Happy Valentines Day


Saturday afternoon before Valentines I scheduled an appointment with my hair stylist and manicurist. Working on weekends was part of my hard working girl routine; so, I worked until about 2 in the afternoon then drove to the salon. With nails and hair done, I walked to the tanning salon a few doors down and spent a few minutes maintaining my satin finish. I know what you are thinking this one is high maintenance but, after all a lady has an image. I was planning a night to be remembered and could hardly contain my desires as I lay naked under the lamps. Just for a moment I allowed my mind to wonder and my hands followed. As the heat radiated over my body, my hands found the tip of my desire. My legs opened to the heat of the lamps and I fingered my clit as I imagined my lover watching me, wanting me, licking and sucking at my desire. All too soon, the lights snapped off and I was faced with reality but, the fire in side me was not extinguished. I could feel the evidence of clear sweet cum trickling down my thighs as I walked back to my car.

With lust in check momentarily, my thoughts wondered to my plans for the evening. I knew my Valentine would not be the type to appreciate finer things such as roses, candles, and wine. Instead, I drove to a liquor store and bought a six pack of beer for him (complete with valentine wrappings, just to fit my mood) and a bottle of Merlot for myself. I could imagine the taste of beer on my lovers tongue blending with the dry taste of merlot. The desires within me would be all the intoxication I would need.

I hurried home to shower and dress and dress for my date. Standing naked in front of the vanity, I smiled sweetly at my reflection anticipating the night ahead. I was running short on time and knew I must concentrate on things other than the ache in my thighs. Therefore, I quickly showered and changed into a new cowhide skirt I’d purchased the day before. The skirt was short, made of soft leather with the print of cowhide. I would have preferred to just wear the skirt without hose or thong, but, I knew my date loved to see my legs in shimmering panty hose. I had to admit the light shiny pantyhose made my legs look lean and sexy. I topped the hose with my new tiger print thong and matching bra I’d purchased from Victoria secret. A black ribbed sweater and high heeled black pumps completed the outfit. My hair in shoulder length swirls and makeup in natural neutral shades, I looked very pretty and sexy. I smiled, and winked at myself in the mirror. Tonight would be a night to remember I thought, silently.

My Valentine and I had chosen to drive separate vehicles and meet at a common destination. We lived in separate town; therefore, we chose to meet in the Wal-mart parking lot in a town midway between his place and mine. We really didn’t have a set agenda for the evening but, both had expressed our desires for intimacy or to be more accurate we were both consumed with fantasies of passion, lust and pure sex. Driving to my destination, my thoughts were of nothing but my need for sexual release and I knew it would be hard to concentrate on anything else until we satisfied our desires. My nipples were already hard in anticipation and pressing tightly against the confines of my bra. I tugged at them separately through my sweater and suppressed a moan as I waited impatiently at a red light. Two young gentlemen in the car next to mine noticed my dilemma. They grinned, winked and generally expressed sympathy for my situation. I silently wondered if I should ask them for assistance. I could use a little two-on-one action about now and they both looked awfully cute. I wondered how hard their cocks would be, such young studs would have hard lengthy cocks to suck and nibble on. With another quick glance in their direction, I summed up the potential. Images of them both floated through my mind. Two sexy young studs, one in my mouth the other thrusting me hard from behind. My breath quickened and I closed my eyes resting my head back against the seat. I groaned out loud as my clit tightened hard between my thighs. I heard a tap of a car horn and opened my eyes. The light had turned green. I glanced at the guys in the car and flashed them a wink with a grin. I accelerated through the moment and raised the volume on the radio my heart thumping with the rhythm of the bass.

As I reached our designated meeting place, my valentine was waiting. I parked and opened the door to go over to his vehicle. He was already walking towards me admiring the view as my long legs unfolded from the car. The extra effort I’d put into my appearance was rewarded by the appreciation in his eyes as he walked up to meet me. He barely said “hi” then touched my face running his thumb and forefinger over my lips. He pulled my face toward him and pressed his moist hot lips to mine. His tongue pushing deep into my mouth like he was starving for something he hadn’t had in a while. I kissed him back willingly knowing that he would not allow my resistance even if I’d wanted to. The pressure increased as did his passion. His tongue conquering my mouth, sucking and biting at the sandman izle my tongue until the taste of blood mingled with the saliva. His eyes were blurred with his desires as he broke the kiss. My surprise for the sudden forcefulness in his kiss must have shown in my face as he whispered, “you were late! Don’t ever make me wait for you!” A bit dizzy from the kiss, I slid back into my car seat.

