His Turn


This is a sequel to my story entitled Her Turn. Hope you like it. Any comments are welcome, I can only improve if you let me know how.

I remember the last time she was in charge. She had me tied to a table, trussed up and helpless while she teased me nonstop until finally fucking me in the ass with her strap on until I had an explosive orgasm. I remember the feeling of the dildo as it slid into my ass, making me feel full. I remember wondering if it felt the same way when I took her anally. Did the spongy texture of my cock feel different in her ass?

But now it was my turn. I had her wrists bound together and tethered to the eye hook I had placed in the ceiling. I made sure the hook was anchored securely into the ceiling joists so they would hold as much weight as I needed without fear of falling. Her ankles were wrapped with padded cuffs. The cuffs had eyelets to which I had a rope fastened. The other ends of those ropes were fastened to other eyelets I had placed further apart in the ceiling. It had the desired effect of keeping her legs spread apart at an almost 90 degree angle, and supported her hips so she was suspended. Because I wanted to keep her in this position for a while, I also used a wide swath wrapped around her midsection and affixed to yet another eyelet in the ceiling. This supported all of her body in the air without causing too much strain on any part of her body.

This also gave me full access to her body. He head was unsupported so that I could keep it at any angle I wanted; I had plans which required this. She was suspended in the air in this position about 5 inches off the bed with her entire pelvis at the bottom edge of the bed. This would allow me to stand at the end of the bed and do what I wanted while she would still swing forward and back but not sideways. My pelvis height was a perfect to match her pussy and ass. These were proudly displayed, accessible for my attention.

“Are you comfortable?” I asked.

“Yes, I am ok”, she replied.

“Good. This is going to be a long but good night!”

“What do you plan to do?” she asked.

“If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise, now would it. You didn’t tell me you were going to fuck me up my ass when YOU were in charge. I am not going to tell you what I will do either. You will just have to wait and see” I said.

I looked at her blue eyes, the eyes I had fallen in love with already. It wasn’t just the blue eyes, it was the soul beneath them. She had really surprised me. She was everything I had wanted in a partner, in a wife. I was even more blessed with her desire to live out our kinkiest ideas, of which we did on many occasions. This was to be one of those moments.

I saw the look of desire, anticipation, and love in those same blue eyes. What I did not see was fear. I could see that she trusted me; trusted me to do my heart’s desire without worrying about being hurt. As we have always told each other, a little pain was good; it heightened the senses and increased the pleasure. It was a fine line though, and we both understood that.

“Do you remember your safe word?” I asked.

“Yes”, she replied.

“Do you think you will use it?” I asked.

“I have never before. I don’t expect to have to now. Why, what do you have planned?” she asked.

“You will just have to wait and see, won’t you. Actually, right now I don’t want you seeing” I said.

After which, I proceeded to wrap a silk scarf around her head, obscuring her eyes completely. I wanted her to be deprived of some of her senses in order to increase others. I then placed earbuds in her ear, plugged the cord into my phone, and started a playlist of Matchbox 20 songs. I made sure it was turned up enough to drown out any sounds I might make but not too loud as to be uncomfortable.

I then reached down and gently rubbed circles on her breasts. They were milky with a touch of suntan, probably from her frequent trips to the tanning booths at Planet Fitness. Her breasts were firm from her workouts there. She has quarter sized areola that shrink to dime size when they were stimulated. They were already stimulated and her nipples stood out about half an inch. I wanted them more erect though.

So I rubbed her breasts slowly in circles moving closer and closer to the center, where her erect nipples were. Her areola responded and became even more wrinkled and the minute muscles there contracted. Her nipples extended a little more and became very hard. I tweaked each nipple a little, then grabbed each nipple between my thumb and finger of each hand and squeezed hard. bursa escort She gasped when I did and I felt the nipples get even harder.

I then grabbed the nipple clamps I had purchased earlier and opened the jaw of the first one. It was the type that was adjustable so I could make it as tight as I wanted. I placed the jaw of the clamp on her nipple and started turning the screw. I turned it until it started to get tight, then looked at her face while I continued turning the screw. As soon as she started wincing a little, I stopped. I repeated the same thing with the other nipple and clamp. Both of her nipples were tightly squeezed making them seem a lot longer than they were.

Next, I walked around to the foot of her bed where her ass and pussy were on display. I looked at her crinkled rosebud anus. She always kept herself shaved completely. I couldn’t help but wonder how she was able to shave the area around her anus by herself. I liked shaving her, but she kept it well maintained on her own unless I said I wanted to shave her myself.

I grabbed the vibrating anal plug. It was a medium sized one. I then grabbed the bottle of lube and squeezed a dollop onto my finger. I rubbed the lube around her asshole in slow circles. I knew the lube was kind of cool and would feel good against the natural heat in her asshole. I slowly circled her bud getting closer and closer to the middle. When my finger was in the middle, I slowly pushed it into her ass about to the second knuckle. Withdrawing my finger, I squeezed more lube onto my finger and pushed it back in, this time all the way in. I worked it in and out slowly, and felt her ass relax. After withdrawing my finger again, I placed my middle finger alongside the first and pushed them both in. She tensed for a second and I stopped. When she relaxed again, I pushed them the rest of the way in. I started to fuck my fingers slowly in and out of her ass and she moaned a little. I could see a little moisture forming just inside her pussy.

