Happy Birthday Baby Ch. 01


It’s your birthday. The only thing you asked for this year is for me to be on the bed waiting for you wearing only a necklace and a smile. You’ve been waiting for this all day. Your coworkers found out that it’s your birthday; so in the spirit of camaraderie they threw you a surprise party. You thank them for their kindness but eating cake with your colleagues is not on your mind. What you want should be waiting for you patiently at home.

A little voice has been planting seeds of doubt in your head all day. It’s been saying things like, “You know she ‘aint gonna do what you asked right? You know she’s gonna give you a run for your money and you’re gonna have to remind her yet again who’s running this shit!” You’ve tried to ignore this little voice and give me the benefit of a doubt, but then again you remember this is me we’re talking about. You know that I love you with all my heart, but I’m a woman that doesn’t take orders lightly.

Truthfully, I like to defy your orders because in the end we have what I like to call “angry fucking” It’s the kind of sex where two people come together and literally fuck the breath out of each other. It only happens when a man is so angry with a person (usually a woman) that he wants to hit some thing or somebody. Since he can’t use his hands to smack some sense into the person; he uses the next best thing, his dick. And seriously, it’s the best sex in the world. Pure passion is put into it. I mean really, what’s anger without passion?

The day finally ends, you leave the office and go straight home. You call the house and the call goes straight to voicemail. You worry a little. You hope that I’m not out somewhere hurt and not able to get in touch with you. And if not, you hope that I haven’t forgotten about your birthday wishes. You pull up to the house and see my car in the driveway. You smile to yourself letting all your worries drift away. You park and literally run up the stairway to our home in full anticipation of opening your birthday present. You open the door and see that not only am I fully clothed but I’m cooking dinner.

Although the birthday dinner is a good gesture, that’s not what you asked for. You try to contain your frustration and watch me for a brief moment. I’m so busy shaking my hips to the radio that I don’t realize that you’re watching me. You clear your throat and say,

“Hey Baby!”

I turn around and smile. “Hey Birthday Boy!!” I say.

I go to you and give you hug and kiss.Your body is tense and I know why. I should be ashamed of myself. After all today is your birthday and I should be doing what you asked. But the thing is, I’ve been feening for a hard “angry fuck” all day. Now don’t get me wrong, I fully intend to follow your birthday wishes. I have the necklace ready and everything. But the need to feel your dick violently thrusting inside kartal escort bayan my wet pussy overcomes everything else. Your body is so tense; it makes me wonder if you’re going to hug me back. But then you relax and your arms reach around my waist. I feel the love flow through you but I can also feel your frustration. You reach down and lightly grab my ass. I feel your hardness rub against my pussy. I instantly get wet.

A part of me wants to let go of this ruse and do what you asked. But then there is that little voice that has been going through MY head all day,

“You know you want this. Women up and do what you gotta do!!”

You let go of me and as I walk back to the oven you ask me,

“What you doing?”

“Cooking your birthday dinner baby.” I reply.

“I see.”

You leave the doorway and come into the kitchen. As I pull the oven door down to check the food, you silently ease behind me. I close the door, stand up, and turn right into your hard chest and lustful gaze. Holding both sides of the oven handle you corner me in one place.

We stare at each other for a brief moment. Your eyes rake my body from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. You dip down to my face and slightly rub my cheek as a lion would his mate and you whisper in my ear, “What did I tell you that I wanted for my birthday?”

The intensity in your gaze and voice is a total turn on for me. My throat goes dry. I clear it and answer,

“Well, you said that you wanted me to be naked wearing that diamond necklace you bought me, but baby…”

“But what Angela?” you interrupt with a calmness that’s almost scary if I didn’t know you.

“I wanted to cook for you baby. You deserve a good meal for your birthday. After all it’s your day.” I reply.

“My day huh?”

“Yes baby, it’s your day!” I say with a smile.

I reach up with both hands to touch your cheeks. You smile at me, catch my hands before they touch you, kiss them and in a swift move you place them behind my back in a strong hold. I’m definitely surprised by your actions. You weren’t hurting me, it was just purely shocking. You look me straight in the eyes and reply,

“What you got in that oven is not what I want to eat. I asked you to do one thing for me and you did the total opposite. But I’m a nice man and I’m going to give you one more chance to do what I asked you do. Now, I’m going to go take a shower and when I come back, I WANT YOU NAKED!!”

I can tell that the last comment is the most important of all. You leave me with one last glare,nip my neck with your teeth and then walk away. I look your direction and our eyes meet. You give me a lustful yet determined stare. Usually that stare would make me submit to you without question. But not this time. I have a goal in mind and I fully intend escort maltepe to reach it.

