HikeIt started out to be a beautiful day. The sun was shining, and the gentle breeze made the early fall day pleasant and enjoyable. A perfect day to do almost anything out doors. So it was that nineteen year old Todd, along with his eighteen year old friend Mark decided to go for a long hike into the woods that butted up against the edge of the town that they lived in. Mark had lived there most of his life, while Todd had only been around for three years. The two were great friends, and had been out into the wilderness many times, digging around the hills, and streams, and valleys, exploring whatever they could find.They stopped off at the local convenience store- which had once been a Quick Trip, but had since been turned into just a mom-and-pop sort of general store. Todd, tall and slim, was friends with the owners, and so they were a little relaxed in what they sold him on occasion. It was that type of town, where people were friendly, and many of them seemed to know one another. Todd and Mark entered, and walked around the place, trying to decide what to take with them, that they didn’t already have.Mark grabbed a pair of tall, plastic bottles of Coke. Todd, meanwhile, had collected some sandwiches, some beef jerky, and a bag of chips. They went to the counter, where Mark picked up two candy bars, and they slid all the stuff toward the clerk, who was a middle-aged man. He was actually the owner, and Todd greeted him.”Hello Todd,” the owner said, “and Mark. Back into the woods today?””Yep,” Todd responded. “Probably still some place left that we haven’t found yet.””I heard it was gonna rain,” the man said.”That’s all right, we always take along the ponchos, just in case,” Mark added.”Smart k**s,” the man said, and bagged the items. “Well, be careful out there, and head back if it gets too stormy.””We will,” Todd assured him, and the pair of boys exited the store. They stopped outside, only long enough to put their new purchases into their backpacks, and then headed out into the woods. As they neared the edge of town, and prepared to head into the trees, Mark looked back, and shrugged under the light blue sky and bright sun shine.”Don’t look like it’s gonna rain to me,” he said.”Sure doesn’t,” Todd added, and then led them into the trees.They walked along, at first walking through so much familiar territory. Landmarks were plentiful, with big stones, and trees with initials carved into them played out like a map. They had walked most of the woods south of the river, but had not been to the other side. It had not rained for weeks, and the water level was low. As they emerged from the trees and looked at the river, the thought occurred to each of them at the same time.”Let’s cross,” Todd said out loud first.”You bet,” Mark added. “Haven’t seen anything over there.”They walked down to the edge of the water, which was hardly moving, and looked down into it. Both were instantly drawn to the sight of a small fish as it zipped by, and the pair exchanged a quick glance, almost as if to acknowledge that the other had seen it. They then splashed into the shallow water, careful to watch their footing, as there were still sink holes. Soon enough, though, they had crossed over, and they were on the other side, looking back at where they had come from.”Well, here we are,” Mark said. “Uncharted territory.””Come on,” Todd said. “Let’s chart it.”They set out into the woods, now excited by the premise that they were somewhere that most of the k**s from their town had never been to. The river was never that low, and so now this was truly a pioneer expedition among their friends. The stories they could tell, the places they could talk about, all made their way into conversation as the pair continued through the thick brush. The trees towered above them, and Mark looked up at the ceiling of green. He looked back down at the sound of Todd’s voice as it filled the air once again.”You ever jack it?” Todd asked.”Huh?””You know,” Todd pressed. “You ever toss your own salad? Spank your monkey?””Oh, yeah,” Mark acknowledged. “Sure. Why?””Just asking,” Todd said. “Most guys don’t admit to that. I do it.””Yeah?” Mark asked, curious. “What do you do while your jacking off?””My dad has some porn videos, and a couple of magazines,” Todd said. “Those are pretty good. How about you?””I’ve got one old magazine that I’ve had for a while,” Mark admitted sorrowfully. “I’d love to replace it.””Well, I was thinking,” Todd said. “Maybe we could make an agreement.””Like what?” Mark asked.”Man, I don’t really even want to say,” Todd said. “It’s hard to say, man.””Come on, dude,” Mark urged. “You can tell me. We’re best buds, right?””Well, yeah,” Todd said, “but this is kind of a strange agreement.””Well, if it has to do with jacking off, then yes, it’s strange,” Mark said, “but hell, here we are talking about it, so spit