His eyes slid over my body taking mental dictation of what I was wearing. His hand dipped into the car and straight for my legs sliding up and down from calf to knee then higher over my thighs to touch the silk clad crotch. He croutched at the open door of the vehicle, and again drew me into a lustful kiss one hand gripping my neck and the other teasing my crotch with his thumb pressing hard just below my pelvic bone to apply pressure on my g-spot. Feeling me squirm, my hips moving voluntarily against the pressure, he rolled his thumb in a circular movement, working me to frenzy. He broke the kiss long enough to gasp for air. We were both breathing heavily in the cool Texas air. “It’s a bit cold out there.”

How could he think it was cold out here? I hadn’t noticed anything but, heat.
“I’m okay,” I said.

He indicated that at least one of his hands was warm under my skirt and roaming freely up and down my legs. He looked inside and commented on my skirt. “Wow, is that leather?” He asked. “Yes…” I said. He ran his fingers over the material and up under my sweater…. “I love how you dress to please me.” He said. I smiled back.

Then he frowned when his hand squeezed my breast. “Why are you wearing a bra?” he asked. “I don’t go out in public without one, babe… Ladies don’t do that!” I reminded him.
“I’m not the public.” He said. “You dress to please only me!”
“I’ll take it off before the night is through…” I promised…

He chuckled, sliding his hand beneath the bra to squeeze my raised nipples..
Tugging almost painfully he said, “I know you will and I can’t wait to suck those little nips.”

His lips claimed mine in another passionate kiss and his tongue rolled freely in my mouth. He abandoned my breast in search of the silky coverings on my legs again. Up and down from thigh to ankle and then lower to check that I was wearing pumps, another requirement for his pleasure.

“God those pantyhose turn me on..” he breathed. I knew he had a thing for pantyhose and smiled sheepishly. He gingerly pinched my inner thigh as if to say you knew that.

“Let’s get outa here.” He stepped back from the vehicle. Glancing south, I could see he was sporting a nice hard on. My mouth watered. I wanted to feel it, touch it, and suck it. He always had such a hard cock. “Where do you want to go?” I asked.

He indicated a motel down the street and told me that he had checked out room prices in case we wanted to share a room for a while. I laughed and said, “A bit confident of yourself aren’t you?” He stepped closer and brushed his palm down my face… “Do you need me to convince you more?” He asked. I licked my lips in a nervous gesture. He captured my tongue with his mouth again.

“No..” I whispered when he released my lips. I could feel the moisture between my legs and new that my clit was hard and waiting. His hands on my legs and thighs had me wanting him to touch me more and I knew that if he kept this up. I would be touching myself there in the V of my thighs or pressing my pussy into his palm begging him to take me. Sitting with my legs slightly apart I wanted to feel his fingers in me touching me. Feel his tongue against my clit as his fingers slid into my slit, pumping against my g. I imagined another finger sliding into my ass and pinching my holes together while he sucked my clit. I gasped at the images and my breath caught in my throat. He stared into my eyes as though he knew what I was thinking, “Such a pretty face,” he said. “Your makeup looks really nice.”

“Thank you.” I said.

“So, you’ll follow me?” He asked.

“Sure.” I said….

I followed behind as he pulled onto the highway. I knew he needed to be in control and was happy to follow his lead. As I parked a couple of spaces from his vehicle I felt a slight pang of conscious. I’m not ordinarily so open to hotel romances and the thought of a cheep hotel tryst was a bit disturbing but, I assuaged my conscious thoughts with the reminder that he was more than a casual acquaintance and that we did have a steady relationship of sorts even if most of our exchanges were through virtual communication via the internet.

So, as he strolled into the Hotel, I waited patiently checking my reflection in the mirror and repairing my lips that were a bit swollen from his hard passionate kisses. My smile trembled and my hands weren’t steady. My eyes were very bright blue and shiny. “God! You would think it was my first rodeo!” I laughed and shoved my lipstick back into my purse.

I climbed out of my vehicle as he came walking back toward me with a cocky grin. “What are you grinning, about?” I laughed. the snow girl izle

“I get a blow job for valentines…!” He stated confidently.

