Hard snow pnp freak session pt1

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Hard snow pnp freak session pt1I was a d**g dealer and I sold crack, I also indulged from time to time. This one time in particular there was an interacial couple who partied and spent good money. They had been spending all night and ask if I could just come and hang out because they were worried about me being noticed going to and fro so much, so I agreed and went to their house. They have 2 k**s a boy 10 and a daughter 16-17 and she was REALLY pretty short, fat round c cup titties hips and a round little fat ass!. Kim was hot too,big titties, wide hips fat white girl booty….very delish looking! They lived in a 2 bedroom bath apt in a 4plex. The bedrooms were small and with the furniture it made it smaller when you walk into the room the bed is to thr left to the right a wall with a big dresser then a big comfy chair next to it along the 2nd wall was a long short dresser with a t.v on it. Kim’s side of the bed was closest to the door and Mike’s was on the other side. Where the chair I was sitting in was at the foot of the bed on Kim’s side of the bed on the middle of the bed was bunched up blankets and a couple oversized pillows so Mike and I could barely see each other. Kim was on the bed with a full length robe with (I was able to peek at) a oversized tanktop. I had 2ozs of crack which tested at 98% pure,….awesome! Well Mike gave me $100 which because he spent with me all the time I gave him 10, .2 of a gm crack rocks, which is a GREAT deal! He took half an gv Kim half and started smoking Mike’s 1st hit took him to paranoid land, peeping out the curtains, asking if we’re ok. Now Kim took a nice blast and you could tell she was really feeling bursa escort good and high. She looked at Mike who by now had a porn dvd on the tv. We made eye contact and I let her see me look at her body she smiled and allowed the robe to open some and I saw alot of titty cleavage. It was summer and warm I had an oversized jersey that went passed some really baggy shorts, no drawls. I took out my pipe (which was pyrex and bigger around and longer then the average crack pipe) and took the brillo out. Normally people put a regular .2 size rock on their pipe, I crushed a half gram down to almost powder stretched the brillo out moistened it and layed on top of the crushed rock and dumped the rest on the brillo and rolled it up a “crack burrito” I put it back in the pipe pushed it to one end. Then I put a rock down the long end of the pipe behind the brillo and one in the front. I have a mini torch i use to heat the pipe and melt the crack then I stood up and took my 1st blast in over a year, you hv to let the flame run up and down the pipe w/o letting the flame touch the pipe, the motion is like playing the trombone. You let the flame touch the end of the pipe, it sounds like bacon sizzling….yummmm!) The blast was AWESOME! It sent me past the moon! Now with really good coke it goes from my brain to my cock and I become soooooo freaky! I was facing the t.v watching the porn and w/o a thought i grabbed my cock. I quickly realized what I was doing and stopped I look bk and Mike and Kim were hitting their pipes. I sat down and made eye contact w/ Kim and she was feeling it. I sat down but as i did i pulled my shorts legs all the way up where my cock was hanging bursa escort bayan out and i spread my legs so she could see it if she looked. Mike was zooming, he literally had the side window curtain cracked looking out of it intently not paying any attention to us. I reheated my pipe and took another mega blast!!!!! And it was MINDBLOWING my ears were ranging I had to fight the urge to take off all my clothes and start playing with my bbc and asshole! When i sat bk down I made sure i positioned my chair so i could not be seen by Mike and started playing with my cock grabbing it and pulling it roughly.i like a little cock pain when i get high. After a while Mike announced he had to go to the atm and the liquor store. He asked if I would stay and wait for him. I faked as if Id just come back and he insisted he said I could hang out in the basement until he got back so I agreed and went to the basement where there was a 108 inch projector screen that I could mirror my phone on so I was set. Im into interacial porn and when im high i also like tranny riding reverse cowgirl compilations i had a 6hr mix of both types of videos. There was a oversized lazyboy that I put a blanket over it and i took my shorts off. no one would notice because my jersey was thick and really long. So Im in their basement with a now lubed cock and asshole I love having my prostate massaged when Im high (I had some lube in my pnp bag and a vibrating prostate massager with multiple speeds). pushed the brillo that was in my pipe from one end to the other several times to gather all the resin built up in the pipe from all the dope that id smoked then put a .5gm rock on top I escort bursa took another giganormus blast and got another massive hit that had my ears ringing so loud i felt deaf!!!!!! I sit down and put my left leg over the chair and lubed the massager and stuck it in my ass! and started pulling on this fat cock!!!!!!!, felt soooooo fucking good!!!!! I turned the massager on and got into the movie. didnt notice that Kim had came into the basement and was watching me play with myself watching these trannies riding fat cocks with their clit cocks flapping ummmmm,!!!!!!!!the prostate massager was on a low speed and it made my cock pulse and drip pre cum I stood up and put my foot on the chair and took the biggest blast of the night at this point!!!!!!! OMG I blew out enough smoke to make the screen disappear!!!!!! My ears had a LOUD RINGING!!!!!! I flew past the moon nd was lost in space!!!!!!!!!I turn the massager up to half way put my foot on the floor, relubed my cock and started roughly pulling on it.I noticed Kim in the corner of my eye and turned to face her, she jumped startled. By now Im flying through space and ready for human contact! I say “Bitch!” “Stop peeping and come eat this cock and play with my ass!” She didnt hesitate got on her knees in front of me. I put a fat rock on her pipe and let her blast off then I stuck my hard cock in her mouth and start face fucking her and had her fucking my ass with the massager I put another REALLY BIG ROCK on my pipe and took a great hit!!!!! Had her turn the massager up and started face fucking her again watching a really hot tranny riding scene! That was it I came sooooo fuckibg hard my legs gave out and I fell bk in the chair feeling fucking awesome! Kim swallowed my cum and I made her lick my ass a bit then she went upstairs. Few minutes later Mike came home none the wiser! ……then we started on pt 2 of this story!

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