Happy 2013

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Happy 2013New Year’s Eve my friend and I went to a house party. She introduced me to the host of the party, Derrick. Derrick was tall and slim with a smile that would make any girl melt. From my first glance at him, I found him attractive. It was about 12 am and the New Year had hit. The party was getting really turnt up, l*quor everywhere and bl**ts to go around. Everyone at the party could barely walk let alone speak and I was probably the most drunk person there.My friend and I were standing against a wall when Derrick walked towards me. I quickly grabbed him, pulled him close and sexually whispered in his ear, “happy New Year baby”. He looked me in my eyes smiled and kissed me. Our lips met, tongue to tongue and I was immediately turned on. I pulled him into an empty room away from the other party guest and we continued to kiss, more sexually than passionately. He held on to my round ass not letting me go, squeezing each booty cheek and continuing to kiss me. I was so into it not even realizing that my top was completely unbuttoned and exposing my full breast. He continued to kiss me and I was enjoying it but being so turned on, I had to almanbahis giriş make my move. I moved my lips from his and slowly went down to his neck, kissing and licking and continuing to do to so as I unbuttoned his shirt. Derrick was turned on as well seeming that his hands gripped my ass even tighter and his member was stiff against my thigh. “I want you” I said and continued to go down. He let go of me giving me room to do as a pleased. I kissed his chest then made my way down onto my knees. I unbuckled his pants and pulled his dick out. “Goddammit” I thought to myself. Looking at his dick made me want him even more, not for my pleasure but simply to pleasure him. I looked up and Derrick gazed into my eyes. I held my hand firmly around his 11in dick and began stroking it. he quietly moaned and guided my lips onto the tip of it. “Open” he said and without hesitation my lips parted, wide enough so that his dick could easily fit. Without a blink my soft lips were wrapped around his dick, my tongue flicked it a few times, the top of my tongue ring hitting the bottom of his dick made it get even harder. I then began to put almanbahis güvenilirmi more of it into my wet and dick hungry mouth. His dick now firmly placed in my mouth and my right hand holding the base I began bobbing up and down, sliding my tongue around it, in a different direction each time he moaned, and letting my spit fall onto my breasts. The speed of my bobbing was slow at first then faster in sync with the intensity of his moans. I took it out for a minute just to lick it from tip to end, spitting all over it, then holding it up to lick his balls. Slurping, spitting and sucking his balls while lightly banging his dick on my forehead. “Damnnn girl, fuck!!!! You know how to give great head”, he said, breathing heavily and caressing my breast. His words were encouragement for me to continue back on his dick. I slid the dick back in my mouth slurping up all the spit I had put on it then spitting on it again, my head bobbed up and down faster and faster and the more he moaned the deeper I took it. 6inches in, he quietly moaned, 8 inches in, he moaned louder. it was already at the back of my throat but I wouldn’t almanbahis yeni giriş and couldn’t stop… 11inches in and he grunted in ecstasy. I held my mouth at the base of his dick, nearly gagging, with his balls dangling on my chin for about 2 minutes. I moved back quickly gasping for air, while looking up. His head was leaned back. Continuing to look up I went back down this time not stopping or counting the inches. All the way down in one smooth stroke and he let out a loud moan and his knees began to slightly buckle. I bobbed my head up and down close to the base of his dick, shifting my tongue underneath his dick in an effort to make him cum, unable to take the sensation of my tongue; he grabbed the back of my head and held it, forcing my tongue to stay completely still. I stood still not moving and looking up at his face. He loudly grunted and slightly jerked back as his 11 in dick pulsed in my mouth. Each pulse let out a spurt of cum, and his hot load coated my throat. I swallowed. His seed filled my belly and his dick began to grow limp in my mouth. He took his hand off my head and stumbled back, his dick slid out my mouth and I smiled at him with the feeling of accomplishment. He stood there, leaned against the wall and unable to stand straight, in complete satisfaction at what had just occurred, looked me in my eye and grinned, “best head ever” he said as he caught his breath….I guess it was a happy new year.

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