Having Friends Over


Having Friends OverWhen my wife told me she thought we should find another couple to swing with, I was quick to agree. I asked her if she had a couple picked out and after she gave me a quick kiss she said she did and hoped I was okay with what she wanted to do.I think I am pretty open so I said I was sure I would be good for it and asked what her plan was. I know she usually has everything all planned out in advance. So she said she wanted to meet up with a girl from the gym and her husband. So I readily agreed figuring if she knows her from the gym she should be foxy like my wife is.My wife asked if the upcoming Saturday night would be good for me. So I agreed and said we could meet at our house if she wanted. She went to the phone and after a few minutes she returned and said it was all set up.When Saturday came I was excited about the prospect of meeting this new couple and my wife was too. Before we got out of bed on Saturday morning my wife, Sue, told me she was so excited and wanted to thank me in advance. With that she slid beneath the covers and took my cock in her mouth giving me a fantastic blowjob which resulted in my cumming in her mouth. Then she came from under the blankets and gave me a big kiss when she pushed my cum into my mouth and held the kiss until I had to swallow. We don’t do that often, but it is fun for her and I honestly like the way my cum tastes.When evening rolled in we were waiting for our company to show in the living room. Sue was wearing a tight dress which revealed she had bikini panties underneath, but no bra. I was in nice slacks and shirt. When the doorbell rang I waited while Sue answered it. Sue returned with her friend, Beth, and no husband. Beth was not what I expected and she was going to the esenyurt escort gym because she needed to. She must have been at least 225, but she still had a sexy look in her evening wear. Beth said her husband, Rick, would be along in about an hour as he was still at work.Sue and Beth started talking about the gym and all the people there. Sue asked Beth if she ever looked at the other women in the shower and Beth admitted she did. Sue said she thought that was normal and said she liked looking at Beth. Beth laughed and said it probably made her think about what she never wanted to look like.Sue told her she didn’t look that bad and asked her if maybe I should give my opinion. Well, I’ve never been with a BBW before and hadn’t really thought about it, either. Soon both girls stood and Sue took off her dress which encouraged Beth to do the same. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. Even with the rolls and tucks she looked fabulous. Her body was toned and her breasts were much larger than Sue’s. The girls started laughing and said they thought I liked what I saw.I asked them if they would also remove their panties so I could see Beth’s pussy. Beth said it embarrassed her to show her pussy to anyone and that was why she usually showered with her panties on at the gym. She said all the girls at the gym were shaved and she wasn’t, so she thought they would think badly of her. Sue told her it was more normal not to shave than to shave and she had often thought of not shaving also. Sue kneelled in front of Beth and pulled her panties down off her hips and over her thighs. Wow, what a wonderfully interesting site to see her hair covered pussy. Sue ran a hand back up Beth’s leg and used her avrupa yakası escort fingers to spread the hair out on her.Sue told Beth she had watched her shower with her panties on and really wanted to see beneath them. With that Beth spread her legs and said that Sue could look if she wanted. Sue seemed to be mesmerized, I don’t know if it was with the hair or the fat pussy, but she wasn’t saying anything. I suggested they move to the couch and get comfortable. Beth reminded Sue that she was still wearing her panties and so Sue removed them before they sat on the couch. I asked Beth if she would sit with a leg up on the couch showing her beautiful spread pussy to us. She complied and before long Sue was pushing her face into Beth’s pussy. I was loving the show and then Beth asked if I wouldn’t also remove my clothes. We were all enjoying Sue eating Beth when the doorbell rang so I went to answer it. The man at the door introduced himself as Rick and asked if this was the right house. When I invited him in I said we had already gotten started and I’m sure he knew as I was naked. Rick was delighted to see Sue buried into Beth’s pussy and Sue didn’t seem to want to quit feasting. Rick hurriedly removed his clothes and displayed a rock hard cock. I was impressed as it was just perfect in shape and size. He walked over behind Sue and just plunged into her dripping pussy with his cock. He looked over at me and said this was great, I should join in. So I moved toward them and Beth pulled me over and wrapped her lips around my cock.This didn’t last too long when Sue had to come up for air and told me I should taste Beth. So I went down on her and anadolu yakası escort Sue moved up and sat over Beth’s face. She did taste good and I was kneeling with my face deep in her pussy when I felt her legs tighten around me holding me in place. I was unable to move and I felt someone spreading my ass cheeks apart. It was Rick and he slowly slid his hard cock into my virgin asshole. I was so surprised, but they had apparently done this before as it was well orchestrated. Sue sat back and started to encourage Rick as he fucked my ass.I was still face deep in Beth’s pussy and she was cumming all over me. She was a squirter and so I had her juices all over my face and Rick still plugging me in the ass. When Rick pulled out her said I should now fuck Beth in the ass as they didn’t want to chance her getting pregnant. Beth kneeled and stuck her big ass in the air. It was spectacular; I’d never seen a big ass sticking up like that. She reached back pulling her cheeks apart and I could see her little rose bud just begging for attention. I moved forward and pushed myself against her hole which opened and allowed me to slide slowly into her.Now I looked over and saw Sue cleaning Rick’s cock with a cloth before her moved up and stuck it in my face. He said I should suck his cock while I fucked his wife’s ass. I just opened my mouth and he stuck his cock in. This was all such new debauchery for me.I fucked Beth’s ass and sucked Rick’s cock until I came deep inside Beth. When I came and started to relax Rick shot his load into my throat. I slid off Beth exhausted and saw Sue move over and clean Beth’s ass with her cloth. Then the girls go into a 69 position and ate each other until they both came on the other’s face.We were all exhausted at this point and sat together talking about other girls from the gym. Beth said that Sue was the only girl that had treated her nicely and how much she appreciated that. Sue replied that all the other girls would treat her nicely if they realized how hot Beth and Rick were in bed.Our new friends went home promising to return to have another night of fun when the time was right.

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