You go into the bathroom and start the water for your shower. I close my eyes and drift into a daydream of what I believe is happening in the shower. The thoughts of what you’re doing to that beautiful body of yours causes more moisture to gather in between my legs. I moisten my fingers, lift up my skirt, separate my pussy lips and start to rub my throbbing pussy.

In my head I see a vivid picture of you. I see your tall, lean, muscular body standing under the shower head. I imagine the water drizzling down your beautiful face to the tip of your toes. I see you taking the soap in your strong hands and rubbing it into a lather. You take the soap and rub your muscular arms and then you continue down to your chest getting every ridge of your beautiful six pack. You continue the soapy journey down your abdomen and stop at your equally beautiful cock. I see you taking your cock in one hand and rubbing the soap on it with your other hand. You rub your ball sac lightly with the soap and your dick comes to immediate attention….

I open my eyes right before the orgasm I’ve built up erupts on my fingers. My day dream of you was so vivid,it almost seemed as though I was right there witnessing everything that I imagined. I want you so bad but I’m a patient women, I can wait. So instead of undressing I go back to getting dinner ready.

I hear the water stop and the door open. I feel your presence and I shudder with anticipation of what you’re going to do to me for disobeying your orders. Moments have gone by and I’ve become so in tuned with my own lust as well as the cooking that I almost forget that you’re standing there watching me. I think about the trouble that I’ve deliberately put myself in just so I can feel your hard cock thrust violently in my wanting pussy and I smile.

Finally I decide to acknowledge your presence. I turn to you and I see two things: one, you’re not happy and two, your cock is standing straight up. For a brief moment I re-think my plan and wonder to myself

“Did I take this one too far? Should I have done what he asked without any defiance? After all it is his day!!” I shake my head and stand my ground.

I meet your intense gaze with a gaze of my own. But this time your gaze is more intense then I’m used to. The heat from your gaze becomes stifling and I begin to back out of the kitchen. Every step I take back you counter with a step forward.

Our eyes never leave each other. You’re stare is filled with lustful anger; mine is filled with lustful excitement. When you reach the area where I stood moments before touching myself thinking of you; you stop. You sniff the area and smile. But this smile is different then most,there’s almost a dangerous feel to it. You begin your predator-like pendik escort stalk once more and that smile never leaves your face.

“What are you smiling about?” I ask as I continue to step back.

“I can smell your sex!” You answer.

“What are you talking about?”

“You have a distinctive smell Angela. Whenever you play with that beautiful pussy the smell fills the room. It smells like aqua lilies and musk. Every time I smell it, I know that my pussy has been touched. So tell me Angela, what were you thinking about when you were playing with my pussy?”

“First of all what is this MY stuff?”

“Oh you didn’t know? That’s my shit. So I’ll ask again, what were you thinking about when you were playing with my pussy?”

“I wasn’t playing with MY pussy, I was cooking.” I replied.

“You’re lying. Well since you won’t tell me; I’ll draw my own conclusion. Hmmmm. You were thinking about me in the shower again weren’t you?”

I didn’t answer. By this time we’ve passed through the living room and I’m now standing in front of the hallway that runs straight into our bedroom.

We stop for a brief moment but our eyes never lose sight of each other. You’re ready to pounce on me at any time. Your gaze is almost like a dare. You want me to run; it would almost make victory for you even sweeter. And of course I don’t disappoint. Without warning I break into a run towards the bedroom. I miss your hands grabbing for me by a hair. You get to the door before I’m able to lock it. You shove it open, grab me and turn me over to my stomach. You lift my dress up and swiftly insert into my readily soaking pussy. While you’re hitting each spot just right you ask me in between thrusts,

“What the fuck did you think was going to happen Angela? Did you honestly think that I was going to let you get away with not doing what I asked you to do? Huh? Did you?”

Your dick is feeling so good that I can hardly speak audible sentences. You continue to chastise and fuck me to oblivion. I’m so close to orgasm. I can feel that familiar tingle seep through my stomach and instantly shoot sparks toward my pussy.

“When I tell you to do something, I expect for you to do it. And if not, this is what you get!” you continue.

Little did you know that this is exactly what I wanted you to do. When I was at the brink of my orgasm you stop and flip me over. My legs automatically open for you. You dive into my drenched pussy head first. Your tongue hits my clit on first contact. I try to move away from your determined tongue but you hold me down to where I can’t move. I can feel my orgasm rushing through my body. I know for sure that this orgasm is going to be the best that I’ve ever had. My legs begin to shake and I begin to call your name out for more. And when I’m milliseconds away from erupting on your tongue, you stop.

You move back up and you whisper in my ear,

“If I continue, then you’ll never learn.”

You get up and you leave me in the room with my legs open wanting more.


Copyright BBWLove8369 August 2009

Revised October 2009

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