it out.””Okay then,” Todd said. “How about if we jack each other off?”Silence.”See, I told you it was strange,” Todd said. “Forget it, man, it’s no big deal.””Well, it’s kind of a bomb, Todd,” Mark said. “I’m not pissed or anything. Hang on a minute, and tell me a little more.””What more?””Like, how you came up with that?” Mark said.”Oh,” Todd said. “Well, I was sitting around, and thinking that we never really get girls, man. Kind of depressing, and I know it will happen, but it gets hard waiting around, doesn’t it?””I’ll admit that freely,” Mark remarked.”So, I was just thinking that as long as we’re stuck just sitting at home and jacking off, why not have someone help, or at least be there. Someone who understands,” Todd explained.”Okay,” Mark said. “Sort of like a fall back, when the pussy just ain’t there, right?””Right.””Well,” Mark said, “it does sound strange, I’ll grant you. You know what though? It actually could be a good idea. I mean, who better to help out a friend, than a friend?””Exactly my thoughts,” Todd added.”Still, it will be weird, though. I mean, I’ve never had one in my hand that wasn’t mine.””Me either, but I’m willing to give it a try,” Todd said. “We are on the other side of the river, and I doubt if anyone will be around.””You mean here? Today?” Mark asked.”Sure, why not?” Todd asked. “We could find some place where we’re sure no one’s around, and do each other a favor.””Exploring uncharted territory,” Mark joked.”Let’s chart it,” Todd joked back.They continued to walk along, talking about many things, including school and girls, and how it was supposed to storm, but the sky was still very blue. The trees swayed as the pair walked through a narrow track, examining a sharp incline ahead of them. They began to ascend it, making their way out of the low lands near the river. Both of them had heard that there were high, forested hills on the other side of the river, and that the woods were deep.At the top of the track, the ground leveled off, and the pair stopped. Both stared ahead at the ground, which looked to be a path, leading further into the woods. There was a low rumble behind them, and Todd turned back. He looked into the blue sky, trying to see if any clouds had formed up, but couldn’t see any. He turned back to the path.”What the heck is this?” Todd asked.”Looks like a path,” Mark said. “But to what?””Should we find out?” Todd pressed.”I’m bursa escort game,” Mark said.Their journey along the path was more silent, as now their trip seemed more ominous. Soon, they found that the woods, though no different from the trees and shrubs on the other side, presented a very dark and sinister setting. Even worse, the sky had indeed begun to darken above them. Todd looked ahead, and froze. Mark was looking up at the sky.”Man, it is going to storm,” Mark said. He was still looking up, and didn’t notice that Todd had stopped. He crashed into Todd, and they each took a step back from one another as the first drop of rain began to fall. Todd turned back toward the clearing ahead, and Mark’s eyes followed Todd’s.”Look up there,” Todd said. “Do you see something?””Yeah,” Mark said. “It’s like a… house…”They exchanged a glance, and Todd smirked.”Might be just what we need,” Todd said as the rain began to intensify.”No k**ding, let’s go!” Mark said, running toward the structure, that was barely visible through the trees. Todd gave chase, and soon, the pair was tearing through the underbrush toward the clearing. Soon, they stepped into the clearing, and pulled up short, looking at the structure.It was a run-down, dark and weathered shack, with windows still in tact, and a door made of thick planks. There was a brick chimney protruding from the top of the shack. The rest of the clearing was becoming very overgrown, and appeared to have been undisturbed for a great deal of time. Todd and Mark stepped forward, then headed straight for the door, as the rain was falling harder.Todd was the first one to the door, and out of common courtesy, he knocked on the planks, waiting for a response. Not getting one, he looked at Mark, and pushed on the door. It creaked terribly as it swung slowly open, to reveal a dark and dingy interior. The pair, without further waiting, stepped inside, and closed the door behind them. Todd, thinking about the ominous nature of the woods, and a bit spooked by the storm, he slid a bolt- the door’s only lock- across.”There, now the psychos in the woods can’t come and get us,” Todd joked. Mark laughed, and reached into his pack for something. A moment later, he got out a box of matches, and looked at the stone fireplace. Todd looked around the room, and shrugged. There was a table with a single chair, a broken old cot, and a trunk at the foot of it.”What can we burn?” Mark asked.”Well, the chair would be good,” Todd said, “but it’s the only chair.””Well, we