Heaven’s Shore Ch. 02


Lance and Rebecca rounded the corner of their neighborhood as they strolled along sipping their coffee. It was a tight knit community. One way in and one way out. Everybody seemed to know everyone else and they were always running into friends either walking around the neighborhood or in the adjacent hiking trails.

Today was no exception as James and Gina came into view walking the opposite direction. “Well hello, you two!” Gina said as she waved with both hands and a big smile on her face.

“Hi guys!” Rebecca said cheerfully. “Out for a walk too?”

“She dragged me out,” James scoffed. “I’d rather be home watching the game.”

“Where are the kids?” Gina asked, looking around.

“They’re at camp,” said Rebecca. “They go to camp five days a week in the summer.”

“Oh my goodness, I completely forgot what day it is. Here I am thinking it’s a weekend. Time becomes a blur when you don’t work.”

Gina gave up her teaching job when they had kids, but now that they were older, she often thought about getting back into it.

“Hey we heard you went to Heaven’s Shore the other day, right?” James asked. “What’d you guys think?”

“It was fun–” Rebecca said just as Lance also answered. “It was interesting–” They stopped and looked at each other. Rebecca rolled her eyes. “We had a blast. Thank you so much for referring us.”

“Our pleasure! You know you’re officially on our guest list so you can go back anytime you like. Maybe we all go together one day. That’d be weird, huh?” Gina laughed.

Lance pictured her stunning naked body from the other morning immediately.

“So weird. But, hey, I wouldn’t be against it or anything,” said Rebecca. Lance raised his eyebrows. Rebecca was really getting into this whole thing.

“OK, well we have to get our steps in.” Gina tapped on her FitBit.

“We’ll see you guys later!” called out Rebecca. As they walked away she turned around abruptly. “Oh wait, one more thing. Big Jim?” Rebecca laughed as she recalled the secret nickname.

James blushed and looked down. “Yeah, they uhh, they sorta nickname people there. I guess that’s mine.”

Rebecca wasn’t convinced with his answer, but shrugged. “Well, ok then. See ya later… Big Jim!”

The couples went their separate ways. Rebecca took hold of Lance’s hand and rested her head on his shoulder. “Why do you suppose they call him that? I mean he’s tall, I guess, but he’s not like some giant or something,” Rebecca pondered aloud.

Lance knew exactly why they did. But he didn’t want to draw any more curiosity from his wife. “Maybe it’s his personality. Who knows.”

Rebecca lifted her head off Lance as the two approached their house after making a wide loop. “Hey would you want to go back there soon? Maybe a little earlier this time so we can enjoy it a bit more?”

Lance sighed. “I don’t know. I mean, it was fun. But don’t you think it was a little awkward?”

“Not for me. It’s nice to not have tan lines if I’m being honest. And I have to admit. The parking lot session was fun,” she smiled with her pretty blue eyes.

“You were really worked up, huh? Was it Ray’s big dick that got you?”

“Lance! You know it most certainly was not!” Rebecca argued. Lance opened the front door as they both walked in towards the kitchen. Lance paused at the kitchen island, supporting himself up with his hands.

“Seriously though. How big do you think that thing was?”

Rebecca shrugged as she opened the refrigerator and poured herself a glass of iced tea. “I don’t really remember. I didn’t get a good look.” She took a sip of iced tea.

“Oh, come on. How could you not? It was in plain sight. The dude was packing serious heat and he was flaunting.”

“He was NOT flaunting. Can’t someone have a nice conversation with us and not be showing off their penis?” Rebecca was growing frustrated with Lance’s apparent distaste for a man who was seemingly just being friendly.

“So you do think it was big! See, I knew you looked.”

“Not intentionally! It’s hard not to miss, that’s all.” Rebecca shrugged and took another sip.

“You could say that again. I felt like a twerp sitting next to him with my dick all tucked away.”

Rebecca walked over to Lance. She was growing annoyed with him feeling sorry for himself all the time. “Babe. I love you. Stop being sad about everything and try to relax, ok?”

Lance paused for a bit before looking at Rebecca. “Did you cum?”


“In the parking lot. It felt like you were cumming. Did you have an orgasm?”

Rebecca thought about it. “I may have. Why?”

“Because I don’t think I’ve given you an orgasm in ten years. I’m not even kidding.” Lance was trying to convince himself it was he who delivered the quivering orgasm for Rebecca that day, but was depressingly becoming certain it was the man with the big penis from moments before.

“Oh don’t be silly, Lance. I cum lots of times when we’re having sex. You’re just too busy with your own orgasm to realize.”

“That ataşehir escort wasn’t fair,” Lance said.

