Happy Valentines


Well he finally called and invited you for drinks. He gave specific instructions though. No under wear and to only wear the outfit he sent over. You wonder what that is all about, but it’s the most excitement you have had in a long time.

You take to the bath, to take a long hot bath. Making sure there are lots of bubbles. You think back to the last time something exciting happened and you slowly slide your hands over your breast playing with your nipples, pulling them softly. You moan at your touch. Slowly you slide one hand lower, while the other continues to massage and play with your large breast mm. So soft and your nipples are so hard, fuck you need some attention. You other hand has found your wet mound and is slowly teasing it. Pulling your lips, inserting a finger..rubbing your clit fuck. You moan deeper as you slide lower in the tub spreading your legs wider. You move your hand from your breasts so you can finger yourself while rubbing your clit. You can feel it build as you slowly tease yourself. Your getting closer, your finger is sliding in and out, rubbing your sweet spot as you feverishly rub your clit. Just as you feel your orgasm start to hit, your alarm goes off fuck. You gotta go cause he said not to be late.

You put on the stockings with the straps to hold them up. The dress is beautiful, a little see through but it is nice. You pull it over your head and pull it over your breasts. It is so snug that your breast are held in place. Lots of jiggle but firm in place mmm. You can feel your nipples rub against the fabric making them stick out. You pull it down and realize it only goes just a few inches below your ass. Which makes you looks fuck hot in this dress.

You look in the mirror and if the light hits the right way it is easy to see everything, including your shaved pussy. Guess you will have to watch how you stand in the light.

You arrive at the bar on time and walk in. You see him at a booth waiting for you. You saunter over swaying your hips making all the men and some women turn and look. You smile knowing they want to fuck you. You can feel the moistness between your legs, fuck your hot. He looks good cleanly shaven, dressed up hair done, oh and does he smell good. Not sure the cologne but dang.

He motions for you to sit next to him in the booth. You sit there the waiter comes and take your order and gets you a drink. You smile “it’s nice to see you” you say. He reply like wise. You sit there chatting for a bit and he slides his hand under your skirt while you are eating. You move one of your hands to his cock it is rock hard. You feel your pussy moisten. Slowly he spreads your legs and slides a finger along your slit. Slowly he pulls his hand from your pussy and offers you a taste. You suck his fingers in your mouth tasting your warm juices mmm. God your so wet how come. He returns his finger and you continue to stroke his cock as he fingers your pussy. The waiter comes by to check on us. I am now a flush red and starting to moan as my climax gets close. I start to grind against his fingers with my clit rubbing the palm of his hand.

Just then he pulls out. Sucks his fingers clean and finishes eating. You look at him can’t believe he stopped so close to you cumming. Fuuuuuck. You finish eating and he pays the bill. Time to enjoy the beautiful evening.

He mentions he has to make a stop first. It ends up being over 30 min away. Just off the highway there is a little cabin, Kartal Escort what looks like maybe apartments and some green houses. As you guys get out of the car he suggests a walk in the woods to help the food digest. You love the woods so find this, like a great idea. You have your high heels on but it looks like a good trail.

Slowly you both walk down the trail, holding hands it’s a beautiful night to walk a light warm breeze to keep the bugs away. As you get farther into the woods it seems to get a little darker and little more scary. You reach a fork in the trail and a large tree is right in front of you. He suggest you get up close to it for some pictures. You start posing nothing wild just a flash of skin here or a ass there. He moves to the other side of the tree and you wrap your arms around it and look at him. He smiles broadly as he moves closer. Grabbing your hands he ties them together.

Your like what are you doing, stop this your scaring me. He comments ” Oh I will scare you and then some”. He comes around behind you as you continue to struggle and he slaps your ass hard. You yelp he does it again you yelp again. He rubs your ass slowly. Soothing the skin from the hard slaps. You moan softly. He tells you or more like growls at you “follow all my instructions to the letter if not you, well you will see”

You wonder what that is about, you pussy is on fire God you are so turned on, the pain. He take a knife and puts it against your throat ” now stay still or I will cut you. Not that I want to but if you move it may happen. “. Your like what the fuck, the cold metal against your skin makes you shiver. Slowly he slides it down around your breasts. Low between your legs, you can feel it on your skin just below the dress. He slides it up moving the dress with it. You shiver as he does. He stops slides the dress up your body exposing you ass and pussy and your tits. He has the dress just above your breasts. He takes the knife along your breasts circling them and running the blade under your beasts. He nicked you just below the breast the sharp pain shakes you. The cool feel of the knife has you entranced as he slowly slides it lower along your body. Again between your legs this time sliding the handle between your pussy lips. Your moist pussy gets the handle all wet. He holds it in front of you ” look how wet you are slut” He brings the knife back to your pussy and slowly slide the handle in you wet lips, fuck. He is fucking you with the knife handle, as he pulls it in and out he tweaks your nipples. You moan fuck this crazy. You can feel the cold metal in you wet twat. You try to grind against it but he tells you to stop. You don’t and he pulls out the knife and nicks your inner thigh, close to your pussy. You cry in pain, as you do he gently kisses your neck. Massaging your breasts. He grabs a switch from the tree and hit your ass then your breasts. You moan at the pain. He slowly rubs it smiling knowing what is to come.

You settle down, as you do he slides his hard cock with one thrust deep inside your pussy. Fucking hard and fast getting it deeper with each thrust. The was no warning, you yell out loud. Now your pushing back with everything you got. You feel yourself building to an orgasm and try to rub your clit against the tree. He realizes what your doing and tells you to stop. You can’t, the knife cuts, the nipple pulls the hard fucking is to much you need a release. He Tuzla Escort pulls out smacking your ass over and over. The pain makes you stop. Once you stop he pulls his pants up and walks around the tree and undoes your hands.

