Harem Days Ch. 02

69 Position

After Marcella and I welcomed the morning with some sleepy kisses, she extricated herself from my bed and told me she simply had to attend to her ‘other’ duties. I lay dreamily in bed for some time, reliving every detail of my night with Marcella. If that was what black pussy was like, I wanted an awful lot more!

It was a knock at my door that finally brought me into the new day. Entering was a slim dark-haired woman in her early twenties. She was carrying a tray upon which was set a breakfast of fruits, yoghurt, pastries and coffee. Instinctively I pulled the sheet over my exposed breasts and she placed the tray down beside me on the large bed. I smiled and said hello.

‘Hello and good morning, ma’am. My name’s Maria and I’m your personal maid. Mrs Aziz has told me to take personal care of you. I shall be cleaning your room, changing your bed, bringing you breakfast, taking care of your clothes. You name it and I will do it.’

‘How very kind of you Maria. Please come and sit with me.’

Maria smiled and placed herself on the side of my bed, crossing her legs and smiling. She was wearing a black maid’s uniform that fitted snugly against her trim figure. Her black hair was tied back behind her head in a bun. Her complexion was clear and tanned. She had a sweet and open countenance. She was evidently charming – and I was charmed.

‘Where are you from, Maria?’

‘I’m from Nicaragua, ma’am.’

‘Please call me Tiffany! How long have you been here in Egypt?’

‘I’ve been here for three years now. Mrs Aziz recruited me to work here during a trip to South America. She has been good to me – very good. I’m so glad you have joined us Tiffany. I hope you are equally happy here too. I hope I can help to make you happy.’

I reached out and took her petite hand, squeezing it gently.

‘I’m sure Maria that you will. I’m sure we are going to become very good friends.’

Maria left me to eat my breakfast. Taking up the tray I saw there was a note and opening the envelope found it was a letter from Mrs Aziz.

‘Darling Tiffany, I do hope that you had a good night’s rest. I sent Marcella up to check on you. I do trust she made you comfortable and welcome. I’m afraid I shall be out most of the day to-day and Mr Aziz and I will be dining out. However, I should love it if you came to our room tonight at 11pm. You will find the door open. Till then do amuse yourself as you feel. Any of the servants will do as you wish. A.’

The prospect of 12 unemployed hours stretching before me was a little daunting. So I set about filling them as best I could. I took a shower and dressed in white shorts and a tight white top. I am proud of my ample bust and always try to show it off. For a woman of Asian background I am well endowed and that always turns heads. I wondered around the palace, investigating rooms, inspecting the library, the music room, the film room and the swimming pool. It was there, sitting by the poolside in the shade of an umbrella, that Marcella found me.

‘Umm, there you are my dear. I’ve been looking for you all around. I do hope you are ok, girl?’

Marcella came up behind me and bent over to place a kiss on my lips.

‘Yes, you taste as sweet as ever. I wondered if you’d like a massage, to smooth away the aches and pains of travelling here. My husband, Marcus, he’s Mrs Aziz’s personal trainer. His also a skilled masseur. Knowing you girl, your gonna love him and what he does with his hands. Come on, I’ll take you through.’

I followed Marcella down along a long passageway and through into a large room full of exercise equipment.

‘You can always come and work out here, dear – and keep that kinky body of yours in nice shape. Now where is Marcus?

She shouted his name and from one of the side rooms emerged a truly impressive piece of manhood. Well he was every white – and oriental – woman’s fantasy male. Tall and broad and with a wonderfully muscular torso. His chest was smooth and his head was shaven too. He was naked but for a small pair of shorts that were evidently struggling to contain his endowment. And yes, he was black. Marcella walked up to Marcus and placed her hands on his chest, leaning forward slightly to kiss it.

‘Marcus, darling, this is my dear friend Tiffany. You know I told you about our night together honey. Well, I told her about you too and she’s really wanting to meet you. I’ve told her you’ll look after her good and proper – wont you darling?’

Again Marcella kissed her man’s muscular chest and ran her red fingernail across it as she pulled herself away. As she returned to Ataşehir Türbanlı Escort me she took my chin and held me still while she kissed me on the lips, full in front of her husband.

