He Got Used and Didn’t Mind (Part Two)


He Got Used and Didn’t Mind (Part Two)I got the 1,000 views so here is part two. 1,000 views or 10 comments and I will write part three.As Dave drove home from Jesse’s, he called Lucy to let her know he is on his way home. She told him she had gone out with Carla for a girls night. When Dave got home he hit the shower, put his clothes in the hamper and went to bed.Lucy picked up Carla from her house went to the bars in down town. Guys were buying them drinks and hitting on them. Their conversation was getting disrupted so much they decided to go to the gay bar just to see if they could talk and have a good time. Once there they got a drink each and discussed love, sex and men. Carla told Lucy how she would like a man who would do most everything for her and would submit in bed. Lucy started to laugh. “That is Dave in a nut shell!” Carla kadıköy escort almost spit out her drink having only met Dave once for just a little bit. “It must be true. All the good ones are either gay or taken.” Lucy then told of all the things they done together and how open Dave is to anything Lucy wants.Just then a song they both liked came on and they got up and danced with each other. They started to grind and grope each other a bit. When they met eye to eye they locked lips and shared a passionate kiss. “Holy shit that was great!” Carla gasped as she tried to catch her breath. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time.” Lucy said while licking her lips. “Why don’t we go back to my place, you can always stay the night.The girls safely got back to Lucy’s house and quietly crept in. Lucy kissed Carla some more and grabbed her ümraniye escort ass. By the time they reached the bedroom door they were naked and fondling each other. Lucy opened the door to reveal Dave lying asleep naked in bed. “Do what you want to him. Make him your bitch.” Carla was stunned and didn’t move at first until Lucy took her over and made her 69 Dave. Carla’s lips wrapped around Dave’s cock while Lucy stuck a couple fingers in Carla’s wet pussy. Dave’s eyes opened and Lucy told him to lick. He obeyed flicking his tong on Carla’s sweet dark twat.Carla then positioned herself to ride Dave’s cock and Lucy started to ride Dave’s face. Carla took Lucy’s breast in her mouth licking each nipple while her pussy was getting pounded. Lucy then took Carla’s breast and licked them while grinding her twat on Dave’s face. After a ataşehir escort bit Carla had Lucy lay on her back and 69ed her while Dave took turns fucking each girl. While Dave pounded Carla he felt himself ready to unload. “I’m ready to cum! Where do you want it.” Carla responded quick. “In Lucy I want to eat it out of her.” Dave quickly swapped girls and dug deep and let loose inside Lucy’s pink meat. Carla then dove face first into Lucy’s pussy and licked the load out and held it in her mouth. She then pulled Dave’s face to hers and spit the load into his mouth and told him to swallow. And he did. While they laid their in the afterglow of their escapades, Dave told Lucy of how similar he is to Jesse and that they should meet. Carla seemed to like the idea also because of what the girls talked about earlier. “If I like him I might have to fuck him the next time I see him. Since I don’t fuck on the first time.” Carla stated. Dave laughed. “So good thing this was the second time you met me.”I already have a part three in mind. 10 comments or 1,000 views gets the next one.

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