He grabs the back of your dress and pulls you to the ground. Let’s go slut. I want you to have fun and a good time but you would not listen you whore. He pulls you along the trail down one of the forks. To a small cabin it does not look like much. He opens the door and it is not much inside. An old stained mattress in the middle of the floor He pulls you to the mattress and pushes your face to it With your ass in the air he pulls out his cock and pushes it in your pussy. He fucks you hard for 10, 15 strokes then pulls out and pushes the head off his cock into your ass. You moan as he grabs your hair and fucks your ass hole. Slowly at first then faster You can feel him harden inside you. You want his cum, you to feel him explode inside you. Not to mention you are building to an orgasm. He pulls out, pulls off your dress leaving you there nude. He jerks off and blasts a load of cum all over your face and tits. Large gobs of thick white warm goo. You moan it feels so good. You want to taste it so you try to scoop sum up. He swats your hand away. Leave it slut. You try to beg hoping he let you taste it. He pushes your face down and smacks your ass twice.

Get some rest your going to need it he growls at you. Your on the dirty mattress nude no blankets nothing. You watch him as he sits on the couch having some food and drink. You just realized it has been hours since you ate or drank. You think you should ask for food but think twice. You curl up in a little ball and try to sleep. Some time later you feel you pussy being fucked roughly. You open your eyes to seeing him ram his cock into your wet pussy. It’s dripping your not sure why but you need to cum. You start pushing back and he grabs your throat. Stay still slut…he keeps fucking you hard and fast. He pulls out pushes you flat on your back and sprays a load of cum all over your tits and face. His second load of the night. This first one is gooey and drying the second load is dripping down your body. Fuck your not sure you can take much more of this. He yells at you, “like that slut, like my hot seed all over you tits and face”. I hope you do, as there is more of that to cum.

After about a half hour sitting there covered in come he grabs your hair pulls you to your feet. He drags you out side where he ties you hands to a bar and use a bar between your legs. You are out in the open. In the make shirt green house. Anyone can see you passing by if the look hard enough.

Your tits hanging out, your ass and pussy bare. He takes a leather strap and slowly slides it between your legs. You can see it glisten from your pussy juices. He slide the strap over your breast. You breath heavily. He slowly strikes your breasts then your inner thighs. One at a time, a breast the inner thigh the other breast and so on. Making you moan and plead for him to stop. “What do you want me to do he asks” You think about it for only a second “Fuck me Fuck me master” He smiles “your such a slut. Always wanting to be fucked ” He takes out a set of nipple clamps and put them in place with a long chain dangling from them. He walks behind you stuffs his cock in you pussy and slowly pushes all the way in. Slowly oh so slowly slides it out. He does this Anadolu Yakası Escort till you beg him to fuck you hard. He grabs your hips and starts ramming his cock into you. You grind and moan. As you do you feel him spread your ass cheeks mmm He takes hold of something and shoves it in your ass. Quick and hard you scream. He continues to work it in your ass. It is a thick long hard dildo. He stops and get the chain from the nipple clamps moves it so the end where the clamps are connected is now above the handle of the dildo. The chain runs along either side of your pussy lips. He goes back to fuck you and you try to grind against him. You feel the chain slowly along your pussy lips fuck.

Your moaning and cry and not sure what to do. His cock is filling you up, making feel so good but the chain is causing you to chaff a little. You beg him to stop. You want me to stop Slut. A whore like you does not want me to fuck you. As you wish. He unties you pulling the clamps off the blood slowly rushing back. Oh fuck you are so hot and horny. You pussy is just dripping slowly down your leg. He leaves the dildo in your ass. Stretching it. He get you some much need water. Drink up slut your going to need this.

He takes you to the warehouse. One light bulb is showing high above a table. He lies you down on the table and straps you in. As you lie there you wonder what is going to happen next He places a blind fold on you. He slides his hands along your body. Slowly gently he teases your nipples as he kisses your neck, lips mm slowly kissing down your body. Licking and sucking your nipples soft and first then harder biting them. You moan as you do, you feel his dick slapping your face. You open your mouth hoping to suck his cock. He pushes it in your mouth. Slowly he pushes back and forth as he licks and sucks your breast. He slowly moves down your body Kissing your navel sliding his tongue inside. He pulls his dick out of your mouth. You protest and he sticks it back in you take the whole cock. Using your tongue on his head and balls making him squirm. You spit on it as he licks your pussy and clit. You suck it back in and moan around it. He pulls out and again you protest. This time you feel his cock enter your pussy. Oh fuck it feels so good. As you open your mouth a dick fills it. At that point you realize you have not been sucking his cock. Who’s cock have you been sucking. You try to stop sucking the cock in your mouth but he is grabbing your hair and pulling you to the cock. While he jams his cock deep in your pussy over and over. The cock in your mouth switches again, you continue to moan, you are so hot right now it would not matter who you where sucking of fucking you just want release.

Finally he removes the face mask and as he does he lifts your legs and shoves his dick deep in your ass. He leans forward putting pressure on your legs and fucks you hard. Mean while there is this guy jerkin off and then shooting his hot load all over you body. First one then another and another. 10 men unload there hot sperm all over your tits and face Your are just covered with cum as he fucks your ass and starts rubbing your clit. You moan as you begin to climax. Squirting as he continue to rub your clit You moan and moan, slowly you start to come down then he rubs your clit fast and hard making you squirt for a second time.This time his mouth is all over your clit and pussy sucking up all your juices mm You cum for what seems like an hour. You are worn and tired and full of seed

He unties you and sits there watching you lick and suck all the cum from ever inch of you body. Such a cum slut you are. As you finish up he leans over and wishes you a happy Valentines day as he slowly brig you to a hot bath.

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