He Was My Birthday Present


Felicity stood naked in front of her bedroom mirror looking at her body and wondering what was wrong with her. Today was her 18th birthday and she had never even been kissed by anyone who wasn’t family.

She looked over her full figured body, true she was a bit big in the stomach area and she had 46D tits, but she didn’t think she looked bad for a bigger girl. She was tall, which made her look a bit slimmer then she actually was. She thought her legs were well developed if a bit heavy. True she didn’t have a models body but she thought she looked good.

She piled her jet black hair up on her head as her amber eyes looked in the mirror. “18 and never been kissed.” She sighed letting her hair fall in waves down her back. “Happy birthday to me.”

Turning away from the mirror, she picked up the silk dress her parents had bought her. Her mother asked her to wear it tonight as they had a special birthday present for her.

As she let the silk move through her fingers she sighed again. She looked over the dress and sighed, she had to admit it was beautiful. It was strapless, but had sleeves that covered her arms but left her shoulders bare; she knew it would just barely cover her ample bosom.

Since Felicity never bothered with underwear, thinking they were to constrictive; she pulled the dress up over her body then looked in the mirror again. She had to admit that it looked good on her. A good deal of her cleavage hung over the v neck and the dress flowed down just below her hips.

She pulled her hair back again then decided to wear it down. She put on a bit of makeup but nothing overpowering then finished up with her black ankle boots.

Checking herself out one more time, she left the room, heading downstairs to find out what this mysterious present was.

Felicity noticed the man sitting on the couch talking to her father the minute she walked in the room. He would have been hard to miss at any time in her opinion.

Even sitting down, she figured he had to be at least 6′ and maybe 165lbs. His long lean legs were encased in a pair of tight blue jeans, while his chest was covered with a Death metal t-shirt leaving his tattoo covered arms bare. His dark brown hair hung down past his shoulders and his voice when he laughed at something her father said, sent shivers through her body.

“Ah, there’s the birthday girl.” Her dad said standing up and moving over to where she stood.

The man turned to look at her and smiled. She noticed his nose was pierced with a diamond stud in it and his green eyes were moving seductively over her body. When his eyes finally reached her face, she was breathing heavily. “Um…What’s going on?” She asked as the stranger stood up.

“I’m Derek,” he said in that deep voice that sent shivers through her body. “You must be Felicity.”

Felicity nodded as she looked at her father. “Daddy?”

Her dad hugged her then smiled. “Derek is your birthday present honey. Your mother and I hired him to take your virginity.”

Felicity looked at her father in shock then turned back to the man standing about 5 feet away. “What are you a prostitute or something?”

Derek laughed, making his eyes sparkle. “Actually yea, your parents paid for the night.” He moved slowly towards her like a cat after its prey. His cowboy boots making no noise on the carpet.

Felicity’s eyes watched him move closer to her. When he was within touching distance, she lifted her eyes to his.

“I…Um…” She didn’t get to finish whatever she was going to say because Derek suddenly kissed her. It wasn’t a gentle kiss; instead it was one that she had no problem responding to.

As his tongue slid into her mouth, caressing her own, she pressed her body against him and her arms went up around his neck.

Derek’s mouth grew harder on hers as he wrapped his arms tightly around her body. He was shocked by the feelings coursing through him at kissing Felicity. In his line of work, he had kissed a lot of women, but none of them hit him as hard as Felicity did.

When he saw her standing there watching them, his cock had jumped and immediately hardened in his pants. He wanted her and he wanted her bad. He had always had a thing for bigger girls and this one was definitely his idea of the perfect woman.

Derek pressed his cock against her as his hands moved down over her body and cupped her ass-cheeks, pressing her tightly against his arousal.

Felicity moaned in his mouth when she felt how hard he was. A part of her wondered if it was her that was making him so hard or if it was because of his profession.

When he suddenly picked her up, she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist as he pressed her against the wall, grounding his crotch against hers. She suddenly didn’t care one way or the other. Her body was on fire and she knew he was the only one who could put out the flames.

Out of desperation, she pulled her mouth from his. His eyes were full of a passionate fire that made her pussy juice like crazy. bonus veren siteler “Let’s go up to my room.” She said huskily holding onto him as if for dear life.