‘He’s all yours, sweet, and I mean all of him.’

As Marcella slipped away, Marcus smiled and reached for my hand and led me through into a side room. In the centre was a raised massage bench – and to one side was a wide divan, well supplied with cushions. Everything here was built for comfort – and, I was discovering, the hedonistic indulgence of the senses.

‘Tiffany, would you care to slip off those clothes for me?’

Trying to remain confident and cool I unbuttoned my white shirt and tossed it onto the divan. My shorts I eased off next, leaving me in my bra and panties. From the corner of my eye I saw that Marcus was gazing on me steadily. That heat I’d felt in the presence of Marcella last night was rising in me again. The act of being kissed by my black lover in front of her husband had already stirred my juices. Emboldened I tried to take the initiative. Slipping down my skimpy panties I took them in my hand and turning to face Marcus offered them to him. He enclosed them in his big black hand. Tossing my long black hair forward I asked.

‘Marcus, will you be a dear and unhook my bra for me?’

He came up behind me and I felt his powerful presence. The aroma of black masculinity. As his hands touched my skin I shuddered. It had been a while since I had been with a man, and a black man never. His hot breath was on the back of my neck and I thought I could feel an already aroused cock touch my arse. The clasp was released, but not Marcus’s touch. His hands remained on my back, gently stroking it.

I was breathing deeply, unsure how to proceed. Fortunately Marcus broke the ice. He planted a kiss on the nape of my neck. I groaned and pushed back against him, against his hard black body. And this time there was no doubt that his cock was full and hard pressing against me. Wonderfully, his powerful hands slid around my body to cup my breasts, which were yearning for attention. The sight of his dark skin against my milky boobs was intensely erotic. I lay back in his arms now.

‘Oh Marcus, I’m loving what your doing to me already. Your in control, just give me what you think I need.’

‘I don’t think there’s any doubt about what I need…’

Marcus pulled me around to face him. Tilting up my chin he pressed his mouth to mine. And so we kissed for the first time and I found myself in the arms of a powerful black man – and at that moment there was nowhere in the world I’d rather have been.

Suddenly Marcus bent down and swept me up in his arms. He carried me across to the massage bench, laying me face down. He placed a cushion under my shoulders and carefully scooped up my thick main of black hair and rested let it hand over the side of the couch.

‘Just relax, baby, and let me smooth away all you’re your tensions. We need to get you ready for all your activates here, don’t we?’

I felt the cool drops of massage oil trickle down my back and listened as Marcus worked the oil into his hands. And then, yes, I felt the sensation of his large, supple, black hands on my skin and I lay still and gave myself over to the experience of total bodily stimulation. Marcus was slow and insistent and thorough, giving careful attention to every part of me – my shoulders, my arms, my back, my calf muscles and my thighs. I was in a trance, relishing the loving attention I was receiving from this black hunk.

My pussy, I knew, was seeping juice and my pert, well-rounded arse, was alive in expectation of Marcus’s expert fingers. He took a long time getting there, approaching the tops of my thighs, only to draw away and concentrate again on my legs. But he knew what he was doing – and what I wanted. And when I felt the massage oil dribble into my arse crack I groaned audibly.

‘Mmm, Marcus, I thought you’d never get to my arse, dear. It was feeling neglected, missing your beautiful touch. Ohhh, that’s it – squeeze me good, I need this so bad, that’s it, yes…’

I squirmed between Marcus’s powerful hands, as they kneeded, and teased and squeezed, and held my ample arse-cheeks. As he pulled my cheeks apart I knew I must be giving him a clear view of my dark-pink arse hole, like the rest of me shaven smooth.

‘Well, Tiffany, I can see that Marcella wasn’t exaggerating when she told me about your sensual arse. It’s beautiful, baby, and nice and full for an Asian girl. I like a juicy plump arse – and so does Marcella. Man, when Ataşehir Otele Gelen Escort she came back this morning she could stop raving about you honey. You really got her juices flowing, girl.’

