Her Crazy Friend Ch. 01


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Brooke asked if she could go out Friday night to meet her friend Cindy. I’ve never met Cindy however, I knew of her.

I’ve always said it’s the crazy ones that were the best lays. My wife Brooke is no exception to that rule. That being said, you can surmise that my wife is a bit on the crazy side. I’m not talking crazy adventurous, I’m talking jacket, with really long sleeves, that can be tied in back crazy.

When I first met Brooke, she was un-medicated; she was also great in the sack. Brooke would do anything I asked of her. I introduced her to her body. She had no idea that you could directly stimulate the clitoris or what one was for that matter. Brooke had never had an orgasm before meeting me. It took about 3 months of fucking her to get her to the point of orgasm. She enjoyed sex, her pussy would get wet. However, she couldn’t let herself go beyond that point. Then, one day I was fucking her doggy style in the La Quinta in Jacksonville, Florida. Our company had closed early for a holiday or moving offices or some such event. That left me with enough time to meet Brooke at the La Quinta for some afternoon fucking. You see, I was still married to my soon to be ex-wife, and Brooke was married as well.

So there we are, doggy style, I’m drilling her for everything I’m worth. All of a sudden, Brooke announces that she’s going to cum. This being a surprise, I double timed it, grabbing her shoulders, trying to split her in two. When she did cum, it was such an emotional event for her, she literally broke down into a weeping fit. Now, I’ve seen a lot of orgasms in my day, I’d never seen one like this before. She clung to me until she composed herself and explained that she’d never felt anything like that in her life. I was the king!

Having gotten over that hump, I introduced Brooke to a whole new world of sexuality. I was the first one to fuck her tight ass. I introduced her to fooling around with girls and getting fucked by more than one cock at the same time. Brooke was insatiable and took in everything new like a good student.

All was going well for us until the little things started to make themselves known. She would occasionally burst into a tirade of this or that, none of which were of any consequence. Similar to the orgasms, once the first one started, the outbursts and tirades grew more frequent and severe. It finally came to a head one day when I was getting ready to leave to take a new job. Brooke was staying behind to sell the house. She would meet me at our new city when the transaction completed. Brooke flew into a tirade about me being on my own, fucking other woman and leaving her behind.

As I am never one to back down from a fight, especially about something that’s imaginary, I matched her emotional tirade in intensity and duration. Our arguments always ended with her apologizing and either sucking my cock or fucking me to show me she was sorry. After Brooke serviced me for her latest outburst, I informed her that if she didn’t seek out some professional help, we were done.

So, off I go to the new city, leaving behind Brooke to get some professional help. As it turned out, Brooke has a massive case of depression and was plagued with all sorts of demons from her past, including but not limited to, being molested by her step-father when she was growing up. I would later use this to my advantage in getting her to call me “Daddy” when I fucked her. That story however is for another day.

So, Brooke finds herself a doctor and begins a medication regimen which seemed to get her back on track toward normal. The house sells and Brooke comes out to meet me in our new city. From here, life goes on for both of us. Brooke finds a job, continues her medication and I continue to train her to serve me in any sexual capacity. Brooke was an excellent student.

Unfortunately, these medications have a tendency to wear off, become less effective, etc. Bottom line, they constantly had to be adjusted, all which took time. Occasionally, these adjustments could have adverse effects, causing the head twisting, bed elevating, crazy Brooke to manifest herself.

During one of these periods, Brooke got so bad that she had to undergo some intense therapy. During these “group sessions”, Brooke met Cindy. I had never met Cindy but, from what I could tell, she was as funny as a $3 bill. I don’t think she was very bright either. The last I heard, she’d moved in with some other girl as a üvey kız kardeş porno platonic roommate, not knowing that this other girl was a raging lesbian. After she had moved in, the lesbian got possessive of Cindy and the relationship actually turned abusive. Since Cindy was between jobs, her options were limited on extricating herself from her situation.

I would hear about this nonsense through Brooke and just shake my head and wonder. How people got themselves into this situation, I really couldn’t understand.

Anyway, Brooke cleared her dinner with Cindy through me and plans were made. Brooke did not have a lot of friends and rarely went out without me. Having introduced Brooke to sex with other women, I could easily envision the two crazy girls having an emotional moment and one thing leading to another. I had no issue if this were the case. I simply asked that Brooke record any such session so that I could watch it on her return.

