Happy Humpday!


Happy Humpday!My girlfriend and I have been letting a friend of hers do laundry at our house for a little over a month now. I usually dont see much of her because I work second shift and shes usually just leaving when i get home. However, 2 days ago I had the day off and my girlfriend was at school. I was suddenly awoken by a loud pounding at the door. I put my glasses on and ran to open the door. It was Elizabeth, my girfriends friend.”Hello?” I questioned, as it was nine in the morning.”Hey, sorry to wake you, the door was locked..I just had to return this vacuum I borrowed from Kristy last night. And I think I left some laundry in your dryer.” She replied”Alright, Well..come in. Do you want some coffee” I asked as I shut the door.It was cold outside and even trying I could see her nipples were hard from the brief moment she spent outside during our conversation.”Sure, however you make yours” she said as she untied her shoes.She was cute. She had purple/black hair as part of the current Warped Tour scene. She was short but thin. Lip piercing. Neither her breasts or ass were spectacular but they fit her size. Plus, Ive güvenilir bahis siteleri seen the pictures of her pierced nipples on my girlfriends phone…and she did them by herself at home…Yeah.I brought the coffee into the living room and sat it down. I grabbed a cigar box. In the box was marijuana, Cheese was the particular strand, which I broke up by hand and put into my Plenty vaporizer. My morning ritual. We made some small talk and drank coffee while she ran the clothes in the dryer once more to “fluff them up”. Once the vaporizer was set, we got high. Then buzzer went off in the dryer and she ran to stop it. Her pajama pants complemented her ass. You could see every curve…I was looking down at my phone facebooking when suddenly without any sort of warning she runs and jumps on me. Waiving a pink thong in my face she says”Do these smell clean to you” laughinglyIm trying to swat” at her playfully but she was persistant.”Ummm…” I was puzzled, but turned on. I had no idea what was going on.”Because theyre not. Theyre dirty. I JUST took them off. Does it smell good to you?” as she smiled, grinding herself on me. By now Im practically rock hard.She stood up and untied the string to her pajamas. They fell instantly.”Dont you want to fuck me?” she batted her eyes as she ran her hand over her pussy. Biting her lip. “but Kristy…” I saidShe had succeeded. My cock was fully hard and before I knew it..it was in her mouth. And she was a pro. She spit. Slapped. Gagged. Licked and everything she could think of. And then she stopped.”Can i tell you a secret?” she asked.”Anything” I replied..sto start again.”I love it when guys smell my asshole. It makes me feel beautiful…”Without hesitation i threw her on the couch and instinctively she got on all fours.I brought my nose up to her arching back. Her pink asshole was staring back at me as I started licking her pussy. She was already soaked. She probably was unaware, But I have an extreme ass fetish and I was thrilled at this opportunity. I stuck several fingers inside her pussy while I begin smelling the sweet aroma of her ass. She had obviously used her shithole this morning. And she was one of those health nuts so she bahis firmaları had sweated a bit too. But I loved it.”Can you fart” I askedInstantly a gust of air hit me in the face and my nostrils were filled with her scent. She moaned. She reached her hand back and begin fingering herself. I stuck a finger in her butt and wiped it under her nose. Then again but to my nose. Then again to hers..She smelled extravagant.”Fuck me!” she demanded.I grabbed my cock and forcefully shoved it into her tight, pink asshole. She yelled a bit…then turned to moaning.I hit it like a mad man until I finally blew my load inside her ass.”Can I tell you a secret” She asked again.”Anything” i repliedI like the taste of cum too much to waste it.”I fucking love you” i said and smiled”I love you too” She saidThen she bent over again and farted out my load on the coffee table. She sucked me clean then proceeded to lick up the mess on the table. I stood behind her and wiped her ass clean with my hands so that she could lick my hands clean.”Well im gonna go. Thanks for the buzz and the coffee!” She said as she put her clothes back on.”Anytime” I said back”So like Friday?” she questioned”Yes, like Friday”I laughed”Okay, See you guys then” She yelled back from outside”Guys?” I thought.As I turned around, I see my girlfriend staring at me.”Like my gift?” she smiled

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