I can make another one, I feel my phone buzz but decided to ignore it for the moment. I head to the kitchen and make another strong drink. On an empty stomach, I can feel the booze kick in quick as I sip on my second drink. While leaning on the counter, I open up my phone and check my email. My eyes shoot open as I see it’s some messages from pa! He must have sent them while I was in the shower. Opening the newest message, I see it says “Your light is on..you’re home..” I quickly reply that I was using the toilet and taking a shower. Trying my best to read the other 5 messages, I see that he had gotten there and parked a bit ago, and asking if I wanted fun. With my drink in hand, I bolt to my room and stumble to setup my sheet. I almost forget where I set the nails as my mind reels with “PA IS HERE, HE WANTS MORE FUN!!!!” It was a bit hard to hang my sheet as my hands were clumsy as I rushed about. After believing I set it up well, I go and toss my pillow and rubbers by the sheet before grabbing my phone. His newest message read “Can I come in?” to which I replied “Give me 3 minutes”. While my adrenaline pumped, I gave a half ass scan of the area to make sure things were good, then unlocked the doors and flicked the light off. I got back to my room in a flash and got into position. I picked up my phone and typed up a quick message of “I’m ready, come”. But right before I clicked send, the back of my mind spoke up and said “Get the scissors”. I sat there still as a rock and realized what I wanted to do..and that was to cut a hole on the rubber to get his milk. As if sucking my dad wasn’t “bad” enough, my heart pumped even more as I felt darker and hornier of swallowing his cum and tasting his flesh. My hands were terribly clammy in opening up the desk and grabbing my sharp pair of scissors. Getting back into position, I clumsily grabbed my phone and pressed the send button. The anticipation felt forever as I kneeled there in silence, with my heart beat being the only sound I could hear. It honestly felt hot in my room, as I tried to figure out how I would do this..and if I should. As I knew deep within me, that once that line was crossed, It would never be the same…..I would never be the same. It felt like I was zoning in and out of reality and fantasy, as I eagerly waited for pa, yet a part of me was scared of that border. It was the fear of not knowing how it would play out, if he would get mad or not come anymore. But either way, I knew regret was a much more powerful darkness then fear. Reality crashed into me the moment my ears registered the loud sound of my front door opening. “Fuuuuck” I thought, as his heavy foot steps grew louder & louder in making his way to my sheet. “Perdon si te estaba molestando” he said with a sincere voice as he stepped up to the hole. As if he could see me, I shook escort izmit my head and said “No te preocupes, todo esta bien.” I’m giddy with excitement as I call the lil boy in me out to enjoy again, and he’s right there jumping for joy. I’m full of smiles as my shaky hands reach up and grab his red sweatpants. A second later, butterflies crashed around as I realize he has on those damn sexy red sweatpants that made me giddy as a boy. Trembling, I massage and feel up his bulge, but I’m gettin too damn eager to just enjoy that moment. I lean forward and started to nibble his bulge, getting a good “Uhhhnn” from pa. In seconds, I can feel pa get so hard as his piss and sweaty cock scent reached my nose through the fabric. I kept nibbling and licking his red bulge, even if it dried my tongue up. Quickly, I reached for the waistband and pulled down what I could. He dropped his sweat pants and undies, taking my breath away once again in just seeing his manhood. Like before, he asks “Tienes condon?” to which I tell him “Si”. But this time, I got a devious smile as I open up the lil package and start to roll it on with clammy hands. Right as I do so, he finishes and secures the rest of the condom on himself. I eagerly take his head into my mouth as his hands push on his pubes to make his cock stick out more. I find it so funny and hot when pa does that, as he feels like his cock isn’t enough, even with me eagerly sucking him. Same my chuck would do to take pics of that delicious cock. Funny how that is when I’m the one with the smallest cock between the three of us. My brain snaps that thought to sleep and gets all the focus on my dad and what I wanted to do. After a good couple minutes of sucking him enthustiastically, I start to pull back a bit and tease his tip. He’s loving it as he lets out a grunt here and there as I push the tip of my tongue into his thick foreskin, using the plastic to give him more pleasure. I love that I’m just like him, that the rubber gives me pleasure instead of pain, and keep up my action. As hard as I try to, my impatience is growing and making me feel antsy, wanting to jump to the next step. I choke that thought hard and tell it to calm down the fuck down, as this could be a one time thing and we gotta make it count in case it is. My left hand reaches up and starts to stroke his cock right in the middle, making sure it feels good and start my distraction. I could feel his hips