Hey, Pretty


Amanda was the kind of girl who could never get enough. Enough attention, enough sex, enough of living. She was one of those people who never lived vicariously through someone else… she was the kind that everyone else lived vicariously through. She was that wild friend; that crazy girl with four tattoos and a nose ring and a penchant for getting herself into all sorts of trouble. Her favorite words were ‘wicked’ and ‘redemption’ and she never worried about those words in terms of God.

God wouldn’t forgive her anyway. After a while, apologizing was no use because forgiveness was fraud… she didn’t mean it… and neither did he. Religion was for the poor and downtrodden who needed some reason to keep going on through their bleak days. God was for the sick, who prayed daily for a release from their hell. Amanda, was none of these things.

She was 19, tall, curvy and endowed with an attitude the size of Alaska. Those who didn’t fawn openly, fawned in secret… or lusted after those luscious curves. She’d laugh and proclaim herself ‘The Devil’ and take as much pleasure as possible in corrupting innocents. Truly the biggest wild child that the 20th century had spawned. She liked her music loud and her car fast, her lovers bold and her friends outgoing, she loved being ‘fucked’ and hated guys who always asked ‘is this okay?’ She loved telling stories and having them told in return. Once, she’d masturbated in the jeep while stopped at an especially long stop light. She loved that jeep. Had once said that if she could do it comfortably… she’d ride the parking brake.

As she sped at 60 miles per hour down route 41 she laughed and pushed a few stray locks of dark auburn hair behind her ears. The wind whipped in through the windows and the semi-discordant strains of Poe’s “Hey, Pretty” thudded at full blast against the deafening bass of her speakers. The tropical air whipped her hair around her face and silence reigned in the car despite the loud music. Dave, didn’t speak… and neither did she.

He was a couple of years her senior. Quiet, pensive, he chain smoked and seemed all too old for 21. Dyed black hair that fell haphazardly in his face covered skin so white, that everyone in town could tell immediately… that he was an outsider. He wore dark clothes, and seemed overdressed for the balmy heat of southern Florida’s December. Jeans, a T-shirt, a jacket, and still he didn’t sweat. He sat there, his blue eyes upon Amanda’s flesh.

He pondered her tan, and the scorching sun it must have taken to give her that sun-kissed look. She had always been too fair before, too white to get a decent tan on. She must have spent a lot of time at the beach since moving south… then again, who wouldn’t? He also pondered the change in wardrobe since leaving home. She’d always been a jeans and t-shirt girl… always sporting some band or singer’s name. Manson, Trent Reznor’s face… Gavin Rossdale’s lyrics. Now she’d changed. Gone was the ‘grit sexy’ and here to stay was the suave sex that he actually quite enjoyed. T-shirt had been replaced by a Navy blue tank-top with a V neck and spaghetti straps. The blue jeans had been cast off in favor (and he enjoyed this the most) of an ankle length, high slit, low off the hip… skirt. He cleared his throat slightly as she slumped in the seat and turned to smile at him with that wicked gleam in her eyes.

Dave smiled back then turned his face walker independence izle and looked out the window. Palm Trees. Never had he seen palm trees before. They were a novelty, especially strung as they were, with cords of multicolored Christmas lights winding up their trunks. They passed one house that had a huge cardboard sign out front that said in big, black letters “Happy Birthday Jesus!”… Dave almost laughed. He heard Amanda sigh and turned his head to look at her. She’d leaned back in her chair, slumped slightly, one arm steered the blood red jeep, the other hand rested idly in her lap. The front panel of fabric that made up her skirt fell down between her legs, allowing him a view of her tanned thighs… her hand rested there, lax. The car came to a slow halt at a stoplight and he looked away.

