Her Dirty Doctor Dreams Come True Pt. 05


This is Part 5 of a multi-chapter series called “Her Dirty Doctor Dreams Come True.” Thanks for reading! We are getting near the end…


I’m pinned to the wall now, his arms hooked under my knees as he pumps away, stuffing me full of his meaty rod. I’ve barely overcome the shock of being probed by something so large.

Dr. Demarco’s expression is somewhere between determination and desire, like a jungle cat ripping into his fresh kill as it squirms. “You feel so fucking good, Stefania. I am so glad we found each other,” he says as he devours my neck.

The exhilaration of being in his arms, how my body feels…

I just can’t put it in words.

I have the distinct sense that I’m in a dream.

I grip hard on Stefania’s juicy ass her as I rail her from a standing position, my tall build makes her seem like a little doll bouncing in my arms.

She’s a gorgeous doll too, her mascara a little smeared as she bites her lip lustily in response to being impaled by me over and over.

“Yes, yes, right there. Your cock feels so fucking good!,”she exclaims, her sweet tits jiggling with each pump.

She’s the tightest I’ve ever experienced (and my occupation requires me to feel a lot of pussy).

It took some effort to get inside her at first, but her pussy has now drawn me, improbably, all the way in…up to my balls, which rhythmically slap at her ass cheeks.

Her moans grow louder and louder as her body contracts around me in a fantastically merciless grip.

“Fuck me, fuck me. Oh my god,” she wails as her nails dig into my shoulders. I summon all the strength in my legs to thrust with even more urgency.

It’s time to tip her over the edge.

Our bodies covered in perspiration, she draws a deep breath as her pelvic muscles ripple and then spasm violently. The warm walls that sheathe me erupt into an avalanche of cum.

My little doll just covered my cock and balls with her juices and now she has the most serenely beautiful look on her face – like I took away all her sadness with this one screaming orgasm.

“Ohhhh Doctor,” she huffs, between labored breaths.

Her face says it all.

I kiss her passionately as I lower her feet down to the floor one by one. I reach down and slide my cock out of her. She looks at it admiringly and wraps her hand around it, still panting as she strokes the wet aftermath of her ecstasy.

I reach for a tissue from the end table and I wipe my brow and hers.

“I just wanted a second to clean up and catch my breath,” I say, casting my eyes down in the direction of my massive erection.

She raises that naughty eyebrow of hers and nods at me obediently before slithering down my body, trailing her fingertips along my torso as she goes. She kneels before me.

Starting with her tongue at the base of my stiff rod, Stefania traces it up the vein to the head, encircling the bulbous knob a few times before pendik escort swallowing the first half of my cock. I pet her head as she looks up at me wide-eyed, her mouth full as she eagerly laps up the results of her orgasm. She flits her tongue playfully along my shaft as she smiles.

“You little tease,” I say, grabbing a handful of her long hair and encircling my fist with it.

“Was that everything you’d imagined?” I ask.

I can see the apples of her cheeks rise in affirmation as she slides my cock in and out of her mouth.

I gently tug her back up to my eye level.

“All that and more, Daddy,” she says.

“Good. Because I’m only just starting on you.”

Until Stefania and her sexy little story, I’d never so much as allowed myself to fantasize about screwing one of my patients. Now that I’ve crossed the line, you can bet I am going to check every box.

Every box.

“I hope you don’t mind if help you write the finale to our story.”

She presses her body into me, her soft breasts are warm against my chest.

“I told you, baby,” she says sincerely, “you can do whatever you want to me.”

She better mean that.

I open up my fist and let the thick waves of hair fall around her shoulders.

“Hands and knees, then.

Right now.” My voice booms.

Her feet hanging off the edge of her bed, she compliantly assumes the doggy style position as I’ve instructed. I stop to stare at her. I could look at that round butt of hers all day.

He smacks my ass a few times, the sound reverberating through the bedroom. The sting of his open palm sends tingles to all the right places.

“Spank me, Doctor. I deserve to be punished for tempting you to do such bad things.”

“You really do, Stefania.” I lift my hand to her buttocks.




His fingers dancing on my ass, he spreads my cheeks open with a surprising amount of force.

Then there’s the sensation of his stiff, slippery tongue on my asshole.

I’m struck by how strangely satisfying it feels.

He lets out pleasure-filled growls as he flicks it around the opening.

I can tell he’s relishing this.

My first rim job feels amazing to me, but I can’t help but be a little worried that the next thing I’m going to have there is his giant cock-head.

The thrill of eating her ass is causing my cock to throb even more. I reach forward and grab two handfuls of her generous tits to add to the experience. I notice her wiggling her rump in response to my tongue.

My little sweetheart likes it when I lick her ass.

Not so sweet after all, is she?

Her pussy likes it too. It’s bright pink and once again, dripping.

I’m not sure which of her aching holes I want first.

“Come here, little girl,” I tell her as I sit on the bed, my back against the headboard.