Derek smiled at her, squeezed her ass one more time, and then reluctantly let her feet touch the floor. “I’m all yours.”

Felicity smiled at her father, then led Derek up the stairs to her room. She had barely closed the door when Derek had her up against it with his mouth locked on hers in a powerful kiss.

She kissed him back with all the desire she felt in her body. She moaned against his mouth when she felt him lower her dress until her breasts were touched by the cool air in the room.

Not that they stayed cool for long, the minute Derek touched her bare flesh, she felt as though she had been dipped in a pit full of fire. “Ohhhhhh…” She breathed against his mouth as his hands moved over her.

“You have the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen.” He growled softly when he finally took his mouth from hers. His eyes moved down to his hands caressing her breasts. He licked his lips then lowered his mouth to her breast, teasing the flesh with his lips.

“Derek, oh god,” She moaned as his mouth moved over her. She rested her head against the door as she pushed her chest out towards him. “Oh touch me, it feels so good.”

She gasped then whimpered when he suddenly took one of her nipples into his mouth. She felt his tongue move over her, then the nipping of his teeth.

Her pussy leaked more, sending juices down her bare legs. “Oooooohhhhh…” She cried holding onto his shoulders to keep herself on her feet.

Derek had his eyes closed as he teased her nipple with his mouth. He nipped at it with his teeth, hearing her moan, and then he would run his tongue over the teeth marks.

Felicity was digging her nails into his shoulders as cries left her mouth. He let one hand slide down over her stomach and down over her legs. When he put one hand on her bare flesh, she spread her legs wider giving him access to her body.

He slid his hand up under her dress and groaned when he found the bare flesh of her pussy instead of panties. “No panties?” He asked gruffly lifting his head to look into her eyes.

“No, I don’t like to wear them.” She replied softly as she drowned in his eyes. She gasped when his hand suddenly touched her pussy then moaned closing her eyes as his fingers explored her.

“Oh, so wet.” He moaned closing his own eyes as he let a finger slide inside her. He let his finger slide deep inside her, and then slowly pull out only to imbed it inside her once again.

Felicity was mewling in need as he slowly fingered her pussy. “You like that baby?” he asked bringing his lips to her neck, nipping playfully at the flesh as he slowly fingered her.

Felicity slowly opened her eyes as she lifted her hips towards his thrusting finger. “Oh yes, your finger feels so good inside me.”

Derek continued to nip at her neck as he slid a second finger inside her to meet the first. Felicity blew a breath out of her mouth roughly as she felt his two fingers moving inside her body.

“Oh fuck…” she whispered as he moved his fingers faster inside her as his thumb moved to her clit and started flicking it rapidly. “Derek, oh fuck, I’m gonna…oh god…I think I’m gonna cum.” She shrieked humping her body hard against his hand as he worked her body up hard.

Derek held her against the door as he worked at her pussy. He could feel it clinging to his fingers as he thrust hard and fast inside her while he mashed her clit with his thumb. “Cum for me baby,” he growled against her ear as he pressed his chest against hers.

“Cum all over my hand, I want you to coat my fingers with your wonderful juices. I want them so wet that I make slurping sounds with my mouth when I suck the juices from my fingers.”

Felicity was going crazy. Her pussy was humping hard against his pumping hand, her hands dug almost painfully into his shoulders and her breaths were coming out in mewling pants.

His words were driving her body harder then the hand moving so fast in her sopping snatch. “Fuck…I’m cummminnnggggg…” she screamed as her body convulsed around him. She clung to him as she felt her legs buckle under her.

Derek kept his hand buried between her legs as he wrapped one arm around her waist to keep her from sliding to the floor. “That’s it baby; coat my fingers with your juices.” He groaned feeling her juices moving between his fingers as he continued to slam into her.

His cock was straining against his jeans. He could just imagine how good she would feel wrapped around him.

When her body finally started to relax, he pulled his fingers from her body. He let her see how wet his hand was before he stuck his fingers in his mouth, drinking up her juices.

Felicity moaned as she watched him drinking her juices from his flesh.

She gasped in surprise a minute later when he suddenly put his arm under her legs and lifted bedava bahis her body against him. “Oh my,” She said in surprise as he carried her over to the bed and laid her gently in the middle of it.