Amanda placed her hand on her stomach and let it rest there for a moment, then, stealing a quick glance at Dave, she grinned and let her fingers dip beneath the waistband of her skirt, venturing down between her legs. The light turned green and she gunned the engine, startling Dave out of his reverie just as she released her first gasp of pleasure. Her lips were dry and so she licked them, spreading glistening moisture across the sun-pink and oh-so-full expanse of her bottom lip. Her fingers slipped easily through the moisture in her slit, gliding across the heated and swollen flesh to find the tiny hidden nub of her clitoris buried within the folds. She massaged it, flicking her fingertip across the tiny button in quick little movements, just barely touching it… teasing it so that the lightness of the caress drove her wild.

She moaned slightly and Dave’s mouth opened wide. He stared at her for a moment, then looked toward the road ahead of them. The car kept straight on its original trajectory… she must have done this before to be so good. His eyes dropped to where her hand disappeared beneath the waistband of her skirt. The piece of cloth had been pushed aside and so he could see her hand working there, slipping in and out of her ready cunt… fingers glistening with her wetness.

The radio blared and they stopped again, another red light. A younger man sat in the truck adjacent to them and he laughed and whistled as he took note of Amanda. Oh, God… sweet Amanda. With her naughty smile and wicked eyes. Amanda with her slit skirt and wild hair. Amanda with her sexy tattoos and cocktease attitude… crazy, wild, loudmouthed, beautiful, completely wanton… Amanda.

Dave’s dick jumped in his pants and he moved a hand over his erection to shield it from the common view. The light turned green and she gunned the engine again, going from 0 to 60 in record time, leaving the other cars behind. She moaned, a low, throaty sound and mesmerized him and made his mouth go dry. Her wet, wet lips were parted around.. around what? Words? Another moan? The ragged sound of her breathing. The car went faster and faster, she dodged in and out of turns, and the thrill was so much. And she knew it.

Dave fell back in his seat and massaged his erection through his pants. His eyes were glued to her, her face, her amazing body, her hand where it touched so intimately. Her fingers were so delicate, so good at their task. She loved this, the feel of the engine, the speed high, the sex, the voyeuristic tinge of naughtiness… everything. waterloo road izle Dave’s fingers quickly undid first the button, then the zipper to his pants. Reaching inside his boxers he withdrew his cock and groaned heavily as he stroked himself. Out of the corner of his half-closed eye he saw Amanda’s glance catch on him, then skip away as quickly. She tried to keep her eyes and focus on the road as well, but the car swerved nearly off the road and she knew that they’d have to stop.

At six inches, he wasn’t the most incredibly dick she’d ever seen, but he, unlike the others, was a perfect fit. He had just enough length and just enough width for her… they were made to fit together. Her deep groan was agonized as she worked her clit harder, swirling her finger around the outermost edge to get the most intense sensation. Just the tips of her fingers danced through the tight curls that hid her sex, then she lay the pad of her index finger flat upon the little nub and began to work it back and forth.

Dave watched her through heavily lidded eyes, his breathing as ragged as hers, his cock stiff and eager in his hand. He massaged himself slowly, absolutely riveted on the scene before him. The car swerved again and suddenly swung around a corner, catching a changing light that lingered just a second too long on yellow… for Amanda’s liking. The car was going faster than 60 now, and she pumped the gas and revved the engine more, sparking that old desire for shear power.

Amanda was the kind of girl who liked heavy machinery. Motorcycles, cars, guns… power.

She swung around another turn and into a mostly empty parking lot. She slid into haphazard parallel park across two spaces and yanked up on the emergency brake. The car’s engine still rumbled beneath them, the lights cutting through the falling darkness. Amanda took her other hand off the wheel and pressed herself back into the seats, eyes closed now, hand delving into her passage, two fingers, three…

For long moments she remained like that, the music having died long ago, leaving behind the harsh sounds of their breathing in the car. It had been so long, so long since he’d seen her, felt her, fucked her… they’d not spoken since the airport… somehow, he knew this was coming. Amanda… waited for no man.

