His Remarkable Nurse Ch. 01


He always swore he wouldn’t ever allow anyone to ever admit him into the hospital, he had been told of so many horror stories of all the different nurses and their horrible bed side manners. He always tried to keep himself healthy as a horse just to avoid such situations, and terrible dealings, however it finally happened, working all his excessive hours at work, dealing with his horrible boss, and all the office stress, then to go home every night and deal with “her” is what ended up putting him right where he didn’t ever want to be.

Arriving at home that night after an extremely stressful day at work, he really wasn’t feeling all that well, and what he do you think he walked into as he entered the house? You got it; he walked into the house to “her” screaming at him.

“Did you forget something?” she barks out in a rude harsh manner. He stopped dead in his tracks and just listened to her.

“What in the hell could I have forgotten, I just got out of work 20 minutes ago, for Christ sake woman I just walked in the door.”

“I don’t rightly give a shit if you just got home or not, I told you this morning to go to the cleaners after work and pick up the stuff that was there. I can’t depend on you to do a damn thing can I?” Now that was the last thing he wanted to be hearing after the god awful day that he just had.

“First of all bitch, I am at work all day dealing with people just like you, I hear the flack all day long, and I don’t want to listen to it from you when I first walk in the door at night. Your legs aren’t broken, go get it your damn self. I am going in the bedroom for a while.”

“Yeah that’s it do what you always do and just walk away, you never want to listen to what I have to say. You are totally useless to me.”

“I might actually listen if you actually had something constructive to say to me, that wasn’t in a bitching tone. Don’t you get it by now, all you ever do is bitch at me, and I am so tired of hearing your relentless noise. Now if you’re done with your bitching, I have a headache and I am going to lie down for a while.” Turning away from her he headed off to the bedroom. Not five minutes after he shut the door, he let out with a loud scream, and a loud crash was all she heard.

“Oh that’s it throw a temper tantrum why don’t you, what the hell did you just break in there?” a few seconds pass and no response from him did she receive, again she shouted out, ” what the hell did you just break?” she waited a few more seconds and when again no response was given she stormed into the bedroom, only to find him collapsed on the floor. She instantly broke into a panic; kneeling over him she shook him by his shoulders. “Open your eyes and look at me, please look at me, don’t play this kind of game with me, it’s not even funny.”

He slowly and sluggishly opened his eyes to look at her for a moment and then he was out again. By this time she was now quite scared, “You can’t die on me you son of a bitch, you just can’t you wouldn’t dare to leave me to deal with everything alone.” Standing up she walked over to the side of the bed and called 911. Not ten minutes later there was a knock on the door.

“It’s open, he is in here.” she allowed the two guys into the room, but she wouldn’t allow Tara the female technician to follow. “You will stay out here they can take care of him.” she commanded.”

“Look you really need to move, I need to be in there, those two guys work under me today, I have to do my job.”

“No!! I won’t allow you in there with him, this is my house and I don’t have to let anyone go anywhere I don’t want them to.”

“Ma’am either you move on your own or I will have you removed, all I have to do is call dispatch over my radio and I will have a trooper sent down here to remove you, you are playing with his life at this moment, is that what you want?”

“Well, I…” and before she could finish her statement, Derek one of the male technicians came out to get her.

“We need you in here NOW!!” he stated. “We can’t keep him conscious.” as those words were spoken, she politely pushes her way past her and walked into the bedroom.

“What are his vitals right now?” Tara asked. Derek read off his vitals to her, unbuttoning his shirt, Derek handed her a razor, and as much as she didn’t want to have to do what she was about to do, she knew she had to, she proceeded to shave 2 small sections of his chest hair to apply the lead pads for the defibulator and asked one of them to hand her a smelling salts vial. Snapping it she runs it under his nose, and suddenly he snapped back turning his head almost violently to avoid the smell. As he stopped thrashing with his head, the first thing he saw was her beautiful big brown eyes, and a very soft, and sexy smile.

“Well, welcome back.” she whispers.

