Headmaster’s Secretary – Chapter III


Liz was beginning that Monday quite excited about what might happen next after what she and Mr. Harper had done over the weekend. Luckily, her order for some new lingerie and office clothes had arrived, and she was busy sorting out what to wear today. Liz kept to the red lipstick but decided to put her hair up in a more traditional, ‘sexy secretary’ tight bun. Then she put on one of her new green velvet push-up bras and matching panties with built-in suspenders. She decided to team these with flesh stockings with a black seam and black medium-high platform heels. All this really made Liz look good; her arse looked plump and contoured and her breasts perfectly framed. Then she rummaged through her bag of shopping and found a dress much alike the dress Mr. Harper loved so much and had spunked on so much. It was dark blue tartan, a few sizes too small. Liz struggled to pull it over her breasts but managed it – just. It was short, and unlike her previous dress, it displayed her stocking tops when she sat. It also showed off her bum fabulously, and when she bent over in front of the mirror she saw her suspender straps and then her breasts in all their glory. The dress also had a small belt, which enhanced the illusion of the size of her bust and rear. Happy with what she wore, Liz headed off to work, taking a spare blouse and blue opaque tights, just in case. When Mr Harper looked at her she could see the little men in his head struggling to help him keep his composure. “Well, Miss Cummington, you have outdone yourself. Have you brought the extras?”“Yes sir,” Liz answered, taking the blouse and tights from her bag.“Good. Would you mind putting them in the fifth drawer down in that filing cabinet? They will be safe there.” “Of course sir,” Liz smiled, knowing exactly what he wanted. She turned round and bent over, keeping her legs straight and together. She pulled at the drawer but it was putting up a fight, so she gave it a few more tugs, feeling her breasts jiggle as she did so. “Here, allow me to give you a hand,” Mr. Harper said whilst leaning porno hikayeler over Liz, supporting himself by putting a hand on her breast and holding the drawer with the other. His cock was pressed up against her rear. He pulled the drawer a few times, clearly not trying very hard, using it as an excuse to fondle Liz’s breasts and rub his cock against her bum. He managed to open the drawer and Liz put the blouse and tights inside, still bent over. She then braced herself on it, as she heard Mr. Harper undoing the zip of his trousers and then she felt him slide his cock between her legs. He held both her breasts and began to slide his cock back and forth between her legs, pleasuring her clit. She began to become wet. She heard children entering the school and the bustle of the morning beginning as Mr. Harper thrust his cock between her legs. She tried to resist but still let out a little-too-loud gasp. Mr. Harper put a hand over her mouth, slowing down his thrusts. “Best get to your desk, my dear,” he said. With that, he took his cock away and put it back in its lair. Liz stood up, straightened her dress and closed the cabinet drawer. Then she turned, closed the door and went over to her desk. As she made her way to her desk, she saw a man going up to it. He was old, with scruffy hair, and had the air of a history or geography teacher about him. As Liz sat behind her desk she could see him checking her out, and suddenly became aware that her nipples were showing through her blouse. “Do you have an appointment with Mr. Harper?” Liz said, locking eyes with the gentleman in an attempt to shift his gaze from her breasts.“Er, yes. I am Mr. Glassman, here to talk about this term’s trip to Duxford,” he answered, correcting his gaze awkwardly.“Ah, very good. Please wait here and I will check if Mr. Harper is ready to see you,” Liz said, getting up and motioning for the gentleman to sit down as she turned and went back to Mr. Harper’s office. Knocking on Mr. Harper’s door, she looked around quickly. She saw the ‘history teacher’ seks hikayeleri looking her way and then quickly looking around. She wondered if he would having problems getting up.“Mr. Glassman is here to talk to you about the Duxford trip; should I send him in?”“Very good. Thank you, Miss Cummington. Please let Mr.Glassman through.”Liz closed the door and made her way back to the history teacher. He was looking in the other direction, so she decided to lean in towards him and give him a good view down her cleavage. “Mr. Harper is ready to see you now, would you follow me?” Liz said, startling him as he turned his head. He got up and walked close behind Liz. She could sense him looking at her rear.She returned to her desk. After the meeting, Liz was called into Mr. Harper’s office. “Thank you for coming in. Would you mind getting me a new pad? It’s in the cupboard.” “Certainly sir,” Liz replied. As she entered the cupboard, she heard Mr. Harper come up behind her. She knelt to get the pad and heard a zip being drawn. “I never did check your underwear, and after this morning’s little outburst I believe we had better take precautions,” he said. He put a tie around Liz’s mouth as a gag. Then he lifted Liz’s dress up around her hips and pulled its neckline down around her breasts so that he could see her bra. Her breasts were pushed up and forced even more firmly together. Mr. Harper sat her on the chair she had been fucked on so many times before. He pushed her panties aside and began to eat out her pussy. Liz squirmed and writhed with pleasure, giving muffled gasps as she got close to cumming. He stopped just as Liz was about to orgasm. He put her panties back in place, soaking up her juices. Then he stood up, kissed Liz’s breasts and played with her nipples. Suddenly, he stopped and took off Liz’s gag.“Yes, I approve of your underwear. When school has finished and everyone has left you will return here, put a blouse on under your dress and tights under your stockings and meet me in the maths room.” “Yes sir,” Liz replied sex hikayeleri with a gasp. Later, when the rest of the staff had left, Liz went back to Mr. Harper’s office as instructed. He had already left, and had put the blouse and tights on his desk alongside a tie. Liz took them and went into the office to change. She put on the blouse and tie, but could only manage to pull the dress zip up if she put the neck of it under her breasts. This did look very hot, though, as it made her breasts bulge and this blouse could barely contain them. But there was another problem. Mr. Harper wanted her to wear the tights under her stockings, but the suspenders were part of her panties. She decided to forgo the tights and explain, as in any event it would create an opportunity for Mr. Harper to punish her. Liz entered the classroom with the tights in her hand. Mr. Harper turned and looked her up and down. “I’m sorry sir…” she began.But, before she could get any further, Mr. Harper broke in with, “Miss Cummington, you are in violation of uniform rules. One, you do not have a blazer on, and two, you are not wearing your tights. Put on your tights and blazer. Once you are decent, you will be punished.” Liz walked to Mr. Harper and picked up the blazer he had put next to him. When she put it on, it had no physical effect on her but did draw the eye a little more. She then unclipped both of her stockings, took them off and then took off her panties. They were sodden from the day’s earlier antics. She bent over and put the tights on. They camel toed, and began to soak up her wetness. She put her panties and stockings back on and stood quietly in front of Mr. Harper with her hands on her lap. “You have disobeyed my commands. You have been bad. You will be punished.” Before he had finished speaking Mr. Harper took a big handful of Liz’s arse in one hand and grabbed her head with the other. He kissed her roughly. Liz’s dampness began to seep through the tights and into the next layer. As he continued, she leaned into him more and ground against his crotch. She felt his cock stiffen just as she reached down to touch it.“Come with me, I will punish you elsewhere. Gather your things and meet me at my car.” He gave her a short smack on the bum, leaving her confused and very horny. Liz liked dressing up for Mr.

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