Next, I removed my fingers and grabbed the plug. After applying the lube all over the plug, I placed the tip against her ass. I pushed a little and felt the tip slip past her sphincter. Stopping there, I let her get used to it. Then I pushed the plug in further about half way up the taper. It was a single tapered plug, the type that slowly tapers wider then gets suddenly smaller to hold the plug inside. I slid it back out almost all the way and pushed it forward again. This time it slid almost to the narrow constriction of the plug, but not quite all the way. I again slid it out and turned it, making sure that the lube was evenly coating the entire inside of your ass. I pushed in again with a little more force and this time it popped all the way and her anus closed around the narrower part, locking it in until I decided to pull it out. I flipped the switch at the bottom, turning the vibrator on. She moaned again.

I lightly rubbed my hand over her pussy and her juices coated my hand making my hand appear wet. I stepped back a little to admire my handiwork. Her ass looked so sexy with the plug sticking out. Her pussy was secreting a lot of natural lubrication making her lips look wet. Her labia were slightly swollen with the stimulation she was already receiving. I could see a tinge of pink on her smooth labia from the blood as it pumped through her. She was definitely turned on already.

Next I grabbed the riding crop. It was made just for spanking a pussy and had a flat one and half inch wide leather pad at the end, just the perfect width to match her pussy. Since she was blindfolded, she had no idea what I was about to do. I raised the crop about 8 inches above her pussy and flicked my wrist. It landed with a surprisingly loud smack squarely onto her pussy. I could see her entire body convulse a little from the surprise. I looked at her face, at least what I could see of her face, to make sure that I did not hurt her too much. I saw a look of surprise, but not of serious pain.

Then I flicked my wrist up and down quickly and gave her a series of swats right on her pussy, not hard but in rapid succession. Her labia turned a brighter shade of red as I did. I gently rubbed her pussy and it felt warm to my hand. I moved my hand and looked up at her face, looking for the expressions on her face. She was breathing harder and faster, but didn’t appear to be hurt. I watched her face and listened to her breathing again, waiting for her to calm down. She must be wondering what I was doing.

After she seemed to relax, I then flipped the crop fast and harder, landing with bursa escort bayan a loud smack right on her lips. Her entire body jerked in the ropes from the surprise and sudden stimulation. After turning the crop around, I slid the handle into her pussy. She was so wet, it slid in about six inches without any restriction. I withdrew the crop handle from her pussy and pulled the plug from her ass with a plop.

Now that I had warmed her pussy up, it was time to cool it down some. I grabbed the bowl of ice cubes I had hidden under the edge of the bed. They were large cubes, but had melted some so that there were no sharp edges remaining. I grabbed a large cube from the bowl and brought it to her crotch. I pushed the cube in between her swollen and red labia, but did not slide it in. Her entire body tensed from the sudden shock of the ice hitting her lips. I rubbed it up and down her slit, then pulled it away. I wanted the ice to shock her, not cause pain.

I grabbed another ice cube and pushed the end of the cube against her asshole. The crinkled circle immediately contracted from the cold and her asshole became a lot smaller and tighter. I also heard her inhale a large breath of air and fill her lungs with the sudden shock. She opened her lips, clenched her teeth, and inhaled through her teeth.

I moved back to the side of the bed and removed the nipple clamps. I knew the sudden increase in blood flow to her nipples would make them feel like they were very hot. I grabbed two ice cubes and pushed them against both of her erect nipples at the same time, rubbing circles all around. The areola instantly wrinkled and contracted again, making her nipples look hard enough to punch through paper.

When I did this, I received the first actual vocal reaction from her as she yelled “Fuck!” pretty loud. I continued rubbing the ice cubes against her nipples until they were melted too small to hold. The nipples were standing out straight and proud, like little soldiers at attention. I grabbed the nipple clamps again and placed them both back on her nipples with the same procedure I used the first time. Only this time I didn’t need to stimulate them, they were already fully erect.

I went back to the foot of the bed and grabbed a slender ice cube that had melted halfway gone. Placing the cube back to her asshole, I quickly shoved it all the way and pushed it deeper inside her ass as far as my finger would reach. I considered shoving another inside her pussy, but I was afraid the sensitive tissue inside would cause the sudden pain to hurt way too much. I did, however, grab another half melted cube and rub it directly onto her clit. It was easy to find, because it was fully erect. She squirmed a lot in her ropes when I did that. I was glad I placed the eyelets into the joists, or her squirming might dislodge them and she would fall down.

Now that her pussy was cooled off, it was time to warm it back up. But before I did anything else, I grabbed the plug and placed it back at the entrance to her ass. I pushed in slowly and firmly until it slid all the way back into her ass, locking itself into place. I turned the vibrator back on, then stood up.