“What happened to me?” He asked in a state of confusion.

“That’s Ankara travesti what I’m hoping you could tell us, she told us that you came home from work, walked in here and collapsed.” Tara replied softly.

“All I remember is coming home, walking in the door, getting bitched at by her and…” suddenly his eyes began to close again.

“Oh no don’t close those eyes, come on keep those eyes open; you need to stay with me now.” Just then she storms into the room very angry knowing that Tara is working on him.

“Aren’t you going to do a damn thing for him or are you just going to let him die on my brand new rug.” Tara ignored her words for a moment as she had the two guys go out to the rig and get the stretcher, as she proceeded to inflate non-rebreather bag, placing the mask over his mouth and nose.

“I need you to back out of this room, they need to get in here with the stretcher, my only concern right now is him, and to make sure that he is well taken care of, your rug means nothing to me at this moment.” Tara replied, and reluctantly she did as she was told and backed out of the room.

As the two tech’s returned with the stretcher, they placed the back board on the side of him, putting a neck collar onto him just as a precautionary measure, she took charge at his head, holding onto his head to support his neck, they rolled him onto his side, and slid the back board under him. Just as they finished strapping him onto the board, and were lifting him, he came back around, almost in a panic state; he reached out and grabbed a hold of Tara.

“Please, don’t let her come with us, it’s her fault that I am in this position right now, I don’t want anything to do with her.”

“It’s alright, she won’t come with us, we will have the medic with us so she won’t be able to get in the back.” as they had him now securely on the stretcher, his eyes locked onto hers, and hers onto his, she smiled softly, his heart rate began to calm, and his vitals were now becoming a little more stable.

“Will you be with me?” he asked in a soft tone.

“You bet, I will be with you every step of the way, you’re stuck with me at least till we get you to the hospital.” Getting him into the back of the rig, the medic got in, and hooked his machine up to him; she looked at “her” and told her that she would have to follow in her car.

“I want to go with him, and that’s what I am going to do.” He heard her bitching beginning again as his heart rate starting picking up again, and his breathing was becoming more rapid.

“Get in here, we need to transport NOW!!” Tara climbed into the back of the rig and sat beside him, he reached over for her hand. “As for you, I am sorry you will have to follow us in your car.” the double doors were closed, and the medic made it quite clear to her that in the back of this rig was not where she was going to be.

The entire ride which wasn’t really that long at all, seemed like an eternity for Tara, as he had his spells of in and out of consciousness, she could feel something for this man, although she was trained not to become attached to her patients, she just couldn’t help it this time. She hated to see him struggling like this. Finally the medic had him stabilized once again. He looked at her, she could see just how tired he really was, she smiled at him, and whispers to him to go ahead and go to sleep, it wouldn’t be long and they would be arriving. As he drifted off to sleep, the medic looked over at her with a look of concern on his face.

. “He will be just fine you will see.”

“Yeah I know it’s just really hard at times.”

“Oh no, now you’ve done it, you’ve fallen for him haven’t you?” she didn’t say a word; she just looked at him and sighed softly.

“You know you can’t do that, don’t you?”

“Damn it, don’t tell me what I can and cannot do. You didn’t see what I saw in his eyes when he looked at me, you didn’t feel what I did when I thought we were going to lose him. I am not leaving tonight. When we deliver him into the E.R., my shift is over and I am not leaving him until I know he is alright.

Arriving at the E.R., some of the nurses came out and helped them Tara and the medic bring him inside, his eyes opened and when he didn’t see Tara he began to panic, his heart rate once again took off running in the speed of a marathon.

“Oh where is she?” he asks.

“Who are you looking for?” the medic replies.

“The girl who was with me in the ambulance…where is she?”

“I am right here, it’s alright I told you I wasn’t going anywhere.” Hearing her voice, he reached for her.

“Please stay with me.”

“I will, I promise.” Taking his hand she walked into the E.R. right along side of him.

“Which room is open right now?” Tara asked the attending physician.

“Take him into 2.”

