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HannaHanna James was coming to her car late Tuesday night. She worked later then normal and as she was just about to the bend she heard moans looking and scared to death she saw Penny Toms a VP from one of the upper offices getting fucked hard. The man had her bent over her own car dress pulled up and hammering her good with her begging for more. Hanna knew she should just leave and not watch but she was froze in place when she saw the huge black that was pounding Penny. Hanna was no angle she had screwed many guys in high school and college but never black and never had she seen a cock so big. Her Randy was no girly boy he had about 7″ and knew how to use it. This cock made him look like a little boy and not only long but as big around as a baseball bat. The sounds that Penny’s puss were making were enough to get Hanna’s puss heat up big time. Not caring where she was Hanna shoved her hand in her panties and fingered herself to them fucking. When the guy was ready to nut he held Penny’s mouth open and fuck it deep, coming he unloaded so much it plopped on the ground and after she cleaned his cock she licked it off the ground too. Getting dressed the guy took penny’s pocket boot türbanlı escort and her money and left. Penny fixed her self and left too, Hanna throw her panties in the backseat and headed home. On the way thinking about that big cock her puss still heated the phone rang it was Amy her 16yrs. daughter asking her to get milk for the morning. Hanna stops at a 24hour store and as she walks in a woman about 32yrs was trying to be quiet begging the 19yrs. black store guy for some cock. Hanna looked in the mirrors to see the woman rubbing the teens cock through his jeans. When she went to buy her stuff she saw his hard-on bulging his jeans and it to was bigger then most her pass lovers. Coming home she put the milk away and kissed a sleeping Amy then went to bed and mauled her hubby Randy the whole time thinking of that huge black cock. Unknown to Randy he loved his sex crazy wife and enjoyed the super blow job the first in about ten years.A couple days later Hanna was sent upstairs to work the day and ran into Penny. Sitting in the big meeting room just the two of them. Hanna ask “Hey Penny how is Jack doing these days” Jack is Penny’s hubby. Oh he’s türbanlı escort bayan fine working hard as always. “Oh then he’s gone a lot?” Well yea but not for long he’ll be done soon. dropping her head down Penny took a deep breath. Hanna looked at her friend “Ok Penny I saw you and that black guy the other night what gives? Penny eyes swell up and she yells OMG NO PLEASE DON’T TELL!! keep it down I’m not going to tell just spill it.Well about three weeks ago Jack took me to his bosses home for a cook-out. I was introduced to Bill that guy you saw as Jack’s boss he hugged me and put his hand on my ass and Jack just stood there. A little while later he asked me to dance I said no but Jack told me to so I did. On the floor he rubbed his cock into me and I got hot to hot to keep dancing I pulled away and headed back to Jack who went outside to smoke and talk Bill lead me to a bedroom and soon that huge black cock was being forced in my mouth I turned into a wonton whore trying to take that whole thing in my mouth my clothes melted off me and that lovely cock fucked me to two mind bending orgasms in about fifteen min. I was moaning and escort türbanlı groaning loud begging him to not quick and as I laid there recovering I saw Jack right out side the window. The next day I tried all day to tell Jack but couldn’t then Monday he came home and packed to leave for three weeks. saying Bill gave him a promotion to job manger. The day after I came home from work to find Bill waiting for me I knew it was wrong but the whore came out and got the fucking of her life. The whole first week he pounded me good and hard some nights I talked to Jack on the phone as Bill fingered me silly. Then the party came Bill asked me to dance for his friends party getting there the only girl with ten big long black cocks I was pounded all night and most of the next day. Jack came home that weekend but the fucking did nothing for me. Jack left at 5 and I was sucking black cock by 6 Bill went to so I went to his friends home and charged him and his buddies to fuck me. That was the money you saw him take. He said if I wanted to be a whore then he was my man. Now Jack is coming home but Bill has me booked for two months and I can’t wait.After work that day at home by herself no one due home for hours the doorbell rings and answering it a tall black 18 yrs. guy selling mags. Hanna gets a idea tells the teen to come in and takes her top off HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TOO SELL ALL YOUR MAGS> HONEY!! the teen lowers his jeans and a long thick cock enters Hanna’s mouth……………………..

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