Heat of the Fire


It was a chilly evening. Ross and Jenny scurried into a cabin in the mountains, shut the door to keep out the blowing wind and snow. He tried the lights. They didn’t work. “Power must be off somewhere,” Jenny remarked off-handedly.

“No problem,” Ross replied, smiling in the dark. “We’ll light some candles and get a fire going. That’ll warm things up quickly.”

He groped his way into the kitchen, felt for one of the drawers. Inside, he touched and recognized the candles and a box of matches. Back in the living-room, Ross lit three candles, set one on the table, and two on the mantelpiece above the fireplace. Then Ross got a fire going.

It had been a while since the last time they’d come to the cabin–last year as a matter of fact–and it had been just shortly after their honeymoon. The last few months had proved quite hectic for both of them, so they’d decided to take a skiing trip.

As it happened, the closer they got to the cabin, the more the weather appeared to get worse until eventually they found themselves struggling through a snowstorm to find shelter.

Both were glad to have found the cabin quickly.

A short time later, showered and dressed in dry clothing, they huddled together on the couch. Red and yellow flames danced upwards to the chimney, projecting shadows of strange shapes on everything in the room.

Ross looked at Jenny, her soft face glowing in the light. She smiled warmly at him. “Very romantic, isn’t it?” she said, more a statement than a question.

Ross nodded and smiled, then he bent down to kiss her. Jenny’s lips trembled ataşehir escort slightly as Ross ran his tongue around them, then traced a path along her cheek to her earlobe. Ross nibbled on it, she giggled and tried to pull away, but Ross drew her closer and kissed her once again.

She stroked his cheek and, as they kissed deeply, her tongue darted through his lips, meeting and circling his own tongue. Ross sensed a tremor of electricity shimmer from his throat to his groin, then he slid his lips down her chin to nuzzle in the warmth of her neck. She sighed, whispered his name and ran her fingers lightly through his hair.

Ross moved off the couch, knelt between Jenny’s legs and kissed his way down to the hollow between her breasts. Her hands reached up, undid the buttons of her shirt. Glad for the absence of her brassiere, Ross nosed his way beneath the fabric till his lips brushed across her nipple. His tongue encircled the tiny bud, his teeth lightly ran across it and Ross felt it harden between his lips.

Ross breathed in her scent–she smelled as well as tasted delicious.

Now Ross kissed down her abdomen, pulled her hips forward so she slid towards him. Ross undid her jeans, pulled them and her panties down together. The shadows of her quim beckoned to him, the warmth of her sex hidden for a moment in the even darker shadows created by the fire.

Jenny slipped her feet out of her jeans and panties and Ross pushed the clothes to one side.

Her feet and legs now bare, Ross lifted them up, kissed the soles of her feet, sucked and nibbled kadıköy escort bayan on her toes. She giggled, gasping that it tickled, but that it felt so nice and relaxing.

Ross gazed at her with her soft flesh glowing orange in the light of the fire, her full breasts peeking out from the two separated halves of her shirt.

Ross put her feet down, undid his own shirt. In front of him, Jenny spread her legs wide, ran her finger across the soft mound between them, then slipped it down between the folds of flesh.

His shirt dropped to the floor. Ross rose, undid his jeans and pushed them down and off with his underpants and let them join her own garments beside them.

She sat up, put her hands on his hips and drew him forward. Ross felt her face sifting through the tendrils of his pubic hair, her strong fingers kneading the muscles of his buttocks.

Now her mouth slid up the stalk of his member, took it in and sucked on it. His breathing quickened and it seemed the fire behind him could not equal the heat of their bodies. Her mouth slid up and down the length of his shaft and she felt its hardness and thickness within her mouth. Then she ran her tongue down to his balls. She sucked first one, then the other into her mouth, rolling them gently in the warmth and wetness there.

Jenny rose to her feet. Ross lay down on the floor with his head and back resting against the front of the couch. Jenny faced the fire and straddled him, lowering her crotch to his face. Ross kissed her buttocks, ran his lips through the moistness of her crack, escort maltepe then slipped his tongue down to push against her clitoris. His hands reached up and gripped your bum, pulled it apart to allow him to see the glistening depths of her purplish-pink gash. He ran his tongue down the groove, thrust deep into the dark recesses and she ground her hips above him, loud moans and groans issuing from her mouth.

Her buttocks moved then down his chest and she knelt on the floor. She gripped his hard member and steered it into the heated netherworld of her quim. Up and down she begin to ride him. Ross reached from behind, grasped her breasts and squeezed them, feeling, too, the heavy beat of her heart, the rising and falling of her chest in time to the up and down movement of her sex upon his erect, hard rod. They felt the solid contact of his crotch to hers, the slipperiness of their lubricated organs.

Ross pinched her nipples as she continued to slide on his pike. Her head went back, her hair brushed his face and chest, and the light from the fire reflected from the glistening sweat of their bodies.

Jenny’s hand went down, her finger rubbing against the hardness of her clitoris, firmer and faster until finally waves of ecstasy ripple through her body. Her cries of enjoyment and fulfillment heightened his own excitement. Ross called out her name, thrust up hard into her chasm as he felt the pulsating shots of hot jism spurt into her engulfing hole.

As Ross finished his spasms, he and Jenny both relaxed. She lay back against his chest. Ross wrapped his arms around her and she feel his rod subsiding within her sex. Ross kissed her neck, stroked her smooth, wet breasts, whispered her name again and again as he held her tightly to him, the sticky sweat of their bodies mingling together before the heat of the fire and the passion of their lust…..

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