She panted now, her breath hitching and releasing in short spasms, her hips swaying slightly on the seat, lifting upwards with the movement of her fingers below. Dave’s cock was rock hard, his breathing heavy and uneven, she was glorious. Every man’s dream. She seemed lost then, unaware of him anymore, her breathing became harder and harder, more frantic, her hand moved faster and he knew she was coming. Suddenly, she cried out and her hips bucked toward the steering wheel, her head falling back and pressing against the head rest behind her. For a moment she hung suspended, then everything relaxed.

The car door opened and the overhead light came on. Her eyes popped open and she seemed startled, like a deer in the headlights. Dave placed one foot on the black pavement and then turned to look back at her. She had a question in her eyes, backed up by an odd and frightful innocence that baffled him momentarily. Have I done something wrong? Her eyes spoke without words, because no words passed between them. Her face remained frozen in that frightened wayne izle apology.

No, no she most certainly had not… done anything wrong.

The other foot hit the pavement and the door slammed closed. Dave strode purposefully around the front of the car, keeping his eyes fastened on hers as he came around and swung open her door. Grasping her by the arm he dragged her out of the driver’s seat and slammed that door as well. Pulling open the door directly behind it, he shoved her in front of him then climbed in behind her. She squeezed her body between the two front seats and punched a button on the CD player. The music started again.

“Hey, Pretty… don’t you wanna take a ride with me, through my world…?”

The singer’s voice echoed with the heavy bass and Amanda backed up, intending to face him again but he pushed her forward. Her stomach pressed against the arm rests, her sides squeezed by the front seats. She felt him lifting her skirt, flipping it up to expose her sex. Cool air touched her and she shivered. His hands traced over her reverently as he realized that she wore no panties. He almost laughed at that because Amanda always took too much time in picking out adorable little matching underwear sets. It didn’t matter, not now.

Her sex was slick and glistening, his fingers slid easily inside her passage, so warm and welcoming. Like coming home… wherever she was. His tongue touched her there and she moaned. Still the same, earthy, clean, slightly salty… woman. Dave knelt behind her then and, taking himself in hand, guided his cock into her waiting cunt. She shuddered and he leaned over her, letting her feel his weight, his warmth. He moved then, pumping into her, like a piston. His flesh slapped against her as he took her there, the erotic wet sucking noise that her cunt made whenever he pulled away… was the strongest aphrodisiac he’d ever encountered. He panted and slammed into her like an animal, taking, heedless of her pleasure and completely selfish in his need to consume her, conquer her. He slipped his hands under her waist and brought her up to his chest, cupping her breasts in his hands, squeezing and pinching and never stopping his thrusts. She panted and he kissed her neck. His hand released her breast and grasped her fingers, bringing them to his lips so he could suck her beautiful cum from them.

She fit him like a glove, so tight and warm and his. Always his. With her hand braced against the dashboard, and life going on not fifty feet away, he felt her coming again. Her walls tightened on him slowly, grasping him like a fist and bringing him closer to his own orgasm. Then, she broke, screaming as she slammed herself back against him, grasping at his buttocks to bring him more inside of her, she bucked. That was the end, that was it. The aftershock spasms undid him and he thrust hard into her and held himself there for a moment as he emptied himself, spilling inside of her and came in a tidal rush so momentous that he collapsed, drained, on top of her… and lay there.

Their breathing settled and that afterglow lethargy stole over them. Dave’s warmth seeped into her back through the tanktop and she reveled in the feel of his weight atop her. Eventually they moved. He sat up and straightened his clothing. Amanda followed, the cool air touching her skin and bringing with it a chill that she couldn’t stave off. As she climbed back into the driver’s seat with his warm cum slowly leaking from her cunt, she couldn’t wait to get him home. It was far too cold without him.

With her foot on the brake, she put the car into reverse and backed out of the parking spaces as the last resonant chords of the song blared from the radio…

“Do you get the gist of the song yet…?”

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