And then, for the first time, I felt Marcus drag a finger across my arse hole. I moaned and he repeated the movement, adding another finger this time. His oiled fingers began to circle my already wet anus. I pushed my arse up and spread my thighs wider, to let him know how welcome this finger was – how I loved what he was doing.

‘But Marcus, weren’t you upset when Marcella didn’t come home last night? Weren’t you jealous or angry when she told you she was with another woman?’

‘Oh, no, Tiffany, I ain’t jealous. Marcella’s always loved other women. They can’t resist her juicy big tits and horny black pussy – and really girl, it turns me on to see her with other women, especially when she brings them into our bed. And quite a few, I’m pleased to say, fancy some black cock as well as black pussy.’

As he said this Marcus slipped his well-lubricated finger into my arse-hole. I exhaled breath sharply and then relished the feeling of this long black finger in my arse. Marcus knew full well what he was doing, sliding his finger gently back and forth, probing my inner cavities, stirring my already thick juices. I began to whimper, burying my face in the cushion.

‘Tell me Tiffany, are you strictly a muff-diver, or would you fancy some black cock too? Did Marcella tell you how big I was, honey, how I fill that sloppy big pussy of hers? Would you like some black cock, girl? If so you gonna have to tell Marcus about it…’

Writhing still under the finger in my arse, my face yet pressed in the cushion, my throat thick with desire, I struggle to articulate my words.

‘Yes, yes, Marcus, I want black cock…’

‘I can’t hear you too clear, honey. You’d better tell me louder.’

‘Yes, please, I want black cock. I want to be fucked by a black man – I want his cock in me. I want to be taken and used by a thick black cock.’

‘Umm, that’s it, Tiffany, that’s it. Marcella said you were a ripe little Asian slut for black meat, but I wanted to hear it from you my sweet. Now I wonder, baby, if this is what you want…’

Slipping his finger from my arse Marcus gently eased me on to my side and stood at the head of the couch. I found myself looking straight at the massive bulge in his tight shorts. He reached for my right hand and lifted to place it on the outline of his cock. It felt wonderfully full and hard and lustful. I rubbed it for him and he groaned. I gazed up at him seductively and licked my lips wantonly.

‘Isn’t it about time that Tiffany unwrapped Marcus’s nice big gift for her?’

With both hands I very slowly eased the material from over Marcus’s manhood. The black head of his cock appeared first and I gently stroked it with the palm of my left hand while continuing to expose the rest of his endowment, inch by inch. Finally the tightly packed balls were uncovered and I allowed the fabric to slip down Marcus’s powerful thighs.

This indeed was the cock of a white woman’s dreams. It sprang long and proud from Marcus’s well toned body. It was not yet fully hard, and formed a delicious curve as it dipped slightly under its own weight. The circumcised helmet was strong and nicely formed, and the veins stood clear and visible. The balls were shaven and hung full and succulent from the base of his manhood. Indeed, Marcus’s smooth skin only highlighted the dimensions of this wonderful weapon. Tentatively I let my right hand slide over its dimensions, feeling it stir like an animal. But in truth I was in awe if this cock and was struck with nerves. Could I handle it, could I satisfy such a man?’

Sensing my nerves Marcus took me by the arm and lifted me onto my knees. I slipped my body between his powerful arms and gazed up at him like a helpless girl on her first date. He lowered his mouth and kissed me on the forehead, the nose, and then my lips. I grasped at him hungrily, clawing at his hair, his shoulders, his muscular arms.

‘God, Marcus, I’ve never seen such an incredible cock. I love it darling, it is so wonderful. Its so big, baby, but I can take it, I know I can. I want you to use me as a white whore. I want to go black, Marcus, completely. I want you to spoil me for any white man…please, Marcus, make me your white slut…’

Gripping me tightly, Marcus lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me to the divan, my mouth locked against his. Here he laid me down and I spread Ataşehir Ucuz Escort my legs wide, offering him a full view of my bald pink pussy – wet with desire. Like a cat he crawled between my legs and engulfed me with the bulk of his black body, allowing his wonderful cock to press against my soft stomach. He was possessing me and I was offering myself to him.