“I am so hot for you baby.” He said covering her body with his own. “I could slam my cock into you right now and never leave.”

He pressed his cock against her leg, even through his jeans; Felicity could feel it pulsing against her skin.

Derek’s hands moved skillfully over her, pulling the dress off of her. When she was naked, he looked into her face. “Tell me you want me as much as I want you.”

Felicity knew she would be lying if she said no, even after the orgasm he had just given her, her pussy still wanted more. “I want you.” She replied her voice coming out hoarsely.

Derek smiled at her, and then pulled his shirt up over his head, giving her a nice view of his chest.

He had a broad chest that tapered down into narrow hips. He sat on the edge of the bed long enough to pull of his boots and socks then moved up on his knees until he was kneeling beside her head. “Unwrap your present darling; see what is going to be sliding into your body shortly.”

With trembling hands, Felicity undid his jeans, pulling them down over his hips. Derek wasn’t wearing any underwear so when she pulled his pants down, his 9 ½ inch cock sprung into view.

“Oh my…” She exclaimed looking at his hard cock as Derek slid his jeans down until he could kick them off. He stayed on his knees before her watching as she looked at his meat. “That’s all for you darling.” He said.

She lifted her eyes to his, then back to his hard cock. Slowly she reached out her hand barely touching his flesh with her finger.

Derek moaned and closed his eyes as his cock jumped. “Is that because of me?” she asked lifting her eyes to his again.

Derek smiled as he opened his eyes and looked down at her. “All because of you honey. No woman has ever turned me on as much as you do.”

She looked at him in surprise. “Never?”

Derek ran his hand over her face. “Never.”

Knowing that made her feel good. Feeling braver, she wrapped her hand around him, slowly moving it up and down.

Derek let out a ragged cry as precum slithered out of his piss hole.

Felicity looked at it, and then took it on her finger before bringing it to her lips. “Mmmmmm, yummy,” She said stroking his cock looking for more.

Derek chuckled. “You know, you can have all you want if you take him in your mouth.”

Felicity looked up at him. “In my mouth?”

Derek nodded, his green eyes darkened with desire.

Felicity looked at his cock again then lowered it until she could wrap her mouth around it.

Derek moaned as he felt her lips touch him. “Oh yea, that is so nice. Suck on him baby.” He tangled his hand in her hair, slowly pushing her mouth down over him to show her what to do.

After the first couple of times, Felicity got the idea and bobbed her head up and down over his hard shaft while her hand jacked what she couldn’t get in her mouth.

When she felt him press against her throat, she tried to push him in further but gagged. “Only take what you can darling. Don’t choke yourself.” Derek told her as he stroked her face.

Felicity nodded, wrapping her hand around his cock tighter so she didn’t push in to far, then continued to bob her head over him. She had a feeling that Derek liked what she was doing by the cries and moans that were coming from his mouth.

“Oh honey, yes, suck that hard cock. Run your tongue over me just like that. Oh fuck, that feels so good.” Derek pumped slowly with his hips as she sucked on him. Finally he pushed her off of him. “Stop for a minute darling.”

“Didn’t you like it?” She asked in wonder.

“Oh I loved it; I just want to pleasure you while you pleasure me.”

She looked at him like he had lost his mind. “How are you doing to do that?”

Derek smiled tenderly at her. “Like this.” He moved one leg over her face so his cock was hanging just above her mouth. “Go ahead and take him back in your mouth darling.”

Felicity opened her mouth and let him push his cock back inside. She wrapped her lips around him, sucking deeply.

Derek watched her suck him for a minute then lowered his body over her until his face was above her pussy. Spreading her legs wide open, he lowered his mouth until he had her clit between his lips.

Felicity cried out around his cock as he sucked at her clit. When he slid 2 fingers into her slit, she bucked her hips against him as she sucked harder at his cock.

Derek sucked hard at her pussy as he forced himself not to ram his cock deep in her mouth. For a beginner, she sure knew how to suck a cock. She was driving him crazy.

When her hand cupped his balls, it took all his willpower not to slam deep in her mouth and empty himself. “Oh honey, if you don’t want to swallow my cum, your gonna have to pull off.” He panted pulling his mouth deneme bonus away from her pussy for just a minute as he tried to hold onto his control.

