Heart’s Desire


“Welcome to ‘Heart’s desire’. Is this your first time here?”

“Yeah, but I heard quite a lot about the details, so I should be alright, thanks.” Guy answered.

The salesman bowed a little, smiling.

“Alright. Then I’d suggest that you get one of our assistance-devices, and get going.

If you need me, I’ll be around. Just call.

And now, enjoy.”

Guy looked in the direction the man pointed to.

Right next to the entrance stood quite a few rubber-dolls in a line.

These were the famed assistance-dolls he had heard so much about.

They were extremely life-like. Different sizes, different body shapes.

Just like real women, except made of shiny rubber.

They shared a few similarities, like the humanoid figure, tight leather corsets, equally tight rubber skin, and a smooth face with no real features, except the hinted at nose, and a well sculptured mouth, that looked like it was gagged in a few different varieties.

They came in various colours, from elegantly dark reds and blues, to bright pinks and yellows, as well as plain black and white.

All of them also had built in handcuffs, which Guy knew would be needed later on.

When he walked towards them, he noticed all of them wearing a collar around the neck,

with a number hanging from, in order to make things easier.

The collars were leather or metal and different in sizes ranging from small, choker-like to big ones, covering the whole neck, making the head stay completely straight.

Guy went through the line, eyeing all of the dolls with great interest.

This was his first time seeing them, and he was not disappointed.

They promised life-like, and they delivered.

It even seemed like they breathed slightly.

After about two minutes he had found a suitable one.

It was an about 5,4 foot tall, dark blue doll, with an accentuated chest area, and a medium sized leather collar, with a metal ring hanging from it.

The number said “27”.

He reached behind the doll, and grabbed a leash from a rack.

When he touched the collar to put the leash on, he heard a small sound, and felt some movement through the doll.

That must have been the starting mechanism.

Guy walked through the store, slowly, as signs all around reminded him, leash in hand, and the doll followed.

He was fascinated by the movement, and the all around concept.

He walked aimlessly at first, looking at all the different Gaziantep Saatlik Escort things the store had to offer.

After a few minutes he found something that piqued his interest.

It was a comfy looking chair, big and sturdy, with metal rings on either side of the arm rests, and behind the headrest.

“This would look rather nicely in the living room, I bet,” he murmured to himself. “Good thing one can test it.”

He walked around it and took the design in before he started the test.

He pulled the leash to get the doll in front of the chair.

It was a bit tricky, but he managed to get her to kneel on the cushion, facing away from him.

He then fastened her cuffs to the ring behind the headrest.

Once she was steady, he inspected her lower area, and found what he was looking for; a zipper.

He opened it to reveal an amazingly detailed and natural looking hole.

He was delighted. Even more so when he noticed that it was already lubed up, and ready to go.

Guy stepped behind the doll, taking out his already hard cock.

Seeing all the other customers trying out the erotic furniture and gadgets was enough to make him ready to go.

He let his fingers run over the whole, making the doll move.

He did not want to wait any longer, grabbed the shiny sides of the doll, and pushed himself inside.

He heard a muffled sound, like a tiny squeal.

“That must be the exhaustion,” he thought to himself, while gliding in and out.

It felt amazing.

How they managed to get such an incredibly skin-like feeling, and a continuous flow of lube to make everything feel so real was beyond him.

But he enjoyed it way too much to be thinking about technical details.

His cock slid in and out, without any problem, yet he felt a bit of tightness all around.

The doll moved on it’s own as well, swallowing his cock whole, just to let it go, and then suck it back in before it was completely out.

He felt the warm inside massaging him.

It was just like a real woman, maybe even better.

He still held the leash, tugging on it whenever he thrust, which time and time again made the doll let out what sounded like a sound of pleasure.

After a while of enjoying himself, he stopped, and pulled out.

The doll made a surprised sounding squeak, but as soon as he released her cuffs from the ring, he turned her around, letting it half-sit, half-lie on the chair. This time he bound it’s hands on the two sides of the armrests.

He took it’s legs in his hands, and pushed them upwards, making the still lubed hole come nearer.