“What?…” I teased? “Whatever gave you that idea? Just for that baby… my lips won’t touch you there.” I said. Moving closer I slid my hand into his crotch to feel the semi hardness there. He pulled me closer, his hand cupping my ass.

“Oh, yes.. you will!” He ground against my lips. “I have my whips and chains and you’ll do just what I tell you to or I’ll use them.” He teased. “John!” I squealed in protest. Then deciding it was time to change directions I stated. “It’s cold out here and you know how I feel about public displays..”

“You’re right!” he said.

“The room is just up the stairs here so… we can leave our vehicles parked here.”

“Okay.” I opened the trunk to take out the Valentines Balloons with the six-pack for him and my bottle of Champagne. He noticed that I had something for him and reached into his back seat for a rose bouquet he had brought for me. I was trembling from the cold standing outside in my short skirt but I still thanked him and told him how beautiful they were. He laughed and said if I liked exchanging gifts outside… maybe I would like to spend some time on the balcony in the buff. I blushed at his reference to the previous story I had written. I followed him to the room.

The motel was brand new and still smelled like fresh paint. For a cheap room it was actually very nice. I placed my roses on the table and bent slightly towards them to inhale their fragrance when I felt his icy hand slide up my inner thigh homing in on my warm crotch. I instinctively spread my legs and he lifted my skirt pulling my silk clad ass against his crotch. He rubbed his hardening piece against the crease of my ass that was slightly parted by the back of my thong. I moaned softly and his grip hardened pulling me tighter against his hips. “I’m ready to fuck you! Casey!” He said. I responded by arching my back and let a soft sigh escape my lips.
He raised my skirt higher and looked down. Then is when he noticed the thong. I wondered if he would be angry.

“What’s this?..” he asked. He pulled on the strip of material tightly causing it to part my lips in front and rub against my clit. “It matches my bra…” I stated softly. “I don’t give a damn… I didn’t tell you to wear anything other than your pantyhose.” He said. He felt me tense and new the pressure of the material was rubbing my clit. He pulled tighter.. tugging a couple of times. There was a knock at the door. He hesitated slightly then landed two resounding slaps to my ass… “Loose the thong! NOW!” He stated as he stepped back to the door to see who had knocked. He glanced at me as he reached for the knob. “What are you waiting for?” He asked. “Who is it, John?” I asked. He frowned at me and demanded that I drop the thong as another knock sounded on the door.

Just as I reached under my skirt to pull off the thong he opened the door and a strong gust of chilling wind blasted through the door. I looked up to see the female hotel clerk at the door watching me remove my panties. She and I both blushed much to My Valentines delight.

“Can I help you?” John asked the clerk. I quickly stepped out of my garment and held it in a ball behind my back but not before she saw it. John noticed her gaze as she stammered, “I can come back later.”

“No, that’s okay. Actually, you can join us if you’d like.” John chuckled. “I was just about to make my lady friend eat that thing.” He laughed at the look of surprise on the woman’s face before she replaced it with a teasing smile. “Well, okay… “ She said, getting into the feel of the moment. “I was just delivering a TV remote but, since you two seem to have a show of your own….”

She teased. I blushed uncontrollable and turned away embarrassed. John took the remote and thanked the clerk and they both laughed as he closed the door. He threw.. the remote onto the desk and laughed as he strode over to me. “The look on your face was priceless.” He said. “It’s not funny, John.” I said.

“But, God… did you see the tits on that bitch?” He said.

“Actually, I think she might have joined us if I called her back.” He said in a half serious voice.

“I’d love to get my hands around those tits… they probably make two of yours.” He stated looking at my breasts. Before I could form a protest, he chuckled to himself and pulled me close grinding the hardness of his pelvis into mind to remind me that he was almost fully aroused. “By the way she was watching you strip I’d say she wouldn’t mind lickin’ your pussy while you suck my cock…” I pretended to be put out and muttered.. “but, I’m not sucking your cock, remember.” He laughed…

“Considering the way you’ve been staring at my crotch since we got here, I’d say you’re ready to suck it right now, you horny bitch!” He admonished. I glanced down a bit embarrassed that he had noticed. His tongue grazed my cheek on the way to capture my lips in a the spencer sisters izle hard wet kiss. Then his tongue slid back to my ear and he captured my diamond stud in his teeth tugging almost painfully. Chills touched my spine and I dropped my head back as he captured both my hands behind my back hold them with one of his. His hands ran up beneath my shirt and under my bra to grasp painfully at my breast. I moaned as he twisted my nipples between his fingers. “You want it really bad. Don’t you, Casey?” he teased. “I know you too well, Casey… I know that you love suck my dick… and you will when I tell you to, Casey.” He growled as his teeth grazed my neck.

