Have You Ever Changed a Diaper?


This in adult sex story.

All of the adults named are of the age of consent.

Anyone in this or any of my stories under the age of consent, named or not, are not in anyway involved in anything sexually related.

This story follows “I Hit a Grand Slam in Seattle!”

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I’m sure you’ve seen those television commercials for prescription drugs citing all the wonderful things that it does. Clear skin, a good night’s sleep, and all that.

Just when you’re convinced that this might be something you want to get your doctor to prescribe for you, the voice that was just a second ago promising all kinds of great benefits starts to rattle off a list of side effects: headache, backache, diarrhea, upset stomach, blood clots, hallucinations, and my favorite, suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

Well friends, having sex is a wonderful thing.

But there are side effects. Like getting an STD. Or falling in love. Or falling out of lust when you see what they really look like in the morning.

There are also after effects.

One of those, seldom considered in the throes of passionate, unbelievably pleasurable sex, is having to change the diapers of your baby you are creating at that very moment!

Think about that the next time you have unprotected sex!

Think about changing a wet diaper, one loaded with smelly, messy baby shit.

Do you have that visual?

Because Jack Colton will be soon be joining those once single men who fucked with wild abandon, without protection, and the price he will pay is to change wet baby diapers as part of his new life …


End of January

On board the wide body jet at LAX, we settled into our first class seats.

Catherine, my lovely and beautiful pregnant bride of just a few months, had the window and I had the aisle.

I turned to Catherine and said “This is when you start getting your husband back. I’m sorry it took so long.”

Tears filled her eyes and we kissed.

We each took a little sleeping pill and fell asleep right after takeoff.

It was a smooth ride over the ocean, and with the time change, we arrived before noon and got to our rental by 2:00pm.

Using Airbnb, I got us a large ocean view home on Laie Point on the quiet side of Oahu.

It was just above the beach on a bluff and below us was a private beach.

The soothing roar of the waves crashing on the shore was relaxing and comforting.

We spent three days and nights together. By ourselves.

We were actually alone for the first time since we got married when we spent a long weekend in Santa Barbara.

It was a five bedroom house and we slept in each of the beds over the course of the weekend.

Even the bunk beds, just to see what it was like.

Having sex. Napping. Having more sex.

Catherine loved kissing and we did a lot of that before, during and after sex.

She loved my hard erection bumping into her growing tummy.

She loved me taking her from behind, her big breasts swaying, and she liked to ride me cowgirl too.

I shot load after load all weekend long.

Mouth, pussy and ass.

Wherever I wanted to put it, she encouraged me to just do it.

I asked Catherine about being naked in public because now the beach offered us the opportunity.

We waited that Friday afternoon to see if the beach was truly private and no one walked by, so once the rays of the sun started to dip just after 5pm, naked and holding hands, we ran into the warm surf.

We were out there for a long time, swimming, splashing, playing, kissing and yes, fucking.

James Bond had a line in the movie Thunderball when he said to his lady friend after they had sex underwater: “I hope we didn’t frighten the fish.”

I didn’t see any fish, or sharks either, so maybe we scared them off.

We continued our love making session when I pulled a “From Here to Eternity” scene as the waves landed on the shore, braking over our naked legs.

After that episode we spent a lot of time in the outdoor shower getting the sand out of each other’s cracks and crevices.

It was fun being intimate again with my new wife again and playing with her without interruption, distraction or a deadline.

If you wonder why some marriages go off the tracks its because the husband and wife never have time alone with each other.

The more kids you have, the closer the in-laws live, the higher the tension is, the more time you need to spending reconnecting with your mate.

Easier said than done, but time away helps a marriage and the people in it.

We ate when we were hungry, left the television off, played commercial free radio and slept wrapped up in each other while we listened to the tide come in and out.

We checked our phones just once a day to make sure the girls were good. Otherwise we ignored the world.

I gave my bride a lot of massages, and I had read up on massaging her still small but growing belly and Catherine ataşehir escort really enjoyed those.