Getting Konya travesti him into the exam room, she helped them to get him settled onto the gurney; she looked at him and smiled. “You’re going to be alright now, their going to take good care of you.”

“Please don’t leave me; I don’t want her to come in here.”

“I am not leaving you, I have to go out to the desk and turn in the run form and then I will be back. I will tell them when I get out there that you don’t want her allowed in here, but more than likely someone will come in here and confirm that with you, and if that’s what you want, then they won’t allow her in. she winked and smiled at him. “I will be right back.”

She walked out to the nurse’s station to turn into the run sheet. “Do me a favor, his wife will be arriving shortly, per his request please don’t allow her into the room with him. He clearly stated to me at the house that “it is because of her that he is where he is now, and he wants nothing to do with her, he also just stated to me again that he doesn’t want her allowed in there with him”. I can tell you from what I witnessed that when he hears her or sees her he goes into tachycardia. What Tara wasn’t aware of is that his wife over heard her saying this to the nurse and instantly flew off the handle.

“What the hell do you mean he doesn’t want me in there?”

“You heard what I just told her that came from his mouth; I was only relaying the message for him.”

“I am going to see him; you can’t keep me from being in there.”

“I can.” The nurse behind the desk stated. “I have to clear it with him, and if he says no, then the answer is no, you won’t be going in there. You stay here and I will return in a moment.” The nurse walked into the room where he is to clarify it with him.

“Someone is here to see you; do you want me to allow her in?”

“Not if it’s my wife I don’t, I don’t want to see her right now, I want the other girl to stay with me, she’s been with me till this point, and she’s the only one I want in here. Please get her for me.” The nurse returned to the station and informed his wife that what that what Tara had said was in fact true.

“You will have to wait in the waiting room, and someone will be out to talk to you shortly. Tara, he’s looking for you, he wants you to go back in there with him.”

“Alright, just let me punch off shift and I will go back in with him.”

“Oh the fuck you will, that’s my husband, and if anyone is going in there with him it will be me.”

“Lady the only one that he wants with him right now is me, so if I were you, I would back off. His health should be what’s important to you right now.” Now go sit your ass down. His wife turned very disgustedly and walked herself out into the waiting room. Tara went and punched off shift, and went back in the room with him. As she entered the room she noticed that he had once again drifted off to sleep. Looking up at the heart monitors, his heart rate was running once again at a normal sinus rhythm, and he seemed to be comfortable. Turning his head toward her, he opened his eyes, and smiled the sweetest smile.

“You did come back.”

“Yes I sure did, I told you I would. Just relax now, I was talking to the doctor, and they are going to take you and run some tests on you so they can pin point just what’s going on with you. It’s probably going to take an hour or so for them to do all the tests that he wants done, and I will be here when you get back.”

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For being there for me today.” He tried to turn himself a bit on the gurney when all of a sudden the heart monitor began to alarm

. “What is that? Why is it making that noise?” he asked in concern.

“SShh it’s alright I will fix it, just relax, one of you leads must have come off or is coming off, just lay on your back for me and I will correct it.” Lying on his back, she slowly pulled his sheet back off his chest. He smiled as he watched her. “Oh my, don’t jump now, my hands are cold.” Gently she slid her hand in the side of his jonnie, her hand brushed lightly over his chest, which sent an instant electrical chill through her being. He gasped softly. She found the lead that had come off and reconnected it. As she reached over to the monitor to shut off the alarm, and she tried to remove her hand, his hand rested on top of hers.

“What are you doing?”

“Don’t take your hand away.”

“But I…I can get in a lot of trouble if I get caught like this you know.”

“Who is going to catch you? There is no one in here right now but us.”

“Hey you, we brought you in here to get help, not so you could hit on the technician.” She replied with a slight giggle, blushing she turned her head away.

“Look at me please.” She looked at him, and instantly their eyes were locked İzmir travesti almost as if they were one.

“You have got the most gorgeous eyes that I think I have ever seen. They say so much about you.”

“Do they really? What are they saying?”

“They are telling me what you want.”

