Hidden Acres Ch. 09


All characters engaged in sexual activity are over the age of eighteen.

Hidden Acres, known to the rest of the world as the sleepy town of Logan, bakes in the summer heat. As the days grow longer and hotter, the nights are becoming steamier for a number of households. Family loving is a long, well kept secret of this little hamlet tucked in the backwoods of America.

Elaine Austin paused as she was headed out the door, ready to leave church behind her. A sea of people were chatting, as is always the case after the services let out. Church was as much a social event as a spiritual one. In small towns like Hidden Acres, it was the prime networking point for many people. Elaine’s eyes were locked on Lydia Wilson. Pulling her dark sunglasses off her face, she folded them up and made a beeline through the crowd.

Men and women moved out of Elaine’s way smoothly. At nearly five foot eleven, she was taller than most of the women in the church; as head of the Junior League and her husband, a senior partner at the only real law firm in town, she was a powerful woman.

It was no wonder that the crowd parted easily for her, most of the eyes in the room were on her. She was used to the attention her figure brought, from an early age she had been a shapely girl that had grown into an impossible beauty. An hourglass figure, topped by mouth watering breasts that not only stood out proudly, but were rounded on the sides. She had a perfect silhouette not only in profile, but from the front as well. Her tapered waist, toned tummy and tight ass is where she wore her pride though, as she worked hard to maintain her measurements.

Elaine was not merely a spectacle of physical beauty, she was a master of fashion and always dressed to display her blessings in a tasteful, yet teasing way. This bright Sunday found her in church wearing a full length cream floral wrap dress with plunging neckline. A double strand of pearls hung across the expanse of her cleavage, bouncing lightly against her skin as she stepped through the crowd. Her golden locks were pulled back, a lazy curl of hair framing each side of her face as she wore a large brimmed hat.

Lydia turned to face Elaine as she approached, her eyes bright and her laugh easy. Elaine could see it from across the room and wondered if any of the other women in the order had picked up on it as well. Lydia was a changed woman and for the better.

It was not unheard of for new women to be admitted to the order, but it was rare enough that most members could only recall a handful in their lives. Elaine, as some of the other women in the Junior League, knew how to spot some of the telltale signs when an outsider had stumbled their way along the path. Seeing Lydia glowing so radiantly, Elaine felt certain that this was the case before her.

“Elaine? Are you there?” Lydia’s voice cut through her thoughts, and she was forced to apologize.

“I’m sorry,” she said, her eyes fixed on Lydia. “What were you saying?”

“I was wondering if you knew Dorothy Tenant?”

Elaine turned and blinked slowly. She had completely missed the sight of Dot standing next to her.

“Of course I know Dot! We’re old friends, aren’t we?” Elaine reached out with her gloved hands and planted air kisses on each side of Dorothy’s face. Stepping back she took another look at her long time rival, seeing some of the same signs she spotted in Lydia. With a smile, she dismissed the thought, Dot was unmarried and had no children to speak of.

“Well, if by old friends,” Dot said with a hint of sourness, “you mean you stole my boyfriend and married him, then yes.” Dot gave Elaine a perfunctory smile and then looked back to Lydia. Lydia’s shocked look made both women laugh. Guileless, Lydia was not well practiced at hiding her surprise, a skill she’d never had to learn as Elaine had.

“I mean look at you two, you could almost be sisters,” Lydia said and then immediately regretted it as both women gave her dark looks. “I mean, you are both so gorgeous, any woman in town would die to have your figures. I know I would.”

Elaine gave the sputtering woman a warm smile and then waved her hand in the air, brushing off the praise. “Don’t sell yourself short, Lydia. You’re one hot number yourself, I’m sure you get all the attention you want.”

The blush that bloomed on Lydia’s cheeks sealed Elaine’s suspicion. She watched as Lydia’s eyes darted across the room and then back. Following the other woman’s gaze she spotted Kyle Wilson across the foyer. Lydia’s son’s eyes were glued to his mother, only looking at the people he was talking with out of obligation to courtesy. Kyle was looking as happy as a newlywed himself.

Elaine turned to Dorothy, considering her more closely. There was a radiance in the woman she had picked up on before. It wasn’t as obvious as Lydia’s glowing, but it was there, just beneath the surface. Dot couldn’t help but flash a nervous smile when she realized that Elaine was appraising her.

“Yes?” Dot asked at last.

