Hey Teach #2


Hey Teach #2How did she get here? As Christy was trying to answer that question, she was becoming more and more distracted from her thoughts. You see, she was on all fours on her floor with a young black cock, she had craved, going in and out of her mouth. What was more concerning was the black cock, of a young man she did not know, which was going in and out of her pussy from behind. The most concerning would be how little effort it took from these young men to make this happen. Earlier in the day, her husband had left for work and would not be home for a few days. She spent the whole day at the house with her k**s, who drove her crazy. None of her friends wanted to get together, so she was left to entertain herself. Her thoughts began to wonder about her life. Recently, she had allowed a former student to come to her house and fuck her brains out. Not only was he young, he was black. The taboo of it all made it the best sex she had ever had. As she thought about it, her pussy began to tingle. She could not help thinking about it and turning herself on. Never one to masturbate, she had to go to the restroom and take care of matters. It didn’t take her mind off of what had happened, but it did make it so she could function. Then it happened. Her phoned dinged letting her know she had a message on her Facebook account. She picked it up to check it out. Her heart skipped as she saw Jermaine had contacted her. His message said, “I will stop by tonight. Wear something dirty and be ready for something different”. Quickly her thoughts turned to what he meant by “dirty” and “different”. While it worried her, knowing a young black man was coming over to fuck her married pussy, the excitement of it made her day. Time began to fly by as she planned things out. She let her k**s skip their nap so they would fall asleep earlier. She began thinking of what to wear. Should she go with a sexy teddy or a slutty teacher outfit? She decided on the teddy, thinking it would come off faster and easier. The only concern was what time would he be there. She messaged him back asking, but got no response. After the k**s were in bed, she quickly got herself together. She quickly showered and cleaned up. She made sure to shave her pussy clean as Jermaine seemed to like that the last time. Heck, all guys liked that. She put on her best perfume and got herself looking good. As she looked at herself in her full length mirror, she thought she looked extremely desirable. As she sat on the couch trying to resist the urge to either play with her pussy or turn off the lights to make it look like no one was home, there was a nock on the door. She almost jumped into the air. As she ran to the door, she was met with both excitement and confusion. She opened the door slowly as to be sexy. She slid around from behind it to show the green teddy she had on. She thought this would please Jermaine. mecidiyeköy escort She froze when she saw he was not alone. Apparently, he had brought a friend with him. “See, I told you she was hot and ready to go” he said to his friend. Standing next to Jermaine was another young black man. Christy did not recognize him, though his eyes were looking all over her. Before she could speak, Jermaine walked past her into the house followed by the other man. They made their way over to her couch and sat down. They were both looking her over. Jermaine took her hand and pulled her close to him. “Man, she is still smoking hot” the other man said. This let Christy know he knew who she was. He had probably gone to the school she taught at. She was not mortified by that idea. Jermaine said, “You think she looks good now, wait a few minutes. She this comes off, her body is bangin. And her skills are fine too.” As he said this, his hands rubbed over Christy’s ass, cupping it and then smacking it hard. She jumped as he did it. She shot him a look, which he respnded to. “Awww come on baby, you didn’t mind me spanking that ass the other night. You know you like it. And if you liked the other night, you will like tonight twice as much. This is my boy here, Marcus. You remember him, we were in the same grade. He and I share if you know what I mean.” Christy now knew what the intent was. Both of these young men were going to fuck her right there in her house. As that thought sank in, Jermaine’s hand slid up her teddy, letting him know she didn’t have anything on underneath it. He lifted it up to show Marcus that she wasn’t wearing any panties. “See, she is smoking hot and ready to go”. Her pussy was right there for Marcus to see. He reached over and ran his fingers across it. When he hit her clit, electricity shot through her body. She realized how turned on this whole thing had her. The entire day her body had craved that black cock and now she was going to get two of them. Jermaine pulled her down onto the couch between them. Before she could adjust, Marcus’ hand was inbetween her legs rubbing her pussy. She opened her legs wide to give him full access. Jermaine slid down the top of her outfit and began to fondle her tits. He was squeezing them hard and pinching her already erect nipples. All her teddy was doing now was covering her stomach. She felt a finger slide inside her, stabbing in and out. She was so moist it did it with ease. She turned her head to kiss Jermaine, the young black man who she had been thinking about for days. As she did, he forced her head down to his crotch revealing that he had taken his hard cock out of his baggy jeans. She could barely get a breath in before she shoved it into her mouth. She took it in flashing back to the last time she had seen this large erect penis. As she sucked furiously on Jermaine’s cock, she lost track mecidiyeköy escort bayan of Marcus. He had stopped fingering her wet bald pussy and had stood up to take his clothes