move a bit as his moans continue, so my tongue and mouth take turns in suckling the tip and tickling inside his skin. Any air I have in my lungs start to slowly leak out with each breath, my right hand goes half way towards the scissors, but stays in place. The scared part of my mind kicks in and voices his opinion. I hear what he says, and remind him of all the times we’ve wanted him, cum thinking of him, and more. Mentally, I held hands with that part of me before he could speak up more and the lil boy in me ran up & hugged him, reminding ourselves we’re in it in total..no looking back and no regrets just like we did from chuck to now. And with that, my frozen hand found just enough life to shakily reach down and pick the scissors up. Softly, I started to moan as I could feel myself wave in and our of reality, as I finally stood right at that border of no return. I lightened up on my stroking and started to suckle his tip once again, making sure he was lost in pleasure. In pulling back, I could see precum in the tip, and took that as my cue. On a mission, my left hand reached up and grabbed his cock by the base firmly, and pulled towards me, bunching up his foreskin. A hot and cold shock slapped me as my right hand went up and snipped the tip of the rubber in 3 slices. My entire being was focused on the cut condom as the tip loosely hung and I knew I was ready to taste him. I quickly decided not to try my luck, and quietly set the scissor down while I stroked his cock once again. This time, my right hand joined and used some of my fingers to increase his pleasure and the distraction. As he started to moan once again, I grabbed hold and went for my long-awaited prize. Bunching up his skin once again, I loudly moaned as I slide the still covered head into my mouth, but this time, my tongue using the broad side to pleasure his cock entrance. The second my tongue registered his fresh lightly salty and sweet milk, my whole body went into meltdown and just basked in the flavor. Bliss dipped it’s essence into me as it was nothing like I had imagined it’d be, and better than I can fantasize about. My mouth couldn’t help but try to suck his skin through the rubber hole, and it did just a bit. I could hear pa really moan now as my tongue tickled him eagerly. With a firm stroke, I pulled back the rubber and his skin, making the head pop out and rip the plastic more. A split second later, as I hold his cock by the base, I suck his head into my mouth, feeling my own vergita pulse out precum as I can taste his piss and milk residue. Another split second later, I hear him “GASP” loudly before using his strength to pull his cock back. Unfortunately, the rubber helped him more as I stayed rock solid in my position, freaking out a lil that it really was a one time thing. Shame was the next thing I felt as I heard him mutter and complain in spanish, saying “Puta madre..se rompio el condon..chingada maaadreeee!” I can hear him take the rubber off and fling it to the side, muttering and cussing a bit more. I get a bit sad as I can hear and slightly see him raise his sweatpants back up. “Estas limpio? Tienes enfermedades?” he asks me angrily but with some worry hidden behind it. Quickly, the boy in me spoke up and said “No, estoy limpio, no te preocupes”, calming down the dad in him. That part of me spoke up again and told him “Me gusto tu verga..me gusto como huele y el sabor tambien.” Time didn’t seem to exist as we both stayed silent, neither one of us knowing what to say or do. Finally, pa broke the silence izmit escort by whispering out “Pero estoy sudado y sucio” to which I honestly told him “Pero me gusto muchisimo y quiero mas.” We both stayed in silence once again as his mind must have been contemplating what I told him. My own was trying its fucking best to mentally send vibes and messages to him, yelling out “Please pa, please let me have your cock, please let me swallow your cum and suck those balls. I need you so fucking bad!” And as if he heard me, he softly asked “Seguro que no tienes enfermedades?” With lightly watery eyes, I responded “Si, I’m clean. I mostly just had one good boyfriend and that’s it. I don’t get to find fun.” Although it felt like a lie as I’ve had some wicked fun, my dry spell was much much worse than all my fun collected. “Ven, por favor..acuestate y dejame acabar nuestro diversion chulo” the real me stood up and took over, wanting this to happen for real, so I treated him just like a hookup. “Ima turn off the light, you lay down, and cover your face, and that way, I don’t see you, okay?” Not letting silence or his own brain take a chance at saying “No” or doubting what could happen, I get up from the sheet and flick off my night light. Softly and in a comforting tone, I tell him “Ven, todo va estar bien.” My stomach tightens as I can hear some rustling, and just fuckin barely, I could see a lil movement and hear footsteps in my room. I step back a lil and wait to see if he finds my bed and covers himself while sweat breaks out on my forehead. A min or so later, he calls out “Okay, estoy listo”, to which my shaky hands reach for the night light and flick it back on. It felt like something pushed the air out of me the second