could be here a while,” Mark said. “How about the cot?”Todd looked at it. It was a wooden frame, with a single, old mattress on it, and one of the legs was broken, and laying next to the cot. He shrugged, and looked around the rest of the room. There really wasn’t anything else. Todd went to the cot, and pulled the mattress from the top of it, allowing the padded bedding to fall to the floor. There were moth-eaten, old blankets on it, and a bit of dust clouded up when the mattress hit the floor. Todd coughed, and looked back down at the cot frame. Thunder boomed outside.”This’ll do,” Todd said. “Help me smash it up.”They set to work, placing their soggy packs on the table, and then breaking up the cot frame, which was easier than they had thought it would be. Once it was into suitably-sized pieces, they carted the ample amount of wood over to the fireplace, and Mark approached with a ratty, old magazine. It was the old porn mag he had mentioned earlier, and he held it up for Todd, who smiled at the sight of it.”Here, we’ll need something to get the fire started,” Mark said.”Are you sure you wanna lose that?” Todd asked.”Frankly, I’m getting kind of tired of the damn thing,” Mark admitted. “But I suppose we could use just a few pages from it at first, and look through the rest of it.””Okay,” Todd said with a smile. “Remember, it’s brand new to me.”Mark flipped open the magazine, and quickly tore out the first couple of pages, including the one with the table of contents. Mark began to roll them up as Todd arranged some of the wood in the fireplace. Mark placed the pages from the magazine under the wood, and got the box of matches. He struck one of the matches, and held it to the pages from the magazine. Instantly, the old paper flared, beginning to burn brightly in the dusty fireplace. The sound of the rain outside had grown, as the rain was now falling very heavy, and there came a sudden dripping sound.”Oh well,” Todd said. “Guess it’s better than no shelter at all.”As the magazine pages burned, some of the wood began to catch. Both boys were happy at the sound of the first pop from the wood. Mark continued to watch the fire as the wood caught more, and the room began to brighten with the light from the fire. Todd had looked around, and on a shelf built into the wall behind where the cot had been, there was an old coffee pot. He took the pot from the shelf, and looked around the room, until he found the place where the water had begun to drip. But, just as he placed the pot under it, he heard the same dripping sound from elsewhere in the room. Mark laughed.”No catching up today,” he joked, and both of them laughed.”Time to just sit back, and have a look at that magazine,” Todd said. “Let the roof leak.”The pair sat close to the fire, and Mark opened the remains of the magazine to reveal some ads for phone sex, that depicted many beautiful women- unlikely phone operators. The pair studied the ads, and joked about people that would actually call in for that sort of thing. The magazine then went into reviews of the “latest” hot porn videos. There were some photos from the videos, and Todd began to feel the stirring in his pants as they saw the images of a blonde, feverishly sucking on a man’s cock. Another photo showed a pair of women working on the same man’s joint. Todd paused to put another piece of wood in the fire, just to brighten the place a bit more.”Man, I’m getting hard as a rock!” Todd said. Mark shrugged.”Not me,” he said. “Seen these before.””Sorry, man,” Todd said. “If I’d have known you were bringing this, I would have brought one of my own.”They flipped further on, and came to a pictorial of two women. The pages passed, until they were nearing the end, and Todd stopped on a page filled with more ads. There was a small picture of a man, laying on his back, with his legs up high. Another man was in front of him, his cock ready to go in. Todd felt a peculiar curiosity as he looked at the picture, and then he looked up at Mark.”So, what now?” he asked, turning toward a window as lightning lit up the sky, and thunder continued to crash outside. Mark looked out at the storm as well, and turned back in to Todd. He grinned.”Suppose we could try out your idea,” Mark said, his own arousal heightening. Todd nodded, and looked around the room. He motioned toward the mattress.”How about on there?” Todd asked.”Looks good, even if it is a little dusty,” Mark said.”We’ll flip it over,” Todd said. “It won’t be so dusty on the side that faces down.”They went to the mattress, and Todd lifted it, flipping it over to the other side, where there was no dust at all. He sat on it, and patted it a couple times.”Come on, sit down.””I will,” Mark said. He undid the button on his jeans, and bursa escort bayan then unzipped the fly, and sat on the mattress. “I can’t believe how horny this is