Rebecca nodded. “You’re right. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. But yes, you satisfy me honey. You always have. Can we move past this please?”

“Nothing would make me happier.” Lance poured himself a glass of iced tea as well and took a seat on the couch.

“How’s your schedule tomorrow? Should we go to that beach? We can bring our laptops and work from there too ya know?”

This was a losing battle for Lance. He would have to go back to that beach because it would make Rebecca happy. He quickly surrendered. “Sure, hun.”


“I can’t believe we’re doing this again!” Rebecca excitedly said as she clutched Lance’s arm as they walked Jones’ Beach.

“Oh yeah, gonna be great,” he said sarcastically.

“Can you stop? You know how much fun I think this is. Can you be happy to spend it with me please?” Lance quickly decided she was right and would make an effort to be more pleasant about the experience.

But just as he made that commitment to himself, they saw a familiar face that made it more difficult. Ray waved when he saw them approaching. He was again wearing his red bathing suit and hat.

“You’re back!” he said happily as he jotted their names down on his clipboard. “It’s great to see you both again. Are there some of those famous gin and tonics in that cooler?” he asked pointing to the cooler Lance was carrying. He nodded.

“We couldn’t resist,” said Rebecca. “This time we’re early. We want to enjoy it!”

“It’s a beautiful day for it. Not that many people back there either.”

“Oh yay!” Rebecca said as she raised her arms as if winning a race. “Will we see you later?” Lance glared at her after she asked the question.

Ray nodded as he handed them their wristbands. “I should be. I’ll look for you guys. Have fun!”

As they reached the first patch of sand after the path, Rebecca was the first to put her bag down and take her bikini off. Lance watched her undress. She did it so casually and quickly, like this was nothing. It was harder for Lance to disrobe than the first visit. After all, this was only the second time in his life.

“Well?” she asked, hands on her hips, staring down at Lance’s bathing suit. “Don’t make me pull them down myself. You know I will!”

Lance smiled and shook his head. “You’re crazy,” he said as he dropped his pants.

“He looks better than the other day!” she said reassuringly. He frowned. “If by ‘better,’ you mean not hiding like a freaking baby turtle, then yes I agree.” The both looked down at his penis, jutting out a few inches, rested on top of his sack.

“Ready?” he said as he gestured for Rebecca to lead the way.

They walked past several other beach goers, but Ray was right. It was only sparsely crowded. Unsure of proper etiquette yet, the two of them kept their eyes straight as they combed the sand looking for a good spot. Rebecca’s body was stunning. Even though Lance had stared at this body for many, many years, he never passed up an opportunity to admire her perfect curves and eye-popping breasts. She was beyond gorgeous and he was lucky.

“Here?” she asked to which Lance nodded. They set up their things and settled in for the day.


It was only 2PM, but Rebecca was mixing up her second cocktail. Lance raised his eyebrow at her. “Yeah?”

She nodded as she took a sip. “My parents are taking the kids tonight. Let’s have fun!”

Lance shrugged. Why not. He went ahead and made himself another drink as well.

“How’s your penis doing over there?” Rebecca asked. Her legs were crossed and she tapped her foot mindlessly in the air. She was wearing big, wide sunglasses and a summer hat. Her shapely breasts hung magnificently off her body.

Lance sat up and inspected his cock. “He’s good. Just chillin in the breeze.”

Rebecca looked around. “There’s no one around, you know. Do you want a handjob?”

Lance too looked around to see the nearest person was easily one hundred yards down the beach. He turned back to Rebecca who had a big grin on her face. “How about a blowjob?”

She smirked. “Handjob or nothing,” she playfully sang.

“Beggars can’t be choosers!” Lance said as he angled his chair toward Rebecca. She reached out and began to fondle his penis. “I’m not really hard right now,” he admitted.

She made a face. “Oh, like that’s gonna be a problem,” she laughed. Lance stretched his legs out and got comfortable. “Ya know what, honey. I’m kinda liking this place.” She sneered at him before turning her attention back to his penis.

“You think we should get a new front door? The O’Loughlins just replaced theirs and it looks fantastic,” Rebecca said as she mindlessly stroked Lance’s cock.

“Can we maybe discuss this in a little bit?” Lance asked in a strained voice. “Oops sorry!” Rebecca said. “I just really wanna get a new door.”

As she continued kadıköy escort bayan to stroke his hardened cock, she could tell he was getting close. With one hand she cupped his balls and with the other hand she stroked up and down, hoping to make him cum. Her boobs jiggled as she worked on him.

But just as his orgasm was about to commence, a voice could be heard nearby.