my eyes regain focus as I see pa laid back on my bed, face covered and his red sweatpants on the floor. More so, he has a pair of bikini briefs on, the same that drove me insane as a boy and started my deep lust of sniffing his undies, sucking them dry of all three stains..something I still do to this day. His bulge hyptonized me easily, my eyes not able to blink as I softly got into position between his legs. I couldn’t feel my heart nor lungs breath and pump, as if I was in another reality or dimension. Suddenly, my vergita flexed and pumped out a good glob of precum in fucking finally seeing pa’s natural and manly sexiness sprawled out in front of me. Leaning in so close, I could feel the heat coming from pa’s hairy meaty inner thighs, his covered ass and his bulge. It was a new warmth that stood out, even in my warm room. Fuck, his bulge looked a bit smaller than when I was a boy, but nonetheless beautiful. Starting from his right inner thigh, I leaned in and started to breath in lightly, focusing on his sweaty musky scent. As I got close to the area between his balls and thigh, his forbidden bulge and then to the other side of his covered nuts, I felt like I had a new drug. His fresh ripe undies couldn’t compare to how wild I was..and more so, the boy in me took over and wanted his pa so fucking bad. Sitting back on my heels, as my hands laid themselves in the middle of his thighs, we both flinched as if a shock hit us both. It took me a few seconds to realize that pa was lightly trembling just like I was, his thighs quivering while my hands lightly moved up and down. That lil eight- year-old boy in me needed to comfort his pa real good, so my face wasted no more time and leaned forward to his sac. Something stronger then bliss took over me as his sweat and piss scent drowned my nose, pulling a deep moan out of me as I just rubbed my face in his sac. His legs flexed and jerked as my tongue swiped out, pushing his filled eggs around, making sure to absorb any flavor around. I could hear him trying to hold back his moans and groans, as if trying to show he was stronger then the pleasure. Fuck, the macho mentality Mexican men can have is something else, but I know I can break it good. So, opening my eyes and looking right where pa’s face should be, I stick out my tongue to just tease him. In small circle motions, the tip tries to draw a wet line as it whips clockwise over and over. His breathing is ragged and I can see him grabbing onto the bed sheets as I keept it up. And then, I start to nip as his sac, lightly pinching his balls with my lips and pulling at it. That makes his legs jerk as if they’re going to close every few seconds, making my own vergita leak more precum as I continue to break him. I could see he was half hard, and then the back of my mind realized something..that he was like me. Or more, I was like him when it came to his balls. I always felt immense pleasure when my balls are sucked, even when im not hard at all. And if they were sucked while I’m hard, it’d drive me insane just like my nipples. A darker fire broke out in me as my eyes widened, feverish to test out my thoughts and see if it was true. Putting my hands back onto his thighs, I place my open mouth fully on his sac, my tongue making a stiff enough point to start whipping and poking around between and right on his eggs. He yells out “Puta madre!” as my head moves side to side slightly, my tongue going crazy on his sweaty balls. His legs start to buck and jerk even harder as he continues to swear in spanish, and I use my strength to try and hold him in place. All of a sudden, he starts to yell out “ESPERATE, ESPERATE, ESPERATE!” while trying to push my head off his balls. My arms move and slide under his legs in a flash as I pull him harder to my face, his hands grabbing onto my hair hard as I grind my face into him with more force. All of a sudden, his body starts to convulse and jerk again and again, as he lets out manly whimpers. Even though he’s holding onto my hair still, I realize he isn’t trying to push me off, and I stop my actions to see whats going on with him. His body is still lightly jerking, giving me the understanding that I made him cum. I felt so damn proud izmit kendi evi olan escort of myself, a huge smile breaking out on my face in knowing I broke pa’s macho demeanor. So so lightly, my tongue snakes back out and starts to lick up and down like a damn cat, trying to show him some comfort and what not. Pa’s inner meaty thighs continue to quiver as his body shudders from the strong after shocks I kept giving him. I lean up for a few seconds to see how big his wet spot is, yet very surprised to see its only from what he leaked. Pa must have been so backed up, that he had an orgasm without shooting. Even more proof that I’m his son..that when I’m too pent up and hard, I cum without shooting all my milk. His plumpish tummy goes up and down hard with each deep breath he takes as my nose continues to inhale every molecule of his scent I could. Softly, my hands grasp onto his tummy and squeeze it, trying to comfort him as it also rubs around lightly. The weight of his legs feel so good on my arm, as I get back into position, not letting up