making me!”Todd undid the front of his own pants, now even more horny than before. He was anxious to see Mark’s cock. He’d fantasized about it before, but never seriously, and never enough to make himself this horny. He stared at the opening in front of Mark’s pants, and waited as his friend drew closer. Todd, meanwhile, had his cock out of his pants, and it felt uncomfortable as it lie, wedged in his open fly.”Hang on a second,” Todd said. He lifted his ass off the mattress, and slid his pants down, and then reached down, untying the first of his boots. He then untied the other boot, and kicked both of them off. He finished sliding his jeans and underwear off, and breathed a sigh of relief.”Better?” Mark asked.”Much,” Todd said. “My cock is like steel, man!””Here, let me feel it,” Mark said, and drew closer, eager to try the new feeling. He sat on the mattress, and hesitantly reached out. The journey his hand took, seemed to go on forever, until at last, his hand rested upon Todd’s cock, prompting a sigh of pleasure. Mark’s fingers slid along the rigid shaft, and Todd smiled with satisfaction. Mark gripped the thing, and stroked it once or twice, then let his hand slide down to the wrinkled sack below.”Get yours out, Mark,” Todd breathed. “I want to feel yours too.”Mark did as ordered, and reached down to untie his own boots. After they were off, he quickly slid out of his jeans and underwear, revealing his lean form, and erect cock. Todd reached over, his right hand securely gripping the cock. He stroked up and down a few times, and Mark closed his eyes. His own fingers were sliding along the length of Todd’s manhood.”I can’t believe we’re actually doing this,” Mark said.”Me either, but we are,” Todd said. He continued to stroke the cock, taking a moment to fondle Mark’s balls. He opened his eyes, his new passion now consuming him as he stroked the man meat. He gazed at it as it throbbed in his fingers. Mark was still stroking him, but let his head fall back, enjoying the feel of the hand job.”Man, that feels great,” Mark said. “Don’t stop.””Maybe it could be better,” Todd said.”Hmmm?” Mark said, looking up.”Can I suck it?” Todd asked. Mark grinned, and thought a moment.”Yeah, sure,” he said. “Go ahead.”Todd leaned over, bringing his face closer to the cock as he continued to stroke it. He let his tongue fall out of his mouth, and graze the head of it. Mark immediately sucked in a breath, loving the feel of that. Todd let his tongue flick at the head again, and he got a taste of Mark’s pre-cum, and was surprised that it wasn’t as bad as he thought it might be. He circled the entire head with his wet tongue, and then began sliding his tongue along the length of the shaft, much to Mark’s delight.He continued to stroke as his tongue made its way along the shaft several times, and then down to the balls, bathing them in his spit before he moved back up to the head. Bravely, he then took in as much of the cock as he could, and began to move his head rhythmically up and down. HE WAS SUCKING A COCK! It was an astounding thought to him, and he could hardly believe he was doing it, but it was in his mouth, and he was working it good. His hand began to fondle Mark’s balls, which prompted a delighted moan from him.”Man, don’t stop,” he said. “You’re gonna make me cum!”Todd kept sucking.”You don’t want me to cum in your mouth, do you?” Mark asked.Todd came up off the cock only a moment. “Not this time, but I do want to taste it, so I know what it tastes like.”He went back to work on the cock, bobbing his head up and down faster this time, and using one hand to stroke the cock while the other fondled Mark’s balls. Mark began to breath harder, and Todd felt his friend’s cock swelling in his mouth. Mark then began to tap on Todd’s shoulders, and Todd came up off the cock, continuing to jack it fast.Mark threw his head back as his cum began to blast from the head of his dick in streaming, white, globs. The first shot flew high into the air, and neither of them was sure where that one landed. The huge load subsided, with the last few streams glazing part of Todd’s hand as Mark chuckled with delight, laying back on the mattress with satisfaction. Todd held the hand up and looked at the glistening cum as it stayed on his hand. Mark lifted himself up, and looked at his own cum on Todd’s hand.”Are you gonna taste it?” Mark asked. “Really?”Todd said nothing, but looked at Mark, and then at his hand. He brought his hand to his face, and let his tongue reach out to his hand. His tongue dragged a short path through the layer of jizz on his hand, and he took in the taste of it. It was salty, and a bit bitter, matching the way it smelled all those times he’d jacked off. Still, it wasn’t that bad, and as he swallowed it down, and took a little more with his tongue, he shrugged.”Not that bad,” Todd said. Mark