Her New Job


I walked down the stairs and unlocked the door to the basement. I stepped inside and turned on the lights. I turned towards the bed in the center of the room, and there she lay. Walking closer to her, I was immediately greeted by sobs and pleas. “Please just let me go, Jake, please!” She begged as I looked over her beautiful naked body lying there tied to each bedpost. She was a stunning pale beauty, with perky 36C breasts, tight round ass, freckles all over, and dyed auburn hair. Though she was only 5’2, most of her length was her perfectly fit legs. Years of being a yoga instructor perfected her physique.

“Don’t worry, gorgeous; you won’t be alone here much. Plenty of my friends want to give you the time of your life, and they will even pay a lot of money. We don’t have to worry about that anymore.” I said as her eyes teared up, and she began to plead more. “Shhhh, now. Don’t fret, baby; I will use you before you’re all used up. That way, we can have our intimate time together.” She protested, “Don’t you dare touch me, you little pervert!” I just smiled, and I stripped down. She looked away, sobbing more as I climbed between her legs. “Jake, please don’t do this!” Her pussy looked amazing! Her pussy was bright pink, just like her nipples, and she had a cute bush of red hair that was well-kept. She cried as I rubbed her quivering pussy with my rock-hard cock. “Just relax, beautiful.” şişli escort I said calmly as I slowly entered her. “NOOOOOOO!!!!!!” She screamed out in protest as I pushed all 8 inches deep inside her pussy.

I bottomed out, and my balls rested against her asshole. “Damn babe, when were you used last? Your virgin tight!” As I slowly started to pull back out, she let out a small whimper. She gripped the bed hard, trying to resist any pleasure coming over her while I slowly pushed into her again. Lessening the time between my thrust, I began pumping at a reasonable speed, making sure to bottom out with every thrust. I continued for about 20 minutes, changing up my pace and depth as her pleas of protest formed into unwanted moans of pleasure. “That’s right, you little slut; I always knew you wanted this.” Pulling out of her, I picked up her legs and positioned my glistening cock at her ass.

She knew what would happen and quickly exclaimed, “No, not my ass, please! I never let anyone fuck my ass. It’s so gross, please……!” Before she could get another word of protest out, I forced my cock deep into her ass, slamming my balls into her ass cheeks. She screamed in pain at the top of her lungs as I continued to pump mercilessly into her virgin ass. She shrieked with every thrust, her ass slowly easing up as I pumped more and more into her. After about 5 or 10 mecidiyeköy escort minutes of unsympathetic anal-fucking, I pulled out of her ass with an audible “pop.” I climbed over her to her head and waved my cock in front of her mouth. “Come on, baby, suck it!”

“Please Jake……No..umf!” I shoved my cock into her mouth without warning as she said no. “That’s right, baby, suck your ass off my cock.” Tears streamed down her face as she realized she had no choice but to comply. Reluctantly she relaxed her mouth and began to suck, hoping that her torment would soon be over. She sucked nice and slow; this was not her first time sucking a cock in this position. With each suck, I pushed further into her mouth. Finally, I forced the rest of my cock into her throat, balls resting on her chin, making her gag. Without skipping a beat, I began face-fucking her, hard and aggressive, each time ending with my balls slapping her chin.

She was gagging all the way. She sucked and sucked, hoping I would soon get tired and let up. Instead, I pushed hard, forcing my cock ever so slightly deeper. The pressure of my body against her face plugged her nose, and with my cock in her throat, she began to choke! Her legs started to writhe and shake vigorously as she struggled for air. “Good slut, hold it there, baby! You got this!” I encouraged her as she turned blue and her eyes istanbul escort started to roll back into her head. When her eyes closed, I ripped out of her throat, letting globs of spit spill from her mouth all over her chin and body. I moved back down to her pussy and quickly slipped back into her with all the saliva covering my cock. I continued to fuck her as she gasped for air and regained consciousness until I started to grunt.

Immediately her eyes shot wide open. “No, no, no, no! *Cough* Don’t cum in me! Please…please *cough* pull out! It’s immoral, don’t do it, please!” she begged and screamed. It was too late. I unloaded……….and unloaded……….and unloaded, pouring a bucket load of cum into her fertile pussy. Tears still streamed down her face; she lay there shocked and still gaining her breath back. I left my cock in her as it started deflating, and I leaned forward, kissing her passionately. “You should be happy gorgeous. You made your son so happy! I love you, Mom!” Her face soured in disgust, realizing her 18-year-old son probably just got her pregnant. She started to cry as her only son’s cock fell out of her, releasing a waterfall of cum to ooze out of her now-used pussy. I sat back and admired my beautiful Mother with my cum dripping out of her well-used pussy, red asshole, and face/body covered in her saliva. Getting off the bed, I put my clothes on as I heard the doorbell ring. “Ah! That must be the guys!” I smiled at my Mom as she stared back at me in disgust and fear. “Don’t be so upset, Mom. You have a busy night tonight. Or should I say a busy future?” I laughed as I left the basement and headed upstairs.

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