So, Friday night arrives, I have kiddo duty and I instruct my wife on the use of the newest HD digital camera, just in case. Brooke is under no restrictions as to what she can do for the evening, simply to have fun and be safe. 8:00 rolls around and Brooke heads out for the evening.

I feed the kids, bathe everyone and get them to bed at their designated times. It’s now 9:00 and I have nothing to do but wait. I jump in the hot tub for a while and watch my favorite lesbian porno, imagining what could be going on as I wait. My cock is rock hard however, I resist the urge to rub one out as I want to save it for Brooke. I recall asking Brooke if Cindy was attractive and she was somewhat elusive in her response. Brooke, for her part is a knock out. She’s 5’3″, 125 lbs with flaming red hair and G sized tits. They are massive melons; and while they still sit high on her chest, given her age and their sheer girth, they are starting to show some signs of sagging. When you’re blessed with a huge natural rack, you have to take the good with the bad. The tits are real, the hair is from a bottle. At my instruction, Brooke keeps her pussy freshly saved, ensuring that it is baby smooth in the morning and again at night.

When she’s getting fucked, Brooke loves to have her nipples pulled on and twisted, almost to a freakish level. I swear, I’ve pulled her nipples a full 6 inches off her chest and while she cries out in pain, her pussy immediately gushes and she comes. The crazy ones tend to like things to the extreme.

When Brooke left, she assured me that nothing was going to happen. I of course, was hoping differently. That fact that she took the camera and tripod with her gave me a ray of hope.

At 11:00 I checked Google Latitude one more time to find out that Brooke was not at the restaurant anymore and was in an area of town known to have clusters of motels. Things were definitely looking up. I turned out the lights and went to bed.

Around 2:30 a.m., I was awakened by a car door. A quick check of our surveillance cameras revealed that Brooke was coming in the back door rather than using the garage door. She had the presence of mind to try and not wake the kids.

Brooke came into the bedroom, trying to be quite, thinking that I was sleeping. For my part, I simply laid still, waiting for her to come to bed. Given the hour, Brooke slipped off her clothes and slid in to bed.

Brooke did not know I was awake until she slid her ass back up to me and felt my raging hard on. “Were you waiting for me”, she asked?

“Actually, I did get some rest however, the minute I heard you come it, my cock got rock hard. Given the hour, I believe you have some explaining to do.” I slid my right had around her shoulders and firmly grasped her right nipple. I was not easy with it, nor was I rough. I wanted to make sure she knew what was coming if she wasn’t forthcoming. I slid me left had down her stomach, across her smooth mound and easily slid into her moist folds.

“It would appear she’s had some activity this evening. Care to tell me about it”, as I increased the pressure on her nipple and her clit simultaneously.

“Daddy, I’ve been very, very bad”, Brooke said using the little girl voice that she knew turned me on. “I didn’t plan on doing anything with her but, we were having dinner, we’d had a few cocktails and Cindy was telling me how terrible she’s got it with her new roommate. Cindy had tears in her eyes when she was telling me how abusive this dike that she moved in with is to her. Cindy told me that the dike hits her, calls her a whore and is generally ugly with her every time Cindy comes home. She showed me the bruises on her arms where the dike grabbed her and shoved her around.”

“And this has what to do with your wet pussy”, I inquired? I moved my right had across her massive chest and found her left nipple. As I was asking, I viciously twisted it.

“Ouch, daddy, you’re hurting me”, Brooke cried out.

“Then get to the part about why it’s 2:30 and your pussy xnxx porno is wet”. I eased off of her left nipple but kept strumming her very wet clit with my middle finger.

“Okay daddy, I’m getting to that. Well, we finished dinner and were walking through the parking lot to our cars. When we got there, the place was very busy so, we had to park way in back.” My wife drives a crew cab F-150, with tons of space in the back seat.

Brooke continues, “Anyway, we had parked next to each other and were standing in between the two cars saying our goodbyes. I told her that she really needs to start trying to find some way out of her situation and to call me if she was in danger. Cindy again started to cry profusely and I naturally reached out to hug her. She had tears gushing from her eyes and all I could do was to stand there and hug her tightly.”