I was already fully erect from all the activities so far. I grabbed my cock and placed it at the entrance to her pussy and shoved all the way in one stroke. Her pussy still felt cool inside from the ice I had shoved up her ass. I pulled out completely, then shoved all the way back in. I continued stroking all the way in and out quickly until I felt her pussy warm up considerable. I pumped her pussy some more and felt her body responding, secreting more natural lubricant until my cock was completely wet and it was running down and around the plug in her ass. I felt her pussy start to tighten some, like she was about to come.

I quickly pulled out, denying her the release I know she needed. It wasn’t time yet. I wasn’t done.

I then got on the bed and above her and tilted her head back. She still had the blindfold on, but I know she knew what I had intended to do, because she opened her mouth, ready to accept my cock. I grabbed the hair on the sides of her head to keep her head tilted and stationary as I slid my cock into her mouth. I only slid it in about half way, then reversed pulling it almost out. She kept her lips locked around it, creating a suction on my cock as I withdrew it. I then shoved my cock back in, almost all the way. I held it there for a second, then withdrew it completely. She kept her mouth open.

As she felt my cock at the entrance to her mouth again, she closed her lips escort bursa surrounding it yet again. I slowly slid my prick back into her mouth, this time all the way until my balls were touching her nose. I didn’t keep it all the way in long though, I didn’t want her to gag or choke. This time, I withdrew just until the mushroom head was in, and shoved back in about half way. Tightening the grip on her hair, I started fucking in and out of her mouth, but not going all the way in for fear of setting off her gag reflex. Her blond hair felt soft in my hands, nearly as soft as the inside of her mouth felt on my cock.

I continued fucking in and out of her mouth for about five minutes, then withdrew completely and let go of her hair. I got off the bed and went back to the foot of the bed where her pussy and plugged ass were visible. I grabbed her favorite dildo and turned it on. Next, I shoved the dildo all the way into her pussy in one stroke. She moaned. I stroked it in and out a few times, eliciting more moans from her beautiful mouth. Then I shoved it all the way and held it there with one hand.

Using my other hand, I grabbed the plug in her ass and pulled. It came out with another loud plop. I dropped it right there on the floor. Holding the dildo deep inside her pussy, I grabbed my cock with the other hand and placed it at the entrance to her ass. Driving my pelvis forward, my cock slid right into her ass all the way until the dildo was pressed against my lower stomach and my balls slapped up her butt crack underneath. Her asshole was well stretched and lubricated from the plug and it easily accommodated my hard cock.

I grabbed the dildo in her pussy with one hand and kept it pressed firmly against my lower stomach. By doing this, when I withdrew my prick from her asshole I would also withdraw the dildo from her pussy. I could feel the crazy vibrations emanating from the dildo through the thin membrane that separates her asshole from her pussy.

Keeping the dildo pressed firmly against my stomach, I withdrew my cock from her ass drawing out the dildo at the same time. Then I shoved both back in with a quick stroke. I pulled out and watched the dildo slowly evacuate her pussy without completely coming out, the shoved back in. Each time I did this, she grunted and moaned from the stimulation. I knew the dildo was vibrating up against her clit as well, since it was a fairly sharp angle the way I was holding it against my stomach. I stroked in and out, deeper and deeper, increasing speed.

She was pursing her lips together, the way she always did to keep from making too much noise when we were making love. I knew I wasn’t going to last long and hoped she was close. I stroked in and out of her ass until I felt my cum starting its journey down my cock. I shoved all the way in deep and held it there just as the first volley left my cock buried deep in her ass. She must have felt it too, because I felt her entire body tense and her asshole clamp down on my prick. I pulled out just a little and shoved back in as the second volley left my cock, depositing deep up her colon. Her ass was so tight from clenching in her own orgasm, my prick did not seem to want to come out at all.

I continued pulling back just a little and shoving back deep into her ass with each wave of contraction as my orgasm hit me. She was clenching her teeth with her lips slightly open and was grunting as her own orgasm rocked through her body. I felt each wave as it hit her because her ass tightened up around my cock each time. This made my own orgasm seem to go on forever as I shot string after string of cum deep into her ass.

Finally, my orgasm subsided and I withdrew my cock from her ass, bringing the dildo along with it. I turned the vibrator on the dildo off and dropped it onto the floor. I loosened the ropes holding her ankles, and gently let her lower torso drop to the bed. Then I removed the swath at her midsection, followed by the ropes holding her hands in the air. She reached up and removed the blindfold then yanked the earbuds out. I could hear the music get suddenly louder as the earbuds were removed.

She looked up at me with those blue eyes and what appeared to be a sullen look across her face. I suddenly panicked and thought I had pushed it too far. I asked her “Are you alright?”

She smiled and reached around my neck pulling me in for a deep kiss. After a really long kiss, she pulled back and said “Wow that was awesome! I came SO hard!”

Feeling relieve, I said “I love you.” Then I kissed her again.

Just as I broke that kiss, she got this weird look in her eye. She said “Now it is MY turn again,” and a huge smile spread across her face. Uh oh, I think I might be in for a really kinky episode next! I couldn’t help but wonder what she might have in mind. I smiled.

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