Hannah Pt. 01


As I’m writing this, I’m a married woman in my 40’s. My husband is a bit sexually adventurous, and I’ve got a couple stories from my past that he really likes hearing, this is one of them.

Growing up, I always had a good sex drive, but wasn’t terribly adventurous. I first actually tried masturbation when I was in college. Some of my girlfriends were talking about it and though I said nothing I was listening intently. Later that night, I discovered my clitoris and had my first orgasm. But this isn’t about that.

It was just a few months later when I was out drinking with one of my friends, we’ve been close since we were in elementary school together. We didn’t go to the same college, but she was visiting for the weekend.

We were at one of the local bars, and though neither of us really said it I think we were both looking for sex that night. I was wearing a little summer dress. Back then I would have still worn panties, but if I remember right they were a cute little innocent white pair. My friend, Hannah, had always been a little more sexual than me. She was wearing a tight, short skirt, and a very low cut top.

Hannah was beautiful. She was slightly shorter than me, maybe 5’2″, with gorgeous green eyes and light blonde hair. She had great breasts, and they got a lot of attention from men. I am brunette. Men have usually been drawn to me for my legs, though I have great breasts too, I usually hid them at that point in life. Now I know how to use them, but back then I was pretty innocent.

We went to kartal escort a local bar that had a dance floor. We did get attention from a few guys, and that helped pay for our drinks. I’m sure we probably got more looks than we had realized at the time. But none of the men really got either one of us excited. Normally we would have called it a night early but tonight there was a different energy.

We spent some time on the dance floor. Every fast song we were shaking and having a good time, but when there was a slow song we jumped off the dance floor quickly. Something felt different tonight. She was looking at me like she hadn’t before. Or maybe she had and I’d never noticed.

We both drank quite a bit, and thankfully we knew one of the bartenders there. He offered to bring us back to my apartment. He might have hoped to get with one or both of us, but we were oblivious.

Neither one of us sat in the front seat, instead we sat in back like it was a limo. This was the point where I first felt something was happening between us. Hannah kept running her hand up and down my thigh. She kept laughing as if it was an innocent joke, but she was staring at me in lustful way that I had seen from men, but never a woman.

It wasn’t just her either. Her work on my thighs was having an effect. I was horny. Perhaps it had started before we had even gone out that night. It had been a few days since I had touched myself. And I had not yet been with a man that knew how to give me that pleasure. But suddenly I was maltepe escort bayan looking at her in a whole new light.

Once we were inside, we headed to the bedroom to get to sleeping, or so I thought. I just had the one bed, it was a decent size, so I didn’t feel weird about sharing it with my friend. Normally, living by myself, I slept naked. I was changing and looking for something to wear to bed though, because of my guest. Maybe she was reading my mind, but she asked if I minded if she slept naked. Of course I said it was fine, and as I was already undressed went to brush my teeth.

When I came back out of the bathroom she was standing there, topless, and struggling with the zipper on her skirt. I walked over to help. I’m not sure what came fee me at that moment, but I found myself slowly stroking her back first, then as I worked on the zipper, my hands wandered over her as as well. I told her she had a great body.

As we laid down next to each other, she told me that it had been a while since she’d had an orgasm. Not for any good reason really, just had been distracted. We were both laying on our backs, side by side. I told her I was overdue as well, and that I really needed one soon. Without another word, we both started to touch ourselves. I did my usual routine of rubbing my breasts and getting my nipples good and hard, then one hand moved down to my warm vagina.

I was wet! I put a finger or two inside, then began to work on my clit. I couldn’t really see her well as were laying escort pendik side by side, but I could tell she was doing basically the same thing as me.

Soon I had kind of forgotten about her, and was lost in my own little world. I could feel my orgasm building. I really wanted to get out my little vibrator to push things over the edge, but wasn’t sure I should with my friend there.

Suddenly, I felt a breath on my cheek. Hannah was face down, next to me, almost on top of me. When I opened my eyes, she gently took my face and kissed me. It was slow, moist, and felt so nice. Her lips were so soft. It wasn’t like most men, shoving their tongues in my mouth, it was sensual.

As she started to touch my body, it was clear what was going to happen next. She slowly worked her lips down my body. First kissing my neck, and working her way down. She didn’t go right for my nipples, she instead teased me around both breasts, my sides, and my stomach. As she took one nipple into her mouth, I wondered if she had done this before.

Of course I was very turned on at this point, and I had my fingers furiously rubbing my clit. I think she was intending to lick me there, but I was quite far along on my own. Instead, she kept kissing all over me, her hands roaming as well.

As my orgasm started she sort of stopped and just watched. Maybe it should have felt creepy to me, but I really liked the way she looked at me. I held it off as long as I could. When I finally gave in. I let out a loud moan, and relaxed my entire body. I opened my eyes to her smiling at me. It wasn’t an innocent smile at all.

I wasn’t sure what was next, I did feel slightly guilty momentarily, but I was still very aroused. She slowly ran her fingers up and down my body, and asked if i wanted more. I said yes.

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