“Lots of changes lately. First Sandra, then Lydia here, and gaziantep escort kız I dare say you are on the verge as well.”

“Verge of what?” Dot asked, careful to moderate her tone.

“Oh, I’m not sure,” Elaine said slowly, her eyes squinting a little. “New man in your life?”

“Ha!” Dot laughed too loudly. People near them turned to look. “You know I’m not into dating anymore. I’m not getting mixed up with any middle aged gas bag who wants me to cook and clean for him.”

“Still,” Elaine persisted, “there is someone new in your life.”

“Oh? Didn’t I tell you? I’ve taken up seducing young, virile college boys. Maybe I’ll sink my hooks into your son Mark and then I can call you mom.”

Lydia stepped back in fright over the angry look that flashed in Elaine’s eyes. It was there for only a fraction of a second and Elaine cursed silently for letting herself slip. She was tender when it came to Mark and Dot knew it.

“Well that simply would never happen,” she answered coolly.

“Why is that?” Dot revelled in the momentary crack in the perfection that was Elaine. “You don’t think I could lure him out from his momma’s skirt?”

“Well, if you could, I’d kill you.”

Elaine turned to Lydia and gave her a real hug, not the socialite politeness one. She whispered in Lydia’s ear, “You need to come over for lunch. Soon.” Breaking the hug, she shook her head in admiration of Lydia’s blooming. Stepping back, she unfolded her sunglasses and put them on.

“And for the record,” Elaine said, not looking at Dot, but her tone left no doubt who the words were meant for, “you could never lure my son away if I didn’t want it to happen.”

Elaine walked away and left the women behind her. It had been more than twenty years, why couldn’t Dot let it go?

“Holy s-,” Lydia caught herself, realizing at the last moment she was still in church. “I’m pretty sure if she had a knife, she would have cut you!”

Lydia and Dot watched as Elaine split a path in the thinning crowd and left through the main doors into the bright sunlight.

“I think Mark owes me one,” Dot said cryptically.

Lydia looked at her in confusion and then Dorothy was off with a little wave.

Mark Austin waited in his mother’s Mercedes Benz, wondering how long she was going to be. There were some weeks that she chatted for an hour with the little old ladies after services and he grew impatient. Sundays were his favorite day of the week, despite the mandatory attendance at religious services. His mother’s rules.

“It’s a small price to pay,” he said aloud to himself. A moment later he smiled broadly as he spied her coming out of the building.

She got into the driver’s seat and took a long look at him, as if she was deciding on whether or not to say something. Mark shifted nervously, wondering if he had done something to rouse his mother’s ire. Was she trying to decide on how to punish him? Her lips twisted into a cruel smile and then she started the car and sped out of the parking lot.

“Call home,” Elaine said and the radio turned off and the sound of a ringing phone blared through the speakers. A moment later there was a click and a cheerful voice that said hello. “You and dad wait for us to get home. Binding ritual.”

“Okay,” Mark’s sister, Rebeccah, said excitedly and then she hung up.

Mark couldn’t stop the grin on his face or the erection that was tenting his slacks.

When they arrived home, Mark kissed his mother on the cheek before bolting from the car and into the house. He saw his sweet, sexy, little sister as she raced up the stairs carrying a clear vinyl dress bag.

“Binding ritual!” he hollered loudly and Becky squealed in delight. Mark loved that his sister was so excitable. It was an endearing quality and her mood was infectious.

He raced past the staircase and into the office situated at the far corner of the house. When he entered the room he saw his father, Stewart, had already stripped to his underwear and was pulling up a pair of black slacks. Mark found his tuxedo hanging from a hook on the wood paneled wall and began to strip as well.

Within minutes both men were redressed in their formal wear and his father led him out of the house and into the garden. Passing off a pair of shears and grabbing one for himself, Mark’s father directed him to cut roses: red, white and yellow. They cut a number of each color and then they went inside to trim and arrange them.

“Are you ready?” Becky called from upstairs. The men rushed to the base of the stairs, one on each side, a bouquet cradled in their arms.

“Yes!” Stewart called up, just as excited as Mark was.

The wedding processional began to play through the home-wide sound system. As the ‘bum bum buh bum’ played the two women appeared at the top in wedding dresses of the same color, though different styles; white veils over their faces.

Mark was stunned by his mother’s beauty as she wore an elegant A line dress with a sweetheart neckline. Her impressive escort kız gaziantep cleavage threatened to burst through the delicate material, but made a stunning display. The dress came to above her knees, allowing her strong, smooth legs to shine. She still wore her pearls, her favorite accoutrement and most prized heirloom.