He entered it again, this time using the legs as leverage.

Again and again he thrust his cock inside, pushing the doll into the back cushion.

The noises from the doll got louder, but still muffled.

Guy got worried that he might do something wrong, but while continuing to use the doll he looked around and found all the other customers do similar things. One tried out a sofa, having his doll standing behind it, leaning over the backrest as he pushed in and out.

Another was testing a queen sized bed, lying on top of his doll, humping up and down.

The air was filled with small, muffled sounds.

So his way was totally right, it seems.

That gave him enough confidence to thrust harder, curious how the doll would react.

His cock went in balls deep, and completely out, then he rammed it back in, and out again.

That seemed to do the trick, as the doll’s inside felt like it clamped down on his dick, while the sounds sounded like loud moans.

The doll buckled up a bit, and he let go of it’s legs.

He was about to pull out, since he was about to reach his limit, when the doll’s legs wrapped around him, pulling him closer, and not letting him stop.

He was now moaning as well, letting it all happen.

One more time he increased his tempo and the intensity of his thrusts, when he felt an orgasm well up inside him.

He kept going, and then it all happened simultaneously;

The doll moaned loudly, arched it’s back, pressing him hard against it, his cock throbbed and shot out his thick load inside the hole that was tightening around him.

He kept thrusting until everything came out.

Panting, resting his arms on the chair, he pulled out his cock.

He saw the doll’s hole still contract and relax, as if pulsating while his cum spilled out, running down the doll and on to the chair.

It seemed to glisten on the shiny dark blue latex, and even on the pinkish skin colour of the hole and around.

The doll’s body moved up and down, as if breathing heavy.

He untied it, and made it stand up again.

It seemed to have some problems though.

It suddenly looked unstable on it’s feet, as if it was quivering slightly.

Guy looked around, and waved to the salesman from before.

He quickly moved around the other customers and furniture with a trained certainty, and a moment later stood right next to Guy.

“Yes, how can I help you?”

Guy pointed at the chair. “I seem to have made a little mess,” he said slightly embarrassed.

The salesman looked at him, seemingly humored. “Oh, absolutely no problem at all, Sir. We have cleaning staff that is always around to clean , disinfect and sanitize our wares.

Was the piece and the doll to your satisfaction?” He asked

“Well, the chair was nice and sturdy, I can’t complain. I am not 100 % sure yet, but it is on my list. As for the doll,” he added, looking at it’s tight curves, “It seems to be a bit… low on energy. It made quite some noise, but now it won’t stand up straight anymore. Is that normal?”

The salesman took the leash from him, and pointed to a nearby corner. “Don’t worry, that is completely normal, you didn’t break anything. I will bring it over to the recharge area right away.

If you want you can get another model, or you wait for a few minutes, and it will be as good as new. In the meantime.” he added, pointing to his left, “How about you use the time to freshen up, and get cleaned? Maybe drink a cup of water?”

Guy thanked him, and watched him leave for the corner where a bunch of dolls stood.

They all were plugged in, it seems, as they had poles between their legs, just like the ones at the entrance, that slowly moved up and down inside their holes.

Fascinated by the way they were built, Guy stood a few more moments, watching number 27 getting plugged in as well, a bit of leftover cum still running down it’s leg.

The salesman plugged it in, fastened it’s cuffs to another pole in front of it, and inserted a small straw like tube into a little hole in the mouth gag.

It was probably to refill the oil, or whatever those dolls ran on.

After watching it for a few more moments, Guy went to the cleaning station.

There were quite a few of them around.

They had water dispensers (free of charge), and dolls kneeling in front of it.

These Dolls didn’t have numbers on their collar, just a ‘C’, probably for ‘cleaning’.

Their mouth gag was a ring that had them have their mouths permanently open, and water dripping out of it.

Guy grabbed a cup of water, and inserted his cum and doll-juice covered cock in the cleaning doll’s mouth, and felt a tongue like device sliding around inside, caressing and cleaning him.

It felt amazing, and from here he had a great view of most of the first floor’s wares, thinking about what to test next…

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