Between our many love making sessions, I presented a plan of sorts for Catherine; I wanted her input.

I actually wanted her insight and her approval.

The plan was part business, part family. Part social, part sexual.

She liked what she heard and we tweaked a few things.

Catherine was essentially naked the whole time we were in our weekend rental.

We didn’t do any sight seeing, although I did take her out once to buy some summer style dresses and we grabbed a bite to eat and had some genuine Kona coffee, not the one tenth of one percent crap called Kona style blend you find on the supermarket shelf.

The business side of our discussion was pretty straightforward once we got the family side nailed down.

We talked about the girls (Catherine’s daughters; my step-daughters) and how they were doing with me, and us, how we were doing as a new family and how they were doing in school.

The older daughter was an outstanding student and I had an eye on her going to an Ivy League school. The younger daughter was also smart, but was more creative and while competitive, was not quite as driven. I thought should might do well at a UC (University of California) campus; San Diego or Irvine looked appealing.

Catherine and I also talked about building our new house and she had selected an architect to design it but we needed to provide the wish list so things could move forward.

On the family side, Catherine wanted some kind of resolution with her parents. Catherine was fine with her mother being in rehab as long as she was getting the help she needed. As for her dad, she loved him because he was her dad, but he had moved to California and then vanished. So, Catherine was done trying to make him part of our daily lives because it was too much work.

Whatever I opted to do with her parents she was fine with. Catherine just wanted me to let her know what and when I was doing it.

I didn’t tell her but those two adult websites I had running were highly profitable; the proceeds were going directly into college funds for Catherine’s daughters. So I was in no hurry to shut off those money makers.

To keep the gravy train flowing I need fresh content and if I ended my father in law (Tom) travel budget … there would be no fresh clips to drive new subscribers signing up for monthly subscriptions and the all important renewals.

Cha-ching, cha-ching goes the cash register. All day long, every day of the year.

Its a nice business model.

Plus, in addition to Tom’s steady stream of lady friends on the road, my father in law had honed in on one that he was doing pretty consistently at my house, now that Isabela his wife was in 100 or so miles away in Palm Springs at the Betty Ford Clinic in rehab.

What Tom didn’t know is that while he was on the road each week, fucking and being sucked all over the country (along with Mexico, Canada and Bermuda among other places) his so called steady girlfriend was being taken in every hole by a different guy each night at home.

All of her escapades were recorded and transmitted through a secure network to film editors in a country I can’t name where the raw footage was viewed, edited and released to the subscription site.

There were three things about this lady that set her apart from other women we had on video.

First, she was quite attractive. This woman took care of herself. No tattoos, no piercings, just an in shape woman with a very nice face and figure.

I estimated her age at 40, give or take.

Second, she was photogenic. On film she came across as beautiful. I don’t know if it was the hair, her makeup or her genes. But she looked great.

Third, she was vocal. This was a woman who knew when to speak during sex and not be irritating. Yes, she moaned, and yes, she groaned and she encouraged her lovers but it was all natural (just like her body) and not phony in anyway.

Maybe she had been an actress, hell, maybe she was an actress.

But whatever her day job was, she was a winner in the game of cash generation for me.

I never picked up her name but I’d recognize her if I ever saw her on the street.

And, even though she was having a lots of sex, I’d do her in a heartbeat.

The older videos, those of my mother in law Isabella with both boys and girls, was still up, generating hits and cash, but Tom’s new lady friend was younger and hotter and she was our new amateur porn star of the internet, generating three times in revenue what Isabella was bringing in.

I figured that if Tom booted his current lady friend out at some point he would quickly replace her and those tax free college savings accounts would just continue to grow.

Finally, I set aside my anger and did the math; I put a pencil to it. Tom was fucking women each week on my dime and by getting his dick wet he was doing something worthwhile for the family.

His legacy would be three, perhaps kadıköy escort bayan more, college educated grandchildren at great schools.

