Happy Birthday, Allan


He was sitting in his second period Graphic Design class with two of his friends when his phone started to buzz in his pocket. He glanced at his phone under the watchful eyes of his friends.

Hannah was looking in one direction, Elle in the other. They were making sure their teacher wasn’t coming. The three had the system since the beginning of the year. Texting and spotting.

‘What do you have next period?’ It was his best friend (and not-so-secret crush), James.

‘Geometry. Marks. Why?’

‘I thought so. You have a sub today, so I was wondering if I could take you out for your birthday.’

‘Sounds good. When?’

‘Next period. Duh. No one would notice you’re gone. It’ll be fun.’ He tapped Hannah and showed her, then same with Elle.

“I can cover you, if you want to go,” she told him. She was in his geometry class. “I mean, it’s your birthday, after all.” He smiled at her.

‘Sounds great.’ He pressed send.

‘Meet me at my locker after this period.’ He put his phone back in his pocket. He went back to working on his project, after that. Soon enough, class ended.

“Good luck on your dddaaaaattttttteeeeeeee,” Elle taunted. She stuck her tongue out at him.

“It’s not a date,” Allan told her, “he’s just taking me out to celebrate my birthday.” She rolled her eyes. The whole school, even the students what were against same love, could tell they were crushing on each other. Well, the whole school, minus the boys. “Plus, he’s straight.”

It was true, James was still in the closet, but not well hidden. People let him believe that they thought he was straight, but no one actually thought he was except Allan.

“You wish it was a date, though,” she said. He blushed and looked down.

“I have to go meet James,” he said shyly. She smiled. She hugged him lightly
“Good luck, have fun, happy birthday, and I expect deets.” She told him quietly. He hugged her back then ran off to find James. When he arrived, he was talking to a couple people. He was smiling.

Oh gosh, that smile. It made his knees go weak, and it made his heart pound. He was sent to cloud nine each time he saw that smile. James laughed and Allan’s heart sped. He was in love, it wasn’t just a crush, he was in love with James.

The group walked away and Allan approached James.

“Wanna put your stuff in my locker,” he offered? Allan put his backpack into James’ locker. James smiled at him. “Happy birthday.”

“Thanks,” Allan said.

“Ready to go,” he asked? Allan nodded and they made their way to James’ car. It was a ’67 impala, perfect condition.

They got in the car and they were off. “There’s something I want to show you,” James told him. They drove away from the school. About 5 minutes. They were at the top of a hill. James parked the car and Sex hikayeleri they got out.

There was a single red rose on a path. Allan picked it up, and looked at James. His expression hasn’t changed even though he was close to dying of nervousness.

They began walking down the path. There was another rose. They soon came across a third, fourth, more and more until there was a silver rose. It was in a glass vase on a picnic blanket.

“Look down,” James told him. He did. ‘I love you, Allan,’ was spelled in pebbles at their feet. “It’s true,” James said. He was suddenly shy. He feared that he’d be rejected by his friend.

Allan looked at him and kissed his cheek. James caught Allan’s face as he tried to turn back. He cupped both cheeks and kissed him. It was tender, but soft, it was the kiss that Allan had always imagined when he thought about James.

“I love you, too, James,” he said when the kiss ended. The boys stepped over the pebbles to the blanket.

“One vegetarian picnic,” James told his new boyfriend, “just for you.” He opened the basket and pulled out some egg salad sandwiches, little salads, plates, forks, salad dressing, Sprite, napkins, etc.

They finished eating quickly, then James packed up. He took Allan’s hand and kissed him again.

“Did you have fun?”

“Y’know. That picnic was nice, but there is something I’m craving now,” Allan looked at him with his big brown eyes.

“And what’s that,” James asked? Allan’s eyes trailed down landing on James’ crotch.

“Meat,” he purred. James started to get hard. He put his things in the trunk of his car.

“What kind of meat,” James asked, approaching Allan.

“Guess,” Allan breathed.

“How much do you want?” He was getting closer, he was gently pressing Allan against his car.

“As much as you have,” Allan told him. He reached a hand down and slowly rubbed the crotch of James’ shorts.

“Where do you want it?”

“My mouth,” he said. He continued by whispering, “for now” into his ear. James backed off with an excited expression on his face.

“Shall we go somewhere a bit more… Private,” he whispered? He opened the car door and they got in. Allan unbuttoned and unzipped James’ shorts, taking them down. James laid out on the back seat.

‘He’s so big.’ Allan mentally commented. He was so careful as he took down James’ boxers. He didn’t touch him yet. He just looked at him. He was huge. He wrapped his slender fingers around his length.

Allan jerked him slowly, looking up at him. Allan’s brown eyes met his stale green ones through a curtain of blonde. He opened his mouth, sticking his tongue out and just putting his mouth around the tip. His mouth didn’t touch it, yet. He just jerked him.