smiled, and watched as Todd’s tongue returned for a third taste. Todd then wiped his hand off on the mattress, and reached down for his own cock.”No no,” Mark said. “Here, trade places with me, and I’ll do you now.”Todd, now energized by the mere thought of it, quickly sat on the mattress, and let his cock hang ready. Mark was nervous about it, but moved in, stroking the cock again with his hand to make it ready, somehow. He then leaned in closer to it, and let his tongue slide along the length of it, just like Todd had done to him. He let his tongue travel all over the phallus, and down over the balls of his friend. He wasted little time in getting to work on the cock, moving his head up and down with a fury, while using his hands to urge the cum from Todd’s balls. Todd was ready to experiment further, and with heavy breaths, he spoke.”Know what I heard?” he asked.”Mmmm…?” Mark hummed around the cock.”I heard that it really helps a guy cum better if someone fingers his asshole,” Todd panted.Mark looked up as if to ask “really?” Todd simply smiled and nodded. Mark allowed himself to leak some spit past his lips, and he put a finger in it, slicking it up. He let his hand move down, and Todd lifted his legs a bit. Mark continued to suck as his finger probed for the opening to his friend’s ass. A moment later, the digit was prodding at the opening. He slowly pushed his finger in, feeling the tight hole pinch up on him as it entered. He was worried that he was hurting Todd, until he heard the delighted chuckle. With that, he began to slowly edge the finger in and out of the ass hole as he sucked. He couldn’t believe it, just as Todd had contemplated, that there was a cock in his mouth, and his finger was in an ass!”Ohhh… I’m gonna cum!” Todd said. Mark continued to prod the asshole, and took his mouth from the cock, still jacking it furiously. The big cock swelled, and then began to spurt its big white gobs of man goo, the first of which struck Mark on the chin. The further blasts were all over, some on Todd’s belly, some on the mattress, and some on Mark’s hand. Todd sat up, and looked at Mark, smiling broadly.”Well, should I?” Mark asked, holding up his hand.”Do it, man!” Todd said enthusiastically.Mark reached escort bursa out with his tongue, and tasted the dick nectar. He didn’t mind it, and so he took a bigger lick, cleaning his hand. Once they had finished, they got up, and pulled their pants on, looking around their surroundings. Mark went to his pack, and got out the sodas.”Let’s take a break, huh?” he asked.”Why? Is there more?” Todd asked.”Could be,” Mark grinned. “That felt great. I’d do it again in a minute!””Me too,” Todd said. “Maybe after we rest and eat, I’ll let you fuck my asshole.””Let’s have a bit to eat, then,” Mark said. “And you know I won’t fuck your ass unless you do me, too.”Todd smiled.They sat in the shack as the storm raged on outside, and they kept the fire going as they snacked on the foods and sodas they bought at the shop. They talked about how they had given each other blow jobs, and each had tasted the other’s cum. They talked about whether it made them gay, and decided that they were just fooling around, and both still wanted girls a lot. Still, they were excited by their new found way to satisfy each other. After they had eaten, they sat around, and just looked at the fire, listening to the wind and thunder outside. Mark felt his cock stir, thinking about what was to come, and he looked over at his pal.”Wanna do some more?” he asked.”I’m ready,” Todd said, and began to climb back out of his clothing. This time, he took off everything except his tee shirt, and he gripped his own cock, stroking it a couple of times. Mark was also out of his clothes, but he was completely naked, and he knelt in front of Todd. He took the cock in and began to move his mouth back and forth over the rod. He worked it only a few minutes, and then stood up. Todd reached down and stroked Mark’s cock, making sure it was good and hard. He then went to the mattress, and lay down on his stomach.”See if you can get me slick,” Todd said. Mark moved over, and licked one of his own fingers. He let Todd spread he round ass cheeks, and then he pressed the finger against the pucker of Todd’s asshole. The finger felt the tightness, and the hotness of Todd’s rectum, and it was delightful to him as he concentrated on getting his finger back in to the hole he had prodded earlier. Once his finger was all the way in, he worked it around a bit, then withdrew it. His lust had built again, and he leaned down closer.”Here, check this out,” Mark said, and leaned in close. He let his tongue slither up to Todd’s pucker, and work its way around the hole. Todd shuddered, and muttered a muffled word of amazement at the feeling of the tongue in his ass. It lasted only a moment, and then Mark sat