“There you guys are!” It was Ray approaching them from behind. Once he walked around in view, he realized what was happening. “Oh shit!” he said as Rebecca quickly removed her hand and Lance covered up his privates.

“I’m so sorry! I’m such an idiot. I’ll go. I’m so sorry guys.” Ray quickly turned to walk away, his big penis swung heavily back and forth.

“No, no, it’s ok! You don’t have to leave!” Rebecca called out. Lance looked at her as if to say ‘what the fuck?’. He was two seconds away from cumming. Rebecca made a face to Lance. She didn’t want to make a bad impression on only their second day.

Ray stopped. “You sure? I really don’t wanna interrupt.”

“Positive. Come sit and have a drink with us. We were just goofing around.”

“If you wanna finish,” he gestured towards Lance’s still hard cock. “I don’t mind. I can do a lap and come back.”

“Don’t be silly. Have a seat, we brought extra chairs today,” Rebecca said as she unfolded a chair for Ray and placed it in front of the pair. Lance awkwardly tried to cover up, but he was still raging hard and his towel was out of reach.

Ray plopped down in the chair, yet again on full display for Rebecca and Lance. His penis draped over the edge of the low-lying chair, the head nearly touching the sand. Rebecca handed him a drink.

“Thanks! Hey listen I’m sorry again. I didn’t mean to walk in on you guys. I really appreciate that you’re both so comfortable at our beach on only your second visit!”

“We love it here! It’s beautiful!” Rebecca sipped her drink. She looked over at Lance and then to his cock. It was still hard and likely not going down anytime soon.

“So what do you guys do?” Ray asked, feeling very comfortable now.

“Well, Lance is a sales rep for a software company and I’m a program manager at the University.”

“Oh cool! I’ve always wanted to work in higher education.”

As the conversation flowed between Ray and Rebecca, Lance tried everything he could to not look at Ray’s crotch. But it was nearly impossible not to. The sheer size and dominance of it begged to be stared at. There was no escape.

To make matters worse, his boner was still strong and unrelenting. So he was forced to sit and listen to his wife talk to this hung stud while he sat with his four inch erection. ‘Fucking hell,’ he thought to himself. Time for a drink.

“What about a girlfriend? Is there a lady in your life, Ray?”

He smiled and shook his head. “Not really. I was just hanging out with this girl for a couple months, but she called it off recently.”

“Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that!” Rebecca said concerned. But Ray dismissed her. “Naw, it’s all good. It wasn’t really serious. She just had some issues with me she couldn’t get over.”

“Issues with you?” Rebecca was not convinced. “You’re a sweet young man. What on Earth was her problem?”

Ray hesitated. “She umm… I guess you could say we had… anatomical incompatibilities.”

Lance burst out laughing. “What? What does that mean?” Rebecca laughed too. “Yeah what Ray?”

Smiling, Ray folded his hands on his belly and leaned back in his chair. “She had a problem with our… intimacy.”

“Sex wasn’t good?” Rebecca asked.

“Sex was great… for me. I think she had a hard time accepting my equipment.”

Rebecca burst out laughing. “Ohhhh, ok, ok. Now I get it!” she continued to laugh. “She couldn’t quite handle… this display we have here.” Rebecca pointed to Ray’s dangling penis for the first time acknowledging its existence. The conversation was becoming difficult for Lance to hear, but for one reason or another he got even harder as he listened.

“Bingo,” said Ray, looking down at himself. “It’s not for everyone.”

“Ya think?” Rebecca joked. “Ray, honey. I mean this in the nicest possible way. You’ve got yourself a very, very big one.”

“Honey!” Lance said.

“No, no, it’s ok. It’s fine. I know I do. It’s usually not a problem, but for her? Well, she just wasn’t into it.” Ray picked up his penis and fiddled with it in his hand before dropping it back down.

“How big is it, anyways?” Rebecca was locked in on his cock. She was not going to let up anytime soon. Lance looked down and saw precum streaming from his own cock. He wiped it away before anyone noticed.

“Right now? It’s soft obviously. But soft, I think it’s like seven or eight maybe?”

Rebecca looked impressed. “Wow. And what about hard?”

Ray laughed. “Depends on the day. But I think it’s about ten, ten and a half or so? Something like that.”

“My God. Ten and a half inches? That’s incredible. I don’t escort maltepe think I’ve ever seen one like that.”

“Well what about Big J–” Ray stopped himself, remembering they knew James and Gina well. “Big John?”

“Big John? I don’t think I know a Big John,” Rebecca laughed looking at Lance. “Who’s Big John?”