“When she finally calmed down, Cindy told me what a good friend I was and pushed her head forward to kiss me. I had anticipated a peck on the lips but for some reason, we both held the kiss longer. We never took our eyes off of each other. I opened my mouth slightly and her tongue slid right in. We stood there and kissed for a couple of minutes and then stopped. Well, that was unexpected, I told her.”

Cindy looked at me and said “I’ve very lonely and afraid to go home, do you have to leave right away”?

“Not at all I told her. I have permission to do whatever I’d like tonight. Let’s sit in the truck for awhile. We got in to the back seat of the truck, made sure no one was around and then we started kissing again. It had been some time since I’d been with another girl so, my pussy was getting worked up fast. I slide my hand under her shirt and slid it around in back. I unfastened her bra and ran my hand in front of her, cupping and squeezing her tits. She’s not as big as me but, she’s a respectable D cup. You have to remember, she’s a little on the heavy side so, she has somewhat of a stomach pooch.”

“Go on”, I told Brooke.

“Well, she pulled my bra up over my nipples but left it hooked. It was actually kind of uncomfortable.”

“Hold crap, Brooke”, Cindy said. “I know you had big tits but these are the biggest I’ve ever seen.”

“We kept kissing and fondling each other and I told her we should go some place more private. I didn’t want us to get in trouble with indecent exposure charge. I knew she was strapped for cash so, I told her I’d pay for a room somewhere. That way, she could spend the night when I had to go. So, off we went to the Hamilton Place, just down the street from the restaurant.”

“When we got to the motel, I told her I could do anything I wanted, as long as I used the video camera. She hesitated for a minute and asked why. I told her Daddy told me those were the rules. She smiled and said, “Okay, as long as it’s just you and Daddy watching”. I assured her it was and in we went”.

“I made sure to bring the video camera with me, we checked in and went to the room.”

“When we got in, I took the time to set up the camera and the tripod just like you told me Daddy. I made sure the angle was right and the auto focus was on just like you said.”

“Good girl”, I praised. “I’m glad you followed Daddy’s instructions, then what happened.”?

“Well, while I was doing that, Cindy had taken off her clothes and had started to hug me from behind while I was setting up the camera. She unhooked my bra and slid my shirt off while I a finishing up the camera work.”

“Then, she hugged me from behind, pressing her D cups into my back and fondling my nipples. I could feel my pussy start to get most and I told her to get on the bed, I’d be right there.”

Brooke then reached over to the nightstand and produced the small video recorder. It had a huge hard disc so, I assume she caught every minute of the action.

“Do you want to see what I did with her Daddy”, Brooke inquired?

“Of course, let’s see what Daddy’s little slut did tonight”. With that I slide my 9″ cock into her already wet pussy and just held it there, balls deep.

The video started as Brooke described. Cindy was not exceptionally attractive, nor was she unattractive. She definitely had D cup boobs, I estimated her at a size 14. While not obese, she was plump. She had shoulder length hair that appeared to be brown. Like Brooke, her cunt was shaved smooth.

Brooke walks into the frame topless, wearing her heels and skirt still. Brooke unzips her skirt but leaves the shoes on because she knows Daddy would like that. She lays on the bed and the two of them embrace, large tits pushing against each other.

Brooke is no stranger to the camera, she exaggerates the tongue action so it will show up better in the video. The two of them pull their bodies apart and begin to caress each other’s breasts. Brooke is the first to dip her head down to Cindy’s right nipple.

Brooke elevates her body over the top of Cindy, nipple still in her mouth. Brooke leaves her nipple and moving her body, zenci porno allows her massive jugs to lightly touch Cindy’s skin, running from her stomach up to her mouth. When she reaches her mouth, Cindy opens up and Brooke deposits her generous breast right in the middle.

You can see Cindy’s hand slide up Brooke’s thigh as she gently inserts her middle finger into Brooke’s pussy.

“Oh my, you’re extremely moist”, Cindy comments.

“All because of you dear, all because of you”, Brooke replies.

Still on all fours, Brooke does a 180 on top of Cindy and buries her head into her moist folds.

“How did she taste”, I ask?