Becky wore a ball gown that hung off her shoulders with a large tulle skirt. The soft skin of her neck, clavicle and the upper portion of her chest was open for all to see and desire. As she made her way down the stairs she smiled so hard that Mark wondered if she’d hurt herself. Her eyes darted from Mark to their father, twinkling like the diamond earrings she wore, as both of them looked at her in awe.

When they reached the bottom, Elaine took her son’s hand and the flowers he offered her, Becky did the same with her father’s offerings. They walked hand in hand as pairs to the solarium, where they could see much of the valley where Logan’s logging camp had originally been established.

They stood so that in front of Elaine was her son and to her right was her husband. Becky had her father in front of her and her brother on her right. Mark silently wished he’d thought to set up a camera to take a picture of the moment, but he knew his mother would never have allowed it. Instead, he attempted to memorize every detail of this solemn ceremony.

“As a priestess of the Jocaline Order,” Elaine began, her voice filled with reverence. She stared intently at Mark, making him feel as if her words were for him alone. “I call those of my family to partake in the ritual of binding. Today we cement our love as a family, bind ourselves one to another above all others, pledge to hold no vow higher than this one. We give of ourselves freely, receive the love given to us freely. We vow to love, defend, and honor one another. We shall hold no one higher than those we bind ourselves to today.”

“I vow,” Stewart said solemnly.

“I vow,” Becky said excitedly.

“I vow,” Mark said, staring into his mother’s eyes.

“I vow,” Elaine concluded.

“Now we kiss?” Becky said hurriedly, her excitement bubbling forth.

“Now we kiss,” her mother conceded, lifting her veil.

Mark and Becky watched as their parents shared a soulful kiss. It started out gently, with lips pressed together, but it quickly grew more passionate as Elaine pushed her tongue into her husband’s mouth.

Mark looked to his sister and smiled. She couldn’t have been more happy if it had been her actual wedding day, he guessed. Becky turned and saw him gazing at her and her eyes widened in desperate anticipation.

Elaine and Stewart broke their kiss and then the parents turned to their offspring in front of them. Stewart reached out and lifted the veil over Becky’s face. Sliding one hand to the back of her neck, he pulled her in for a hard kiss. Becky slipped her tongue into her father’s mouth almost immediately, moaning wantonly.

Mark turned back to his mother, finding that her veil had been put back in place and she stepped closer to him, her eyes downcast in supplication. He lifted the gauzy fabric and as it rose over her face she lifted her eyes and he saw the passion in her. Elaine whimpered as he pressed his lips to her, her hands taking hold of his face in a possessive manner. Elaine let their kiss linger longer than Becky had before she opened her mouth and tasted her son.

Mark could never explain to someone who hadn’t french kissed their parent what it feels like to have their tongue in your mouth. He felt the hunger, the need, the serenity of deep kissing his beautiful mother. Much too quickly, but longer than any of the others, Elaine broke the contact and took half a step back.

Mark turned to see his little sister looking up at him coquettishly. She couldn’t hold the shy expression for more than a second though and she broke out into a broad smile. He moved towards her, but apparently she’d had enough of waiting and jumped into his embrace, kissing him deeply with her arms around his neck. He tasted cherry on her tongue when she pushed it into his mouth.

When the sibling kiss ended, they all cheered loudly and the two women hugged. Elaine took hold of Becky’s and Mark’s hand and started to lead them out. Becky grabbed her father’s hand and the four of them made their way back to the stairs and up to the master bedroom.

“Man, sometimes I feel sorry for everyone who isn’t a part of this family,” Mark announced.

“Oh yeah?” Becky slid up to him, stepping up on her tip toes and kissed him. “Why is that my gorgeous brother?”

“Just look at you! You and mom are beyond beautiful!” he emphasized his words by grabbing his sister and pulling her against his body. “But you’ve got to get out of this dress, I can’t find your ass in it.”

“Ooh lookie!” Becky said, stepping back. She reached down to her waist and a moment later she pulled the entire skirt away from her body, leaving her standing there in a bustier. Mark shook his head, seeing gaziantep escort kızlar his sister’s cantaloupe sized breasts was always refreshing. Tossing the skirt in the corner, she spun around for all to see that she was wearing a white thong.

Stewart let out a whistle and Becky beamed from his praise.