off. Jermaine then plopped his coach out of Christy’s mouth and stood up to do the same. Now she had to young black men completely naked in front of her. Jermaine’s cock was pointing straight at Christy, glistening still from being in her mouth. The site of Marcus’ cock took her back for a second. He wasn’t as long, but it sure was wide. It looked like one of those twenty ounce pop bottles. As Christy took in that all of this black dick was for her, Jermaine laid down on the floor with his legs spread. He then commanded Christy to come down there and suck on his dick some more. She stood up and dropped off that little piece of cloth she had on her. She then got down on her knees and crawled over to Jermaine. He pulled cock back from her and guided her down to his balls. “Lick them” he said. She didn’t hesitate and immediately licked all over his sack. She had never done anything like that before. Feeling his balls on her tongue was making her feel so dirty. She took one into her mouth and realized just how big they were. She then grabbed his shaft and began to stroke it as she gently tugged on that nut with her mouth. White she was devouring Jermaine, she hadn’t realized that Marcus was now behind her and her ass and pussy were exposed for him to take advantage of. She felt the suddenness of the head of his cock rubbing up and down her pussy lips. She hadn’t sucked him at all, so it wasn’t wet. The dryness of his cock made her pussy shake as it rubbed the lips. He began to do it harder which made her start to shake and wiggle her ass around. It was making it more difficult to concentrate on sucking Jermaine’s balls now. As he rubbed her hole, his dick began to get wet from her now dripping pussy. This is what he wanted as it now allowed him to line his cock up at her entrance and then push it forward into her folds. Christy gasped and buried her face into Jermaine’s balls as she felt Marcus enter her. The head of his cock was huge and she felt it all enter her. She could only take a few inches as he was so wide her pussy clamped down on it. He kept working at it though. As he pushed into her, she would moan more. She couldn’t use her mouth, so she was just stroking Jermaine’s cock now. Marcus finally grew tired of accomadating her and just pushed it all in. It took the breath away from Christy as he was now all inside her. She had never had anything so wide and hard in her pussy. “Damn b*o, you are right. This bitch can take it all.” Marcus commented to his friend. This prompted Jermaine to pull Christy’s face up and force her to start working his dick with her mouth. She devoured it taking it all the way back to her throat. She gagged on it but kept going. şişli escort bayan She had to so as to take her mind off the pounding she was now taking from behind. Marcus was not thrusting in and out of her pussy with no regards for her well being. His hips began smacking into her ass. He was fucking her as if he didn’t care for her at all. When her legs would start to go out and she would slide down low, he just pulled her up around we waist so as to be able to fuck her pussy harder. She couldn’t tell when she was orgasming and when it was just pleasure from the fucking she was getting from this young stud. He was loving that this white woman was willing to let him fuck her from behind and had never even talked to him. Soon, Christy adjusted to Marcus’ cock. She was able to suck on Jermaine’s cock now with more intensity. She bobbed up and down on his dick with her mouth. She began to play with his balls with her hand which bracing herself with her other hand. Jermaine grabbed her hair to force her down on his dick faster and deeper. She was doing it do fast now she was getting dizzy. Between the multiple orgasms Marcus was giving her and the thrashing of her head on that black cock she could barely stay conscious. It was the grunting that Marcus was doing that got her attention. He was now holding onto her hips with his full strength and thrusting in and out of her cunt. She realized he was getting close to cumming. He fucked her pussy harder and harder. He kept pounding that white pussy until that twinge in his cock exploded. He pulled his dick out of her cunt and shot his hot load all over he ass and pussy. She could feel it coating her and dripping down her ass cheeks. It thrilled her to know a stranger just shot his load onto her. Jermaine, upon seeing his friend shoot his load all over this white woman’s ass, stood up in front of Christy with his cock waving in her face. She sat up, still on her knees, and reached back to feel some of the cum on her ass. Her pussy opening was now loose and open from the fucking she just took from that black cock. She looked up at Jermaine as his dick was just a foot from her face and still slick from her saliva. Jermaine began to jerk off his dick right in front of her. Christy became so amazed as she had never seen a guy do that. He did it so fast she couldn’t believe it. He then grabbed the back of her head with his free hand and pulled her right up to his dick. “Here you go teach, take my load” he said to her. He then put his cock on her lips and shot his load onto her face. It coated her lips and hit her in the nose and then again on the right cheek. He turned her face to shot again onto her other cheek. As the last of the cum dripped from his dark black cock, her face was now covered in his cum. As she opened her mouth so as to take a deep breathe from the excitement, cum spilled from her lips into her mouth. She had the sperm of a black man in her mouth and she loved it. She took in all she could, using her fingers to push it in. There she sat on her knees with cum all over her ass, legs, back, and face. It was the cum from two young black men. She was their whore.

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