her kitchen fuck


her kitchen fuckme and a ex girlfriend were both 16 yrs old were going to a valentines day party at a friends house We danced and drank lots the party was winding down and we both thought we should go home. i decided to walk her home as it was late. we took a short cut throw the local park .half way home she said “i never give you ur present”. she pulled me into a nearby bush and she started to blow me for about 20 minutes straight until I came in her mouth, She swallowed it straight. I was surprised and said That was the greatest thing in the world! That was fun night for me and her.the next day i called at her house to pick her up for school and was met at the door by her mum on her way to work she told me that Kristy was sick and wouldn’t be going asyabahis yeni giriş to school .i called Kristy to ask if she was OK.she told me to come to the back door and she would let me in .she was i her p.js we were immediately all over each other, kissing and necking,istarted fondling her firm boobs and she was rubbing my rapidly stiffening cock thought my school trousers i lifted up her t-shirt and pulled her bra up and quickly started to squeeze her tits hard and teased her nipples. she in the mean time had dropped my trousers to the floor and she had a firm grip on my hard cock. As she began to wank me, i lowered his mouth to her right breast and feasting hungrily on it.she dropped to her knees and started to suck my asyabahis giriş cock immediately taking my cock to the back of her throat and with my whole cock in her mouth i grabbed the back of her head and started to fuck her mouth i pulled my cock out of her mouth pulled down her pj bottoms and knickers to her ankles. i bent her over and she held on to the table was i rubbed my pussy furiously, running all my fingers along her now wet pussy, before slipping 1 then 2 and 3 fingers inside her “finger my pussy”So i did! i give her the hardest finger fuck she have ever had. Lifting her of the floor with every thrust. “Put your cock in me” she moand i started by slapping my dick on her ass a few times before slipping it inside of her. asyabahis güvenilirmi i gave one almighty thrust; it lifted her off the floor.i pulled her hair not hard just enough to force her to arch her back i fucked her hard the slaps of our body’s as i pounded herwith each thrust lifting her of her feet . With me still inside her we moved over to a kitchen chair i sat down. she began to ride my cock, bouncing up and down on my shaft. i reached a round to play with her tits in my hand as they bounced up and down. after a few more minutes her orgasm hit, she caught her breath climbed off and began to suck my cock again , deep throating me her tongue worked overtime on the head of my cock and i wasn’t far off . “Don’t cum in my mouth, cum on my tits” she begged Ok i moaned i blows my big loade over her tits. It was warm and creamy ahhhh nice she moand we kissed lightly after and she lay in his arms on the kitchen floor . i got up to go home looking for my cloths i could’nt find my boxers . she kept them for a keepsake

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