I moaned again softly and opened my eyes to stare into his emerald ones.. I saw his arousal and as he tasted my lips it was for the first time sensual instead of lustful. His lips parted over mine at once hard and soft inside. He pushed his tongue into my mouth circling my tongue. I formed a hardened point with the tip of my tongue and he circled the end with his several times then sucked gently on it as though he were sucking my clit. He must have felt the same waves of desire because his cock became so hard straining against the material of his jeans and pressing into the soft area between my thighs. He gave a soft growl of delight as he dragged his tongue from my mouth and across my cheek to my ear. Somehow my legs were against the bed and he lowered me to the mattress. He stood at the foot of the bed and slid my skirt down from my hips staring at the small dark strip inside my panty hose and down my leg. I asked if I should remove my heels and hose and he said “No. Those stay on.”

He loves the look and feel of sheer nylons on flesh and took great pleasure in allowing his hands to roam freely over my thighs and legs from ankle to thigh and then higher until he was joining me on the bed pushing his body onto mine. He raised my sweater and ran his hands beneath my bra cupping each of my breasts and pulled them out of my bra… His tongue felt so good. So, hot as it closed over my nipple and he sucked strong and hard causing each of them to stand at attention. My hands were in his hair and I arched my body pressing my breasts harder into his mouth…. “You like that baby?” he asked… “yes…” I sighed.

He sucked greedily again at each breast bringing me to full arousal with his lips and tongue working their magic on my nipples. I raised both knees and cradled his body between my thighs. His hair was soft and thick in my fingers. The bra kept getting in his way as he rolled and played with each breast until he sat up and said… “Let’s get rid of this thing.” I sat up and slipped first my sweater off and then the bra. He squeezed both breasts with delight the weight of them filling his palms and lay me back down to play with them longer. I was totally turned on by the attention he gave to my breasts and could tell that he truly loved the feel… squeezing them, kneading them and biting on my nipples until I was moaning watching him enjoy the thrill of turning me on.

“I want to fuck you, Casey.” He said, when his lips returned to mine.

“yes… please.” I begged. “Do you want me to make you cum, baby?” he asked.

“yes, yes…” I breathed. He moved back down my body until his was between my legs and could feel the heat and moistness between my thighs. He could feel the wetness seeping through my pantyhose and it seemed to ignite him even more. “Ummm, you are so wet… “ he said. The he placed his mouth over my mound and sought for my passion flower through the hose with his tongue. When he found it the rough sensation of the panty hose mixed with the tip of his tongue made my thighs tremble in response. He knew he was there and continued to flick his tongue back and forth then blowing his hot breath through the nylon to stir me even more, until I was weak and shaking. I had never felt a sensation quite like that before… it was torturous yet erotic driving me to peak then stroking my clit with the rough texture. My hands were in his hair urging him on… my hips meeting his mouth… knowing that I would not orgasm fully without the true touch of his tongue he continued to give me small orgasms. One by one tasting my juices thru the nylon and feeling each one building in intensity. Finally, I could take no more and begged him… “Fuck me, John… God, you are driving me wild.”

He gave a half laugh and rose up from the bed. I had not noticed but somewhere along the way his jeans had been removed and his erection was long and hard. Rising to his knees on the bed, he deftly ripped the panty hose from front to back in the crotch exposing my dripping flesh to his mouth…”My moans were loud and strong when he finally touched the tip of his tongue the tight point of my clit. Then I tasted my juices on his tongue as his lips came to my mouth and I felt the single thrust of his now rock hard cock slam into me in one swift motion. There was no need to stroke me! As his cock hit bottom and pressed against my cervix, I trembled and felt an explosion deep in my mid-section. It felt as though every muscle contracted in waves…much like the waves at a baseball game except the where inside me. Waves of pleasure rippling through the lower half of my body making me thrust against his cock as I screamed with pleasure… “Oh, yeah… come for me, Casey” I heard as he moved in and out riding the waves of my orgasm which seemed to last for more than a full five minutes.

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