At the rate the websites were generating cash, all his grandkids could earn a Ph.D. and have money left over for a nice down payment on a house in Beverly Hills.

I could live with that.


If you read my previous story “Why I Eat a Lot of Pussy” you know that at the end of the story Janet (The MILF) told me she was pregnant with my child, the result of a series of multiple sexual events we had together in Scottsdale, Arizona right after New Years.

That was some pretty serious hot sex and while I had a lot of hot sex in my life, that night and the following day were on my short list of the best sex I’d ever had.

So, while it seemed to me to be a bit awkward, having impregnated two beautiful women within a few weeks of each other, Catherine wasn’t furious, she wasn’t angry, she wasn’t disappointed.

Catherine was quite happy for her friend Janet. The fact that the two of them were pregnant at the same time brought them closer together as friends. More like sisters. Which was good since neither of them had sisters.

Janet hadn’t told anyone of her condition at this point, so only four people knew she was pregnant (us and her doctor).

Catherine, Janet and I had met and discussed options and in the end we (meaning they) settled on me approaching Janet’s spouse and dealing with him.

The two ladies had faith in me to do the right thing by all.

I’ll cover the meeting I had with Janet’s spouse in a future story.

Catherine and I also discussed Julie, but only briefly.

Catherine simply said that she hoped that Julie wouldn’t have to go through the surgery that would allow her to become pregnant.

When I asked “Does that mean you want me to get her pregnant?” she replied “I want you to be a happy husband and if you like having sex with Julie, I want you to continue doing it with her. But always remember Jack, you can only fuck the ladies I approve of, and you can only make love to me.”

And then she kissed me, her eyes smiling at me.

Every time I heard this, I wasn’t sure what to think.

What I heard was it was okay to have sex with Julie.

Catherine also brought up Missy.

She knew that there was a smoldering ember between us; Missy was something else.

Missy’s pussy was like a magnet for my cock.

Catherine gave me permission to have sex with Missy too.

My wife knew I hated wearing condoms and despite Janet’s unplanned pregnancy she still never asked or said for me to use them when I had sex with other women.

Was Catherine planning or scheming or what?

I was so busy with work I didn’t think twice about it.

All I knew was that my little head was happy and satisfied.

Sometimes that is all a man needs.


Then we talked business.

Catherine was direct, as I have previously shared in my stories.

That weekend, when it came to talking money, she was on point like a laser guided missile headed to an ISIS hangout in Syria.

What it boiled down to was that, in essence, Catherine wanted me working out of the first dealership I got my hands on (the one I got, sadly, through my wife’s untimely death in a car accident and the civil lawsuit that followed) on a daily basis.

This was the dealership nearest our home.

She wanted me to hire and build a team of corporate support folks who could go out on the road and work in the field each week.

Each of them was to have a backup person in the office to keep things going when the department head was traveling.

Catherine made it clear she wanted me home in time for dinner each night at 5:45pm and if I had to travel, I could go on Tuesday mornings but I had to be back on Tuesday night.

If things got busy, she would allow me to also travel on Thursdays with the same provision: out in the morning, back in time for bed that night.

She made it clear that I was to hire an Executive Assistant, who would do all the paperwork and follow through.

Catherine wanted me to stay focused on the top priorities and not get pulled off looking at distractions disguised as opportunities.

She told me “I want you to think Jack, be strategic, get the data, analyze it and then make decisions. Delegate getting things done to others. Then make sure they follow through. Right now you are carrying way too much of the load.”

Catherine made it clear that she wasn’t going to be raising her girls or our son alone.

And, with a grin on her face, she also said “You’re also a dad to Janet’s baby and I don’t think she wants to raise him alone either. By the way, have you ever changed a diaper?”


So, as we talked, we started laying out on paper a new and improved company organizational chart.

As for who would take what role in the company, she suggested that I set the stage for each of the key people to figure it out as a team and let escort maltepe them present me with a plan.

“You pay them to think don’t you Jack? Give the problem to them and let them solve it for you.”