“And what do I want?”

“Oh you want this.” With his right hand he reached up and placed his hand onto the back of her head and pulled her down to him, his lips softly pressed against hers. She instantly pulled herself back from him.

“Oh please don’t do that?”

“Why not? Tell me why I shouldn’t kiss you?”

“Well, your wife is out in the waiting room for one, and two I am not supposed to get involved with or attached to my patients.”

“If you want to be technical you’re not getting involved with your patient.”

“But that’s why this is so hard for me, what you don’t understand is, if I allow this to continue I would be getting involved with my patient. When you’re done with your testing today, they are moving you upstairs.”

“Yes and…?”

“Your being moved to my floor, and admitted into one of my rooms.” He just looked at her with a look of confusion.

“What are you telling me?”

“Tomorrow morning when I come in here, your nurse for the day will be me. I not only work on the ambulance, but I am also one of the nurses here.”

“Well I can’t think of a sexier nurse to have then you.” He moved her hand across his chest, and watched her eyes deepen, as he heard her moan softly. Reaching back behind her head, he pulled her down to him once again, and kissed her again. His tongue gently probed against her reluctant lips, she could feel her resistance giving into the hidden desire that she in some way had for this man. Her lips parted and accepted his wanting tongue. Their kiss deepened, their tongues danced that dance of forbidden passion, as his hand slid out of her hair, and slowly down her back. Her fingers began to paw over his chest, his breathing deepened, and his heart rate picked up, once again setting off the monitor alarm. She broke their kiss, and reached over and shut off the alarm.

“We really have to wait until they have you off this crazy monitor. We are going to get so busted, if we don’t.” slowly he slid her hand down his body and rested it onto his now completely erect shaft.

“Oh my god I am sorry, I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

“My lady, don’t be sorry, this is the first time in a very long time that it’s felt like this, and it actually feels good to feel like this right now.”

“I wish I could help you, but I don’t want to be setting that alarm off again.” Slowly she pulled his jonnie up and wrapped her fingers around it. “Oh babe wait a minute, let me go out and see if I can just shut this monitor off, your heart rate has been pretty stable for while now so they may just let me do that.” She covers him back up, smiles and walks out to the nurse’s station once again. As she enters back into the room, she leans over him and shuts off the monitor.

“How long before they come to take me for those tests?”

“Oh it’s going to be a while yet, I guess they are really busy down there tonight.” He just couldn’t help himself, as she was leaned over him, his hands cupped her breasts.

“AAAHHH what are you doing to me?”

“You are so god damn sexy; I just can’t resist the urge to touch you. Don’t move, please don’t move.” Lifting her shirt, he exposes her breasts to his eyes, pulling her down closer to him; he sucks her right nipple into his mouth. She could feel her juices beginning to flow as he suckled her nipple like a baby nursing from his mother. Slowly he slipped his hand between her legs, his hand cupping her sex through her pants; her hips begin to gyrate against his hand. Her hand slides back inside his blankets, uncovering his shaft once again, her fingers taking control of it once again, only this time she had no intention of wanting to stop, she wanted him, and she didn’t care that his wife was in that waiting room.

Unbuttoning her uniform pants, his hand slides inside, his fingers teasing at her wet pussy lips before he let two his fingers slide deep inside her. Sucking harder and faster on that nipple, her hips hunching down onto his finger, her back arched, as she begins to stroke his shaft. His soft moans grew a little louder, and deeper, as each stroke got a little faster, and a bit harder, feeling his shaft growing harder in his hand, and his balls tightening, as her muscles contracted down around his fingers, his back arched, along with hers, as they drove each other over that edge, riding through wave after wave or erotically naughty orgasms together. She looked at him, slowly he removed his fingers from her, as she removed hers from around his shaft, at the same exact time they must have read each others minds as they tasted each others juices off their fingers. He looked at her and smiled.

“More to come later my lady.”

“You bet baby.” Just at that moment, she kissed him once again, the door opened and there stood the orderly who was to take him for his testing.

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