“Oh daddy, you just love my tight little behind, don’t you?”

“You know it baby,” Stewart said. “I love all of you, but I do have a special place in my heart for your cute little bottom.”

Elaine strutted up to her handsome son, a predatory look in her eyes. It still amazed Mark that he had gotten so lucky with his family. His mother’s genetics alone would have been a lottery win, but to have the opportunity to be her lover? His mind boggled at his good fortune.

His mother kissed him, once more stroking his cheek with her hand. Mark’s cock lurched in his tuxedo pants, begging to be freed. When she broke their kiss his eyes fell to her impressive boobs and he couldn’t help but lean down and pepper the flesh that bulged out of the tight top with kisses.

“Oh that’s it baby,” she purred. “Kiss momma’s titties. I know how you love to suck on them.”

“I do,” Mark murmured when his mouth wasn’t pressed against her fleshy orbs. Burying his face in the crease of her cleavage, he was sandwiched between her fun bags, swooning in the softness of her tits.

Elaine pushed him away, forcing him to sit on the edge of the bed. Mark watched as she pulled up her skirt, revealing that she wore white stockings and a garter belt. There were no panties to obstruct his view of the neatly trimmed bush of blonde hairs, an inverted triangle pointing the way to her sacred temple. Mark slipped from the bed and knelt on the floor. He pulled his mother forward and opened his mouth.

He looked at her beautiful cunt, admiring the way her full outer lips melded into one another, leaving only a dark line where they met. Elaine thrust her hips forward and his mouth covered her entire vulva. French kissing his mother between her legs was a favorite thing for Mark, something she never seemed to tire of. In fact, it was the usual way their encounters began.

Her fingers raked through his hair and she encouraged him with soft moans and thrusts of her pelvis. His tongue slipped past her outer lips and teased her inner set. He drew from her gasps as he teased her clit, urging it to peek out of its hiding place.

“Oh god, baby, you do that so well!” Elaine sighed.

“Almost as well as daddy,” Becky giggled. Mark took a moment to look over and saw that his sister was lying back on the bed, her legs high in the air and spread wide, their father munching on her carpet noisily.

“Mom,” Becky said between moans and her body twitching, “is it wrong that I love incest?”

“What do you mean baby?”

“I mean that I like sex and all, but men other than daddy or Mark don’t really interest me.” Stewart made her squeal which stopped her from speaking for a moment. “Fuck that’s good, daddy! I think daddy likes incest the best, too!”

“Well one day you may find someone who will change your mind,” Elaine grunted as she succumbed to her son’s talented tongue. Mark smiled to himself, he knew he’d made it difficult for his mother to talk.

“Well, if I find someone who can compare to this, I’ll be sure to share him with you.”

“That’s lovely baby,” Elaine cooed. It was unclear to Mark if his mother was talking to him or his sister.

Mark had grabbed her thighs where they met in a vee and he pulled them apart, revealing his mother’s fully aroused pussy. Her inner lips were puffy, red and slick with his saliva and her natural wetness. Concentrating on giving his mother pleasure, he began to lick the full length of her sex. He teased her vaginal entrance and then swiped up until he flicked her little bean. Elaine began to grunt as he picked up his pace, her hips were thrusting forcefully into his face now.

Then he heard the telltale huffing his mother made when she came. Concentrating on her clit, he knew it was the key to her pleasure when he went down on her. Like clockwork, his mother was coming on his tongue. After her peak hit she pushed him away abruptly.

Mark smiled up at his mother, happy to have given her a nice orgasm at the start. Elaine was always so much more wanton when she’d had a nice good cum. He stood up and accepted his mother’s kiss, their tongues twisting around each other so that she could have a taste of herself.

“Darling,” Elaine said, “help me out of this dress.”

Mark was more than happy to oblige. He moved behind her and unzipped it. The garment fell into his waiting hands and he lowered it until his mother could step out of it. When he stood up he was once again enamored with the sight of his sexy mother’s incredible body. Her tight ass framed by the garter belt was mouth watering and begged for a spanking.

She turned to face him and he was awed by her heavy, giant breasts. They sagged a little on her chest, but that was only because God had made them so big. No man alive would find anything wrong with them. Mark loved the stark tan lines that showed where her bikini hid her tender flesh from the sun. She had large, silver dollar size areolas that were as pink as the flesh between her legs. In the center of those pink circles were pencil eraser sized nipples, each encircled by tiny wrinkles as her arousal caused the skin to contract.

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