rubbing my face into his bulge, kissing those inner thighs, and swiping my tongue from the bottom of his balls to the top. His bikini briefs are soaked in spit as I make love to his balls, energy flowing through me like never before. In no time, pa was finally rock hard, as I could see his undies straining to let his cock out. Softly, I licked my tongue between his balls n thighs, cleaning up any sweaty salty residue he had. His moans burned my horniness so bright and good, his hands holding onto me for more comfort as I took him closer to the eddge once again. Softly, I pulled my left arm from under his legs and gently ran my fingertips up and down right where my tongue had been. His moan as I tickled him lightly gave me the yes I needed, so quickly I gently lift the side of his bikini briefs and let his balls fall out. A lust filled moaned escaped my mouth in seeing his sac fall out in front of me. Before, I remembered it so dark red and plump..but now, it was more of a darker shade and smaller. Maybe it was the lack of light in the room, but either way, I didn’t care as I leaned down and planted a kiss right on his sac. I simple loved how his sac looked like one delicious bag holding two eggs, no visible divivder between them. Just one large furry sweaty milk filled egg holder to be sucked, licked and pleasured. I was shaking in pleasure as I kissed it some more before taking a long swipe with my tongue. That seemed to be a button pusher once again for pa, as his legs flinched like they’d close on me. So I slid my left arm back in place and my fingers reached around, grabbing onto the undies, making sure his sac would stay out as I washed them thoroughly. His hands grabbed onto my hair a lil too hard this time as my tongue just went any and all random directions it could, making sure each strand of nut hair was covered in spit. His moans got louder and more desperate as he arched his back a bit, trying to survive the ride I was giving him. All side of me were going crazy, chewing on their fingers as I got lost in tasting pa fully. And as I sucked his balls once by one into my mouth, that semeed too much for him, as he almost sat up in one hit and “Gasped” deeply while his whined in such a sexy tone. “Wait…wait….wait” he whispered in a weak voice as his right hand slide under my chin and held it, as I figured he wanted to move my head off of him but just didn’t want it to end. So I continued bathing his balls as his hardon now pressed into my face. The warmth of his cock made my eyes roll in the back of my head as I moaned into his huevos, something he liked as he let out a deep whiney “Uhhhhh”. Every other second, pa seem to hunch over me more and more, his eggs taking turns to be tossed around in my mouth. A split second later, I lifted myself up a bit, making pa’s legs go up in the air as I grind my face into his nuts and bulge once again. A second later, pa inahles sharply, stopping me in my place as he hugs my head. Quickly, I look down as to not be suffocated, as his hug is pretty damn strong. While letting him cool down and trying to figure out what he was feeling, a few seconds passed before my eyes registered what happened. Pa had cum once again, but this time, his cum came out like a flow. His cock barely even pulsed as his milk ran down like a seductive sticky river, calling my tongue to clean it up. In vain my tongue slid out, trying to wipe any cum I could, but I wasn’t able to as pa’s vice grip held me in place. All of a sudden, I can hear pa apologize in spanish, telling me “Perdon..no quise, pero se sentia bueno..perdon…” Even though I was raging horny still, the hint of sadness in his tone cooled me down enough, as his machismo couldn’t handle him cumming without actually having sex or fun. The second he let go of his grip, he almost head butted me as he aimlessly searched the ground for his sweatpants. Good thing he had tied my other bed sheet around the upper half of his face, as I was scared shitless for a second that he’d see me. After finding them, he clumsily puts on his sweat pants as I decide to make a run to the bathroom. After getting inside and almost closing the door fully, I yell out “I’m in the bathroom” to let him know it’s safe to leave. Several tense seconds pass as he stumbles around, and in no time, I see his shadow as he briskly makes his way out my apartment, slamming my front door in the process. I breath out calmly now as I walk back to my bed, and notice the mess my room is after such fun. After cleaning up just a tad bit, I make myself comfy on my bed, relishing how good I felt after crossing that line forever. And also, how good pa smelled and tasted in person. My vergita rose again as I started to edge a bit, not wanting to cum so my horny memories would stay fresh and strong. I had to find fun soon, like bad. My mind reeled in the fun I could have with white, italian, irish, middle eastern, greek, and mexican men. I lightly played with my nipples as my fantasies became wicked, and immediately, it pulled pa and chuck up close. My cock felt so good as my runny & sticky precum leaked out..and wonder how my release would come..and if it would

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