“Oh it’s someone that’s a member here, that’s all. Maybe you’ll meet him one day. Anyways,” Ray tried to change the subject having just dodged a bullet. “What a gorgeous day.”

But Rebecca wasn’t through. “So you said most girls can handle that? Is that right?”

“I’m sorry,” Ray closed his eyes and shook his head. He looked at Lance. “I don’t wanna overstep here. Is this conversation ok?”

“It’s fine,” Lance said. He was secretly enjoying it, but most of his mental energy was being spent on not having an orgasm. “It’s all good.”

“Ok, just checking. Yeah so, most can take it just fine. Many like it. Or so they’ve told me. I just take things super slow at first.”

Rebecca nodded. She stared at his cock, but conspicuously, due to her sunglasses. “I can imagine that would be pretty hard to just kinda ram it in there, right?”

“Oh for sure,” Ray laughed as he looked down at his cock. “But it’s fine. It works for everyone.”

“Lance, honey? Everything ok? You’re quiet over there,” Rebecca turned to him, noticing his still firm erection.

“Just taking it all in,” he replied.

“Looks like you’re nearly gonna pop, buddy!” Ray shamelessly commented on Lance’s bursting arousal.

Rebecca leaned over and swatted Lance’s hands away. She took control of his penis. “Let me finish what we started. Ray, honey you don’t mind right?”

“Not at all. Pretend I’m not even here!”

Rebecca stroked Lance’s cock, once, twice, and on the third time he instantly grunted. “Oh fuck, babe!” he said as he leaned forward. His cock immediately spilled out a stream of thick white cum after only three pumps.

“Whoa, Lance!” Rebecca shouted, stunned as she held her hand flat in front of his spewing head. She didn’t want any to fly out and hit Ray.

“Fuck!” he said as he thrusted his hips up and shot his load against the underside of Rebecca’s hand.

“Theeere we go,” Rebecca cutely giggled as she finished stroking and took her hand away. She held her palm up, holding a puddle of white cum for everyone to see? “Does that feel better?”

Lance nodded as a feeling of naked vulnerability rushed through him. Suddenly, he was not so comfortable in the presence of Ray.

“All the work was already done, huh? That was just the finishing touches,” Ray said as he watched Rebecca dump Lance’s cum into the sand and then cover it up.

“Lance loves handjobs. Right, honey?”

He nodded, sheepishly.

“I’ve always said that. Who doesn’t love a good handjob? Fun for us, easy for the women. It’s a win win!” Ray said. He had a sort of contagious positivity about him that Rebecca and to some extent Lance admired as they sat getting to know one another.

“Amen to that, Ray,” said Rebecca. She eyed his penis. “You could probably get quite a few hands on that thing, huh?”

“You could say that, yup,” he laughed while gently tugging on his cock. At some point, Ray’s dick had finally started to come to life. No longer did it drape off the side of the beach chair, but now began to hover on its own as it expanded in length and girth. This was not lost on Rebecca who clearly noticed he was becoming erect.

Lance of course noticed too. The drastic difference in Lance’s now shriveled up penis and Ray’s growing erection was severe. It was humiliating to say the least.

“Ahh fuck,” said Ray looking down. “You guys got me all worked up.”

“Is that 100%?” Rebecca boldly asked.

“Ehh, maybe 75%. But it’s getting there. I should go jump in the water and try to tame this a bit. You guys will have to excuse me.” With that Ray hopped up and jogged down to the water, his cock bouncing with every step.

“You two are having fun, huh?” Lance asked, annoyed.

“Excuse me?”

“Could you maybe not stare at the dude’s dick constantly? I mean, we get it. He’s got a big one. But you’re like, obsessed with it.”

“Oh please. I just jerked you off, Lance. You’re the one sitting there saying nothing.”

“Rebecca, the guy’s like three times the size of me. It’s a bit embarrassing to sit here with this,” Lance said as he held up his flaccid cock.

Rebecca held her hands up and looked around. “Who cares? Honey, really. Who cares? We’re all having fun!” Lance remained quiet, shaking his head and frowning. He wasn’t having fun.

Ray wandered back up from the water. As he approached, it was clear his erection had not gone down. “Welp, that didn’t work as planned. Sorry, guys!”

“Oh, you’re fine. Have a seat, let me make you another drink Ray.”

“You guys are too kind. But I have to get going,” Ray said as he politely folded up the chair.

“Because of your boner?” Rebecca protested.

“No, no, not that,” he laughed. “I have some plans I need to get ready for. It was great hanging out today. Again, I’m sorry if I ruined things earlier, but looks like my man Lance here got his fill.” He smiled and winked at Lance as he held out his fist and pounded it together with Lance’s.

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