It is hard to relate the intense eroticism of that moment. I had dreamed of being taken by a well-endowed black man. But the idea had been intriguing, academic almost, a curiosity as to what it would be like. Yet now it was an absolute fact and intensely, elementally, real. It was like being engulfed by a tidal wave of passion: little was left standing of my old world by the time it had passed.

His skin was so dark and alluring against my pale flesh. And silky smooth too, flawless and shiny with health. His muscles so hard and developed, the product of long ours working out. His dark lips so hungry for my curvaceous white body. The intense masculinity of his scent, assaulting my nostrils and stirring my deepest animal passions. His gorgeous tight arse, which I clasped to pull him close to me. His powerful thighs, which enabled him to thrust so deep and so long.

And yes, above all, his rampant black cock. It was not its size alone that awed me. It was all it represented. To me it was the embodiment of virility, a totem of illicit desire, an object of fascination – and the end and object of my womanly instincts. Such a cock was the essence of masculinity, of the coupling of man and woman, and, yes, of fertility. Such a cock would plant torrents of impregnating seed in my womb and turn me into a breeder of babies as black and virile as Marcus.

That, at least, is what I felt as Marcus finally pulled his gorgeous cock from my devouring mouth and positioned himself between my thighs and steered his black meat into my dripping pussy. As the bulbous head of his cock first pushed asunder my hungry cunt lips I smiled at him and slid my hands onto the tight cheeks of his arse, helping to draw me in to my centre, my womanhood. Patient as ever, Marcus let me adjust to and accommodate every additional inch of his flesh. But he had ensured that I was well lubricated and I find myself drawing him deeper and deeper in until, yes, our pelvic bones met. Marcus had given me his all and I had accepted it.

I clung to my lover now, as the emotion of the moment coursed through me. Tears welled in my eyes.

‘Marcus, my dear Marcus, I’m filled up. For the first time I’ve been properly filled by a man. You’ve taken my true virginity, darling. This is the moment I become a true woman. . And it’s you, my darling, my black stud, my hung stallion, who’ve done this. Fuck your little white girl. She’s yours. You’ve stamped yourself on me – made me your own. Give me your cum, baby, give me your lust, your black juice, your virility. Fuck your tiffany – fuck her properly for the first time.’

Marcus needed no encouragement. Now finally the leash was let slip and he used me for his pleasure. His black cock slipped back and forth in my vagina. Every thrust brought a loud grunt from Marcus and a squeal from me. My cunt was burning and pain was mixed with pleasure in more than equal measure. Yet I urged him loudly.

‘Harder, my love, harder. I can take it. Give me this black cock, open me up. Ruin me for any white man. Give me your cum, give me your babies. I want your black babies, Marcus, I’m a slave to your desire, your manhood, use me, use me, whenever you want me – take me, please, please, I want more of this, my white pussy wants more, oh yes, arghhh, don’t stop, pound me, ahhh, ahh….’

‘Here I cum, white bitch. Take my seed, girl, I’m cuming, I’m cuming, urghhhhh…’

Grunting loudly Marcus orgasamed in my welcoming cunt. I clung so tight as he spent himself in me, flooding me with his white cum, filling my womb with his seed. I was too dazed to do anything but spread my legs wide, letting him use my gaping cunt as a receptacle for his virility. Only when the torrent of his desire abated did he lift himself from my shattered body, a string of cum hanging from the tip of his black meat. My eyes were closed and I panted for breath. It was with some surprise then that I suddenly found soft lips pressing against mine and I opened my eyes to see the beautiful smiling face of Marcella gazing at me.

‘Oh, Marcella, I’m sorry, did you see…did you hear…? Oh I’m so sorry, I…’

‘Yes, my darling, I saw and heard everything. And I’m so happy that you and Marcus have gotten to know each other so well. I kinda hoped you would. And my dear, you were wonderful. It’s gotten Marcella all hot and wet watching your kinky body get fucked. And yes, didn’t I tell you that Marcus was the best? I think you know where to come if you want chocolate cock and pussy – and I do think you’ve gotten quite a taste for it, haven’t you?’

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