What Catherine was essentially telling me is that I needed to not only spend more time at home; I needed to get used to spending more time at home because she wasn’t a single mother anymore.

Catherine wanted me to be better organized with my businesses, she wanted me to put together a travel calendar for both business and our family and she wanted me to reduce, but not eliminate, my outside extra curricular activities unless she was involved. And being pregnant, she wasn’t planning on being active in that department until the baby was at least six months old.

So, we talked about all this, while we were at the beach house, naked, moving from room to room, inside to outdoors, as we made love and laughed and touched and talked.

My hands were constantly on Catherine and her hands were on me.

We were inseparable that weekend, never more than a few feet apart.

She loved having her large nipples rolled between my oiled fingers too and I often did this even when she didn’t ask for it.

I teased her about clamping her nipples and she looked at me and just laughed, replying “In your dreams. In your dreams.”

Catherine still liked making me hard and she really enjoyed bringing me to climax in various ways, only to get me hard again in no time flat.

She was alluring, beautiful, and I loved her madly.


Catherine and I returned from Hawaii with refreshed with new energy and a clear mission.

Later she shared with me what her personal mission concerning me was but when it came to her on that long weekend, she did not verbalize it.

Unfortunately, on the plane ride home my wife caught a cold and it stuck with her for almost two full weeks.

Catherine was well aware of my desire for daily sex and she arranged for her friend Janet (the MILF) to provide me with relief I needed.

Janet looked forward to our sessions; she liked to receive but she was also fine with just pleasing me.

Who am I kidding?

Janet was in love with me and would do anything for me.

She got her bucket list item the first night we were naked together: a little boy was on its way, growing inside of her.

So, she felt she owed me.

Who was I to turn down the sex she wanted to have with me?

Janet’s pussy felt different now that she was with child.

It still felt great, hot, tight, wet, and welcoming but the sensation was even better for me.

If I couldn’t get enough of Janet before I got her pregnant, now it was truly becoming an addiction.

Janet was improving her blowjob techniques and I think she could now successfully suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

She still needed to work on deep throating me but each time we were together she got closer to wrapping those plumped up lips of hers around the base of my cock … I was patiently waiting for the afternoon when the sensitive tip of my cock entered her tight throat as I shot my wad down it.

Just the thought of her striving to please me as her body struggled for air got me hard as Half Dome.

She also had her needs; her itch that she wanted me to scratch.

Being discrete, Janet and I would spend some time in the middle of the day at a local but out of the way hotel where we would play.

I think there was a song about that in the mid 70s: Afternoon Delight.

Now, I am not complaining because I was having sex on a regular basis with someone I loved and cared very deeply for.

But, I was in need of strange.

Fresh pussy.

New pussy.

Tight pussy.

Wet and hot pussy.

I didn’t complain out loud to Catherine but she knew.

And, God bless her, she was working on a solution.

So, while nursing a sick wife I worked on my strategic plan for the business and our life together and also had some sneak away sex with Janet. (Actually, it was not really sneak away sex; Catherine knew about it and she was fine with me fucking Janet).

Being a good parent, I also planned to manage the February dances the girls were hosting for their classmates.

I had no expectations at all for the busy Valentine’s Day weekend that the dances were scheduled on.

My plan was to go with the flow.

The first dance was on Friday evening and I took a short drive with Annie, my step daughter, to the country club from our house.

I wasn’t looking for anything for myself; I just wanted the kids (6th graders) to have a fun time and I didn’t want any trouble from any of the bad kids. (Yes, there are bad kids in the 6th grade).

It turned out that most of those not so great kids had started to turn the corner but we kept an eye on all of them just in case.

Catherine and I were once again hosting dances for the girls and their school aged friends.

My wife had gotten everything planned and organized but she was staying home sick with her lingering cold, so I had to manage the two Valentines Day dances we were hosting by myself.

Valentine’s Day was actually on Sunday.

The Friday night dance was held at the country club for the entire 6th grade class from Annie’s elementary school.

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