I straddle him and kiss him all maltepe escort over, his bottom lip, his neck, licking the salty sweat from his tan and glistening chest and nibbling at his erect nipples. He wants me to ride him, and he guides my hips just above the huge cock looming underneath me.

I lower myself tentatively over its head, hoping my fully wet cunt is ready to swallow it more easily this time. I have never been more turned on.

Deep breath…

She lowers herself back down onto my cock once again. That little cunt of hers feels amazing.

“Ever think you’d be riding your doctor, baby?”

“Yup,” she grins confidently as she starts bouncing up and down on my hard-on, her sexy tits jiggling as she goes.

It’s true. I didn’t stand a chance.

As I ride him he drives his hips up into me, grinding his dick deeper and deeper, tweaking my stiff clit with his fingers. Next he digs his hands into my hips and lifts my body up and down on his cock so that I ride him more violently. I can barely control my moans. Pulling me from around the neck, he leans me all the way down to him so our chests are touching. He whispers in my ear, “you have another one in there for me don’t you, you dirty little girl?”

With my body pitched forward the way it is, his thrusts are providing a toe curling amount of friction to my clit. I can feel the stirrings of yet another orgasm, the pleasure rapidly mounting. I cannot fucking believe he’s going to make me come again.

He pulls me closer into him, grasping hard on my shoulders so our bodies are nearly one. He drives his pelvis into me forcefully as I bear down hard on his cock.

Faster, harder, our bodies slap together – slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap…

“Come on you naughty little girl, you know you want to come all over my cock again!”

Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap…

Her breasts are bouncing so fast they look like two blurs.

I pound her a mile a minute until she explodes in a crashing orgasm yet again, before laying limp on top of me, kissing me with all her remaining resolve.

The look of satisfaction on her face makes my cock swell further.

It’s time to up the ante.

“You ready, baby?,” I ask. Her look lets me know that she’s suspicious of what’s next.

“Yes. It’s your turn to come now, Doctor. How do you want me?”


I lay back all the way on the bed, the top of my head on two pillows, right up against her low headboard.

“Stand up on the bed and put your feet on either side of my head. I want you facing the foot of the bed.”

She rises, her body weak from being fucked for an hour and half straight, and tiptoes tentatively over me, stepping around so she is facing away from me, her feet on either side of my head. It’s quite a nice view above me now, her ass and pussy. This is going to be fun.

“Ok, Stefania, now put kartal escort your hands behind you and rest them on the headboard.”

She slowly obeys.

“Now I want you to bend your knees really slowly and sit on my face so I can lick your ass and pussy easily. You can hold yourself up on the headboard like you are doing.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I say, descending over his face, my palms supporting my weight on the headboard. I dip down further until I am sitting with my ass right on top of his mouth and nose.

“Mmmmmm,” he groans as he starts licking my asshole again, giving my now sore but very satisfied pussy some attention. I had no idea he was such an ass man.

In almost no time, the circles he’s making with his tongue begin to feel really sensational, and I can sense my muscles relaxing a bit. Still, when I begin thinking about his enormous cock probing my asshole, I shake like a leaf.

His hands now firmly pulling apart my cheeks as he buries his face, I feel him pushing me forward. Next thing I know I am laying flat on my belly, my head facing foot of the bed.

His full weight is on me now as he kisses me voraciously, his fist grasping my hair as he peppers my neck and shoulders with kisses through heavy breaths. I feel like there’s a predator on my back, cupping my breasts as it bites me. It’s an incredible turn on.

“Now don’t worry, little girl. It will only hurt for a minute.”

His words make me freeze in place.

Oh god.

He reaches down to my very wet pussy and spreads some of the lubrication back to my asshole, where he rubs it all over. Next I hear him spit in his hand. This is far from the scientific operation I had pictured.

I break into a cold sweat when I feel him wedge his cock-head between my cheeks. He guides it by hand, wiggling it until it finds the entrance to my hole. I take a breath.

Of course I can’t wait to just ram my cock in her hot, round ass but I’m trying to be a gentleman about it.

I reach around to her clit and tenderly rub it to distract her. “Mmmm that feels nice,” she moans. “Breathe in again, baby, and try to relax. I promise you’ll like it.”

She wimpers as my rock-hard cock forces its way in her pin-prick sized asshole then lets out a gasp.

“Shhhhhhh, you’re ok,” I say, kissing her cheek. I note the single tear running down her face.

“Do you want me to stop, sweetheart?”

Poor baby.

“No, doctor. I want to give this part of me to you just like I promised. I want you to come in my ass.”

Music to my ears.

“Ok, baby girl. You be brave now.”

She smiles halfheartedly.

I spit on my hand again and once more attempt to break the surface. As I thread my monster cock through her tiny asshole I can’t help but feel special that I am the first man to be here.

I look down at her, her beautiful body and voluptuous cheeks, her sweet face. She’s gritting her teeth and concentrating hard. How touching that she trusts me;

It makes the thought of blowing a huge load in her virgin ass that much sweeter.

I kiss her again and tell her it will be ok as slowly, very slowly, I begin to pump inside her amazingly tight hole.

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