Brooke slides her hand back over her should and tells me to see for myself. “I made sure not to shower so you could taste the remnants of her pussy on my fingers.”

I took her digits in my mouth and definitely tasted pussy on her fingers.

“Not as sweet as yours but, entirely tasty”, I report.

“She was”, Brooke replies. “I had no idea at the time but, Cindy is a light squirter. The first time she came it surprised me. I was upside down as you can see and she squirted right into my mouth.”

At this point I started sawing my cock back and forth, in and out of Brooke’s cunt. I knew there was some footage here and I wanted to see it all before I released.

“When Cindy told me she was going to come, that triggered my first orgasm of the night. I made sure all of my juices got in her mouth and on her face. My plan was to lick her clean after our first round.

“Being a larger girl, Cindy had a fairly large pussy. So, after she hosed me down, her large pussy was very moist and she had cum running down her ass. Watch here”, Brooke was pointing to the camera screen.

“I reach under her and slid a finger gently in to her ass. Watch me push my other fingers into her pussy; there’s two, then three. I could feel more room so I left my finger pumping her asshole and turned to face her pussy. Now watch; there’s two fingers, now three fingers. I straightened out four fingers and slid them in to her pussy.”

“Cindy, I’m going to fist fuck you”, I told her.

“I had four fingers in, all the way up to my knuckles.”

Sure enough, watching the video I could see Brooke’s fingers filling Cindy’s pussy. Brooke slid her thumb into place and made a cone with the rest of her fingers. Brooke was gently but firmly pressing her fingers into Cindy’s pussy but couldn’t get them past her knuckles.

Brooke slid her finger out of Cindy’s ass and attacked her clit with the thumb of her other hand, all the while pushing on Cindy’s stretched pussy. Cindy was writhing on the bed, moaning loud enough to have the hotel manager get called if she disturbed one of the adjoining rooms.

Brooke picked up the pace on Cindy’s clit and Cindy howled out that she was coming. As her pussy started to squirt, Brooke pressed hard and the rest of her fist slid in to Cindy’s pussy. This seemed to send Cindy over the edge again as she was screaming “Oh yes, fuck me with your fist. Shove it into my cunt. That’s it Brooke, fuck me, fuck me.”

At this point Cindy is writhing around and pulling on her nipples, clearly in the throws of what seemed to be an unending orgasm. You could see that a dark, wet spot was starting to form under Cindy’s ass from her squirting.

Finally, Cindy seems to be coming down from her orgasmic euphoria. Brooke’s fist is buried in Cindy’s pussy up to her wrist and she is working her now balled up fist slowly back and forth.

“Oh my god,” cries Cindy. “I’ve never felt anything like that in my life.”

“Are you ready to service me,” Brooke asks Cindy somewhat aggressively.

“After that, anything you want. You just tell me what it is”, Cindy responds, still trying to catch her breath.

“Good. Be a good girl and hand me the camera please”, Brooke instructs Cindy.

Cindy gets up and pulls the camera off the quick disconnect mount on the tripod. She keeps it trained in on Brooke, slowly panning from her shaved pussy to her huge tits, to her face. Brooke looks at the camera and tells Cindy to zoom in tight.

“This one is for you Daddy”, says Brooke. Cindy hands her the camera and Brooke turns it around, zooming in to her shaved slit.

“Now, I want you to eat me until I come. I want lots of tongue work and I want you to put your lips on each side of my pussy while you alternate sucking them”. Brooke certainly knew what I would like.

Cindy scoots down the bed and performs exactly as Brooke directed. First, she licked the outside of Brooke’s shaved cunt with the tip of her tongue, like it was an ice cream cone. Cindy made sure to keep eye contact with the camera at all times.

Next, Cindy sucks on Brooke’s pussy lips, alternating from side to side. Cindy then breaks through Brooke’s cunt lips and runs her tongue from taint to clit. When she reaches Brooke’s clit, she sucks it into her mouth and hangs on to it as if letting go would send her crashing stories below. At this point Brooke is now starting to thrash about.

While I’m watching all this, I find it very difficult to not cum inside Brooke. She’s wriggling her ass up against me, I’m fingering her clit and sawing my cock in and out of her. It would appear all will cum around the same time as the Brooke on video.

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