As Allan jerked faster, his cock moved slightly, Sikiş hikayeleri bumping into the sides of his mouth. He stopped jerking after another minute or so and just held it. He probably didn’t need to, he was so hard that it could’ve stood on its own.

He licked, starting at the bottom of the head, licking to the tip. He went around and licked down to up on the side of the head. He licked the top of the head, then back down the other side.

He didn’t mind the salty taste of his precum. Allan continued to lick him, this time, licking back and forth all over his huge cock. He made sure all of his cock had at least a little wetness, then he pressed his lips against the tip.

He opened his lips slightly, barely letting the tip enter his mouth. He sucked lightly, feeling the pre-cum dribble into his mouth. He swallowed the pre-cum, sucking the tip slightly harder.

James wrapped his big, strong hands in his shaggy brown hair, trying to make him take in more of him. Allan didn’t let him force him farther. He was slow and steady as he wrapped his lips around the head.

He sucked lighter than he did at the tip, but he licked the head all over. Around and around the head, his tongue went. More pre-cum spilled into his mouth, landing in his cupped tongue. He continued to swallow it.

He took in a little bit more of his cock, he tasted just as good as he was hoping he would, maybe even better. He was sucking harder and harder, his cock was going farther into his mouth with each suck.

Soon, it hit the back of his throat, he knew that she had two options, deepthroat, or keep him in his mouth. He decided to keep it in his mouth because he really… Really wanted to taste his cum.

Allan brought his right hand up, wrapping it around his cock as best he could. He jerked it lightly. He brought his left hand up to James’ hands and slightly pushed his mouth farther onto his cock. He got the hint and took control of him.

He took himself out a little, then thrusted his cock back into his mouth. He rammed his cock into the back of his throat. He continued the in and out motion as Allan jerked him harder.

Allan continued to lick him when he could. Allan’s left hand went from James’ hands to fiddling with his balls. He was bobbing his head on his cock with the thrusting. Allan’s bobbing was faster than his thrusting.

His cock was throbbing and he moaned. His cock was starting to grow softer in his hand and mouth. He was getting close. Allan took his mouth off of him and he continued to jerk. His mouth was open wide and his cock was still near his lips.

As he jerked, James’ cock hit his lips. He continued to play with his balls. Allan placed the tip back in his mouth just in time to catch his first large squirt of cum. James’ salty syrup quickly filled his Erotik hikaye mouth.

James tasted sweet, yet salty. It was the perfect combination of the two tastes. He swallowed, but didn’t stop jerking. Another stream of cum landed in his mouth. He swallowed that, too.

He could tell that James was done after the two streams. He kissed his boyfriend lightly.

“Want to go back to school, or have more fun,” James asked?

“I’d rather have fun,” Allan admitted. James pulled his boyfriend in for a passionate, tender, loving, tempting kiss. James rubbed the crotch of Allan’s shorts. He smiled.

“How would you like to have fun,” James asked seductively.

“I want to fuck you,” Allan told him, “I want to fuck your ass.”

“Are you just going to talk about it, or are you going to fuck me,” James asked temptingly. Allan kissed his boyfriend with a burning passion. He reached for his own button and undid his shorts. He lowered them and his boxers.

While he was distracted with that, James grabbed a bottle of lube. He bought it in case something like this happened. It was new. He took off the foil cap and gave it to Allan.

Allan was on his knees and James got on all fours in front of him. Allan looked at his ass, it was pale, firm, and tight. He took the bottle and put a little bit on his cock, already partially wet from his pre-cum.

He rubbed the lube onto his cock and put a little on James’ ass hole. He raised himself up, lining his cock up with James’ ass.

“Ready,” he asked? James nodded. Allan put the tip of his cock into James. He was slow and steady. He was gentle with his movements. James gasped in pain at the entry, but relaxed slightly after a moment.

Allan entered farther, the head of his cock fully sliding into his boyfriend’s nice, tight ass. He pushed farther in until his full 7 inch cock was inside of him.

Allan thrusted out then back into James. Out and in, out and in. It slowly became easier to leave and return to him. The thrusts became longer and faster, then they slowed down a little bit.

They sped back up as Allan got closer to cumming. He looked at his boyfriend and ran his fingers down his sides. He held him close as he felt the cum explode from his cock. The two boys both moaned then Allan got out of James. James turned back to him and kissed him softly.

“I love you,” James said.

“I love you, too,” Allan said. The two walked into the school halfway through fourth period, their lunch period. They were holding hands, James was ready to come out to everyone. They walked over to where their friends sat snd there they were.

Their friends saw the intertwined hands and applauded the two, not a lot, just enough. James and Allan sat across from each other, Allan was next to Elle. Suddenly, he got a note passed to him by her.

‘You smell like sex. Deets later.’ She carried on her conversation with her other friend. Class ended, and the boys shared a soft, slow kiss before going their separate ways.

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