Felicity didn’t know anything about swallowing a man’s cum, but before now she had never heard of taking one in her mouth before either. She did know that she liked what he had given her so far and if his cum tasted anything like it, she wanted it. In response to what he had said, she clamped her lips harder around him as she sucked him for all she was worth.

Derek was panting hard as she sucked him off. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he gave her a real load and from the way she was attacking him, he had a feeling she wanted it.

He tried eating her pussy, but her mouth was so hot over him that he couldn’t concentrate. So instead, he slammed 3 fingers deep inside her as he fucked her mouth. “Fuck, suck that hot cock. Oh god, I love your mouth. Make me cum baby. I’m gonna give you a nice mouthful.”

His hand was driving hard inside her and Felicity was crying out around his cock, while her own orgasm was rising fast over her.

“Mmmmmmffff…” She moaned when she suddenly came around his thrusting fingers. When he felt her cum around his hand, it pushed Derek over the edge.

“Oh I hope your ready honey because I can’t stop it.” He croaked a split second before he sent the first shot into her mouth.

Felicity was ready for him to cum, but she wasn’t ready for the amount he sent into her mouth. He filled her mouth suddenly and it just kept cumming. She swallowed as fast as she could, not bothering to taste it. Some of his cum slithered out from between her lips but she figured she would get that later.

When he dropped to a drizzle, she drank it up greedily, loving the slightly salty taste of him on her tongue.

When he pulled his limp cock out of her mouth, she licked around her lips looking for any cum that might have escaped.

Derek collapsed on his side beside her and pulled her into his arms, kissing her deeply. He could taste himself on her tongue and relished it. When he finally pulled away, he rested her head against his chest. “So tell me about yourself. How come you’re 18 and still a virgin?”

Felicity was surprised he wanted to talk. “Aren’t you going to fuck me?” She asked lifting her head from his chest.

Derek chuckled as he ran a finger over her cheek. “Sure I am sweetheart. But number one, we’ve got all night so there is no rush. For two, you drained me so much that I need a breather before I can get him back up again.”

Felicity lowered her eyes to his limp cock resting against his leg. “Oh yea, I guess you would huh?” She suddenly giggled then kissed his chest.

They spent the next two hours just talking. He told her he was 26, and had spent the last 8 years selling his body because his parents kicked him out when he turned 18.

He had tried getting a real job but with no skills and no high school diploma, it was hard. He admitted that like most men, he wanted to have a family someday but not many women wanted a man who had spent 8 years fucking multiple women.

He was clean (no diseases), he always used a condom and got checked every six months.

She told him how she wanted to find love, but that it seemed all the men around here figured because she was a big girl she would sleep with anybody. It didn’t bother her that he was a prostitute and that she thought he was a good man for doing something to make a living.

He told her how he would go to school during the day, (he was trying to get his GED, plus he was taking some college courses) and sell his body at night.

By the time they were ready to have more fun together, Felicity felt they had at least moved onto being friends. Derek crawled between her legs and brought her to an amazing climax with his mouth before he pulled away and ripped open a condom package.

Felicity watched him through lowered eyes as he rolled the condom down over him, put a bit of lube on it then brought it to the entrance to her body. “You ready honey?”

Felicity wrapped her legs around his waist as he lowered his body down over hers. “I think so.” She said with a tremor in her voice.

“Just relax baby, you’ll love it.” Derek said softly brushing her face with his hand as he slowly pushed into her.

When he felt her barrier, he lowered his hand down over her clit while he kissed her hard. When she was mewling hard against his mouth, he slammed his hips forward burying himself deep inside her.

“Oh…” She gasped at the sudden pain of his entrance. Tears filled her eyes and her hands clung to him.

“Easy…” he said softly stroking her hair as he brushed her tears away. “It won’t hurt anymore, I promise.”

Felicity nodded, the pain was fading down to a dull throb. She felt so full with him buried inside her. “It feels strange.” She admitted moving her hips a bit.

Derek groaned as her pussy caressed him. “Oh honey, I’ve got to move.” He gritted his teeth as he slowly left her.

Felicity felt a bit of pulling inside her and whimpered then sighed when he slid smoothly back into her depths.

Derek kept his strokes, slow, giving her time to get used to him as he brushed butterfly kisses all over her face.

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