up, stroking his own cock. He moved over Todd, and placed the head of his cock at the opening, squeezing the cheeks.”Are you ready?” he asked.”Fuck yeah,” Todd said. “Slowly, though. That thing ain’t a finger.”Mark began to press his cock toward the hole, feeling the resistance from the sphincter. But, as he pressed more, his cock’s head popped in, and Todd moaned. Once the head was in, it was easier, and Mark began to slide in further. He began to slowly, rhythmically, slide his cock its entire length in and out of Todd’s hot ass hole, watching it by the glow of the fire. Todd was loving the sensation, and wished he could have reached his cock. Mark was not going to last long, and he continued to stroke long and slow, to prolong the feeling. He could feel his balls as they gently tapped against Todd every time he thrust in.”Don’t shoot it in my ass,” Todd requested.”All right,” Mark said.”Cum on my ass,” Todd said.Mark began to piston faster, and soon, was breathing harder. He then, abruptly, pulled his cock out of Todd’s ass, stroking it himself. Thick, white globs of his second orgasm began to blast out, splattering on the cheeks of Todd’s ass. Some ran down the crack, and Mark leaned in, tonguing Todd’s pucker, and tasting his own cum on it. Todd shuddered under the feeling, and put his own finger back into his ass hole. Mark reached under, tickling Todd’s balls.”Your turn,” he said. Todd got up, and stroked his cock a couple of times. Mark got on his hands and knees, letting his still-oozing cock hang below him. Todd moved in behind him, and spit on his fingers. He ran his fingers along the crack of Marks’ ass, feeling the reflexive tightening as the tips of his fingers grazed the ass hole. He slid them back over it, and allowed one of his fingers to stay at the hole. Todd pressed on the asshole, and slid just the tip of it in.”Let me know if I’m hurting you,” Todd said.”You’re not,” Mark said. “Keep going.”Todd slid the finger in further, up to the first knuckle, and wiggled it around a little. He then slid it in all the way, and moved it around a bit. He pulled it back, and allowed the asshole to relax with the finger in it. A moment later, he pressed in a second finger, and heard Mark wince a little. Todd stopped.”All right?” Todd asked.”Little uncomfy,” Mark said. “But don’t stop. I like it.”Todd continued a moment to work Mark’s asshole with his fingers, and leaned in close, licking Mark’s balls as best he could. He then moved up, and with all the courage he had, he traced a line over his friend’s ass hole with his tongue. Mark chuckled at the delightful feeling of it. Todd smiled as he continued to lick at it, with two fingers buried in it. At last, he pulled the fingers free, and stood up a little bit. He got down to where he could put his cock into position.”Get ready,” he said. Mark reached back, and pulled his buttocks further apart. Todd, staring at the pucker, put his cock at it, and began to force it in slowly. He let some spit fall from his lips, dripping down to the ass hole, and he let his cock pop in. Mark shuddered a bit, but Todd kept going, and soon, had his cock slowly sliding along the inside of the virgin asshole. It was hot, and tight, and felt like heaven. Once he was in all the way, and his pubic hair was all the way up against Mark’s ass, he began to pull back, starting to fuck the asshole.He gripped Mark’s hips as his began to make his thrusts. Mark was loving it, and moaned as the cock slid in and out of his ass. He reached down and begun to stroke his own cock, feeling it get hard again. He was amazed even with his own ability to be this excited, but damn! It was exciting. Todd was thrusting faster than Mark had, and he could already feel his own orgasm building. Mark could tell, and he looked back.”Wanna shoot it on my face?” Mark asked.”Oh yeah!” Todd said, gripping the hips harder, and thrusting faster.”All right then,” Mark said. “Whenever you’re ready.”Todd thrusted a few more times, and then pulled his cock out of Mark’s stretched asshole. He quickly moved around front, and kept stroking it. Mark had his mouth open, and was stroking his own cock as Todd moaned, and began to cum. His blasts of orgasm began to ricochet off Mark’s chin, and his cheeks, and his nose. Some cum dribbled into Mark’s mouth, and he smacked his lips, and opened his mouth again. He then thrust his face forward, sucking Todd’s cock.Todd looked down as his friend sucked the flavor of his own ass off of Todd’s rod. As he sucked, he fondled Todd’s balls, and reached back, sliding a finger into Todd’s ass again. They stayed this way for a moment, and then Mark backed off, and looked up with a grin.”Now that was fun!” Todd said.”Sure was!” Mark added.Todd looked out at the windows.”Maybe this storm will last a little longer…”

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