He makes me hurt


He makes me hurtI moan very softly as he enters me slowly. He is being so gentle with me. I usually hate it when guys fuck me soft and slow, but this old man is making me feel so good right now. It turns me on even more that he is almost twenty years my senior. We met online. I was home alone on those days; so I accepted his invite to dinner. We talked for a long while and then he brought me back to his house and began to undress me.”How does that feel…” He whispers in my ear, pushing an inch more of his huge ten inches cock inside me. I shudder and moan again, wrapping my fingers in his nearly white hair.”Oh, that feels so good, go on please…” I moan. But now I desperately want him to be rough with me. It has been a long time since my last sexual encounter with an older man, especially with a cock his size. It is so big and thick and it is driving me crazy already; although he has not even really started fucking me.The old man spreads my legs wider apart. I watch as he kisses up my right thigh to the tips of my istanbul escort toes, and then sucks on my big toe while looking into my eyes. Then I find myself begging him. “Please… fuck me hard, baby”.He takes his mouth off of my toe and smiles seductively at me. “Are you sure Ana, you can handle it?” His eyes wander all over my body.”I can handle it, I promise…”Then he grabs my hips and shoves the rest of his hard cock into me. I cry out in both pain and pleasure as the tip of his dick hits my cervix. He begins to thrust in and out and I wrap my legs around his waist. “Oh my… you are so tight…” He grunts as he slides even deeper inside me.His hands squeeze my full boobs and make my nipples hard in ecstasy.I feel my pussy squeeze his cock in response. Today I have my nipples very sensitive. He bites them and pulls on them with his teeth. I begin to buck my hips against him as my juices flow. The squishing sound our bodies make as they come together is beginning to send me over the izmir escort edge. He realizes I am near my orgasm and he slows down. “No!, please… do not do it…” I cry desperately.”Don’t worry, baby” He whispers, grinning at me. Then he pulls me in for a passionate kiss. His wet tongue twists and twirls around mine. Then he pulls away and pulls his slick dick out of me. “I want to see that nice, sexy ass shake for me as I fuck your pussy…”I let out a sigh, but do as he wants and flip over on my stomach. Then he grabs my ass and lifts me up so both of my holes are fully exposed. I feel his tongue slide over my wetness, making me moan deep in my throat, and then he wiggles his tongue into my tight rear entrance. “What are you doing?” I groan, looking back at him. He ignores me and shoves his tongue deeper into my asshole. It feels good; then I cannot tell him to stop…I even reach back and spread my ass cheeks with my hands for him. He starts shoving his tongue in and out. And just as soon as escort bayan it starts, the pleasure he is giving me stops. He takes his tongue out, places his hands on my ass and tells me to brace myself while he positions his cock up against my dripping cunt.”Is it going to hurt?” I whimper softly, knowing his dick is very thick.”Yes, babe… I’m going to thrust in nice and hard…”“You will feel me go deeper than before…” “Please, try to not hurt me too much…” I beg him, bracing myself.But he does not pay me any attention. He just thrusts his dick fast and deep all the way up to my cervix. “Oohhh yes…” I moan loudly. His head banging against my cervix does hurt, but it also excites me even more. “Deeper!” I cry looking at him.He thrusts again. There is a loud popping sound and I cry out as I feel his head slide through my cervix and into my womb. At this point my pussy starts twitching and I scream as I cum all over his hard ten inches dick.He explodes and I feel him spray his hot seed into me. I collapse in a tired heap on his bed. He yanks his spent cock out of me, making me cry once again in pain. Then he lies besides me and gathers me up in his arms. He kisses my full lips and asks me smiling: “Did you enjoy it?”I look into his eyes and smile sheepishly. “Yes. Let’s do it again…”

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